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Renea's Tummy Tuck -Carmel, IN

I'm so nervous, and excited at the same time. I...

I'm so nervous, and excited at the same time. I have my tummy tuck in 12 days :) I have done so much research on tummy tucks, so I know I need to have realistic expectations. I may not come out of surgery looking like a model, but I KNOW I won't have this UGLY stomach that I carry around now. I can't wait till I can post some before and after photos.

getting closer...

I can't believe that in a week I will be having my surgery! With each day I get more and more excited, and nervous too. (the nervous part is just because it's a surgery). I went and got my scripts filled today, I have to admit that giving myself a shot in the stomach for the 10 days following surgery scares me ..I keep thinking it's gonna hurt in a place that will already be hurting! Well I'm going to just enjoy this
Thanksgiving and I hope you all do the same too...

just a few days away

well I only have a few days left before my TT yea!!!!! I got a lot of things done this weekend such as most of my Christmas shopping, grocerys bought and house cleaned. I work tomorrow then I am off till January. I will spend Tuesday catching up on laundry, and getting everything ready for my overnight stay at hospital, and making sure everything is where I need it when I get home. I'm a little worried about how I'm going to sleep once Im home. I don't have a recliner, but I do have a chair with ottoman, I think I will try to sleep in because sleeping with my husband is out of question! When I had my whole colon removed in 2010, he hit me in my stomache in his sleep....thank God it was as high as it was so he didn't get my incision! Any suggestions on sleeping would be appreciated!

tomorrow is my day!

well, Tomorrow is the day I have my tummy tuck. I have waited for this day a very long time! I kind of laugh at myself for being excited about a surgery! I have people telling me I'm cra!zy for having a surgery that isn't necessary and putting myself thru all that pain. My answer to them is " not having this surgery is causing me even more pain, I'm the one who has to look at this stomach".
Besides that, the pain I know will only be temporary. I do wish that my surgery was earlier in the morning because waiting till 12:30 is going to be hard with nothing to drink! I will try and get some before pics up tonight.....

my before pic

I wanted to wait till last moment to upload a before pic...here is my ugly belly!

feeling a little better

This is the first day I can say I honestly feel a little bit better. Im still not about to stand straight when I walk but, its not because of pain from my incision...I get a very bad burning sensation in my left thigh! I don't know if its normal I haven't seen anyone else say they have or had that problem but, when I put any pressure at all on my right leg the burnning starts, Its bad enough to literally make me scream! anyone else feel this?

4 days post op

Im feeling SO MUCH BETTER! I did however have to fire my husband as my nurse :) and now my nurse is my daughter....LOL...when Duane would give me my shots in my stomach they hurt so darn bad, but when my daughter gives them I don't even feel it! I couldn't ask for a better family! My grandchildren and youngest daughter (9 year old) are just perfect, they aren't fighting or arguing (at least not where I can hear them)
the girls have even brought me thier favorite baby dolls to keep me company (smiles) My grandson thinks he has to help me to the bathroom or anywhere I go he says " here grandma hold my arm (he is 7) I am truly blessed!

As far as pain goes Im not needing to take as much pain meds, and if I would have been asked a day or two ago I would have probably said I couldn't make it without the pain meds! I don't feel swollen but everyone tells me Im still really swollen, I hope they are right because if not then I dont really see a difference. I will post some Pics now! I would like to say THANK YOU TO KATHY IS READY, she has helped me more than she probably knows! But thanks to each and everyone of you who have helped me through this!

pic updates

these pics are at 3 days post op

here are pics 4 days post op

still having burning sensation above right knee so stil not able to stand straight


as far as the drains go they annoy the hell out of me, I told my husbnad I DO what its like to carry a set of "balls" around...LOL my drains keep getting blood clots in them and it takes my daufher foreer to get them out...It's kinda scary.

my stomach

will my stomace get smaller? I hope so PLEASE SOMEONE TALK TO ME

my pics

I keep looking at my before and after pics. I guess I notice the difference more on the side views. When I look at the front view I still see the ugly "love handles" or what ever you call them, I am guessing they will always be there. IM still not having much pain at all near my incision, still the burning in my leg, and I cant get rid of this very upset stomach! This just happend today, and I have tried everything to gert fid of it but noghting works! I have even tried to make myself throw up to get rid of the feeling and I can't even do that right! Is everyone esle having the itching from the pain meds? I have been taking benadryl to hep with that. Now if I could only get rid of tis VERY SICK AFEELING i WOULD BE REALLY HAPPY

did some reading

I just read some of this things I posted yesterday...LOL...I was so emotiona and really dont know why! I do know I was in a lot of pain (still am today) I HATE these drains and constanty cleaning them because they keep clotting up I wasn't warned about that by my ps,,,,,but My attitued it MUCH better today, with I would say same about the pain ....but I know the pain will go away in time. I do keep looking at the pics and I think my ps did a wonderful job but am still wondering if I am going to stilll have those ugly "love handles" I sure hope not but really think Im gonna be stuck with them.


is or did anyone else have problems with the drains clotting?


