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47 Years Old, Body is a Wreck! - Carmel, IN

Hello All, I am so excited to have found this site...

Hello All, I am so excited to have found this site. I have gotten a lot of comfort reading about everyone's journey. So my story starts like this: pregnant at 17, 10lb baby c-section. I have very large breast 36DDD. They look at the floor, yuck! I am 5 foot tall and weigh 143. I have lost 40 lbs this past year. So time for a reward. Hoping to have breast reduction and TT. Just scheduled my surgery for April 16th. Will check in more the closer to time for sx .

No change in weight!

Geesh, still no change in my weight. So frustrating. I am going to decrease calories by 500/day and increase water. Not sure I can manage more then 60 min workouts 6/week. Can't believe I am 4 weeks from surgery!!

Feeling frustrated...

I feel so frustrated, weight just won't budge. I didn't feel the desperation to lose weight until this week. Ok enough whining, get going! Btw, some pre pics

Weight is slow to go away!

Hello All,
I continue to workout, eat clean except my addiction to diet soda. I drink about 2 cans a day and a 20oz coffee in the morning. Rest of day is water, about 32 -40 oz. I hope to lose at least 1/2lb this week. You see, I lose wt. very slowly and can get frustrated at times. I jog 2-3 x/week and do a boot camp class 3x/week. I am focusing on building muscle strength in back, arms and legs. I have made a lot gains in lifting/strength training this past month.
Any suggestions on protein intake? I hate Greek yogurt but regular is ok. I noticed Special K drinks have 10g of protein and about 200 calories.
I guess my weight will be what it will be but I sure would like to be 130's before sx

Dr reviews

I have been looking for reviews of Dr. Grassee work, unable to find anything. So If you know where to go to read some doctor reviews I would appreciate it.

Feeling a little nervous today!

I am reading (really stalking, lol) reviews on here and seen som fabulous results. I just keep looking at my tummy and thinking, how can this mess get flat! I hate to think I will go through all this and not have the flat smooth stomach I dream about.

One last thing for today!

I found some Greek yogurt that I can eat. It has 12 grams of protein and 80 calories, so much better than the 200 calorie Special K drink.

Yippee, 1/2 pound down

Hello lovely ladies! Now I know a 1/2 pound is not all that much, but for me it is awesome. I lose weight slowly in spite of 5-6 day per week gym work outs. Cutting out an extra 500 calories is difficult since I eat about 1400 calories per day. So yes, I am excited for 1/2pound :)!!!
Went to PS office yesterday and spoke with nurse Tricia. She was wonderful at explaining things. Since I am an RN I think I asked questions a little differently, lol.
Most comforting was getting to know exactly PS would prescribe after surgery and the after care instructions. I now feel ready to take on this awesome new adventure!!


Hello ladies,
I just want to say that I am so thankful for this site. It has been a stressful day. Work issues had me contemplating canceling surgery. Then the dreaded money woes. I told my husband I might reschedule for later date because money is getting tight. He said "oh no we are not!" Then I realized maybe I was looking for excuses to cancel/reschedule. So came to my comfort place (RS) and feel much better. Thank you to everyone for sharing their journey, it really does make a difference.

Head Cold, ugh!!!!

Hello beautiful ladies! I have such a bad cold, yep runny eyes, runny nose, cough, geesh!!! However on bright side it is unlikely I will get another cold prior to surgery :). Also, the most exciting part of the day was ordering my lift chair. 30.00 per week rental! They were very nice and waived deposit fee because I only needed for 2 weeks. Oh yeah, I also got my FMLA paper work back from PS so I can turn that in as well. See you all later, happy healing :).

Trying to use this daily

Husbands are so funny!

Well at least he thinks he is funny,lol. He said to "do you realize you have four weeks from today until your surgery?" Let's see, buying MOM, front closure bras, CG, washing clothing and putting in specific basket so he will know where to go to get what I need, and oh yeah did I mention the count down clock on my iPhone!! Yes honey, I know exactly how long until my surgery, lol. I just smiled and said yep getting closer. I think he is getting nervous. TTYL

3 Weeks and counting.....

Hello all you lovely ladies. I have 3 weeks until my makeover. I have so much to do! I have lost another 1/2 pound, so yeah me! I have been working out at least 5 days a week. Trying to really watch my diet. I also set an alarm on my phone calendar so I will stop taking advil 2 weeks prior. I take advil daily so this should be really interesting. Going back and forth with renting an electric recliner, I have 3 regular recliners already. But I like the idea of being able to stand up without my hubby pulling on me :). Well that is all. Please keep posting everyone, your stories are a true inspiration to us all!!

Workout & Money

Hello All,
Very excited to report that I made 5 day work out. Resting tomorrow, going to dinner with hubby :). And the biggest news, yep my money is in the savings account awaiting distribution next week. Such relief now that I know the money has been saved up. Getting very excited!

Las Vegas Baby!!

Hello all you lovely ladies,

I am officially 13 days away from being on flat side. I paid all my fees yesterday. Wasn't painful! Now I have a nursing conference in Vegas next week, so I hope that keeps me busy. I have lost 2lbs since I started posting on here, weigh 141. Lowest I have been since Grad school.
Maybe I will win a little in Vegas (highly doubtful).
Had my preop discussion with the PS nurse, she is very funny and said "I hate having nurses as patients, they are the worst" while we both were busting out laughing. I asked her if my Dr. was on call the weekend after my surgery, she had to go check. She said she has never been asked that question before, lol. I know crazy nurses! Going to start packing tomorrow since I leave Saturday. Me and some girlfriends are going to hang out a few days before the conference starts. I will be stalking everyone's reviews as usual and will post again prior to sx. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't gain weight next week! Btw, I WILL workout everyday except Saturday.

