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I Look and Feel at Least 15-Years Younger! Incredible Facial Rejuvenation by Dr. Catherine Winslow - Carmel, IN

2013 was a year of transformation for me. I had...

2013 was a year of transformation for me. I had facial rejuvenation and body contouring from head to knee! It all began with a tummy tuck on April 18th. Those results we're so dramatic that I decided to follow through on my long-held dream to do a total transformation.

Massive weight loss had left my face and body with sagging skin that aged me. Following my tummy tuck, I had my stage 2 body contouring on 10-10-13. That took care of everything below the neck. Then on 12-12-13 I took care of everything above the neck with facial rejuvenation by Dr. Winslow.

On my birthday in March of 2013 I was a size 14 and looked the 49 years that I had turned. But after my plastics I am a size 4 and look like I am in my 30s from head-to-toe. I am so very glad that I did this. I feel wonderful.

Dr. Winslow did incredible work. No one even comes close, and especially not for this kind of money. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found two plastic surgeons who are each at the very top of their field (one for faces and one for bodies) and who do not charge people outrageous prices.

I never though that I would have a face and body like this at age 49! It is amazing what a highly skilled and talented plastic surgeon can achieve. I love my face and my body now. I am thrilled!!!

I know that you probably want to see photos, but I do not post photos of my face on the web. Not in any way that I would be recognizable anyway. You can see my body pix on my other reviews on RealSelf by visiting my profile.

OK, I have gathered my courage to post a few photos

Dr. Winslow did an amazing job on my neck, as shown in these before and after photos.

2-months post op

Next month, on March 18th, I turn 50. How old do I really look?

Face by Dr. Catherine Winslow, Body by Dr. Joseph F. Capella

The pix show my total body transformation at 2-mos post facial rejuvenation by Dr. Catherine Winslow and 4-mos post body contouring with Dr. Joseph F. Capella. I look like a completely new person!

You may visit my profile to see my other reviews and my "before" photos. I have lost: 15 years of aging on my face, 37 pounds of excess flesh and fat on my body, and 43 inches on my bust, chest, waist, abdo, thighs, knees, and arms. I have gone from a size 14/16 before body contouring plastic surgery to a size 4.

I still cannot believe what a dramatic transformation this has been. I am so blessed.

A Delightful Post-op with Dr. Winslow Today

I emailed a few pix to Dr. Winslow and asked about some scar tissue. There seemed to be an area under my chin that was harder and two small areas on the sides of my face near my ears. She responded to me right away -- as she always does -- and told me that I looked AMAZING and that I was welcomed to come in and see her.

When I arrived at her office this morning, all of the lovely women on her staff were excited to see my new face! They are always so welcoming and happy -- so much positive energy -- every time I go there. In the waiting area I met another patient. She was older than me, and looked absolutely stunning and elegant. I asked her if she had face work done with Dr. Winslow and she said yes. She was perfect -- Dr. Winslow did not do anything crazy like I have seen some plastic surgeon's do to mature women's faces. Wow, Dr. Winslow's work just completely blows me away. She does the best I have ever seen!

First I met with Heather, whom is my aesthetician at Heather Brown Studios, and who is the darling woman that referred me to Dr. Winslow. Heather had not seen me since my surgery. When I showed her my areas of concern, she had me feel under her chin and the two areas on the sides of her face that I had concerns about. Long story short, I was not used to feeling the bones on the sides of my face or the tightness under my chin that is NORMAL because I had so much excess skin on my face for so long (owing sagging from massive weight loss). How hilarious is that?!?! I keep discovering all these things about my body, like bones I have not felt since I was a teenager/early 20s.

Dr. Winslow and Triste the nurse came in next and Dr. Winslow greeted me with a big hug and smile. She is awesome -- always makes me feel so very welcomed to be there in her practice and always makes sure she has answered all my questions before I leave. So the four of us had some girl talk about my new body and face and it was fun! I shared with them some of my "before" photos of my body. They have only seen me as a size 4, but back in April of 2013 when I began my body contouring journey I was a size 14. I told them a few entertaining stories about reactions I have gotten from men and we all had a great laugh.