I don't know for sure what is going on with me, but I just cant rest good, I get so tired then my mind just starts racing....I absolutly sleep none during the day, I know I cant heal if I dont rest but I dion't know waht else to do.

I knew something was wrong!

once again my drains clotted and my daughter was trying to milk them, I then seen her go whisper something to my husband and he came and took a look, at that point Jessica (daughter) called my ps and told him that my drain site was infected and a stitch around the tube. He wants to see me in his office tomorrow! He then told my daughter thats she is a nurse and knows what to do until then. well all was good till she says "mom I need some lube do you have any"? She went through our bathroom and found what she was looking for and then says "mom stand up and bend over" WHAT?! my question to her was YOUR PUTTING WHAT IN MY BUTT??!! bEFORE I could put up any more of a fight she and my husband had me up and that thing in my butt, not once but twice! she is still working on these stupid drains, and im really sick and tired just wanna sleep, but she wont give up....thats my daughter...not a quiter

feeling great!

I really feel good today, I was getting mixed comments about blood clots in my drains last night and I really panicked! (I have had 2 pulmanary embolisims before). Ok my ps said some clotting is perfectly normal but, when It got as bad as mine was where the drains were no longer working then there is a problem! It took like what seemed FOREVER to get drains working again (thanks to my daughter) she spent time getting them all cleared up. Now I have the yellow colored fluid coming out of them that is normal. WHEW...I feel so much better now! I know I need to concentrate on sleeping now, Im only sleeping a few hours a night and for NO REASON! Thru the day I am geting up and doing some walking, not over doing it just walk several times a day around the house. Still using walker when I need it because of the burning in my thigh. The rest of the day I spend sitting in chair very relaxed but just can't sleep! Im not needing pain meds like I was at first, I am guessing thats a great sign. In back of my mind I still get upset about not even being able to wear my sweat pants I wore before surgery...ugh...but, thats a SMALL hurdle I have to get over! Just knowing everything else is ok really eases my mind! Now to just be patient and wait for drains to come out and be able to wear NORMAL clothes! I don't know if I have mentioned this before but I really had a lot of back problems before my tt, but not once has my back hurt since....that alone is AMAZING! I hope each and everyone of you are having the most wonderful day.....

very funny!

ok, I decided I was gonna try and get dressed today, nothing has been fitting me but today for first time I got my favorite sweats on :) and a t-shirt that I purposly bought too small and IT FIT...NO FAT ROLL..it was a little tight with drains and all so I changed it.

Ok everyone has got to read this...it will have you rolling on floor laughing! When It comes to money, charge cards, bank account....Im very careful I am a saver...I balance EVERYTHING down to the penny! Well I guess my pain meds might be working better than I thought...I logged onto my bank account today, I was -530!!!! I callled my bank and started arguing with them! I have NEVER been in the minus! spent an hour yelling and getting up set...then I just started going to the bills that I had paid, not only did I pay bills that were not due, but I OVER paid them...LMAO so now I have credits on next months bills. I was so scared to call my husband and tell him, but he was so nice, he said he will make deposit when he gets off work. And he asked me to not mess with bank account till Im DONE with pain meds! Thank the Lord the bank paid everything or I would owe a lot more! Geesh I cant believe I did this! I just laught one minute and cry the next....I guess it really is funny! The second thing I done today is my grandson was sick so he is home with me today, he wanted cereal for breakfast I fixed it....instead of milk I used kool-aid...he gave me hug and told me it was perfect but, he could probably fix his own bowl. WHERE IS MY MIND! oh well thats how my day has been, hope you guys are having a MUCH better one! (at least Im laughing though)

Dr today

I went to the Dr. I was really in A LOT of pain, he took drains out and almost instantly the pain was gone! WOO HOO Im so happy! I still have a long road ahead of me, I have to go back next week he wants to put needle in my stomach to get rid of more fluids. (ouch) and he said my full rustuls wont be for a full year! Lol...Im just excited to be able to look down and see a flat tummy! still wish I could have more of the love handles gone, but don't know if I want to go thru another surgery to have it done, and I do realize they will get smaller too. Im just very happy today!

happy Friday the 13th!

