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I had botox month prior when nurse brought up the...

I had botox month prior when nurse brought up the fact she thought I would benefit greatly from the Sciton Laser Peel. I made an appt under the impression from her that it would be a "Thurs to Mon, back to work" peel that would be bring big benefits. We discussed I am allergic to aquafore and vaseline but she said there were other ways to keep skin moist. I had it done on a week later as of today, I am still scabbed with red spots, pink tone, swelling. During the peel it was pretty uncomfortable to painful, varying in certain areas. After the peel, pain was unbearable for half the first day, swelling became immense, especially under my eyes and cheeks. Second day, after a shower the skin would start to dry and crack and bled a lot. I called them on Friday and talked to a different nurse but she thought it sounded normal. All weekend, I got very concerned with the sores that were bleeding and pussing up. On Mon I went back in to see the nurse, she said I should have used my aquafore to keep it moist. We even talked about the aquarfore day after the peel but obviously she didn't remember. I told her I was disappointed as I can still see lines, large pores...she said it won't remove those. I asked her then what were we talking about the day I had my botox and what was the point of doing it...she said it improves
I have had to take off at least a week longer from work. It is Christmas and I have so much to do but ashame to leave my house. My job involves lots of meetings and this week Christmas dinners. I will be stuck at home. It looks like maybe another several days to be able to hide with makeup.
I am so disappointed that this has cost me so much money including the time off work.
I am more disappointed that it has done nothing but cause me a lot of useless downtime.
Please do not be swayed into these things. This peel gives you nothing more than a couple of the normal mini peels that cost $80-100 and back to work that afternoon. This laser was on sale from 500.

Update. Today is December 31st. Three weeks...


Today is December 31st. Three weeks into this and I still have red blotches on sides of face and chin, under one eye. Due to the aquaphor, I know have a face full of acne, two of the bumps are so large and humiliating.
Talk about a ruined Christmas, New Year's and vacation coming up. I will now be on minocycline to clear up the acne and hopefully have no scars left from this. The nurse called me back this morning and of course makes it sound like no big deal. Trust me, this has been a huge deal. The parts that have healed pretty good still show no improvement in my skin.. All in all with loss of work and all the expensive lotions I have went through, now the minocycline and of course the cost of the treatment, about $3000.
Anyone wanting to know the name of the business feel free to ask. I think it would be wrong to insult them openly.Please everyone, communicate and make sure you know what you're getting into.
Happy New Year

Here's the latest on my micro laser peel, The...

Here's the latest on my micro laser peel, The Sciton Laser.
Today is January the 13th. I still have bright red blotcehs on side of face, my cheeks and along my jowl line. It looks almost as though there are broken capillaries in masses. The skin has healed over but I am anything but smooth and even. I went back last Monday and she gave me a prescription for Clobetasol and also some cream made by PCA Skin.

I have to wear Dermablend makeup, followed by a powder to hide this..and continue doing so all day to stay covered.

The nurse said she will do some other type of laser on my to help clear the red once I am totally healed..I am very scared but I am a freak for sure. Be careful everyone.

Here it is February 8, 2 months after the laser....

Here it is February 8, 2 months after the laser. My skin has healed but I am left with red streaks which look like bursted blood vessels. Now they are going to try some ppl or another type of laser to see if they can zap the veins. May be a slow process since there are so many. I have to wear more make up than I ever had..when I get hot I get really red in those's still kind of a nightmare as I care terribly about my skin and do as much as possible to keep it looking good..I have taken a huge step backwards....This was certainly due to inexperience I am sure but she makes it sound like it is me even though I had all the right questions and was hesitant... I am still waiting to get into the Dermatologists (Feb 25th) and have still not talked to any of the doctors. The nurse is doing this all on her own.
I talked with another lady a couple weeks ago and she said her face cracked before healing and left permanant tiny scars that look like wrinkles. I am done with it all..The office I go to used to have only the doctors doing the they have two nurses in there doing them and this has made me feel uncomfortable. They are all doing that now so they can make more money...not a secure feeling when someone is working on your face.
Take care everyone.

Here it has been almost three months. I have now...

Here it has been almost three months. I have now had one treatment of laser to shrink the blood vessels that have made me into a red freak. I constatnly have to cover them..if I get sweaty working out or just rub lotion on my face the red marks are bright red. This one treatment has not made a difference. She said now she has added to my file that I am "real senstive".. I have been getting things done at this particular office for several years..fine time now to add dthat I am sensitive. She has also mentioned a few times that this laser she is now doing is at no cost but the management of the office does not know or they would not allow it.
On the side of my face that was the worst, there are also little deep lines running in a winding pattern. I think the cracking of my skin also left these as scars.
She is fairly new at this office as the doctors have hired two nurses to do all of these types of procedures, including boto, fillers, etc..
I am still so disappointed but hoping to get back to normal.
Good Luck to all.

