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I am a 28 year old Mom of 3 kiddos, all within two...

I am a 28 year old Mom of 3 kiddos, all within two years of each other and my stomach showed it. I have worked really hard the last year to lose 40 pounds and change my way or eating. So, basically an entire lifestyle change. No matter how hard I tried I could not get rid of this belly. My husband was super supportive and understood that I needed this procedure to be happy and feel comfortable with my body again.

I am two days post op from my tummy tuck and lipo of the flanks. I'm surprised how little pain I am having. The tuck only hurts when I get up or down, and if I bump any lipo spots those are sore, but I feel fantastic! I would even venture to say this is easier than my c-section. Also, I took my percocet for the first day and a half but now I'm just on Tylenol and still feeling fine.

Also, my incision is nice and low and extremely straight and clean looking.

you look super!!

So, post op day 3 and I am feeling pretty good! I...

So, post op day 3 and I am feeling pretty good! I stopped my narcotics a little over 24 hours ago, as I'm hoping to be able to drive myself to my post op appointment next Tuesday. I'm super swollen. The scale is up 7 pounds from my preop, so I'm drinking a ton of water, walking around the house every hour, and other than that, trying to take it easy. I still can't quite stand up straight. When is that supposed to happen? And how long was everyone swollen before that went away? I'd added a couple new pics, but other than that, not much to report!
Thanks for sharing your story. Best of luck with recovery. I have same procedure scheduled on jan 29
It took me about a week before I could stand up straight without feeling that pulling burning feeling. By the looks of it everyone's swelling seems to be so different. I'm 6 weeks PO and I'm still swollen. You look great though! It will looked better every day:)
Thanks, that makes me feel a little better! I'm hoping to be able to walk into a store in the next week or two without being so embarrassed about the "hunch" :)

Hey everybody. I'm feeling really good today but...

Hey everybody. I'm feeling really good today but the swelling is so annoying! Good news is that I'm standing up just a little bit straighter than yesterday! Not too much to report. Has anyone successfully done the marble in the belly button thing? Hope you're all having a fantastic day!
Hi... I'm new to this so take it easy on me...I had a full Tt with muscle repair and that was 4 months ago and I still have a lot of swell hell going on it is about to drive me crazy I start the day off somewhat flat but as the day go on my tummy gets bigger sometimes I think that something has came apart or something... Well what every I see my ps dr on the 12 hope to get some good news.. Advice please
That would be frustrating! We have a cruise in march so I'm really hoping all the swell hell is gone by then but who knows, maybe it won't be!
Swelling tip is I heard that dandoline tea works for swelling .. are you taking bromelian and arnaca? Those help as well. Icepack 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off.

Hey everybody! So, post op day 12... I haven't...

Hey everybody! So, post op day 12... I haven't been taking anything for pain for about 3 days, not even Tylenol. It's amazing. I'm still swollen, but what's new, right? I'm also getting a yellow/white discharge from my bellybutton, but I read on my post op instructions that it was normal to get something like that around pod 10. They said it was fat or something. Has anyone else had that? Also, my steri strips are still all on. How long does it take for those to fall off? So yeah, feeling good. Even went on a walk with a friend last night and shopping. Also, what's everyone's weight doing? I was originally up 7 pounds immediately after surgery, but now I'm down to 4 under my preop weight, so I'm quite happy. Hope you're all doing well! I'll try to post more pics next time!
Loving your post op piccies, congrats xx

Okay girls, I am LOVING this new stomach. My...

Okay girls, I am LOVING this new stomach. My swelling is finally lessening some and I'm having no pain whatsoever. Also, when I started this journey I was 152 on a good day and I'm down to 143 this morning. I know she lipoed 2 pounds of fat and also took two pounds of skin so that's part of it, but I'm thrilled. Has anyone else seen weightloss trends after surgery? Also, is anyone not wearing their CG? Mine's starting to get uncomfortable so I have it off today and it feels way better, but I have a feeling I should be wearing it. Thoughts? Also, including some new pics from this morning.
Oh, and I seem to be totally fine doing whatever now too. I've been shopping with my three kids, you name it! I'm looking forward to the days ahead since every day just seems better and better. :)
Hi awesome results I was just wondering what your height is?
Congrats!!! you look really great! I hope that I am were you are in another two weeks!
WOW! amazing results.. cross my fingers that I have such good results!
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