ONE YEAR LATER (See part 1)

To first read part 1 of my Breast Reduction...

To first read part 1 of my Breast Reduction journey, please click here.

This morning was my second shower and it was quite an experience. My goal was to get some of the glue off and not to pass out... lol. I guess I can be specific for the people who are scared to shower. Here we go:

I got a few towels ready and put one on the toilet seat to sit on after I step out of the shower. I bought some Dial Antibacterial Bodywash. Got in (luke warm water) I didn't want the water too hot for fear that it would sting on my nipples and incisions. I got in with my back to the shower and used the rag to wring water over my chest. It did sting just a little but not much. I soaped up the rest of my body leaving the chest area for last. Instead of using the rag I put some shower gel in my hands, got it all bubbly and then used my fingers to work the soap all over my incisions and rub it around trying to loosen the glue. after a couple of minute the glue was coming off in little pieces and the few open wounds on the nipples were starting to slightly sting. As soon as the glue started to come apart I notice that my incision line stitches didn't feel so tight and I had more room to stand up a little straighter (like it wasnt pulling as tight) I used the rag to wring streams of water to rinse off my chest and then got out the shower. I was starting to get a little dizzy so I sat on the towel on the toilet and then put a dry wash cloth across each breast. then dried off my body and used the blow dryer on cool setting to dry my incisions and nipples. he skin edges around the edges of the nipples was softer and more of it was beginning to peel away. There were a few spots around the nipples starting to bleed.

I put Neosporin plus pain ointment on the nipples and incision lines. Then put plain Vaseline all over the other areas of the breast (because these areas have been really dry and itchy). I got 2 non-stick gauze pads (CVS $.99 each) for my nipples to keep that fragile tissue from rubbing against my bra and ripping off and being stuck to the regular gauze pads I took a regular gauze pad and unfolded it (CVS 50 for $11.99) and placed it landscaped across my entire breast to keep the area lubricated and protect the inside of my bra from getting greasy. Then I put my surgical bra on top and used two surgical pads (CVS $1.119 each) to put between the bra band and the incision to act as a cushion. I will post pics of this for you.

Today I am still really tired and feel pretty much wiped out.

Apparently I have made so many updates that I ran...

Apparently I have made so many updates that I ran out of room and they had to give me a part 2...LOL.

Sleep has worked wonders for me. With all the...

Sleep has worked wonders for me. With all the problems I was having I knew the root was lack of sleep so I decided to unplug myself from everything. No tv, no cell phone, no computer, no nothing except eating, sleeping and ice packs. Well it worked and I feel so much better.

Today my boobs are a little softer, a little less swollen and not as many zingers. Although the edges of my nipples are stinging a little and I take that to be some type of healing going on. I continue to apply my non stick gauze pads to the nipples and then Neosporin to the incisions and then Vaseline everywhere else. then cover it all in an opened gauze pad, sports bra and then ice packs.
To see my pics click part 1

3 weeks post op! I am doing great. Have started...

3 weeks post op!

I am doing great. Have started sleeping in the bed and out of the recliner. Have not taken any pain medicine in a week. FNG graft looks kinda weird but is ok. The previous nipple tissue has started to fall in in pieces. All areas look pink underneath. Only have a few spots every now and then that bleed. My incisions are healing but still a little tender. The sides (near arm pits) are the most tender but I can lean on them in recliner or in bed without too much pain. The nipples are tender and VERY sensitivity to anything touching them including a bra. As the more nipple tissue sheds the area becomes a little itchy and sensitive. I keep all areas clean with dial antibacterial soap and covered in Triple antibiotic ointment. I can now bend over to pick up things and lean forward to tie my shoes without too much pain. I have been using a grabber tool to pick up stuff off the floor since week 1. I am still using a pillow in the car just because the seatbelt goes between the boobs and sometimes presses on them. Yesterday my mom gave me a hug and smashed herself up against me hard...I wanted to cry. Then 5 minutes later my 4 year old nephew rammed his little body up against me and I didn't have the heart to push him away. then an hour later my daughter elbowed me right in the boob!! all this was on my left side and then when I went to change my bandages I had a spot that had been bleeding and I know what it was from. Needless to say my left nipple feels like it is on FIRE!! All in all I am so glad I did this and the 2-3 weeks of pain will be worth a lifetime of results.

to see photos see part 1.

