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Boy, am I glad I found this site! In 2003 I had...

Boy, am I glad I found this site! In 2003 I had saline implants put in under the muscle when I was 26 years old. I went from a 34B to a full C. I've since had 2 children and I breastfed both of them with no troubles. Initially, I was very happy with my results, but over the past 6 years or so (since having children) my feelings have changed. I was never really unhappy with my smaller 34B's. Sure, I always wished they were a little bigger but had never considered BA. The BA decision was just kind of spur of the moment due to me having some extra spending money. Someone described it on this site as sort of like making the decision to buy a new dress. That's exactly how I went about it.

The Plastic Surgeon who performed my BA did an awesome job and I’ve had no issues with the implants whatsoever over the past 9 years. A slight issue I had in the beginning was that my nipples seemed to double in size. I didn't even know that was possible, but I seemed to get used to them. I have noticed that lately I’m wearing sports bras to try to make my breasts look more "natural" and smaller. I’m buying bigger shirts, etc. Around my family members (I have 4 brothers) I become even more self conscious for some reason.

I have debated getting my implants removed for the past 6 years or so. After my second child in 2008 I even visited my PS for a consult, but I was still breastfeeding so that delayed things a bit; then I got busy with having two young children and pushed the explant to the back of my mind. Well I'm happy to say that I'm ready to focus on ME again, so I visited my PS for a second explant consult last week.

My PS was very understanding and did not even mention replacing with new, smaller implants. He described it as women in the past wanting the “Tyra Banks” look, but now women want the smaller “Jessica Alba” look. That’s exactly how I feel. My surgeon apologized for me no longer being happy with my implants (since he was the one who performed the BA), but I quickly let him know that it was no error on his part. I definitely enjoyed them in the beginning. I’m just in a different place now that I’m a wife/mother and in my thirties and no longer need implants to help define me.

My PS gave me two options. 1) My initial incisions are in my armpits. We can remove the implants via the same armpit incisions. The procedure will need to take place at the hospital under general anesthesia. This procedure is a little bit more expensive due to the hospital/surgery room fees. 2) Or I can have the procedure under local anesthesia in the surgeon’s office (across the street from the hospital), but this would require new incisions on my breasts.

I’m unsure of which route to go. I asked for my PS’s opinion and he does not see the need to make new incisions on my breasts, especially since I currently have no scars on my “girls.” He ultimately left the decision up to me. So that’s where I am today. Where to have the incisions? Has anyone out there ever chosen a different incision area for your explants? Or did you all choose the same incision areas?

I am a bit worried about the fact that I breastfed both children for 2 years straight (they are 12 months apart so no break in between breastfeedings), but not worried enough to deter me from scheduling the explant. Just curious about what I will look like post explant. This site has helped tremendously! I'm so thankful for the before/after photos.

Thanks everyone for your comments. There is a big difference in the price from in office vs. in hospital procedure -- about $1000 more due to the operating room fee and anesthesia fee. I have the money saved up for either route, and I've told myself that I'm not going to let the price determine which route I'll go. I would prefer not to have new scars, but it's really hard not to think about what I could do with the extra money. I could buy a whole new wardrobe for $1000, haha! We did discuss getting a lift at the same time, but my PS seems to think that I will be okay without one, so I'm trusting his opinion. Right now I'm about 80/20 leaning towards keeping the incisions in my armpits.
I used the same incision which was in the areola area. I wished mine were in the under arm area, But I did have a nipple lift on one breast to even up. Did he talk to you about any lift? If you do any kind if lift that would be in the front, and that would answer your question on what to do :) If he doesn't think you need one then FANTASTIC :) your story sounds a lot like mine :) ( in the trying to hide them part) I would wear sports bras all the time just to smash them down as much as possible :)

Thank you so much for starting your story! We appreciate it. I'm glad RealSelf is providing you with some good info. Please keep us posted. And you might want to read this post about ways to give your breasts some oomph after explantation. Keep us posted!


Alright, my husband and I finalized the decision...