No money, Vegas sucks lol

Hello all
1 week until sx. Keeping busy here in Vegas. Trying to be healthy, but is hard to do here. A few glasses of wine and 1 milk shake! Salads everyday for lunch. Now supper has been not so great, steak and lobster, yum or hamburger ( did split with my friend). Work out has been ok, only 3 times. But water intake has been very good! Well that is all ladies.

Home from Vegas!

Hello all you lovely ladies! I got home from Vegas at 2am, nope not a winner,lol. Had a great time with friends. I have not weighed my self yet but I know I gained over the week. That is OK! Took my mind off of the upcoming sx. Well 4 days to go, time to get nervous! Post again soon.

Getting stuff together!

Hello all,
Just returned from going to grocery store, Kmart and CVS. I think I have prepared as much as I can, lol. Now to do laundry and clean the house ( my least favorite thing to do). I have been trying to find the tummy boards on amazon and not having luck. If any of you ladies can help I would appreciate it! Just Monday and Tuesday left and then off to sx on Wednesday. Wishing everyone happy healing.

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Hello all you lovely ladies,

Tomorrow is the big day. I am nervous, I won't lie :). I stayed home today to do laundry, last few dishes etc... I am prepared. My main worry is getting up from the recliner. I am extremely independent and you have no idea how much I truly dread relying on anyone!! Oh well, I must suck it up and whatever is necessary. I will try to post tomorrow. I will be staying over night and coming home on Thursday. Any and all prayers and positive thoughts will be appreciated.

On my way!!!

On my way to surgery center. Update you all as soon as I can :)

Made it home!

Hello all,

I made it home about an hour ago :)
Pain is tolerable! TT is very sore with some muscle cramping. Incisional site burn.
I stayed over night in surgical center. Best money I have ever spent!
Will update more later


Hello All
Just peed for the 4th time:). I can do must things, however, I can't get out of recliner. Part of the reason is because I'm barley 5ft. Will update later. Keep falling asleep :)

Percocet on hold

Percocets make me itchy! Going to trying hydrocodone. Soreness has left but pain quickly followed. Pics when I get a chance.


Hello all,
I feel much better than yesterday. The medication makes me very sleepy. Nothing new to report :)

3 days postoperative

Hello, feeling pretty yucky. Moving a lot better by myself, still no POO!
I really appreciate all you ladies postings. I know I am on target with healing. But jeeze a little relief would nice.
Ladies this process is intense so be prepared. I have not had horrible pain but a lot of discomfort. Pretty comparable to C -section. This will only be temporary.
Again, thank you all for the information. It does help to know what to expect.


Freaking out

Please look at this incision. It is not bleeding or draining, and no pain! What do you ladies think is going on.?
Carmel Plastic Surgeon

Have had initial consult.

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What a transformation. You look great, what CG brand are you wearing?
  • Reply
Marena, and thank you for noticing ;). I think we are caught up in healing and can't see ourselves yet, lol
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Wow! Look at that flat belly! You look fantastic!
  • Reply
Thank you :)
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Congratulations on making it to the flatside! I am 47 will be 48 next month and I am scheduled for May 28th. I will be following your journey! I hope you have a smooth recovery!
  • Reply
Thanks, you too! Will try to get some pic up later.
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Well I can't sleep:(. I had to take off CG. It was killing me. Is it ok if I take off while lying down?
  • Reply
You need to keep it on at all times. It's a must. Your stomach skin was separated from your muscle and the CG will help it reattach. It's suck I know but only time to should remove is to shower . Hope you feel better.. Good luck!!
  • Reply
Also it will helps minimize the swelling. I have been fortunate and my swelling as been very little. I wear my binder all the time. :)
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Thanks for the update! Get some rest.
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Awesome!!! So happy to hear all is well. Now you rest and make sure to stay of your pain with your meds and you will be fine. Take care and HAPPY HEALING :D
  • Reply
So true about pain meds! Missed once and I really was hurting .
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Yay!!! I'll be praying. Keep us posted!
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Thanks for sharing your journey! You will do great, I just know it. Praying you have great results! Can't wait to hear how everything went.:)
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Thinking of you today... Hope you are resting lots & that all went well...
  • Reply
Thinking of you!! I will say a prayer for you. Don't worry you will do great :)
  • Reply
I will be praying. You'll be fine!
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I'll be sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. It'll be over with before you know it, and you'll be on the mend. I can't wait to see your updates, keep us posted!
  • Reply
Thank you so much. As so many of have stated, we don't really share with others. So having this forum is great!!
  • Reply
I've seen on here where people have used children's board books or small clipboards without the clip part, wrapped in cotton batting. Anything like that would work, no need to spend a ton of money! ;-)
  • Reply
Great idea, I went to CVS and got one today :)
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XoXo... Keep us posted!!!!!
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Ps: LOVE the quote!
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Ohhhhhh, I can't wait to see how you do! You are going to have great results, I can tell!! You are going to be so, so happy you did this. It's tough, not gonna lie, but as I always say (& trainers, too) you could exercise forever & the skin stays... As you know. ;( You will need to remember to take it easy though afterwards... You are going to do great!!!! Xo
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Thank you, I told my trainer he was on vacation now, lol. And I would see him 2 weeks after sx. Hopefully I will be able to walk on treadmill by that time :).
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