Dr. Winslow told me to lightly massage my face as the vigorous massage I had been doing may be causing inflammation. The right side of my face is still swollen more than the left (you might notice that in the pix I posted on Feb 5th). I was VERY happy when she told me that the right side will look like the left side once I am a little further out from my surgery.

It just so happened that I met with both of my plastic surgeons this week, each one a leader in their respective fields (facial plastic surgery, body contouring after weight loss). I shared photos with both of them of my body and face. Each surgeon found the other surgeon's work to be excellent. I am so stinking lucky to have found them... really, I am overjoyed... this sort of wonderful thing just doesn't happen to me... but it did!!!

I tell people all the time: You are not buying a procedure. You are buying a plastic surgeon. There are very few surgeons (if any) who could have delivered the results that Dr. Winslow delivered to me. She is amazingly talented and has a lovely bedside manner. I am so thrilled that I found her!

Finding the real me

Getting a Dx of diabetes was such a turning point in my life. It was a wake-up call that I answered. Had I not gotten diabetes, then I likely would not have gotten bariatric surgery and plastic surgery and turned my health and my life around.

It is hard to look at old photos and reflect back on how I abused my body for so long. But it is a wonderful dose of reality to see how far I have come and reminder that I must now and forever take excellent care of my body. If you click thru to my profile, you may read about the other surgeries I have had and see before and after photographs of my results.

I once weighed 285 pounds and was on 10 prescription medications for obesity related diseases. I did a total,body transformation in 2013. Everything on my wish list has been completed except the breast augmentation, which I plan to get in June of 2014.

I have been free of obesity and my obesity related illnesses for more than a decade. The plastic surgery was the completion of erasing the sins of my past, getting rid of the telltale skin that was a constant reminder that I was a failure with regard to respecting my body for so long.

Never could I have done this without my gastric bypass and body contouring. But they aren't the easy way out. It took dedication to change the behaviors that led me to be morbidly obese in the first place. I eat very healthy - no processed foods, no grains (that includes corn), no red meat, no sugar sweetened beverages, no "diet" beverages or foods, no artificial sweeteners, no potatoes. I eat everything fresh, and organic as much as possible.

I workout. I love planks and squats and HIIT and lifting weights and sprints with my dog blue and BodyCombat class. I hate yoga and BodyJam class and cycling and Burpees and just about any cardio machine.

I am grateful that I persisted in doing that. I am thankful that I had insurance coverage for my weight loss surgery. I am blessed to have had the money for body contouring. I am deeply endeared to my two very talented and relatively affordably plastic surgeons - Dr. Catherine Winslow and Dr. Joseph F. Capella. Most of all, I am so very happy to be the person I am today.

Not only did it shame me to look at my naked body in the mirror, but also it kept me from fully being present to living a life I love. I am so stinking happy nowadays. Today I'm a size small and living larger than ever!

Whoever you are reading this, know that you have within you what it takes to succeed. My wish for you is that you live a life you love and love the life you live.

A funny thing happened at the BMV

Today I attempted to renew my driver's license. I presented my passport for ID. But upon looking at the photo taken a few years ago, then looking to my face, then back and forth between the passport photo and my face a few times, the woman at BMV said, "This is you?" I laughed and gave her my driver's license, "Yes. Look here. It is me." She looked at my DL photo and said, "This doesn't look like you." She said it in the most polite and complimentary way. She beleived it was me, but was incredulous at how different I looked. She called her co-workers over to look at my "before" photos. Comments included, "Wow" and "You've lost a lot of weight" and various remarks about how stylish I am.

Needless to say it was the best ever experience I have had at the Bureau of Motor Vehicle. hahahaha I am so enjoying having fun with my transformation.

The Big Reveal - What Procedures Dr. Winslow Did on My Face

On my flight to California the women in my row discussed what they did to relieve the shock of turning 50. One woman said she created a blog to journal her experience, and I forget what the other woman had done but it was equally tame. I surprised them and made them laugh when I told them that I had plastic surgery to take the sting out of turning 50. My birthday is tomorrow and I am 5-mos post body contouring with Dr. Joseph F. Capella and 3-mos post facelift with Dr. Catherine Winslow.

