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I will be 30 October 4th & I've had three kids,...

I will be 30 October 4th & I've had three kids, the youngest is two. I nursed him until he was 2 years & 2 months old & finally quit just over a month ago. I have to wait three months after nursing to get my breast augmentation so I am trying to be patient, but the excitement is killing me!! I am 5'3" & weigh 125 pounds, but I'm trying to get back down to my pre-baby weight before I had my last baby which is between 105-110. I am a small B cup normally & I initially planned on going with between 300-400cc silicone implants teardrop shaped under the muscle. I had my second consultation with my plastic surgeon on Tuesday & after trying on several different sizers & speaking with her, I am leaning more toward 410-435cc round silicone. I like the way they looked & she said I have enough breast tissue for that. I want to talk to her again about it now because I have read that ccs show differently on a petite person & with me being short I don't want to look top heavy or slightly overweight. I am also having an otoplasty performed while I'm out! Can't wait for the new me!!


I will have my first consultation with her Aug. 26. I am in for a mommy makeover. (some arm lipo, breast implants maybe, and tummy tuck) When is your surgery? congratulations. Pls. post some pics!.
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Hi there! You are so lucky! I would like to get that done too, one day hopefully! Thank you! Congratulations to you too!! My surgery is October 6th. It can't come fast enough! All I've been doing is googling boobs all day! Can't wait!! When is your surgery? Or have you scheduled yet?

Dream Boobs!


Hey mamito2boys! I am going high profile! I was going to go moderate plus, but my doctor recommend high profile & I trust her decision! :)
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Sorry for the delay in responding to you! I hope you got things squared away with your son's new preschool! What a mess!
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Are you going high profile or moderate plus?
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Appointment number 3 this Saturday!

Hey gals! Just wanted to add that I have another appointment Saturday morning. We are going to go over sizes again so I can show Dr. Robey what I want & what I don't want. My weight is still at a standstill & it is so frustrating. I have been working out about three to four days a week. I know that's not a lot, but I don't have a lot of free time. I run a home based day care & I have kids from 5AM -6PM & my boys have sports from 5-7:30. By the time we get home they have to do homework, shower, eat dinner & go to bed & then I have to clean the house, catch up on laundry, clean up from dinner, shower & pour myself into bed. I am so completely exhausted by the end of the day that I don't have much energy to exercise around midnight when I have to get back up at 4:30. I am super excited to have some time off of work for my surgery, even if I am in pain. As of Saturday the 6th it will be exactly one month till my surgery. Can't freaking wait!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi mama_2_3_boys. How long is your recovery/vacation? seems like you are one busy woman! :) Maybe you are not losing weight because you are gaining muscles which typically is the main reason for withstanding weight, which is good , and or oftentimes those last 5-10 lbs are harder to lose unless we really starve ourselves. That is my main problem too. I will be watching your journey! I paid a lock-in fee yesterday with Dr. Robey for Feb 2015 MM, so I am really excited to see her talent/skills with real patients like us. Good luck.
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Working out 3 to 4 days a week is a lot! You have a ton going on, you're so busy, adding 3 to 4 days on top of all of that is a feat all in its own! I'm impressed! lol
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Spoke to my plastic surgeon today over the phone!

So I didn't go to my appointment the Saturday I was supposed to. My youngest son was sick & I didn't want to bring him there with him being so cranky. I spoke with Helen, not sure what her official job title is, but she answers phones, schedules surgeries & appointments, sends emails so she's the secretary I guess? Anyhow she was super understanding & said she could arrange a phone call so I could avoid a trip there just to talk to her again with them being three hours from me. I was able to speak with my doctor this morning & I am actually starting to get a bit of boob greed with my sugary being twenty days away as of today. I am actually leaning toward a bigger size. The only thing I'm concerned with is that if I go with a bigger size than 435 that once I lose the rest of my weight I may not look proportionate. I think I will just stick with 435. I can always go bigger in the future if I'm not satisfied with them now, but if I go too big I will end up needing a lift or something in the future if I go with a smaller size. Kinda like when you're wanting to cut your hair, your stylist always says do a little at a time! Now I can see why! So the official implant for me is the Sientra 435cc textured round gummy silicone under the muscle. I felt so at ease after talking to Dr. Robey today. I completely trust her opinion & I know I'm in good hands! I got my information on my implants today & also my pre-op instructions for my boobs & my ears. It's finally starting to seem real now!! I will post a few pics of what has give me boob greed these days. Counting down the days!!!!!!!


Good luck tomorrow pretty woman!!! :)
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Awwww! Thank you Jessanne! I am waiting to be taken back! Surgery is supposed to begin in twenty minutes!!!!! I'll update for later! :)
Good luck !
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T-19 minutes!!

Waiting to be marked on & taken back!


Hi dear!!! How are u doing??
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Good luck! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!
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Hope it went well!!!!!
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So sorry for the delay in posting my update ladies. I have had multiple surgeries (BIG incisions, five to be exact) & the pain from all of those were nothing compared to the pain I experienced from breast augmentation. Also I have never had any complications from anesthesia & I honestly vomited for four days straight. I couldn't even keep my pain meds down. I tried everything in the world to calm my stomach, but nothing worked. I was completely miserable for four days. So anyhow....I checked in at 7:30, waited about fifteen minutes & then went back to my room & had to take EVERYTHING off & put on a gown. I brought my own socks to avoid those uncomfortable & ugly hospital socks & then they added compression socks. Shortly after my IV was started & I was asked to use to the bathroom. The anasthesiologist came in to introduce himself & explained what he would do after asking me several questions regarding medical history. Then my PS came in & drew on me & then about twenty minutes later I was wheeled back to surgery. I scooted over to the surgery table & was given something to make me relax & then told them that I went skydiving Labor Day weekend so I shouldn't be nervous, but I still was & then I was out! Surgery lasted about 3.5 hours since I had my boobs & ears done both. I stayed in recovery for about two hours & then was released. The drive home was nothing short of a nightmare as we live three hours from my plastic surgeon. It is super difficult to get comfortable when you're a tummy sleeper & can't sleep on your belly or even your side & then your ears are throbbing & aching on top of it. It's awful! I have been very tired, but have had a lot of family helping me & feel very blessed & fortunate to have so many people taking such excellent care of me. I am healing very well & I'm off all meds except for ibuprofen I was prescribed almost a year ago for strep throat & I take tramadol at night time (a painkiller/sleep aid) which seems to help slightly, but not a ton. I went 435 round high profile textures Sientra implants & I am head over heels in love with them. They look absolutely amazing! I wanted a full C/small D. I went into Victoria's Secret a few days ago to get measured because I wanted one of their new front zip up sports bras. They measured me at a 34DD, but she said one they drop they may end up being a DDD! I was in complete shock! If I lose weight I will end up being around a 32DD. Either way I am completely satisfied. My ears are healing really well, tender & numb oddly, but they feel & look great! Also forgot to add that I got my one inverted nipple corrected & that looks amazing! Was slightly raw, starting to scab over now, but it's healing very well! Even with all of the pain associated with the first four days I would do it again & again every time. It is worth every bit of pain. My confidence level is through the roof & I feel great!! I will post pics throughout the week as we are headed to Destin, FL as we speak for vacation. Happy healing ladies!!??

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So far I really like my PS. She is really friendly & answered all of my questions patiently. I had to bring my three boys with me at the last minute & she was patient & understanding.

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