RELIEVED! Went to the appointment today with...


Went to the appointment today with the PS about possible FNG infection because of the yellow/green drainage.

She looked at my incisions and the nipple grafts and said that everything looked normal and there was no infection. Thank God!! She suggested that I buy some sterile Vaseline gauze and Neosporin plus pain ointment (which I already have) she also said that every evening to spend some time topless so air can get to the incisions and nipples (which I have already been doing for the past week). She also gave me the clear to go back to work next Wednesday.

I found the Vaseline gauze in the CVS brand.. the box says: Non-stick sterile petroleum emulsion latex free pads. 12 pads for $11.99. its kinda expensive but if it works that's all I care about. Thanks to all who gave me advice and uplifting words. I feel better knowing I don't have an infection.

Someone else asked me what kind of bras I bought. I bout a Danskins (Nylon material)(pill over) ( Walmart) sports bra for $9.94. I bough some Fruit of the Loom (front closure) (cotton) sports bras (Walmart) $9.99 I bought some Hanes Sport (pull over) (cotton) (Walmart) sports bras $3.24 each.

I still have to see her again at my six weeks May 14th. She told me I the meantime that I can hit the gym if I want to but no heavy arm movement and not jogging yet. She said I could do the elliptical and the treadmill but no weight lifting.

I am doing much better this week. Nipples are...

I am doing much better this week. Nipples are continuing to shed the previous layer. Sometimes I just want to grab tweezers and pull the rest of the tissue off but I know I had better not. My incisions are healing and itch something fierce sometimes. I have been using hydrocortisone cream on all the itchy areas. I started using silicone scar sheets today. I bought some C-Section scar sheets from CVS for like $8. there are 8 long sheets about the length of a pencil and the width of a large highlighter, You can reuse them for up to 14 days but must remove them and clean your skin daily. It also acts as a cushion against the bra band that was rubbing on my incisions last week.

I am now sleeping in my bed but I am having a tough time staying comfortable. I am a side sleeper so sleeping on my back is tough. I try to start off on my side with pillows under me but that lasts about 30 minutes before it gets painful.

Bending over is becoming easier but reaching and stretching for things is kind of painful. I can also do laundry without assistance. before this week I could not lean over into the washer to get the clothes out. I would have to have one of my kids get items out of the washer. Now I can do it if I lean in VERY slowly. The one problem is folding clothes when you have to put things against your chest to get it folded.

My new boobs are SUPER sensitive to everything. Just having a bra or T-shirt is irritating sometimes. I think that is because I never lost sensation in my nipples and they constantly hurt. The best way to describe it is a cross between slight burning and itching and tingling. I know that is from the nipples healing and the itchiness make me want to grab a hair brush and just scratch Its the kinda irritating itch that a mosquito bite gives you.

I start back to work on Wednesday and I am glad to have something to do other than shuffling to the fridge and watching tv. I plan on making sure I always carry a spare sports bra, Neosporin, and gauze with me to work just in case.

Finally I can update my profile. I have been...

Finally I can update my profile.

I have been back to work for a week and its been ok. I am still sore and I am still having problems with my right boob, go figure.

The right boob is constantly swelling, constantly aching, the T-Junction closure has opened up and wont heal. I am not sure why my t junction incision has opened but it is tender because the bra rubs there and is slow to heal. I keep it clean and try to keep it dry. During the day I put Neosporin on it and keep it covered with a band aid. During the evening and overnight I wash it again and let it be exposed to air all night with a light layer of Neosporin.

