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I'm 48 & It's Time for ME! TT & Lipo of Thighs - Carmel, IN

Hi everyone! Been stalking for awhile & waiting...

Hi everyone! Been stalking for awhile & waiting for a long time. My PS had a cancellation Friday March 7 so I took it! I'm obsessed with TT before & after photos. I'm so nervous. My bf travels a lot & our children are raised & out of the house. It seems I'm getting very nervous sitting here alone. I'm wondering if I made the right decision, worried about the pain & recovery. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for doing this. I had BA in 2007 & love the results. Going back to same PS. Will try to post pics. I hope I'll find a surgery buddy/buddies for Friday.
Thanks & good luck!

Day 2 post op

Wow! My stomach is really flat! We got pretty inventive to make the couch and our bed comfortable. The worst pain for me so far is getting up & down from my bed or couch. My BF isn't here a lot so I've had to get up & down quite a bit alone. I was really worried about sleeping because I've been on Ambien for 20 years now & was worried about combining pain meds with the Ambien. I've done great without the sleeping meds. I am happy with my results so far, today I'll take the dressings off & finally get to see the scar. I feel like I'm in a dream state, so very happy to rid myself of that tummy! Will post pics soon. I'm already worried about the swelling, hope it doesn't discourage me.

Day 2 Post-op

Hello everyone! It's me, the one with a FLAT belly! Yay!
I'm already bored out of my mind. Here in Indiana Spring is just around the corner. I am looking forward to just take a walk outside of this house. As far as pain goes it's worse raising to a stand & sitting down. This binder is so tight, that's rather uncomfortable too. I feel like I'm going to get bedsores from being down. But no pain no gain --right? My BF is very supportive. He has been running errands, cooking, etc. There's NO way I could have done this without him. I'm very afraid to look at the scar. I'm afraid I won't see the results right now. I'm the kind of person who needs instant gratification & even when I'm thinking logically my mind always drifts into that negative thinking/worrying. I'm hoping what I see on the outside of the CG are just lumps from the dressings underneath it. Happy healing everyone! I'll post photos in a bit.

Day 3 postop

Well this has been more difficult than I thought. Again didn't take my sleeping meds but last night I was up ALL night. Very restless, nauseous & a little panicky. I couldn't get to sleep, switched from the recliner to the couch to the bed. I hope I made the right decision by having this done, I'm constantly peeing on the CG. I guess the hole isn't big enough. Then it gets all wet & I stuff TP inside so that wet side doesn't rub up against me. Gross! When will I start to feel better? I'm very discouraged, Haven't had a BM in 5 days so I took a laxative. I'm afraid I'll have to vomit & that will not feel very good..
When do I start walking straight? This numbness in my abdomen-- does it ever go away? I feel like it's really getting stretched. This is just a very weird experience.

Post op day 3. 48 year old with drainless TT with lipo & lipo to inner thighs

Day 3 post op some swelling. Had a miserable night of not sleeping feeling nauseous & constipated. I don't think I slept one minute. When will I be able to stand up straight & feel back to normal? Feeling pretty discouraged now. They said I could shower but I'm afraid to.

Day 6 post op Finallyforme

Well things are OK. Saw the PS yesterday & she snipped a couple of sutures. She said the swelling will go down in time. Nothing too surprising. It was good to good to get out of the house. Still waiting on BF to help me with a shower. I hate depending on others. I feel very helpless. It's easy to get down when you're stuck in the house. I find I have no appetite, all I do is watch the clock. I also feel like around 4:00 my abdomen starts to swell up, (even my pubic area) noticeably more than the morning. I guess I'm going stir crazy. Any advice? I didn't tell anyone except my family that I'm having my surgery-- and of course they live far away. Maybe I should have thought this through a little bit more. Shouldn't I be running around trying on cute smaller summer clothes or something?