Alright, my husband and I finalized the decision last night and we decided to go with the same armpit incisions. I called to ask a few last minute questions and schedule my appointment and they were able to get me booked for 8/30/12. I'm so ready to get these out now! A little nervous but mostly excited and relieved. My pre-op appointment is this Friday 8/24.
Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for posting your story. I also had implants put in via an armpit incision and I was so worried about having to get a new incision on my breasts as I don't want any scarring. I've had my implants for almost seven years now and I'm so ready to get these things out!!! I used to be a stripper and back then I was very insecure and had low self-esteem. The problem is that I never told my family that I got them done. They just think I'm "naturally busty" so I'm worried that I'll have to hide the explant surgery from them too...
HOW EXCITING!!!! i think your going to be happy with staying in the same incision!!! and how fantastic that you wont need a lift!!!!!! :)) super excited for you!!! Im soo happy to have mine out!! Ill be posting another pic soon with a bathing suit top on and im soo happy not to want to wear one that completely covers every inch of my breasts :)

Well, my pre-op appointment went well. I got my...

Well, my pre-op appointment went well. I got my prescriptions filled today, so now it's just count down until my explant. Only 3 days to go! Can't wait! Just curious as to how long everyone took off work. I'm also worried about picking up my two children. My husband will be home with me for the first 3 days, so I'm hoping that's enough time to get the worst of it out of the way.
I was pretty sore for atleast a week, BUT I had a severe CC so that probably contributed to it a lot :)
HI ladies,
Well, ive had my implants in since 2005. Modelled for years, After having kids and breastfeeding the body sure changed! I Was 'missing something'. I decided that a fuller chest to compliment my figure was something that I needed. Needless to say I agree with the many stories of unwellness since getting implants. Yeast infections galore-none ever before that. Fatigue, immune system weakened. I have met with my PS about 2 months ago. She said they look great and doesnt feel they are the problem .I can stop thinking about an explant. I just dont want to make the wrong decision? Any advice for those of you that have been there? I am now 41 sporting an extra 20 lbs which is residing mostly in my chest and abdomen.

Okay, my explant has officially happened. On the...

Okay, my explant has officially happened. On the road to recovery now and lots of fluffing I hope. The surgery went well. I woke up with my armpit area being very tender. I have no pain in my actual breasts -- it's all in the armpit & the area between my armpit and breast. I had the binding wrap on after surgery and that was very uncomfortable because it came up high and hit my armpit incisions. My surgeon told me I could switch to something more comfortable the next day, like a tight-fitting sports bra, so I was on a mission to find one today. I'm so much more comfortable now! I'm actually wearing 2 sports bras to get more of a binding feel. I was a bit groggy yesterday from the anesthesia but took 2 Aleve and slept all night. I finally feel like me again in regards to the grogginess and hope the anesthesia is out of my system for the most part.

My armpits are still very tender. Picking up a 1/2 gallon of milk, lightly pushing myself off the couch/chair, and reaching for a glass in the kitchen cabinet causes mild pain. Basically, any movement of my arms comes with some pain. I would say it's minimal pain though compared to the initial BA.

I was able to take the binding off today and shower, so I snapped some pictures. Initially, I was a little shocked at how flat they were, especially on top. I think part of flatness was due to the binding wrap because they've already improved a little over the past few hours without the binding on. I'm really hoping the flatness on top will improve. I mean there is absolutely nothing on top. Based on the reviews I've read on here I think that will come with time.

I'd forgotten how soft natural boobies were. It was wonderful in the shower. I was almost afraid to wash them -- I felt like I would break them by moving them around, haha!!

Ultimately, I know I made the right decision and it feels great to be me again -- even with all the tenderness. Will post more pics as they continue to improve.
JayJay8, You look great!!!!! How are your armpits feeling?
Hey. Just wanted to say you look great. Hope you are healing nicely x
Hi! I'm glad I found your story! I used Aker in the same office as Jones a few years ago for armpit BA. I have been thinking about having them removed bc of their size after having my last son. I'm glad to hear they can go back thru the armpit. Im nervous as to what I might look like now! Esp w/ the increase in nipple size like you mentioned, did they tell you if they would go back down? I've got tons of questions!

