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I was really worried that I wouldn't be a good...

I was really worried that I wouldn't be a good candidate, because I honestly thought I was too heavy to have it done. I've been heavy my whole life, but I had recently lost about 40 pounds and realized that my stomach wasn't losing some of it's stubborn fat, despite the fact that I was losing every where else. After the consult, the doctor told me I was a good candidate, and as long as I kept up my diet and exercise, it should make a difference.

I was really nervous when they attached the "vacuum", as I like to call it. I will say this, the first 20 minutes is painful. I have a high pain tolerance and this was very painful for me. I took lots of deep breaths and tried to focus on something else. After about 20 minutes, the whole area become mostly numb and you just feel pressure. I brought my iPad with me and just watch movies during the hour. The doctor also turned down the lights to create a relaxing environment and offered me the remote to watch their television if I wanted to. They were very accommodating.

After the procedure was done, the area was very tender when they removed the vacuum. I wasn't in pain, but the area was tender and very red. That evening, I couldn't sleep on my belly due to the tenderness. As the days passed, the pain subsided. I did bruise a little bit, and every once in a while, the area would "ache". I would pop a few aspirin and I was okay. Sometimes, sitting for long periods of time would make the area sore, but nothing awful.

So far I'm happy with the procedure. It's only been a week, so I don't have any after pictures to share, but I will share the before! :)

My only advice for those considering this procedure is be prepared for some pain during the procedure and after. Also, I've heard lots of stories of people getting upset and claim it didn't work simply because they didn't maintain a healthy diet and exercise. Just because this kills off fat cells does not mean that the ones remaining can't grow!!

About three weeks after my procedure and I am...

About three weeks after my procedure and I am seeing small improvements. However, I will say the procedure motivated me to kick up my cardio and really watch what I eat. I mean, what's the point of getting this done if you're just going to backslide? This isn't a permanent fix, but something you have to maintain. Don't gain the fat back!!!

The areas where I had the CoolSculpting done still feel numb. You can tell it really "killed" those fat cells. Now it's just waiting for my body to eliminate them over the next few months. I had some weird pain in the areas over the past few weeks. Nothing unbearable and nothing Advil couldn't help...but some nights it was uncomfortable to sit up for long periods of time...but that passed after about a week. I'll keep you all updated and take picture next update.

Almost 3 months later, and I am astonished with...

Almost 3 months later, and I am astonished with the results. I drink lots of water, eat well, and try to exercise 3 times a week to help speed up the process and maintain my results. I've lost 2 inches around my lower belly, and went from a size 16 to a 14 (but those are starting to get big on me now!). My stomach is so much flatter than it ever has been my entire life. Even when I was 16 and weighed 130, I had a little pouch. That pouch is slowly disappearing.

It's important that if you have this procedure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle to help encourage the results. You can't get this done and then eat fatty foods. Although this does kill fat cells, the remaining fat cells can always get bigger.

Again, this procedure helped motivate me to continue on the path of a healthy lifestyle. It's definitely helped speed up the results I see from my efforts, and I would do it all over again. It's totally worth it.

I'll try to post pictures soon. Especially the side view pictures, those show the most difference.
Carmel Dermatologist

Dr. Shideler's PA, Andrea, did the procedure for me. She was wonderful! Very attentive. She followed up with me following the procedure and answered all my questions! Wonderful experience.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Hi question for IndyGirl I live in the area and wondered if your procedure included your stomache and your flanks or just your stomache. I am trying to compare prices with another practice in the Carmel area. Thanks so much!
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Great results! I didn't take a before or measurements and boy do I wish i had!!! Hoping they will give me mine when I go back in a month. It's been exactly 2 months and I CAN NOT BELIEVE the results, I am soooo happy! I will be doing one more on my upper at least. I had no idea how well it would work on my lower and now my upper is a bit bigger. I have dropped a pant size and just bought size 6 jeans! After losing over 50 pounds and still having a large belly I am so happy this seems to have helped. Like you I am still on my healthy lifestyle and working out to maintain the result. Seeing your pics makes me wish I had taken some. Have to wait 4 more weeks I guess.
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Thanks! I wish I had taken measurements before, too. However, I'm back into my college jeans, so YAY! I'm down another 10 pounds, and feeling awesome. I'll continue to post pictures, especially after my second treatment to my upper abdomen.
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Yup! Had it done in Carmel. They've got really competitive pricing, too and the staff is so awesome. 317-846-2396. Tell 'em Sally sent you! :)
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It was a very large applicator. It covered my entire lower stomach.
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Wow, that's awesome! You had it done in Carmel? I'll give them a call. I'm in NWI.
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Did they use a large applicator that covered your while belly? Back in April I went to a consultation and only the little one (size of a softball...maybe a tad bigger) and they said I should wait for the large one.
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Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa

It ws at Ritacca, I paid 1200.00 for lower abs. Normally 1500. but got 20% off.
230 Center Dr
Vernon Hills, IL 60061
(847) 367-8815
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Hi renge,

If you don't mind disclosing how much did you pay for the first session (seems from your post that the next session would be 50% off). And what was the name of the spa that you went to?
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The spa I went to in Chicago gave you a 50% of if you came back for same spot area in 4 weeks. I went during their 20% off special. The place is beautiful, the ladies their were so kind. They all had it done themselves so questions I asked were answered. If you look at Plastic Surgery or laser spas, they have specials.
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Yes, that's expensive!
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Hi..I just got off the phone with the Doctor's office in Kamloops, BC Canada, they advise that the price is $1500.00-$2,000 per site per this not crazy pricing??
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That's the same as here... 1500.00 per treatment with the large applicator or 750.00 per treatment with the small. Pretty much the standard rate here in the US
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Hi Nelly,

I'm not familiar with Kelown or Kamloops, however, the procedure should be done the same everywhere. The flanks are love handles, or the sides of your abdomen.

Hope this helps!
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I'm considering having this procedure done...lipo surgery scares me due to the anesthetic and complications that go along with it. Has anyone had it performed in Kelowna or Kamloops? And, if so how was it? As well how does it work with areas? I see the word flank... Is that love handles? Thanks for any info..
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...will be a great discouragement...
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You absolutely must increase your daily calorie burn to maximize fat loss. I personally favor 45-60 minutes of cardio at or about your target heart rate 3 to 5 times weekly. Measure more often than stepping on the scales. Muscle is much more dense than fat and will a great discouragement during this time of increased cardio.
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Keep working at it! :-)
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I use Weight Watchers to track my food...mainly because it keeps me motivated to eat well AND exercise. I forget how much I pay each month...but it's worth it. I also do interval training. I sprint for 1 minute, walk for 2....repeat for 30 minutes. Also, weight lifting is a great way to bust through a plateau...and drinking TONS of water.
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Thanks.... sound like we are on the same track other than the sprinting. Bad knees that can't take it lol. Fat secret is more of a online commiunity thing. Lots of WW people after they get it down use it to save the money lol. I use preyy much WW principals but use the cal tracker and log it all. YAY US!!!
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That's nice that the doc gave you that estimation of 20% fat reduction. I've never heard that before. I'm definitely getting a second treatment in about 2 months...hopefully I'll be 20lbs lighter by then!
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What are you doing to lose the weight? I'm at a plateau and it's driving me nuts so I'm floating between 133 and 135. Goal is 125 so that I'd have that few pound swing zone and stay below 130 for good. I'm trying to figure it out since it's a lot harder at this lower weight than it was 50 lbs ago! I know I need to kick up the workouts to more than 30 min a day but life with my kiddos is crazier than ever. But I do know that I refuse to waste this money due to anything my fault so going to try and keep at it. Over the weekend it looked like I was seeing a great result already but the last few days it's like it back to normal. Hoping it's bloat or something, time will tell. Wish I had before pics but I was too nervous but I did take a couple on sat when I thought it was looking really good. Looking now it's kinda depressing though. Hasn't even been 3 weeks so we will see :-).
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If you don't mind me asking what are you doing for your "lifestlye" (as I like to call it) change? Anythin special? I've done my own thing but used the mobil app and website It's FREE which is always good, great info, people and recipes for all kinds of plans.
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reduce your calorie intake try to eat under 300 calories 5 times a day. It worked for me.
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I eat a well balanced 1100 to 1200 a day, 3 meals around 300 and 2 snacks. That's how I dropped the 50 I have but now I'm stuck with the last 10 or so as so many of us are lol.
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