I don't have much to report today, my pain is just about gone, I do however still take the anxity pills. It's not taking much to piss me off these days...lol. How long should it be before I can sleep in a bed again? I am really missing laying next to my husband but, I know its still way too soon. When will I be able to wear my clothes again? I went to goodwill and bought some BIGGER sweat pants because mine are too small...I dont understand...lol...I did get the shapeware dr.told me to get, can you see that under your clothes? and the stupid panties!! (thongs are what I like to wear) but he told me to buy some good support panties again wont those show pantie lines? and deep ones at that? ok enough questions for a day, but I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER

oh just looking around this site

I have looked at SO MANY before and after photos of tt on here, and I have to honestly say I have not seen any bellys that look as bad as mine! I know not every body is the same but you would think I could find at least one that looked like mine....lol...ok so Im a weirdo.


ok I wasn't going to tell this on myself but, I guess I feel so guilty Im telling it. I NEVER QUIT SMOKING....I honestly did try I looked at what could have happened if I smoked, but I got lucky, as matter of fact dr. told me yesterday outside of the swelling more than normal, I was healing just great! whew...got that off my chest....

Happy snowy saturday!

Im feeling wonderful today, I don't know what difference a day makes but, it has sure made a BIG one! I felt good enough to get dressed today, and even got a shirt on that I have NEVER been able to wear before!!!! Pants, well thats another story, but I'm gonna be patient! I even put a little eye makeup on today, dang almost forgot how!
Didn't really have the energy to do anything with my hair other than just comb it :) but here is a pic of what I look like today. Oh the support panties I just COULD NOT DO! SO SHHH don't tell anyone but Im just not wearing any :)

good morning

I didn't sleep well last night, but not because of pain, I hardley have any pain anymore, except in my thigh....I was going to sleep in bed for first time, hubby had bed all ready for me where I would be most comforable, But sleep wasnt on my mind laying next to him ;) I asked my ps when I could safely have sex and he said when I felt ready, boy did I feel ready last night laying next to his gorgeous body! But he was affraid he would hurt me...geesh....it wasnt like we were gonna be swinging from ceiling fan or anything..ps said first few times would have to be slow and east....needless to say I came back to my chair upset, and STILL didnt sleep good!


Husband took me out shopping today, LOVE TO SHOP but, was just too wore out to enjoy it much today. And the prices for shape wear! crazy! but got to have it so I bought one piece today, maybe tomorrow I will feel like doing more shopping. I did go to goodwill and got me some sweat suits to wear when I go back to work next month, it was either that or I went naked...LOL


guess what!? I slept in my bed last night!!!! Hubby didn't bother me at all he stayed on his side of bed with a body pillow between us (made me fee real wanted) I tried EVERYTHING to get him to "play with me" I told him he knows he wants some of my a swollen koochie....he just said if I didn't shut up he was kicking me outta bed and back to the chair I would go! PSHHH...my ps said told us we could "play" whenever I felt like it just to take it easy...Im starting to think Im really not swollen at all just full of...well...you women understand :)

have a favor to ask!!!

I have said befor that I have looked at alot of before and after pics...and I must say those women looK awesome....BUT, Im trying to find a woman with a belly that looks pretty close to mine so I can see what her results are like, lol, come on I never claimed to be a patient person, I know my resutls could be totally different, but at least I would somewhat know, and that could give me something to look forward too!

natural disaster!

I didn't have good day at all yesterday! let's see I spilled coffee on my laptop, then went to get dressed and dropped my cell phone on ceramic tile in bathroom...totally broke didnt work at all! So had to take laptop to shop (cant wait to get it back, I don't like my husbands) THEN had to spend 500 on a new phone! my husband said he has never called me high maintance till now...LOL...oh and while at the at&t shop a woman asked me if getting my FAKE BOOBS HURT! I had to laugh and tell her they were VERY real but i did just have a tummy tuck....hmmm maybe i should rethink getting boobs if they look that much bigger....oh and i still haven"t got any! i swear im gonna explode...last night i even slept naked in bed and all he did was roll over give me a kiss and say night love ya.....do i need to draw him a pic of what i want and need or what?