The nipples are a work in progress. The previous nipple tissue is still shedding. Now on the right boob the only area that needs to shed is the nipple that used to project. On the left boob there is the projection part that needs to shed and on area on the side. Not sure how long that whole process takes. Both nipples has bright pink skin now and they both ooze clear fluid all day. Its weird because throughout the day the oozing slows and then dries. As it dries, of course my nipples get stuck to my bra and I have to pry it off. It doesn't hurt but every now and then I have a few blood spots which stop bleeding after about a couple of seconds. The oozing areas that dry up dry in a layer like flaky skin. when I go to wash my boobs again it comes off in a sheet. I feel like a snake shedding a All of the skin on my boobs is super itchy and I think that is because I cannot use lotion yet. Before the surgery I would put lotion on them every day. As far as the oozing causing my nipples to dry and stick, I used non stick gauze pads but those don't allow your skin to breathe and it was always leaving my boobs wet. And that oozing wet surface staying like that for hours was causing me to have a rash. So its works better with nothing up against them so that oozing process can finish. Sounds gross I know but we talk about everything on this site so what's a little nipple I am getting used to my new boobs. Sleeping at night is becoming a little easier but the right side always swells every night. I still go to bed with an icepack on the right side to ease swelling. Don't have to take any pain meds, not even Tylenol so that's great. I have switched back to my surgical bra instead of the sports bras for now because it feels better. All the sports bra squeeze my boobs a little too hard right now. Hopefully in another month that will change.


My t junction opening under my right boob is closing.....yay! My boobs are much softer now but my skin is super dry. I dont want to use any creams or lotions until that opening is closed all the way.

3 months post op

Sorry i have been missing in action everybody. I have been super busy. My new boobies are awesome. I have been wearing tns of tank tops and strapless summer dresses and feeling great. I feel so much better. No pain pain, no more rashes, no more under wire, go without a bra most days, only wear sports bras now.

4 months post op

I am feeling great. My skin on my new boobs gets dry from time to time but i am using aquaphor and it works great. One problem i am having is finding a bea to fit me. I was measured by three different stores and they each told me a different size. My doctor said i was a D cup but i cant fill a C cup. When i pit bras on the top of the cup is not filled. My boobs dont move so only the bottom gets filled. So for now i only wear the genie bra or a sports bra and they fit perfectly. No need for underwire because my boobs dont sag or hang at all. I can rock all my tak tops without a bra but dont leave the house that way becausewithout a sports bra on my boobs are kind of pointy. But i love my new boobs. No more back pain. I was working out to try to lose some more weight and get my gut in control but i have been diagnosed with pla n ter faciitis in my right foot and have too much pain to get on the treadmill.

6 Months Post Op

Six Months Later
These past six months have been great. I asked my doctor to make me a D cup but I have discovered that depending on which store I shop at I am a large B or a small C. I have not been able to find a bra that fits me. After so many years of wearing bras that didn’t completely cover me up, now I have bras that I cannot fill up….lol. I have tried on probably 20 different bras in the store in the past 3 months and the only bras I can wear now that fit me are sports bras. But I am fine with that. I still have quite a bit of numbed skin six months later. The entire bottom/underneath of each boob is completely numb on the surface but itches on the inside. How is that even possible. Well one day I broke out in hives on my boobs because I used a new soap and I was thankful that I could not feel my skin that was hived up. I had hives the size of dimes all over my boobs and could feel nothing so I was glad for that. My nipples are two different colors: an outer ring color of brown and an inside color of bright pink. Looks kinda weird and I don’t know if it will ever all be the same color. I worry about explaining how a new boyfriend would feel about me not having nipples anymore. I don’t have nipples like I did before. The surface of my nipples are smooth as butter and no longer project but responds to temperature. I still have these side pockets near my arm pits that wont go away. I am hoping as I lose my weight that it will go away. I don’t regret a thing because I haven’t had back pain or neck pain once since my surgery. All of my shirts and dresses fit better. I can rock a tank top around the house with no bra and everything is not flopping everywhere. When I lay down my boobs no longer collect in my armpits. The one thing that scares me is getting a mammogram. When they squeeze them down will it rip my inside sutures?? LOL