Well I'm 9 days post-op and feeling better each...

Well I'm 9 days post-op and feeling better each day. My armpit tenderness has gotten much better. However, three days after surgery I developed a rash on my neck area. It was extremely itchy so I used some anti-itch cream on it. A few days later at my post-op appointment I showed the rash to my PS. He said it was a reaction from the antiseptic cleaners used during surgery (betadyne). He said he could prescribe a steroid topical cream but we both agreed that the rash appeared to be I said "no thanks" to the cream. Boy, I wish I would've taken the cream! The rash has disappeared from my neck area but has spread to my armpits (around my incisions which were already itchy to begin with), the outside and bottom of both breasts and my stomach area beneath my breasts. It is EXTREMELY itchy and itching only makes it worse and bumpy! I will definitely be calling my PS Monday morning to have him call in that cream. This is so much more annoying than my armpit pain has been.

Anyway, I haven't really noticed a huge change in the appearance of my breasts. They do feel different though. They feel like they are firming up a bit and not so much like Jello. The left breasts does look funny when I lie has a big dent. If I bend forward or move a certain way, this is the same breast that feels a little strange. I'm hoping this goes away as I heal.
hi jayjay thanks for your coment to me about the binding, i keep my fingers crossed that mine start to fluff up when it comes off thurs. i can hardly breathe with it so tight when i go up stairs. About your rash, have you tried to use cool flannels on the itchy areas?
When I had mine out, I had a big hollow spot at the top of my boobs, and once the tenderness went away after a few weeks, I started massaging them. I used the same technique as examining them, and that seemed to work for me and speed up the fluffing. Be careful not to go mad though, take it slow.
Thank you so much for posting your story! I felt like I was looking in a mirror when I saw your pictures. We have very similar stories. I got my implants through my armpits, I've had two kids, and I'm wanting to take them out now. I have a feeling I will look very similar to you after I get them removed. I too am hoping they will tighten up. My surgeon did suggest a lift but told me if I want to try to tighten them up myself that I should just remove them first. I wish you had posted a year ago so I could see what yours look like in a year. But I guess I will be on this journey the same time you are. At least now you know there is someone else out there going through the exact same thing. Please, please, please keep us updated with photos and what you are doing to try to tighten them up. Thanks!!!!!

I am now 3 weeks post-op and getting better each...

I am now 3 weeks post-op and getting better each day. Armpit pain is minimal and my breasts definitely look a little more full and feel fuller to the touch. I'm going to buy some organic coconut oil to start massaging this weekend.

I finally have my rash under control. I had a moderate-to-severe allergic reaction to the antiseptic cleaner they used during surgery. It was horribly uncomfortable. My PS prescribed me a topical steroid cream and Methylprednisolone (Medrol) which is taken orally. I am 99% better now. My skin is still dry and rough to the touch, but I have no itching so I can't complain.

I posted pictures of my rash. The rash pictures are about day 4 or 5 into the rash, so it was much better at this point. It was worse than this but I did not think to snap a photo when it was at its worse...but you'll get the idea from these pics. And I only have a picture of the rash with my bathrobe on, so you can't see my rash-covered breasts and stomach. Regardless, you'll get the idea of what it looks like. It was the most painful in my armpit areas on my incisions. I also posted my 3 week post-op pictures.
I had my saline implants deflated and then removed a few weeks later. Very happy that I had it done. Yes, my boobs are flat on top, but it is not as bad as I feared. I actually do have some boobs and they can be lifted with a bra. My breast feet better and are so much softer. The things we women do to ourselves to be attractive!
You look great! I am sure it will just keep getting better and better. I got completely explanted yesterday and I am feeling so much relief!!
Did you get yours deflated before removal? I had mine removed under a local and would do it again the same way.
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Dr. Jones performed my initial breast augmentation. I was very happy with him, his office staff, and my breast augmentation results, so I had no doubt about going back to him for the explant. Dr. Jones and his staff were just as great throughout my explant surgery. Very understanding!

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