Like most of the other women here, I have been...

Like most of the other women here, I have been stalking the site for months. Reading everyone’s posts has helped me through my healing process. So for that, I thank everyone. Here is my story. I am 32 years old, married and the proud mom of four boys, ages three, nine, 14, and 15. I had my first son of 17 years old, and my body has never been the same. My first child was average weight, but the rest of the boys were not. Two of them were over 10 pounds, the last was 10 pounds 11 ounces.

My belly had no chance.My last pregnancy, my weight topped 200 lbs. Since I have managed to stay consistent with my weight, usually between 130 and 140 pounds, 5ft., 6inches. I have always wanted and needed a tummy tuck, and have had low self esteem issues for just as long. Not long ago after jokingly asking my husband if I could have the surgery, he finally said yes. So the very next day, my surgery was scheduled. I had breast augmentation surgery in 2007 so I had already had a plastic surgeon.

My surgery was March 7, 2013. For anyone who has not had their procedure yet, be advised for a roller-coaster ride of emotions before and after the surgery. If I were to give one piece of advice, it would be to embrace yourself and your imperfections before you go through with this procedure. I told myself before I had the surgery that I would be hot and happy afterwards, that I would no longer be ashamed of my body. Small sexy, tight tummy, big boobs, and a fat A**, what else could a girl want, right? Well unless you have your mind right, you will find more imperfections every time you look in the mirror. Now I don’t like my arms, my thighs are fat, my nose is crooked, and my neck skin hangs……. On and on and on. When does it stop ladies? When will we quit subjecting ourselves to this and just learn to love ourselves? I look at my body and I now have this scar from hip to hip, I look as though I have survived a violent attack, and I chose this.

Don’t get me wrong, time will pass and I’m sure that I will love my results, but the pain, swelling, an emotional crap is getting overwhelming. OK, I think I have vented enough…. On to the surgery. I had a drain less tummy tuck, muscle repair, and lipo. I know there is some controversy as to how long a woman should stay in recovery, I was out of surgery less than an hour before I got to go home. My surgeon believes that people heal better at home, and I have to agree. My recovery has been uneventful, thank god, knock on wood. Aside from swelling, and glue not wanting to fall off, things have been pretty great. I am at the five week mark, and I cannot fit into any of my pre surgery clothes, due to swell hell. No jeans, nothing, so it is pretty sucky. I live in yoga pants and PJ’s. But on the plus side my husband has promised me a shopping spree once all is said and done. So, I guess I can wait patiently. I have a love/ hate relationship with my compression garments. I am currently wearing Spanx, and they have worked the best for me so far. If anyone else is interested in purchasing Spanx, I would suggest picking them up from a store, to ensure proper fit. I hope that my posts help someone, as so many have helped me. I have included some pics. Happy healing to everyone.

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I also want to take a second to thank my husband...

I also want to take a second to thank my husband for helping me through everything over the past few weeks. Without him, I would have never made it!! Thank you!!!


I had my surgery 4 days ago and l am going thru sooo many emotions to and l wish l didnt look at my scar yet because it is longer than l thought it would be and it looks to high ,lm hoping im wrong and l will like it better later . Hard to tell with all these 4 drains.
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I was curious to see ur incision. Will u b posting pics? I would not worry about your incision to much. It is still healing. Good luck!
I'm also having a TT, MR and Lipo on 6/4 in Carmel, IN. Although, mine is $10,000! Hmm... You look great and I am looking forward to not having to hassle with drains. Curious if you had any nausea after surgery?
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Does anyone have any sleeping tips. I sleep on my...

Does anyone have any sleeping tips. I sleep on my side a little, but soon after start to get sore. I am still unable to sleep flat without the burning and pulling feeling. How long post-op did you ladies start sleeping normally?


First, You look awesome. You should be very pleased with the results... As far as sleeping, I figured a way that worked great for me. I made like a nest out of pillows. I have 4 regular and 1 body hugger size. Put my tail end in the hole part of it. Seemed to work the best for me... give it a try.
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I will. Thanks!!
In looking at your before and after pics, it's hard to understand your not being happy and sure it was worth it...would you really rather have your "before" tummy?? The after is such an improvement, plus you say your recovery has been "uneventful" and "pretty great".
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I have made it to 6 weeks p.o. and I am finally...

I have made it to 6 weeks p.o. and I am finally beginning to feel a little normal again. I still have some issues with swelling through out the day, but it doesn't seem to be as frequent. My incision is extremely low, and quite thin, just have some glue left over that refuses to come off. It is extremely hard not to pick at it. I have been warned that if I am not patient with it and pick at it, it could break the skin. So.. I will keep it until it falls off. I still have problems fitting into my pre-op jeans, I think my hips are still swollen. It is starting to warm up outside, and I am dying to wear shorts, but very pasty pale. Is anyone here a tanner? If so, when after surgery did you start tanning and what precautions did you take to protect your bb and incision? Good luck to everyone, happy healing.


oh btw you look great im having a drainless ttas well. (next week)
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I havent had my tt yet but I did ask about tanning.. they said just cover where the scar is so it can fade..Im waiting til my 6 week mark to tan since thats when I can go back to work.
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Thanks. I will cover. Congrats on your up coming surgery. Good luck!

I recently watched a YouTube video and the woman...

I recently watched a YouTube video and the woman had been using almond oil, castor oil and a Shea butter mix on her scar. Her results looked pretty great and I was wondering if anyone else has used this mix for massaging?

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So as you can tell from pics, I have had a good...

