I am 29 years old and my boobs haven't stopped...

I am 29 years old and my boobs haven't stopped growing since 4th grade. I was a D by 8th grade, DDD by 12th grade, at the age of 21 I was a G, 25 they were a J. I then got pregnant and nursed my child and was an astonishing L. I couldn't even believe bras where made that size! I have been done nursing for 5 months and at 29 I an a JJ. I am down to 145 lbs and can no longer take the strain they put on my life.

Yesterday I got a call from the hospital to...

Yesterday I got a call from the hospital to pre-register for my surgery. Just another step closer to becoming my 7th grade me.

So this may seem weird but I think my three year old son is aware my boobs are going away. For the last two weeks, he has been very aware of them. He's been giving me big hugs but he nuzzles his face right into them. He's also been a little aggressive at times punching them. He'll ask me, what are these mommy. I say my chest and he says no they are your boobs. It's like he has a sixth sense about it.

One more comment made to me by my husband. Can you find out how many women on that forum have gotten divorced after the surgery? I thought it was quite odd. He's nit the self doubting type of guy.

I started reading my doctors post op instructions...

I started reading my doctors post op instructions and it says to use Arnica Gel but there are a couple different types. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I can't believe my surgery is 4 1/2 days away.....

I can't believe my surgery is 4 1/2 days away...yes I am counting half days. I've picked up a few items to prepare after surgery. Can anyone add anything helpful?

Arnica Gel
An extra sport bra that clasps in the front
Pillow for the ride home
camera is charged
video camera is charged

I added some more photos. They may be a bore but I wanted to have measurements of the before and after.

So it's 10:45p on Tuesday and I can't sleep. My...

So it's 10:45p on Tuesday and I can't sleep. My surgery is in the morning and I am so excited. For so many years, I have had ginormous boobs and it will be all over tomorrow. I can't wait to go to any store and buy from the rack. Well, I will keep you updated on the progress and post pics!

Well I did not come out of surgery well due to the...

Well I did not come out of surgery well due to the anesthesia. Feeling pretty good day. A little sore and have been nauseous off and on.

Four days after surgery and I am amazed at how...

Four days after surgery and I am amazed at how well I feel and how well I can move. My mom took my two kids to Michigan today because my 1 yo was having a difficult time not being held by mommy. So they are going to be gone for 5 days. I think that part is harder then the surgery :(

I was on pain meds till Saturday morning and I feel much better now that I am off. They made me nauseous and a little loopy. Now Im just on 2 extra strength tylenol (500mg each) and not taking every six hours. Maybe 2x per day.

Sleeping sucks. I am so sick of sleeping on my back. I was a stomach sleeper and can't wait till I can sleep on my stomach again.

Bruising and sores are healing nicely. I was able to take my first shower yesterday and it was amazing.

I am so pleased with my new boobs and can't wait for them to heal so I can really enjoy them. My doc told my support team she took over a little more than a pound from each side. I look like I'm a D right now so hopefully after swelling is done I will be a C. I don't go for the first follow up until Thursday. My doc did not do drains so I didn't have to endure that painful event.

I LOVE MY NEW BOOBS!!! So I am 12 days post op...

I LOVE MY NEW BOOBS!!! So I am 12 days post op and feeling great! I have been back to work for a week now (it's an office job). I saw my PS on Thursday and things are healing up nicely.

My PS said I was a little more swollen and bruised then she would have liked and I have a blood blister on the right side where it comes together. She said it's really not a big deal just to make sure once it pops I keep ointment on it. The nurse cut the out stitches and put pink kinesio tape on the swollen part. She gave me the go ahead to pick up my daughter (20 lbs) but can't pick up my three y/o. He's a little jealous of her now. My next appointment is July 19th. Hopefully, she'll give me the "all clear" to go swimming!

So three weeks have passed now and I still am in...

So three weeks have passed now and I still am in love. I would highly recommend the surgery to anyone.

A couple things that I've gone through. Between 16-18 days post. I had the sensation of "let down". Not in my emotions but as it felt like I was nursing again. It was the strangest thing. I swear I was going to start leaking :) I've also startede to get sore at the incisions and there are hard masses under them. I am assuming it is scar tissue building up but it's sore still. Any suggestions? ideas?

My wounds are healing nicely although it still looks bad because of the blood under the glue. On the spots where the glue has come off is amazing. I don't think my scar lines are going to be bad at all.

The most difficult part has been the 100 degree weather and no swimming! Are you kidding me? I just want to swim in the pool with my kiddos.

Hi! my name is Bambi and I am a BATHING SUIT...

Hi! my name is Bambi and I am a BATHING SUIT ADDICT!!! Oh em gee...I went to Old Navy and bought two bathing suits for $40;. I think the last suit I bought pre op was $160. I have bought 6 so far and none of them have underwire. I cannot believe it. I never thought I could go wireless. My boobs used to be at my navel (well close).

The glue is still coming off and the scars look amazing. I can't wait for it all to come off.

The scar tissue has been the worst pain, in reference to pain. My son laid his head back on me and you would have tnought I just had exploded. I about threw him off my lap.

Oh and I went and got sized at a specialty bra shop.. That was a bit of a disappointment :( She said I was a 30G....really!?!? I thought I was supposed to have had a reduction (tear), at least I'm perky. She did say if I were to shop in a normal store I could probably buy a 34DDD and be okay with it.

I got my surgery statement...the one that says THIS IS NOT A BILL... The total cost for the $22,767.00. That was hospital room, anthesia, the surgery, meds, etc. and then my member responsibility says $568.00 That would be less then we thought, Just waiting for the final Amount Owed.

