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I Finally Love my Arms!!! - Carmel, IN

I'm a 51 yr old mom of 4 boys/ and wife. I've...

I'm a 51 yr old mom of 4 boys/ and wife. I've struggled w/ eating disorders up until 8 years ago. I'm now living a healthy lifestyle but because of the wild weight fluctuations/ 6 pregnancy's I was left w/ alot of excess skin especially on the arms. I had a TT/ BA 4 months ago and Arm life a 1 wk ago. I couldn't be happier w/ the result so far!!

Swelling going down!!

I'm 2 weeks out today. Yesterday, I noticed that the swelling in my for-arms is going way down, Yea! It looks so much better. This was a drain-less surgery, and I have not had major swelling at the incision sight, pretty much most of the swelling was in the for-arms (and my hands the first week). Also, I've been having some pain from the inner arm to the inside of wrist, it's getting better. I'll ask my PS about it when I go in next time, but as long as it's getting better and better, I feel good about it.
Thank You For Sharing Your Story. I Look Forward To Hear How You Are Healing Your Arm Looks Great So Far!
Thank you for sharing. It's hard to find pictures and reviews on arm lifts. Your arms look great and I wish you a speedy recovery.

6 wks post op

Swelling continues to go down (yeah!). I had a couple of dissolvable stitches spit out of the incision, one of them opened up the incision a little.. it may need to be revised in the future. I went to the PO yesterday and they were able to take the little knots out that had come to the surface, this happened w/ the tummy tuck also and the incision healed up just fine... I'm very thankful to have a PO (and staff) so willing to take care of things after surgery (and thankfully, w/ all of my surgery's, nothing big has ever come up) I will post a picture today of the scars. I see my PO next week for my 6 wk po and will post again soon!!

Spitting stitches

New Photo

Oh no, your photos are not showing up for me :( I'm really curious to see what you look like since I think we had the same surgery day!

Hope the upload works this time..

I've tried adding a pic a couple of times this morning and it's not working... any suggestions if it doesn't work this time?
Your arms look great! Hows your tt doing these days?
Thank you! I just hit 6 months on my TT. Less swelling for sure, but I do still swell. I wear my compression garment still, it makes me fell "all put together..lol.. when I take it off, it seems like I swell more.. it's a long process. I am so thrilled that I had it done. I just got before pics from my PS and am going to post a review on Tues. Thank you for asking, you are looking so wonderful!!!
What a BEAUTIFUL result! Your arms look AMAZING! Your surgeon is truly an artist! Great job!

Scar is starting to look a little irritated..

The steri strips that were put on my incision are all of as of 9 day's ago.. my incision is starting to look a little pink and irritated and it is lumpy underneath, part of the scaring process. I've been massaging the incision and using the "healing serum" that my PS prescribed. I used this also on my TT and it worked out great. The area's where the stitches spit out, are healing well. I'm going for an appt tomorrow to talk about using laser on the scars, I will post more about that when I get the info.
your arms look wonderful. How has the pain been? I am having my arms done in a week I am pretty nervous. do you think eleven days is enough heading time to be off work. I am a dental assistant and work four days a week. I will be having a breast lift and implants done at the same time also. I love how your and turned out. How is that irritation doing I hope it is getting better. Was they admit of pain with the arm lift? thanks for your help and beat of luck to you and your healing.
Hi, thank you for your post!! I do still feel a little "stinging" once and a while, but it's all been manageable, I don't have to take anything for it. I hear of people having this surgery and not having alot of pain w/ it so, it's probably just an individual thing. I had implants also, ( 4 months before this surgery with my tummy tuck), there was some pain involved w/ that also, I'll be praying for you!! I do still have some irritation a long the incision line, the nurse said to just give it some time (thank you for asking). Keep us posted about your surgery!! I am really excited for you, these surgeries, though hard for a while, are so worth it!!!

Scar pics coming soon

I'm going to have my husband take some 8 wk scar pics.. I've noticed that on the internet, you just don't see many scars as they are healing.. For now, a before pic taken at the DR. and another after.
Hi, as far as the weight issue, it wouldn't be a good idea to lose "a lota' of weight "after" the surgery as it could probably cause your arms to sag again but that would be something you'd want to talk to your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon about. I do have long scars, they start behind the arm pit and extend down to the elbow.. I had to make a decision which I could live with most.. a lot of hanging skin on my arms that looked bad even with clothes on, or a long scar and nice shaped arms,, I picked the scars.. it's really a trade off. As far as advice, pick a Dr. that you can communicate with well, and feel comfortable with. Dr. Turkle is in Indy!! And when you make the decision, go over everything so that you know what to expect, ask where the scars will be placed and anything else that is important to you. Keep in touch!! I'd like to hear about your journey!!


