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I asked for really big and still don't feel...

I asked for really big and still don't feel like they're big enough. Recovery was uncomfortable but by day ten, I felt back to my normal self. Swelling subsided relatively quickly. Second week made the biggest difference. Still wish my implants were bigger.

A year post op and the swelling is completely gone...

A year post op and the swelling is completely gone leaving me with a really disappointing final result. I don't know which factor (the surgeon, the placement, the implant type) is at fault but apparently, I liked the swelling and not the actual outcome. The volume has decreased so significantly that I feel I paid for a permanent filler that is half the amount I thought I was getting. 12+ months post op, it looks no different than half a syringe of filler on each side. Really disappointed.
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Not recommended.

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Could you share photos?
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Oh no! I'm so sorry it didn't work out. How much difference can you still see?

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I mean, they were the largest implants possible. I can see a difference but inch of width on each side of the face. That's pretty dramatic swelling/deswelling. Like, I look like a different person than I did six months ago and not in a way that I like.
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I don't think I would go to Dr Winslow for future surgeries but she is a very skilled surgeon and has a nice staff. I just don't see the point in being let down by the same person twice.
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If they were the largest implants available, what is your complaint with the doctor? I am honestly confused. Please share photos. Very hard to visualize.
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Was the entire procedure (doctors fee, anesthesa, hospital, ect.) $3,200, or was that just the price of the implants?
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this was everything. no hospital. operating room on site. so the price was all inclusive, yes.
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Thanks a lot Brooklyn for such a detailed answer.
I know it can make a big difference, but when it fits a face, there's nothing more beautiful.
I've always been in love with very "tonic" faces while mine lack structure. All the central part of my face has always been kind of slightly saggy and flat, from the lower eyelid (slight scleral show) to my lips that point downwards. I'll keep goretex implants in serious consideration.
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yeah, the thing with cheek implants is that it isn't like boobs where you can know exactly what's going to change. the projections are difficult to do. i think that's why i haven't posted pictures. it's hard to show with a photograph if i'm not wearing makeup, which i think defeats the purpose.
again, i went as big as the skin in my face would allow and i would still go bigger. they're deep deep deep in my face. i can't explain it. i'm sorry i can't be of more help!
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Augmenting the cheeks is the most dramatic change you can make to the face. I think a lot of surgeons avoid it because patients underestimate how drastically different they're going to look which results in high dissatisfaction rates and a lot of procedure reversals.
That said, I believe the implants can be switched out to a smaller size if age makes the implant appear too severe.
Feeling wise, I can wash my face comfortably, apply makeup fine. During
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During menstrual cycles, I do lymph massage to help with the temporary water retention. Aside from that, the result is gorgeous. I think it is a great procedure and I look more beautiful than ever. But I do see why some surgeons are wary to perform it. It is a complete change in your facial structure. I am glad I didn't fat graft and am thrilled to be done with pricey fillers.
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Hello, I would like to ask you something about that. Unfortunately, the surgeons I saw seem not to fancy any sort of cheek implants, they say it doesn't look natural. I wonder why. I guess that's because most surgeons use universal sizes that don't necessarily fit everybody's face. Does it look natural ? Is it very hard when you touch it ? No chipumunk effect ? Another question : have you ever keep into consideration the evolution of it in an ageing face, I mean, did you surgeon tell you if that's supposed to properly fit your face in, let's say, fifteen years ? I'm just asking cause it's quite attractive to me as an option, compared to fat grafting.
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how were the implants customized? were they hand-carved?
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the implants were hand-carved while i was under. i think you can get goretex in blocks and my surgeon carved them by hand, as opposed to the implants that come in universal sizes.
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I will wait a year and see how I feel but for now, I am really happy. The result is gorgeous, just not as large as I thought it would be. I really cannot rave enough about Dr Winslow.
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Hi Brooklyn2521 -- Thanks for sharing your story. Do you think you'll try anything else to get the look you want, or are you done with surgery?

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