clothes on

ok I got jeans on, NOT AN EAST TASK so I took the pic and put sweats back on

15 days post op

Im feeling WONDERFUL! I have no regrets about having my TT! Everyday I see better results, I went to see my PS yesterday (wow getting needles put it to take fluid out hurts) but we knew it was gonna happen when my drains quit working. He was happy with my results and a little surprised I was doing so good with the bruning in my leg (getting better) and he was really surprised that I was doing so good with having drains taken out so early. I thanked him again for giving me so much more self esteem, I no longer have to worry about "hiding my ugly belly". I did whine to him about not being able to fit into my jeans yet because my belly is GONE.,,so I did whine about that, He laughted at me and told me it will probably be months before I get into my jeans again. I guess like I said I dont have that big belly so one would think swollen or not I would fit into my jeans....lol I guess thats why Im not a doctor! My husband tells me everyday he notices a difference as well, oh and he FINALLY gave me what I needed! IT WAS A HAPPY NIGHT FOR ME!

good morning!

Im still feeling great, and I wore a pair of the jeans yesterday that I bought Thursday and they kept falling off me...I couldn't stop laughing because when I tried them on they were perfect ( I would not have needed a belt but, they werent tight either). So I wore them was on my way to a Christmas program at school, when my dad's dr called and said I needed to get to her office RIGHT AWAY they were holding my dad there becaue he needed to be in hospital and he told my mom and Dr. he wasn't doing anything till I got there. So I get there tell him he IS going to hos


sent that update before It was done. I told him he is going to hospital we get him there and they admitted him. He is in the end stages of COPD. Anyway back to the jeans, I had to constantly keep pulling them up, when I got home I walked up stairs without holding them up and before I got to top of stairs the jeans were around my ankles...lol...so I got on the scales and I have lost only 3 lbs, so not sure what is going on but, Im NOT GONNA QUESTION IT!

feeling kinda blah...

I feel so much smaller, but why am I so swollen in my thighs? they look normal to me, but when I go to try my clothes on I can't even get close to getting anything over my thighs. I didn't have lipo to them, all I had was high lateral tension tt with the tightning of muscles.....

good morning

well I'm 19 days post op, and I woke up VERY SORE! I thought just about all the burning was gone from my legs, but its coming back in my left one, and very sore just under my incision (spelling) on my left side. I'm wondering if Im sleeping or doing cartwheels in bed? Does anyone wear their spanx while sleeping? I usually take it off at night and just put one on in morning when I get dressed. Could that be my problem? I'm gonna try sleeping in it a couple of nights and see if that makes a difference! If it doesn't then Im blaming my husband for trying to turn me into a pretzel in my sleep!


The day of my tt I measured my belly hips, and my thighs. I had a high lateral tension tummy tuck, no lipo or anything done to thighs, why why why are my thighs 2" bigger 3 weeks post op? I've been in alot of pain the past few days, on my right side I cant even explain the pain but on left side Ive got a "burning" sensation right at incision. My incision looks good it has healed very well, but Im having more trouble standing straight now than I did right after surgery! And Ive tried to search this site but can't really find anything about the swelling of the thighs. I'm really worried about how Im going to go back to work next Thrusday if Im not any better than this! My stomach is also VERY sore to touch. I do need to post some new pics, lol I havent because I really have been looking TERRIBLE! I know I do need to get some up.

new pics

I havent been real good about posting new pics because of my dad being in hospital but, I did get some taken tonight...Im feeling so much better, I still hate the swelling but I also know it will eventually go away :)

new year!

l would like to wish each and every one of you a very safe and Happy New Year!

body under construction

I was looking again at the pics I posted last night, they were not very good pics at all. I guess its good to show the good and bad though. I think you can all tell how swollen I am, but I think my body knows I have to go back to work tomorrow because I feel so much better! I have got to find some exercises I can do for my ugly legs and arms! well hope you all have the best day!


WOW I didn't realize how much better going back to work woud make me feel! I'm not doing any lifting but just being there, got me out of the depression I was in. Yea I know thats STRANGE I really don't like working that much, maybe I was just getting cabin fever, who knows but it really felt great going back...you will probably NEVER hear me say that again! The only things that still bother me are of course the swelling (I know give it time), I have a pain beside my belly button hurts when I take deep breath or move (dr. said will go away) and I still HATE that my right leg is so numb, sometimes I get scared that its going to make me fall while walking! My stomach is also numb, but it's understadable.

so happy!

