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Genetically I inherited the disposition to have...

Genetically I inherited the disposition to have excessive puffy eyes and bags ('festoons') under the eyes as well as the beginning of droopy eyelids. This disposition I inherited from my father's side of the family who all got this trait early on in their 50's, thus making them appear much older than they were. Because I am only in my early 60's and still active professionally I decided my own self-image was well worth it. I only did it to please myself and no one else.

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I cannot find anything but positive to say about this plastic surgery firm. I was so fortunate to find them and Dr. Eppley in particular. His care and attention to me (ongoing) is outstanding. His support staff likewise, from nurses to billing agents to scheduling personnel were extremely courteous, responsive promptly and always helpful no matter how many questions I had. They work with you. Dr. Eppley is a careful listener, has a very outgoing and warm personality and clearly takes an authentic honest interest in his clients. He was a pleasure to communicate with. He explains what he can do, identifies the procedures and clearly articulated the post-op instructions following upper/lower blepharoplasty which is what I had.

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not bad at all; it looks as though the surgeon may have to 'tweak' the left eye just a 'millimeter' as he himself observed, but I'll see him in two weeks and if he needs to do that--which I think he will, it is an in-office procedure with a local used. I can see improvement, however.
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Hi Santangelo - how's it going now - nearly a month on from your last post?
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Absolutely. I have no regrets whatsoever. I can see the positive 'results' already with the right eye and I am confident the situation with the left will be resolved.
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The taping is ok; as I mentioned earlier, I may need an in-office procedure to fix the left eye, although the taping does help. However, I don't go out (socially that is) with the tape on, too conspicuous. I'll see the surgeon a week from Friday (16th Mar) for follow-up and see if, as he said he might do, I need that simple eye "adjustment" which he said is "common" and done under a "local.' Eye does look a little better but the issue of it being a millimeter 'off' causes it to tear frequently; but now, after a week of taping, not as much. I can the slight difference in my eyes when I apply the thin piece of tape from the cheekbone and "pulling up" the skin to the corner of the eye. The eyes look "even" when I have the tape on. So that's where things stand. The other eye etc is looking great and my partner has said so. I can see that in the mirror.
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Its good to hear you have seen some improvement, and so glad that your other eye is doing great! Please let us know how things go on the 16th & what you and your doctor decide to do. :)

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Would love to hear how you are doing. How has the taping been going?

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Well, I think I've come this far and I have great faith in this plastic surgeon who's been doing this for over 20 years so I am not worried. And I wanted to mention that I hardly 'feel' the tape pulled up below the eye and off onto my skull just to the left of the eye. I have it on five hours now and I don't even notice it: what I am 'relieved' about is not having water/tears pouring down my face all the time! He said to take the tape off when I go to bed. After showering tomorrow and for the next two weeks I can put on a fresh tape. We're talking about a skinny flesh-colored tape that is only about six inches in length. Sure it shows, but I've been going out with large black sunglasses anyway. I don't care.
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Stiches out! It was a 'piece of cake' and over in a few minutes. The 'trick' to the doctor removing them easily is that I applied a very tiny amount of a cream they gave me post-op to apply to the upper stitches; this kept them moist and not brittle or dry and thus minimized the discomfort during removal. Very small amount of the cream was applied to stitches as they told me across the eyelid. The lowers were the kind that self-dissolved. I knew that ahead of time. I have had a very slight problem with the left eye 'weeping' a lot. The doctor explained to me that it is a situation that sometimes happens but is easily remedied; the symptom is called ectropion. The bottom lid of course does not move; the eyelid does all the 'work.' It occurs sometimes during surgery that the bottom eyelid is pulled away even as slight as a millimeter. Mine was exactly that; a millemeter 'off' so as to be annoying. The doctor applied a strip of special tape (skin-colored) and lifted my skin from just below the eye itself and pulled the tape up to the left of my eye. He gave me extra tape; it does not have to be worn constantly but it alleviated 90 percent of the watery eye. Because the eye wants moisture and due to the bottom lid being a millimeter off, it kept filling up and spilling over down my face. The taping stopped 90 percent of the tearing up. Sometimes this symptom goes away on its own. If not, he said there was a simple in-office procedure under a 'local' to correct the slight 'droop.' Because I'm still swollen it's hard to see, but the slight droop is slight. We'll see if the pulling up of the eye to its correct 'spillway' position works. If not, in two weeks when I see him, then he'll do that corrective. I'm not worried about it, and he doesn't seem to be either.
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Sounds like they are taking really good care of you there! Please keep us posted on what goes on with the droop. You're a trooper for not being upset about the tape - it seems you have a great attitude about this whole thing! :)

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Well, I'm still swollen since it's only been a week and I studied carefullly all the post op instructions so I know not to expect a 'miracle look' seven days afterwards and it will be at least a month before some of the puffs go down. I am having eyelid stiches out tomorrow. Frequently even after the first 24 hours, because my eyes teared and were sensitive I found that ice packs and cold packs refrigerated, even beyond the mandatory ice for first 24 hours, it helped soothe my eyes and helped me to relax and get my mind off of them. I know the outcome will be good and takes time.
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I should have been more specific and stated that I had both upper/lower blepharoplasty to reduce genetically based drooping eyelids and large puffs ('festoons') under my eyes which make me look ten years older. Inherited from Dad and his side: all of them had the same look; they were attractive people in their youth but looked 55-60 even when they were in their 40's. I remember that when I was in my teens and Dad, my Aunt, Uncle etc, all looked 'old.' They weren't!
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Good for you for reading up on what to expect after your surgery. Having realistic expectations is so important, so well done there!

Please let us know how removing the stitches goes. Hopefully its a super easy & painless experience for you!

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Glad you had a good experience. Would love to hear more details on what having the procedure done was like, and how the healing period went.

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