So as you can tell from pics, I have had a good amount of glue hanging on. Friday, while massaging one piece came off. Turns out it was acting like a little cork for a small hole. Well the "hole" freaked me out, so I started removing all the glue. Things were good until one of the last pieces, which revealed a larger "hole" and pus. So true to form, I automatically expected the worst. I thought the glue stayed on so long that my skin was beginning to form around it and it was infected now. Thank goodness my P. S. takes appointments on Saturdays and was able to relieve my panic. I would have never been able to wait until Monday. I know some of you have had issues with spitting stitches, but I don't remember anyone mentioning the nasty smell that came along with them. Maybe that was just me ;). So I guess they are no biggie, she removed it, and taught me how to remove future ones myself. I know the pics don't look to bad, but if freaked me out. On the plus side, I was released to lift my little one again( all 38 lbs of him) and I don't have to go back until August. She said I am healing perfectly. Yeah!!!!! Will be at the 7 week mark Thursday. Hope everyone else is healing well. Bye for now!


Whoa it would be freaky to look down and see a hole like that! YAY!!!! You get to carry your (not so little) baby again!!!! Thats a huge milestone. Its good to know the worst is now behind you!!!! And your scar is looking really good at only 7 weeks....the whole spitting stitches thing, does that mean your body is expelling the stitches? And it's supposed to happen?
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I just read CrystalB's response, which explains the spitting stitches!
Glad to hear all is well! You look so good!
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10 week update

Hello ladies!! Just a little over 10 weeks now, and going great. Healing has went beautifully, thank goodness. At this point in my recovery, I feel almost normal, minimal swelling issues and muscle soreness, but nothing compared to what it once was. I have a feeling that I may have a seroma or possibly a dog ear on my left side, but not sure. A small area above my incision has been puffy and tender for quite a while. Most of the pics i have seen of dog ears seem to pucker at the incision, mine does not, so...who knows. I will prob contact my PS soon, trying to give it time. BB scar is fading nicely, I tend to use scargard on that area more often then anywhere else, too lazy for the rest. ;) I have included some pics, including one of my soon to be wedding dress. My husband and I are renewing our vows next year for our 10th. We didn't do the wedding thing the first time around, but we are now. SUPER EXCITED! Hopefully I don't turn into a bridezilla ;). Good luck to all upcoming surgeries, and happy healing.


Congrats!! first you look fab! and to your second wedding!! love the dress!
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Change status??

Does anyone know how to change the status to "worth it"?


To change the status, just click on the edit on your title and scroll down the worth it click on yes, then voila..your surgery price is worth it..
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I don't have that option for some reason. Thanks anyway. ;)
wow 10 weeks already so glad to hear all went well, your wedding dress is beautiful! congrats!
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12 week p.o. exercise tips

I am officially allowed to do some ab work! I have been riding the exercise bike all month, total of 104 miles between walks with hubby and bike. So now that I can do ab work, I would really like to attack the muffin top and bra fat, prob should have had them lipo'd. :) To work these areas, I would typically lie on my back and ride a "bïke", crossing over to touch elbow to knee. Did 10 of these this morning, and felt as though I had done 60 crunches. I have also been doing push-ups to strengthen core and tone arms. So my question to all tummy tuckers is what exercises worked best for you? What ab work did yáll do to strengthen? I enjoy zumba, and it is really good for you all around, but unfortunately, I have to avoid impact work-outs. I have bi-lateral hip dysplasia and arthritis, so I am sorta limited. But, any ab tips would be much appreciated. I have seen great results on this site, so I know someone knows how to work those abs!! Hope everyone is healing well!! Thanks.


You Look Awesome! Love your flat belly
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I love how flat your belly is!! You look awesome!!
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I have been stalking this site too! You are inspiring to me. Your results are exactly what I'm looking for. I get really nervous and almost want to back out, until I see women like you getting an amazing tummy! Thank you!
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One Year Update! Absolutely Worth It!

Hey ladies!! It has been a little over a year, and I could not be more pleased. I am completely back to normal, with a tad of numbness in lower tummy. Not sure if feeling will every return completely. Small price to pay. For about 2 months, I have been working out six days a week, and watching what I eat. I now weight 125lbs. I am working so hard to get rid of my muffin top, but it is slow going. Extremely stubborn fat the muffin top is!! :) This experience has been a roller coaster, with lots of ups and downs, emotionally and physically. However, I wouldn't change anything and for the first time in my life I feel sexy. This procedure has made me more confident and has really boosted my self esteem. I feel like a new woman, and I am loving it!! Hope everyone is doing well. Happy healing to those with upcoming surgeries. Will probably update one more time if/when I get rid of the muffin top.

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One year update. Totally worth it!

Oops. Forgot photos ;)

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Cant change status

I still cannot change status to Worth It!!??


Thanks for coming bac ad sharing your year update!!!n You look FAB!
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Thank you ;)
Your stomach and story are parallel to mine. My belly looks like a grumpy frown. But hopefully, after Wednesday, it will look like yours! MM here I come
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15 month PO. New muscle numbness??

Hello everyone!! Recently the muscle in my tummy feels like it is starting to lose feeling/ sensation again. I have had some mild numbness below my scar, but now it seems to be rising. I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this. I stopped doing ab work and since, the numbness seems to have increased. I'm not necessarily worried, just confused. Any thoughts??


You look awesome! Great results!
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I feel numb right in the same place. I'm not worried about it either but am glad that you brought it up. Lately, I've switched to "Tupler technique" ab exercises and things feel better.. And a little tighter. You look awesome and thank you for posting one year pics!!!
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Love that you came back for a year update. You look fantastic. I'm almost at my 7 month Mark and was wondering if I would ever feel the numbness go away. I don't really mind though. You're def rocking those size 0's!!
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