10 days post op pics

Well it's been 10 days. I'm feeling good. No problems other than being bored through the week. This weekend my bf was home with me so we went shopping, out to dinner with friends, & then to the winery so it's been a busy weekend. This week I was thinking of going out on a trail for a long walk. I've been shopping, errands, etc. so I'm sure it will be fine. I'm only hoping it doesn't stir up some swelling. It's ok in the morning, but as the day goes on I start to swell but still down 4 pounds from pre op weight. I've found lots of things taste too salty anymore. I also have this strange "tightness". It feels like everything is being stretched/pulled. I'm sure that's normal. I was wondering when people went back to working out? I'm really going crazy & miss my gym friends. I wonder if they'll notice a difference? Hmmmm...
So I've posted my 10 days post op pics, I think it looks pretty good. I've noticed very dry peeling on my belly, no big deal. I'll call my ps to see if I can put lotion on. Hope everyone is doing well. So thankful for rs & my TT sisters!!

10 days post op

More pics from day 10

10 days thigh lipo bruising

Inner thighs are pretty sore, it's ok though!

Up Close 10 days out

Ewe..... Up close of my scar

16 days post op TT/liposuction Carmel, IN.

Ok I'm 16 days post op. I'm feeling great. No problems. I'm still not standing all the way straight up which makes my butt look more flat!! Oh well, I'm going to work on that. I see the ps on Wednesday so I'll check about working out. I'm still going crazy from boredom. The weather here sucks. I've found my eating habits have changed, much more salads, fresh fruit, etc. I've lost 4 pounds. My pre surgery jeans are too big. I still have swelling that worsens throughout the day. I've read that I'll have swelling for quite a while. I've found I don't eat as much as I feel full after a few bites. In my pictures I don't see much of a difference so I'm kinda bummed about that. But it's only a little over 2 weeks so it will get better! I continue to find inspiration here on rs after reading so many great stories. I have no regrets other than not doing it sooner. We are planning on going sailing in the Caribbean in June so for the first time in years I'm happy about wearing a bikini!!!
My BF told me last week I looked sexy, --I haven't heard that in such a long time, since I was wearing yoga pants (not very sexy to me!!) I said why??? He said I'm different-- just the way I carry myself, my attitude, more effort into my hair & make up & just more confident in myself. I agree. I'm loving the new me !!!

1st workout & swollen! Yikes!! CG??

I'm almost 3 weeks po. I saw the ps yesterday & she thought I had minimal swelling (true). This morning I did my first po workout then put on a BRAND NEW cg. It's so tight & I'm swelling! What's up with that? I want to put my old dirty one back on. Is this from my workout? How do you know if your cg is too small? It's a medium. I'm 5'4" & 128#. I can't imagine keeping this thing on all night. Any suggestions?

5 weeks post op TT with thigh liposuction. Doing great! Cycled 25 miles!!!

Hello all my TT sisters!! I hope everyone is well. Let's see here.... I'm actually 5 1/2 weeks out writing this post. My pics are at 5 weeks. Everything is going great. I'm back to work on an as needed basis.. Which is practically 10 hour days 30-40 hours a week. I work in the OR & I'm standing all day so my swelling has been bad in the evening when I come home. So I lay down with my feet up & by morning I'm as good as new. I still have a 10 pound weight limit so I'm doing very lame barbell strength classes. My bf & I went out for a "little" bike ride Sunday--- OMG I thought I was going to die!!! 25 miles with a killer wind. My only strength was knowing I had a Mojito waiting for me at the restaurant when we rode to downtown!! It was deeee-lish. He pushes me-- too hard sometimes. (I don't know if I mentioned it earlier but a week before my TT I had knee surgery so this was BIG for me).
I don't have any pain- never had much for that matter, just back pain around day 3-5. I think I'm pretty straight while standing up. At least no one has said anything to me. (Only a few people know about it). I'm down to 127#. That's down 6 pounds from preoperatively. My appetite has changed since my TT. I now crave healthy things--- salads, fresh fruits, LOTS of water with fresh lemon. I also feel full pretty easily. It's weird.
I guess my only concern is dealing with my CG. I am lost without it. I think when I see my ps the 21st they'll tell me do switch to Spanx. I'm very worried about that. I don't like not wearing my CG. My bf told me tonight he hates it & doesn't want me to wear it (he paid for the surgery & probably thought I'd be running around in VS undies by now). So that hurt my feelings.... How can I live without it??? Oh noooo!!!! So that's about it. I'm doing ok., no, great!!!! I love my body now & find myself looking in the mirror instead of avoiding it. We are going sailing in June & I can't wait!! My bf is treating me to VS bikinis!!!! Yippee!!! I can't believe I'm finally looking forward to wearing a bikini. It's about time, ya know? Finally!!!! For me!!! FOR SURE!!! Good luck to all of you.... It's soooo worth it if you're one of us thinking about it.