9 months post op (see part 1)

see part 1 for update


I had my surgery 1 year ago and it has changed my life. For years i had big boobs that irritated me, constant back pain, and hated my appearance. my back pain is gone!!! My nipples are not the same anymore but that is ok. My breast skin is a lot drier but nothing Vaseline or lotion cant fix. i no longer have to buy huge expensive bras. now i have a drawer full of sports bras that are all under $10. My only problem is my scars under my breasts seem to be stretching a little and two weeks ago i had a spitting stitch coming out that i had to clip. other than that, i wouldn't change a thing. life changing. i feel so much better and no longer walk hunched over. my posture is so much better and i can wear strapless dresses and shirts without shame!!!!
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Chibbey, if you do not mind me asking what size were you before your surgery? I'm 12days post op. Had my surgery Oct 24 2013 and I was a 34J and I'm 20 years old.. I was just allowed to take my tape off yesterday on 11 days post op and he said I have great results. The nurse told me to put neosporin on my incisions/stitches and wrap it around in a gauze.. Which I'm afraid of removing because I'm scared it's doing to stick lol.. I've had enough pain with drainage tubes and that tape.. I love your article. It's the best one yet that I have read. Although I didn't have to have an FNG... I'm happy for you!! You healing great and everything. I am not sure what size I am: they took 5lbs total from my chest.. I'm so excited!! I can't even imagine those big jugs on me anymore. My doctor showed me the before photos and I was like wow that was seriously on me.
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Chibbey, if you do not mind me asking what size were you before your surgery? I'm 12days post op. Had my surgery Oct 24 2013 and I was a 34J and I'm 20 years old.. I was just allowed to take my tape off yesterday on 11 days post op and he said I have great results. The nurse told me to put neosporin on my incisions/stitches and wrap it around in a gauze.. Which I'm afraid of removing because I'm scared it's doing to stick lol.. I've had enough pain with drainage tubes and that tape.. I love your article. It's the best one yet that I have read. Although I didn't have to have an FNG... I'm happy for you!! You healing great and everything. I am not sure what size I am: they took 5lbs total from my chest.. I'm so excited!! I can't even imagine those big jugs on me anymore. My doctor showed me the before photos and I was like wow that was seriously on me.
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I was a 42J. I still cant believe i was that big. Now i only wear sports bras. I have tried on bras from 42B to 42D and i cant find a fit me right. But the Danskin sports bras (size 1x) fit me perfectly and they are less than $20 as apposed to the $40-$70 i used to pay. the only drawback is 6 months later my boobs are still numb.
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I have plantar facitis also. It's a long healing process. It took me over a year to get it under control. Loved reading your story. Thanks for sharing!
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Sorry to hear about your foot. I know that can be pretty painful. Try ice, it really helps. I massage my arms with ice when they get sore, and it helps a lot. Glad to hear that your boobs are keeping their shape and that you're enjoying them. I wouldn't worry too much about fitting into bras. I think most of us have that problem, with the broad base and small volume. It makes fitting into many bra types difficult. I've figured out that the non-wired 1950's 1960's type of bra looks best on me. When I wear a bra that is :D I honestly don't most days. And as far as I can see my boobs are not suffering. They're still perky. They filled out a bit underneath is all.
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Yes, using ice has helped me. My heel always feels like it is going to explode and ice makes it feel better along with alieve. As far as the bras, i have no problem rocking sports bras and genie bras because they are so comfortable. I have 12 bras and when i had big boobs i only had 1 because i would have to pay like $70-$90 for a bra that still wasnt big enough. I have been wearing strapless summer dresses and i could NEVER even think about doing that before. wearing a strapless dress and have the top look great makes me feel so good aboit myself and not be trying to cover up in embarrasment.
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I don't think I've ever owned a strapless dress or top. Not even now. Hmmm... Maybe I should go looking for one, at least to try it on :) About bras I now own 3 I'm happy to wear, not counting the genie bras. I think I have 3 of those. My body still seem to associate bras with a tense neck, and the only bras that don't have that effect on me are longline bras. There's a shop on ebay that sells soft cup longline bras, and they both look and feel fab. I do not mind the added effect of nipping in the waist ;O) The store is called glamorettes.and.starletts if you want to take a look. It's UK based.