I tried on some of my pre surgery jeans today...I was able to get into a couple of pairs, but the funny thing is the jeans that were big on me before surgery are the ones I cant fit into now! Oh well I got into a couple of pairs...I'LL TAKE THAT!

it's been a while since I updated

Hello! I know it's been a while since I have posted pics or updated, but with dad being sick and work, and oh yea I did manage to fit in a vacation :) ....Anyway, Im feeling WONDERFUL with the exception of all this stupid swelling! I mean it is REALLY CRAZY! One day I can squeeze into pre surgery jeans and the next day they are about 3-4 inches from buttoning....anyway here are some new pics...still not happy with the way my sides look, but what can I do at this point

my tummy...

ok next week will be 2 months since my TT. Just when I start feeling good about myself, once again Im not so sure...my stomach is starting to look REALLY BIG again!! I am still only wearing sweat pants, eating right, but gaining weight! IM REALLY STARTING TO JUST FEEL "LOST"


ok I will be 2 months post op next week. No new pics becasue there really is NO change. I HATE the swelling (but dont feel swolen) I'm still trying to understand why I am weighing more now than before surgery...the morning of surgery I measured and weighed myself, came home from surgery and weigh 10 lbs more! and my thighs are 2 inches bigger as well...what is going on with me? And these UGLY "dog ears" that i have....

feeling GREAT!

I don't know what has happened in the past week but, I'm feeling GREAT!!! Fitting into size 6 pants again :)
Dr. Richard Linderman

Before I chose my Dr. I looked at SO MANY websites it was really hard to choose which ones I wanted a consultation with. When I ran across Dr. Lindermans website, I knew I wanted to consult with him first. After consulting with him, My husband and I went to our car and looked at each other and agreed that he would be the Dr. for me. He is a caring Dr. made me feel very comfortable, and didn't try to sugar coat anything. I went to see him again yesterday and when it was time to go I really started to give him a big hug but, didn't want him to think I was crazy. His staff are just as wonderful as he is!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Awesome!! See!? It just takes time...
  • Reply
lol, I know I know, but whew I'm impatient!
  • Reply
Wow looking fab!! I'm loving this week too Hun
  • Reply
thanks! I hope it stays this way....
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I weigh about 14 pounds more since my surgery. I think it has to do with the swelling still and the limited mobility that goes on after surgery. You look slimmer and so do I yet we weigh more. I too weighed 10 pounds more the day following the surgery and I freaked out! Slowly we will lose the weight. Our bodies go thru a lot with the shock we put it through.
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I just want to fit into my presurgery clothes...lol I also hate the stupid little "dog ears" I now have. I hope my surgeon is willing to fix them at no extra charge, I know most do.
  • Reply
I am sure he will. Get ready for more swelling. Lipo is no joke! lol
  • Reply
I know he did some lipo with my tt, so not sure if it would be the same or not.
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You are recovering. Your body has been through trauma. Swelling will follow gravity so it is common to have swelling in your mid section thighs and legs. It can take months for all the swelling to resolve. If you had Lipo even more so. Forget the number on the scale. Looking good girl!
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Thank you...
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Ahh Hun I feel for you I'm going through the same I put on 9lbs and was heavier than before my surgery I feel like a failure I really do.. I'm eating crap as feel low and it's a vicious circle and I'm eating as I'm writing this! Your not alone chick
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Oh Emma, I think we both need someone to tell us this is all NORMAL! I keep asking myself this question...did I really pay thousands of dollars to feel and look like this?
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Are you back to work?
  • Reply
yes, I went back to work the first of Jan.
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When will you see your dr again?
  • Reply
I need to email him and make an appt. It should be for sometime this month. The sooner the better.
  • Reply
Awww. Sorry to hear that! 2 months is still not very long.. It can take up to a year for your body to settle....
  • Reply
thank you, I know I've been told its still early, but geesh I don't really feel swollen so I don't understand. :( (down in the dumps)
  • Reply
So I guess that's called swell hell?? My tt isn't until may so I'm just reading about all this :). I phoned to book my pre op appt today for mar 31! I was nervous to call! That also when I had to pay up. Lol
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Swell Hell, I guess...lol I hate being so negative feeling all the time since my tt, I know it will all get better I just need more patients. So when you have your tt remember that! I don't know what it is about the cg, but I feel so much better when I have it on...STILL! I know a lot of people I have talked to say they only wore theirs for about a month...psh...it's my new best friend! I know how excited you are about having yours done...before I had mine it was on my mind every second :) Looking forward to hearing more from you!
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Your looking great Hun I can see a huge difference! Hope you had good vacation
  • Reply
vacation was GREAT! lost alot of money...but that's why we took it lol...did you see the little hmm don't know what you would call them but it's where the drains were...lol...looks like I have ears on my sides!
  • Reply
No can't see where drains we're Hun
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Woop woop that's great news
  • Reply
it is great! thanks!
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