Dream Coming True for This Mom of 5 - Carmel, IN.. 8 month post op photo..

I had breast augmentation, Mentor 275cc, 18 years...

I had breast augmentation, Mentor 275cc, 18 years ago after 3 children. I went on to have 2 more children which I breastfed with no problem. About 2 months ago I realized that my left breast had deflated. I met with 3 doctors and chose Dr. Slatton because of his past work and his careful attention to my concerns. I am having my Mommy Makeover on Nov. 9th (that is if I get all my bloodwork back, if not Monday Nov. 12th) I am so excited I can't sleep already. I have dreamed of a Tummy Tuck for most of my adult life and now the dream is coming true..Oh I forgot to mention I am 47 and weigh 200lbs. I will add some pictures.

I'm super excited for you! Have you checked out this list of supplies to get for your recovery?


Little more about me, I am the mother of 5 awsome...

Little more about me, I am the mother of 5 awsome children. My oldest son is 29 and has Down Syndrome. I was 17 when he was born. I can't tell you the happiness he has brought to my life. I also have a son 27, daughter 22, daughter 15 (ugg not a fun age) and a son who just turned 13. I started a non-profit thrift store 3 years ago for the young adults with special needs that need jobs after high school. There is not enough for them to do so I created a place where they can come to socialize and learn employment skills. I have worked 60 to 80 hours a week this whole time without pay and this Mommy Makeover is my reward. I have gained 40lbs since opening the store, from stress and all the political bull I have gone through to make us successful and we are but my reward has been chocolate, brownies or anything else I wanted. I plan to follow weight watchers once this is over to lose the extra weight I have put on. I am so restless the last couple of days, little sick to my stomach not being able to sleep. I know it is just nerves and I am ready for the day to be here. I have my markings tomorrow at 4pm. I am going out to dinner tonight for my last meal. Did I mention how happy and excited I am?? Well I am.. My dream is coming true..

I am a wreck, I still have so much to do. Oh my...

I am a wreck, I still have so much to do. Oh my goodness, I go for markings today at 4pm and then I have to be at the hospital in the morning at 6am for surgery. I

I have my markings and I am at home, I am not...

I have my markings and I am at home, I am not nervous at all right now. I feel calm and ready to be at the hospital at 6:30 in the morning. I had a stressful day at work getting everything prepared for my absence. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS ALMOST HERE!! WooHoo
Stay calm now and 2mrw right b4 surgery and you will be ok. I feel that since i was calm the night b4 n right b4 surgery that it helped me not be in much pain and get so swollen. have a great recovery
Excited for you! We'll be here waiting in recovery for you :)

Made it through the night of throwing up. Can I...

Made it through the night of throwing up. Can I just say throwing up with a tummy tuck HURTS LIK HELL. Haven't seen myself yet but will update when I do.

Awake and feeling okay, I haven't thrown up this...

Awake and feeling okay, I haven't thrown up this morning. I sneaked a peek and the breasts look great. I just want to add that Witham hospital in Lebanon Indiana has the best staff.
Hi, Another one of Dr. Slatton's work of art. I hope all went well. Post pics soon as you feel well enough. Happy Healing!!!

Day 2 po, sleeping a lot and resting in my...

Day 2 po, sleeping a lot and resting in my recliner. When I stand up it feels like I am tearing apart. On a good note my boobies are so pretty.
I am so glad you are doing well!! Can't wait to see pics. I'm scheduled for the 26th and so scared. Keep us posted. Congratulations!!
Oooh I am happy you made it through! Dr Slatton's work is great! Rest and a speedy recovery!!!!

Just ending day 3po and I am still in pain and...

Just ending day 3po and I am still in pain and also itching like crazy. See my Dr. Tomorrow and will find out what he thinks about the swelling. All I want to do is sleep. I didn't need the walker or toilet riser. Will post more later.

Day 6 po and I am still miserable and soo swollen....

Day 6 po and I am still miserable and soo swollen. I took pics but can't upload yet. I have not worn my compression garment yet the Dr. keeps saying I don't need yet. Where I am the most swollen is the front of stomach and my hips which are 5 times normal size, I swear. My husband has been so good, and my children too. My breasts are larger than I wanted, hopefully due to some swelling too, I need a sexy bra and panties to see what I truly look like.