Here are the facial procedures I had done with Dr. Winslow:
Neck lift
SMAS to tear troughs
Upper eye lid lift
Chin implant
Lip lift
Filler to lips, marionette lines, and nasal folds

I have one surgery left for breast augmentation and body contouring revisions with Dr. Capella on May 29th. You may follow my journey here http://www.realself.com/review/ramsey-nj-stage-breast-augmentation-dr-joseph-capella-ramsey-nj-super-excited#/

My Photo Shoot in NYC

One week before my 50th birthday, I did a photo shoot in New York City with a colleague and friend who is a photographer. It was terrific fun and he got some great shots! I felt like a model!!

Feeling like I Just Celebrated My 30th Birthday, Not My 50th

Thanks to the brilliance of Dr. Winslow, I feel like I just turned 30 not 50!!!

Color pix from my photo shoot

Getting Back My High School Face

Dr. Catherine Winslow gave me - at 50 yrs old - a matured version of the face I had in high school. My face had been damaged from years of morbid obesity and massive weight loss. Today I am a size small and living larger than ever!

You May Look Inhuman after Plastic Surgery

Be prepared that if you get a face lift by a facial plastic surgeon that s/he is likely to do a whole lot more to maximize improvement and rejuvenation than a regular plastic surgeon will. If so, the extensive amount of work might leave you looking inhuman for a week or more. And you may not look like yourself months. But, ultimately you will look like yourself, only better, much better. It truly takes a year to see your ultimate results, but after 3-4-months you will be looking great.

Here are a few early post op photos so you can see what I mean.
Indianapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon