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Thanks for that tip. I will look those bras uo for sure. The strapless dresses that i bought are a knit material and the top is kinda elastic so it hugs the boobs just right and the dont look pointy. I got them at for $12 each and i have 6 of them. The soft cup bras and genie bras feel so comfortable that i can sleep in them. The only issue i have is i still cant sleep on my stomach for too long because my boobs start to burt from being mashed. Not sure it that is the way the surgeon stitched me but when i rub my boobs i can feel the stitiching and the knots from the surgery like my stitiches didnt completely dissolve.
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My boobs don't like me sleeping on my stomach for extended periods either. There's scar tissue inside the boobs as well as along the scar lines, so I guess that's why. But I'm OK to sleep on my stomach until I fall asleep, so that's all right. For me the genie bras feel very comfy on, but I'll still get a tense neck from wearing them. Or I did at least, I haven't tried them on for a few months, so that might have changed. I think my body just needs some time to adjust and get used to having small boobs. About the seams the ones that extend to my cleavage are still a little lumpy, but are steadily improving :) The dresses sound really nice. I wish we had Walmart stores here, but alas. I guess they're not interested in expanding to Europe. I might be able to find something similar here though, I'll have to go shopping :)
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So good to hear from you Chibbey :) Glad you're enjoying summer without the armoured bras :) I just made myself a playsuit if you'll believe it! With a tiny bra-like top with no support whatsoever! :D Man am I enjoying life with the new small titties!
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Thats awesome girl
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So glad you're Finally on the mend Chibbey. You sure have had a time of it .
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Wow you are looking so good. What a process. Who knew healing could be a full time job! You look as if you have turned the corner and are well on the way to great healing. Best of luck to you!
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Full time job indeed. But it was worth it. Last night i was able to sleep on my stomach without too kuch pain. And now i am able to put on my bra with no ointment or creams or gauzes or non stick pads........WOOOOHOOO!!!!
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Hey what did ur ps say about some of the pink u had on the areola of one of ur nipples? Is it getting better? Im 3 weeks p/o and i have the same problem on one of my nipples and am scared it wont go back to normal :(
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Now all of the previous tissue is off the nipples and the skin is just really pink. But arou.d the edges is starti.g to darken. My PS said that because i am black and my skin pigment is darker that my areolas will eventually darken with time. But i no longer have any projection or have those little bump on the areola anymore. So my nipples are just smooth. Looks kinda of weird but im fine with it. I have no more back pain and feel so much better.
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Ohh ok yea. Im african american too and i noticed i have no dark scars the ones down my breast and around my nipple are pink :/. But u look great! Its like having a load off huh? Lol
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Girl, yes quite a load off. I feel so kuch better. Most of my scars are pink but they will change.
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Finally some great news Chibbey :-) :-) :-) :-) I hope this is the beginning of all great things for you from here on . You have had your share of struggles girl. Prayers and blessings to you my friend .
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Thanks girl. It has been qite a journey but i am so glad i did it!
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sounds like you're doing everything right but you had a pretty major surgery so I guess time will help you heal. I started taking omega-3 supplement to help with all the dryness from surgery. The nipples are supposed to shed with an FNG, right? My PS said I could sleep on my side right after surgery so long as I was comfortable. It's been 3 weeks and I still have to back sleep.
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please be careful my PS told me to only lift ,push, pull as long as there was no resistance if i started to feeling a pulling of any kind it was too much and i was pulling on my internal stitches ........i have been sleeping on my couc for 2 weeks now and last night was the best sleep i have gotten ..get you a bunch of pillows and angle them up ...i also am a side sleeper and it has been horrible!!!!! i am still sleeping straight up pretty much but the barrage of pillows has helped me tremendously!!!! please be careful and take good care of yourself!!
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Yeah, finding a comfortable sleeping position has been hard. and I am taking it slow not to pull or push to much or too hard to avoid that pulling feeling.
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I had a very sensitive period as well. What I did was cut out ovals of silk satin and drape one over each boob, making sure that the silk extended below the bra so the bra didn't touch the incisions. I made them large enough to cover all the incisions, including the ones that extend to the sides. It really helped. You shouldn't need more than perhaps half a yard, I'd recommend you to make 3 sets of ovals, so you have something ready at all times.
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