Thanks for listening to my rant tonight.

I had my 5 week check up on 7/19 and got the go...

I had my 5 week check up on 7/19 and got the go ahead to resume activity as normal. I am very excited. We had a family vacation planned for the 20-29th and wanted to make sure I could swim. Now I can get back to my exercise routine. It feels a little weird doing things. I still feel like I may rip the skin apart. My PS laughed when she saw I still had the pink tape on. She assumed it would have fallen off but since it hadn't I wasn't about to peel it off.

Well the next time I am scheduled to see the PS is when the scars are no longer red. She said this could take 6-18 months depending on how my skin heals. I will be updating pics a little less often but I love seeing the changes.

I must saw this surgery was such an easy, painless surgery. I will be/am recommending it to anyone who will listen. I also love showing the masterpiece my PS has created.
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Siwy is a miracle worker. Well, maybe it just feels that way to me. If you're looking for a doctor to hold your hand through the process she would not be for you. But if you want a smart, no non-sense kinda of woman, then she is it. She is so technical but puts it in terms that can be understood.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow, they look great! I've got 7 days to wait! Getting nervous now! Hope I have great success like you! :)
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Wow love them as much as u do if my surgeon gets me this i wld be more than happy! I love the size and shape perfect dont worry abt them being DDD. What your detailed update as done is let me know you need to give it time to heal and not freak out ur progress was amazing! Enjoy ur new boobies xx
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They look great, probably the best I've seen on Real Self, I also like how the tape was used to keep the incisions closed. I will have to ask my PS is she uses those. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!
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OMG YES !!!!! I have the same feeling of "letdown " I nursed for a total of 32 months with my 3 kids . That is the best explanation I can come-up with as to how it feels.. :D Did you find the KT tape helped you ? I \have some and was considering using it to support the scars..
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Thank you Bambilynn22 for your post. Your breasts look just amazing! I am waiting for mine to be done. Don't have a surgery date yet though, still waiting :( What are those pink tapes you had on? They're not on the scars, so is that for additional support?
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Too see how your boobs turned out I hope once I get enough money n book mine in they will turn out like yours :)
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So uplifting & informative!! Thanks so much
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Smalls- Thanks it makes me feel good when my review can help others.
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I was glad to read your review because i am using the same doctor. My consultation appt is on tuesday and i am looking forward to this surgery and have been for a few years now. One of my friends went to her and her results were amazing. i am nervous though because i dont know what to expect during recovery. You know, all the stuff people dont tell you and you have to find out on your own. So any advice/info you could give me would be wonderful. I am glad you at good results.
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I hope your consultation went well. Dr Siwy is not the most talkative but her technical side is an A+. I was shocked how fast and painless the recovery was. But if you think about it, there is no bone or muscle she cuts into. Just fat tissue and skin. And those heal up so fast. I am hoping to post updated pics tonight. As far as tips, I can only suggest is drink a lot of water about 2 weeks prior and eat somewhat healthy as well in that time frame. The more healthy you are the faster you will heal. Keep me posted on how things are going and if you have any others questions.
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My consultation went well. I was approved by insurance and my surgery is in 29 days. I am super excited. I have bought everything i will need to recovery except. A sports bra. I will wait until after surgery to do that.
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Wow...I'm real new to the site and I was going through the communities and saw your post. I have never heard of anyone my size...30JJ. I must say your new puppies (my term) look amazing. I can't wait...I'm 43 and finally not scared or the paid is just not bearable as I'm getting older. Oh well I just wanted to say 'Thanks'...there's hope.
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Hi mrs! Thanks for checking out my review! And I'm glad it was helpful. Don't be scared. The surgery and recovery were so quick and with minimal pain.
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Your scars are healing so nicely! You look fantastic! Congrats.
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You look great! Congrats on such fantastic results!
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thanks so much Iowa!
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I saw that you got measured... I once got measured by 2 different places in the same day and the ladies came up with 2 different bra sizes.... I totally think that there isn't a right way to measure.. I think we have to try on bras til we find the one that fits correctly.... but your healing is awesome and I hope mine looks that good too.. I'm only 20 days PO...
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Thanks Kats. Measurements are crazy!! Not my friend at all...I did not want to be bigger than a D.
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Were those most recent photos 5 weeks post-op? They look absolutely incredible. The vertical scar is already fading a lot.

Good for you!
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Acs- the last three pics are 6 weeks post op. I can't believe how good the scars look.

Thanks for the kuddos!
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You look amazing!!! So glad everything has gone so good for you!!
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thank you!
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Hi Bambi, and congrats on your successful BR! You look great. One thing I read, tho, got me thinking - it was about the fact that your doctor put glue on your incisions. I had my pre-op the other day, and he told me that he also uses glue and, because of this, I won't have any type of tape on my incisions right after surgery, and I think this will be great. Is that what your doc did? I really haven't read about many ladies that had their doc use glue instead of tape. Sound like a winner to me! Continue to heal; you may look and feel great, but you still have alot of healing to do!
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Just Jacquie- Thank you. It has been a great choice.
I did not have any tape on the incisions. Just glue. As mentioned they put kinesios (Sp?) tape on my boobs for swelling and bruising but none on the incisions. I hadn't seen too many others like it either. It does make them look like healing is taking a long time though because blood dries under the glue and that's all you see until it falls off (which started at about 3 weeks for me.)
Good Luck!
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That's amazing!! I think that definitely qualifies as a lift! You look great!!
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