I had my facial rejuvenation on 12-12-13 with Dr. Catherine Winslow because her work simply blew me away, and no other plastic surgeon's work even came close to getting me enthused. I have searched for a long time for a plastic surgeon whose face lift work impressed me. I could find no one. The before and afters photos always looked the same to me. Then my aesthetician told me about Dr. Winslow, that she is simply the best there is. I had very high standards going into Dr. Winslow for a consult. After all, I had had my entire body contouring plastic surgery in 2013 by one of the top surgeons in this category, and the results were incredible. So I was looking for a surgeon who could deliver those kind of results for my face. Meeting with Dr. Winslow was thrilling. I had so many areas of concern for my face. And she told me how she could address every one of them! I asked her if there was anything else that she would want to address because I did not want to look "refreshed" I told her that I wanted to look young! So she suggested some other procedures. For each procedure that I was considering, she showed me before and after photos on her wide screen monitor. I was smitten! I knew there was no other surgeon who could deliver such dramatic results so consistently. She is absolutely amazing at what she does, and she has a lovely bedside manner. She is prompt to return emails and she definitely brings a woman's touch to the experience. She phoned me the night of my surgery to see how I was and the next day I received a lovely gift basket in the mail. She also gave me many free products that other surgeons normally charge for. I just adore her and her staff and I absolutely love love love my results. And before I booked my surgery, I asked Dr. Winslow all the tough questions. She always had impressive stats to share with me and was always polite in answering some very pointed questions. What is more, Dr. Winslow gave me an excellent price on my procedures. This was a very good price that I paid for such a highly qualified surgeon to do all these procedures and deliver such spectacular results. My friends tell me I am gorgeous, beautiful, that I look like a model, that I look in my 20s or 30s (I am 49). I give her my highest recommendation to anyone considering facial rejuvenation. Wow!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Look great! After your fl did you have any fillers or fat added in the tear trough area? The 3/4 week pics show a very marked difference between the cheek and under eye. But the final result has a perfect transition ~very full under the eye. Just wondering if swelling reduction or fat/filler helped with the transition. You have had an amazing journey...grace60
  • Reply
Thank you! No filler to tear troughs. I think the difference is the bruising in week 3 under the eyes, which is hidden with makeup in week 4 pic.
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Gorgeous!! Your skin looks beautiful too!! Seeing results like yours makes it easier to take the plunge and get the procedures done. Your PS is for sure is tops!!
  • Reply
THANK YOU! Dr. Winslow simply does the best facial plastics of all. And her prices are good. I would not go to anyone else.
  • Reply
Gorgeous !! Loving the leather jacket, tough-girl look - you are rockin' it!!
  • Reply
Thanks!! BTW that is vegan leather - not from an animal, so I can look tough on the outside and be all warm and mushy on the inside knowing no animal was harmed, hahahaha. Isn't your surgery today?
  • Reply
Yes, I am in the recovery room - the nurses (and everyone, really) are fabulous!
  • Reply
((((Hugs)))) so glad everything went so well and you are already online posting from the recovery room! Incredible!!!! PM me when you are able and tell me all about it!!! If Mo (Maureen) is taking care of you, give her a big hug from me. She took great care of me in recovery!
  • Reply
Wow, good for you!
  • Reply
Ha, I am the same, love my vegan leather jacket! The color photos from your shoot are gorgeous like the B&W ones... I *love* the shade of lipstick you're wearing.
  • Reply
Thanks again! As for the lipstick it is from Victoria Secret. I am having fun playing up my lips now. I never did that before. Now they look so kissable!
  • Reply
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Gorgeous !!!! My mom is having a facelift in April!
  • Reply
Thank you!!! And I hope your mom is using Dr. Winslow!
  • Reply
She's in RI, so she went to my ps in Boston. She's a week post op & already impatient with the healing process! She's not used to be in the house so much. She only had mid face & neck. When did you feel comfortable going out in public?
  • Reply
Three weeks but I was very bruised from surgery. Dr. Winslow said she really beat me up! My neck was huge before my lift and she made it tight!
  • Reply
You look great! I would guess maybe 40 not 50!
  • Reply
Thank you. Dr. Winslow does incredible work!
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Fabulous photo shoot!! :)
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MBLife, your photo shoot was incredible! Your transition was amazing! But honestly, you have to be one of the strongest people ever. I did a drop of lipo 6 months ago, and I still feel nerve pain, numbness and discomfort. I look at pics from your photo shoot so close to the time you had surgery, and I'm in disbelief that you feel so amazing. You've got to have amazing strength & resilience. Your results are a wow, your recovery is super human!
  • Reply
Thanks so much! It is amazing what a good photographer can do. Remember that the next time you look at models and wonder why you cannot look like them (plus their photos are retouched - mine are not).
  • Reply
I don't know. I always thought I was a baby when it came to pain. The more surgery I get the more brave I become. But truthfully, I am scared about my upcoming surgery, and I was petrified and having panic attacks before my second stage body surgery with Dr. Capella. I was calm before the tummy tuck and the face work because I booked them only a week in advance so I did not have time to get scared! As far as recovery, I take a lot of supplements, extra protein, extra water, and exercise and I am sure that speeds healing. I do have numbness and tightness is some areas but it should go away over time. Thanks for your compliments!
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Thanks so much, love!
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MBLife, To be so close to "finished" must be very exciting; and your results have been incredible. What was the healing from the lip lift like? Do you know how it was done and do you have any residual numbness or noticeable scarring? Never heard of SMAS to lower lid. Is that like a cheek lift and were there incisions inside the lower lid? Those don't require stitches b/c they heal by themselves but was wondering if this was a separate lifting accomplished thru the lower lid itself. tks, grace
  • Reply
Hi Grace and thanks for your nice note. I am glad to be finishing up my surgery and completing my transformation. It has been a long and arduous journey. As for the lip lift, it was easy peasy. I am only 3-mos out and my scar is a thin white line with some redness around it. The redness should go away over time. I saw someone with darker skin than mine and her scar was nearly imperceptible. There is no numbness. Essentially the incision is made along the bottom of the nose and the lip is turned out so that more of the pink shows. As for the SMAS to tear troughs, there is no incision in my lower lid. Dr. Winslow went in under my skin while she was doing the face lift. There was not a lot of pain from the face lift overall.
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