5 weeks po

More pics oops
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

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Hi! I am going to schedule an appointment with dr. T, if you don't mind could you answer some questions, you look amazing so I'm sure you are happy with the results, where you happy with dr.t? Why did you have it with no drains? Cost? I'm so nervous and excited!
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Did you get my comment???
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i just noticed I did not! Could you please rewrite it!
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Also was the thigh lipo worth it? Do you see a difference?
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Congrats on a new you!!!! You look Great!
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Wowza!! Ur results look amazing!
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Great review you look fantastic ! Happy healing
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You look awesome!!!
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You look great! Ditch the CG except maybe for work because I know how long those hospital shifts can be! My PS switched me to Spanx at 2 weeks out! I still wear my CG sometimes depending on how my swelling and pain are. I'm 3 weeks out today!
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OMG I can't!!! I can't!!! ha ha....3 weeks already. Wow. And I'm going to get a few of those sexy VS undies girl!
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Do it, but they don't go too well with the CG! Ha! Speaking of which I am back in mine due to major swelling over the past few days. I can't stand it. It helps with the swelling but hurts my incision... (its tender because of all the swelling underneath it!) Anyway... alas... we wait to return to a better version of our former selves!
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WOW. You look awesome sister! But honestly...I get your bf on not wearing the garmet...there's really nothing sexy about it! lol Especially when he see's your body without it - hardly seems like you need it....until swell happens. (of course!) Congratulations! You look fantastic!
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You look fantastic!!!!
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Thanks girl!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow you look great!! Did you find that eating pineapple helped with the swelling? I have one side more swollen than the other and I'm hoping I Dinh end up lopsided.
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It will even out. In some of my pics I look lopsided. I do have scoliosis that makes one of my hips higher but the unevenness has improved. I need to post my 4 week & 5 week pics but I've been working like crazy. Biked 25 miles yesterday & on my feet working 11 hours today with NO lunch...I'm grumpy. I'll check out your profile. I think the pineapple helped. Plus plenty of water with fresh lemon. If sitting try to put your feet up, too. Hope that helps. ((hugs))
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Thanks! I too have scoliosis that'd why I'm hoping too it doesn't end up more obvious without all my cushion around my waste now, but oh well, I'll still take a flatter stomach and no muffin top any day!!
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For sure!!
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Wow! Looking Fabulous! I hate the swelling piece but it comes with the territory right? Take it easy!
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Urghhh. On my feet 11 hours at work today I look like a PIG! No one at work knows about the tt. Oh well...Back to the abdominal binder in addition to my Flexees.
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You look amazing! Yes I can see some swelling but very minimal. What CG are you using?
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Well 2 of them ripped & one is too big (they gave me a large.... I'm size 4 or 6 in jeans) So 3 of them have been useless. Silhouettes were the name of those. But I'm using Maidenform Fleexees. The have a lot of support & some kind of verticle ridges on the sides. They're at Macy's & Kohl's. I needed the thigh length because of the lipo. This has been quite a story with these CG. But I like the Flexees. Good luck.
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Wow! You look AMAZING! You don't look like you swelled much at all. Did you have drains? What is your anti-swelling secrete? My MM in on the 9th. Only 3.5 more days to go. I am getting crazy nervous and excited (and a little worried about all the things that might go wrong). I find myself giggling like a school girl at the thought of a pre-kid stomach and boobs! Alternately, I keep thinking that "what if" something bad happens; I have three young children...Ugh! Excited guilt, what a weird combination.
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Hi!! No I didn't have any drains. Thanks for the nice post. It's been filled with ups & downs, but mostly ups. Don't worry about anything going wrong, Hun you'll be fine! I also worried about things going wrong ( I'm a nurse & work in the OR) but those things are so far out & usually because of other problems. If there was a big risk your ps wouldn't do the surgery. It is exciting-- a new you.... You deserve it girl ! It's the best thing I ever did for myself!!! ( ok the BA was good too). You'll love it. !! Best of luck to you. I'll follow you.
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