This will be my final comments. I went to see the...

This will be my final comments. I went to see the nurse in question twice now and she was doing laser on my red spots, even though she doesn't know why it's red, that's scary...the third visit was the most odd. I go in and they ask me to sign a consent form, I ask why since she didn't ask for one with the Sciton or the last two visits with another type of laser..she said I did sign one..she left to get another file and opened it to a consent form that was signed by me but was for the Jag laser and not dated.( i had that done prior of all this for spot spider veins). She acted desperate for me to sign and I told her that I didn't want to sign for something to fix what she had screwed up. I decided I would not stay as she was lying to me and begged me ( please sign it so we can do this laser today, it is free). I cancelled a botox appt and left.
I gave it a little time, then sent a detailed letter to "the doctors" over two weeks ago but have heard nothing back.
So during this whole time no doctor has seen me except one to stick his head in the door and say (Hi nice to meet you)..after all these years I was not remembered which is okay ..but as I started to leave the nurse asked me if I wanted to see a doctor...after 3-1/2 mons! I had asked to see one right after the laser but they routed the call to the nurse.
I am just hoping this all goes away but so far it doesn't seem to be..I work out daily and after the work out I have bright red marks all in the areas she burnt me..
If anyone would like to see pictures I could send privately.
The worse part of it all is that they haven't cared enough to call and show concern. I was just money to them..a lot of it over the years.
Take care everyone
Name not provided

I feel like I this type of procedure is a huge disappointment. In this office... I have had my face fall from botox because I was stuck in wrong area, I have had many black eyes from botox and at times it did not even work. I have had filler bruise me for two weeks and look like a line in my crease instead of smoothness. I can provide more info.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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I would love to see your face.. Can you look at my pictures and tell me if that is something like yours.. I hate makeup and now that's my life.. Scared to death I made a horrible mistake.
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I noticed in one of your laser photos, day 2 that you took the photo outside. Did you PS not tell you to stay out of direct and indirect sunlight? I had a two pass MLP at 50microns last week and I have been hiding out in my house with closed blinds, like a hermit for the fear of developing scars. I actually had a complication on the first day and my mom said that she's only seen fear in my eyes like that a handful of times in my life - I was sure I would look like Freddy Kruger. Now, however, everything is starting to look good. The only problem is I have acne so the Vaseline has made break out on this terribly burnt face...not fun. I'm not where you are in your recovery so things could still change but to me it seems to be healing good. I bought a SPF100 sunblock and I literally only go outside before dawn or after dusk and will try keep that up as much as possible because I believe that if I don't, that will ruin my skin. How much time did you spend in direct/indirect sunlight the first two months?
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I took the picture outside to able to see with better light. I can only wear the sunblock that they give me and I wear a huge hat.. No sun on this face.. Lol.. He said to be patient and give it 3-4 months. We will see Good luck to you also
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I'm sorry that with all the strict aftercare, you still exeoriencing problems:( Look into Glutathione injections...I do them myself twice a week and I think that's probably why my complication didn't turn into a horror story. All the best & God bless!
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They wanted you to sign the consent form so you couldn't sue them. You should sue them for BIG $$$!
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Gosh sorry for your aweful experience, ejshep. I just had a Sciton Micropeel (50micron)/Profractional(200micron) two weeks ago, but I knew how much downtime to expect and I did not at any point bleed or pus from any part of my face. I think with your allergies to aquafore and concerns, you need to see a board certified dermatologist or a PS - not a nurse! It will cost you more upfront but you have now spent more money overall (and are less satisfied) than I did by seeing a board certified PS. One thing that my PS is doing is he is following up the micropeel/profractional with a series of BBL photofacials with a light wave targeted specifically to my skin to blend the redness and to further get rid of any brown discoloration. Sounds like your nurse is offering something of the sort for your redness. The nurse of my PS was going to administer my photofacial and I insisted that the PS do it. The light energy has to be carefully selected for your needs and skin type and, in the wrong hands, can burn your skin. I personally only want a doctor to administer such a treatment to my face; and after everything you have gone through with this nurse, maybe it is time to see a doctor? Good luck, dear.
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Thank you for posting your very detailed and honest review.  I am sorry this is causing you so much stress:(

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You are precious, thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas!
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You have a wonderful Christmas as well:)

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