I applaud you for open your non profit store that is so amazing and giving of you. My middle son has aspergers and the love he is brought into my life and the laughter- he is so funny!!! i didn't start feeling semi normal until a few days ago- @ 2 weeks post op. my boobs were HUGE. After surgery but they have gone down and I went from a xlarge sports bra to a large. It does get better I swear!!!
You look good! Even though you are swollen I can see your hour glass figure, your low thin scar, and your boobies look really natural. Are the implants under the muscle? I pitched like crazy as well, but a little Benedryl helped to calm the itching. Get some rest.

I have been miserable for days and I am posting...

I have been miserable for days and I am posting pictures of what is happening to my sides when I can tomorrow. Dr. has me putting nitro-bid on and it gives terrible headache. Not worth it today.
Hang in there it gets better. I didn't start wearing my binder until I was 2 weeks out.

I am feeling Human again, swelling still going...

I am feeling Human again, swelling still going down. My husband took my pic last night to show me how different I look, I don't really see it yet but he does. He even said he can't wait till I can be his tshirt and jeans girl again. I have been wearing big long shirts for way too long. I will post pics again as soon as all drains are gone. I think it is worth it today. One thing I would recommend if you are considering this is find a doctor who is close to you, my Dr. Is 1 1/2 hours away and the drive kills me sometimes.
Happy Thanksgiving! I know the drains are a pain, but they do help with the swelling. Once they are out you will feel even better. Glad to see you feel it was worth it, cause you will be amazed at how your body shapes up ...and very quickly. Once you are in your cg and the drains are out, try some of those sexy sweater dresses and boots. The legs on the garment look like tights so you will be cute and sexy, and functional...lol. Doc doesn't allow banded clothes, but there are lots of options, just be creative and cheap...cause your size will change. Hang in there, you are looking great!
Thank you, my appt. is tomorrow at 11am. Can't wait for this stupid drain to be out. Did you feel like you couldn't eat as much after your tt?
After the tuck I couldn't eat as much but my appetite is back to normal. I was on a salt restricted diet before and more so after. Water retention is a given for me followed by even more swelling...if I over do the salt.

Today is 17 days po, and I am back at work. I can...

Today is 17 days po, and I am back at work. I can not believe that other people go back to work sooner. I am still unable to do much but sit. I went to Kohls the sat after black friday and made it to the towel section and was done. I have had a real hard time with this Mommy Makeover. I have felt bad and haven't slept good. In other words I am a grouch. I am happy with how I am looking but don't get me wrong I have alot of work to do myself, this is not a miracle fix. Weight watchers online and back to my eliptical machine when I am allowed. I am 47 so maybe that is why I have had a harder time than many on here have. This is the first time people I work with have seen me and I was so scared that they would be able to tell my breast were bigger but noone has said anything. I could not do this again knowing what I know now, so hopefully I will not need a revision because I don't think I would. We will see. My Doctor has been great, supportive and encouraging.

I have a recliner in my office behind my desk and...

I have a recliner in my office behind my desk and that is where my butt has been the last 2 days. I am getting good at delegating what needs to be done. I am still having a hard time sleeping comfortably couch, chair, bed nothing is comfortabe for this side sleeper. I am having a love affair with my new body, everytime I go to the bathroom I have to check and see if it still looks as good as it did the last time I saw it. I am so happy to have gone through this process because it looks amazing. Sorry my pictures are so bad, now I wish I had taken more before pics. I will post more soon.
Hello Mom2mmarn..welcome to the flat side! .I too had a High Lateral Tt from Slatton....the man is amazing. Today is week 6 for me.

Well I am standing up straight and sleeping on my...

Well I am standing up straight and sleeping on my side. I am sooo happy with my tummy tuck, I look amazing. Thanks to Dr. Slatton.

I am still fitting into my size 16 Levis, but I have no muffin top anymore. I have only tried the jeans on, I have not worn them yet. My thighs are what is keeping me in the size 16s, but that is okay I am going to lose more weight so I can one day wear 12s again. Hard to believe after 3 kids I still weighed only 120lbs. Age and the last two children has done my body in.

I still get exhausted very easy, but everyday gets easier.
Looking good! Glad to see you are feeling better and loving your results!

8 months post op and still amazed..

I am updating with a new photo and to say I love it..

Here is photo

Your results are fabulous
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