Hello. I'm scheduled for a TT and arm lift on jan 14. Since you've had a TT before, so you think a TT and arm lift at the same time is too much? Would it be too hard?
I personally think it would be hard to have both the TT and Arm lift at the same time. My PS suggested that I didn't do them both together.. and after the TT, I realized why (and was thankful for her advice).. I relied so much on my arms to get up, etc.. Plus, dealing with the compression garment after the TT, pulling it up and taking it off took some strength (and stretching of the arms).. I really tried to not use my arms much after the Arm Lift surgery for the first 4-6 weeks because I didn't want to stretch the incision. Both surgeries are pretty hard to go through (but sooo worth it!!) I am just speaking from my own experience. Best wishes to you!!! Please keep me posted.
Your arms are looking nice! How is your healing/scarring?

Scar update

This is a pic of the scar as of now, swelling is way down and range of motion is back!!
Your scars are looking awesome! If I read your comments right you had Steri strips for almost two months? I don't have anything on my arms or sides....just wearing compression sleeves....
I came home from surgery w/ steri strips all the way down my incision line and they fell off at around 2 months. I wore a compression sock (that was cut to fit the arm) for the first few weeks, it bothered me so I stopped wearing it. Each PS has their own way of doing things.The incisions have really stayed nice and straight. Thank you for your comment!!
Do you still have a corded feeling at the incision line when you lift your arms?

Feeling like myself again

I had a TT/Implant exchange in May (review coming soon), and Brachioplasty/ Lipo of hips and outer thighs in Sept. Out of the two, the TT was the hardest emotionally (I spent a little too much time comparing my results with the results of others.. and that is "not" a good thing.. we all heal differently and start out at different places) and the Brachioplasty was harder physically (not that the TT was a piece of cake, it was painful at first). We just have to use our arms and moving them around at first hurts. It was never unbearable, but even at 3 months, I can feel a little pain here and there, it's almost gone now. I'd say now, at 3 months, If there is swelling, it is so minimal that I can't tell. I am "very" fair skinned so the underneath stitches have created a little pink area around the incision line which you can see in the Dec 10 pic.. looking forward to that fading away! I am SO happy that I had this surgery, and so happy with the results so far!! I am going in for laser of the scar in 2 weeks and will write a post on that. Happy New Year everyone!!

Incision pic 3 1/2 months

You sound like me with having other surgeries. I only opted to put my TT review on here because that one was by far the toughest one for me. I've had rhinoplasty, chin implant, liposuction to inner/outer thighs and a breast reduction. Then came the tummy tuck. I was an emotional wreck with that one. Never saw THAT coming! And yes, you're right, I would look at everyone's pictures on here and compare. I have since learned to stop doing that since every person's body is completely unique. Congrats to you on your fabulous arms and I can't wait to read your TT review! :-)
Your tummy looks beautiful!!! (Just read your review) Congratulations!!! Thank you for writing I really appreciated that. I didn't know that the TT would be such an emotional journey, I wasn't emotional about the arms at all.. just happy to get rid of all of that loose skin.
I didn't know it was going to be so emotional either. Whoa! The first couple of days I completely regretted it, but when day 4 approached, I felt more positive :-) Thanks for your sweet comment. My tummy does NOT look beautiful though when my period is about to start! LOL!

Scar Progression 5 months out w/ Laser treatment

I'm 5 months out from my arm lift!! I have had 2 laser treatments on my arms now, the last one being right before I took this pic (a week ago), it was a pretty easy process, not painful at all! One more treatment coming up in about a month. Scars are thin and continue to lighten up. I have massaged the scars daily since my Dr. has asked me too and all of the area's underneath the incision are now smooth, I do have a tiny lump under the incision of one of my arms that I'll have looked at in a few weeks. I'm so happy to have "skinny arms".. I never thought that those words would come out of my mouth about my own arms.
Thank you so much for posting your scars.. They look fabulous I am having op in 3 weeks Very scared!
your arms look great! I had smart-lipo on mine 16 days ago. Your scar is very thin and not very noticeable,which is how it should look. like u have had nothing done. Enjoy your new skinny arms. B
Thank you so much for your comment, my PS did a great job and I'm so happy w/ how my arms turned out. I just read your review, your arms look beautiful and tiny!! Congratulations!

Scar keeps getting better and better

Just a little update at 10 months out. I am noticing that my scars are turning white, starting at the top (behind my arm) and moving down my arm little by little. The scar has flattened out since my last pic and my arms continue to contour. I am very happy with how my arms are turning out!!
I have a little more weight to lose then I want an arm lift. I hope I would get results like yours! You look awesome!
Thank you so much. The neat thing about the arm lift surgery is that there is an immediate nice result, I'm so happy with it. Please keep me posted when you are ready for your surgery. You are doing the right thing waiting until you are at a comfortable weight. You'll get a better result that way.
If I knew my scars would look like yours I would get my arm lift in a heart beat! I'm glad you are healing so well. Thank you so much for your review. Beautiful results!
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Turkle and her staff are truly professional and very caring. I felt comfortable with Dr. Turkle from the very start and completely trust her. She doesn't try to "sell" plastic surgery, but cares about what will be best for the individual. She does things in a very thoughtful way and I'd actually call the contours that she creates through surgery, artistic and beautiful. She and her staff went over everything that I needed to know prior to surgery and they are wonderful with the after care. They have alway's made me feel at ease and that I mattered. I would highly recommend her!

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