First Time Getting Fillers: Tear Trough W/ Belotero (Plus Botox) - Carlsbad, CA

I just got Belotero yesterday in my tear trough...

I just got Belotero yesterday in my tear trough area. I am a bruiser so expected to bruise and I did (Dr also warned that I would most likely leave bruised & swollen). The left eye (my right) looked amazing immediately but it is hard to tell on the right side (my left) as there was a lot of swelling & bruising. Right now it looks like I will need more Belotero on the right side since it looks like the filler was placed higher than the left (there is a small divot between the swollen lumps). But I am giving it time to settle before going in for more. Even though my Dr used Belotero which can be placed superficially, she went all the way down to the bone as is done with Juvederm/Restylane. Instead of "threading" it, she injected three spots and used a qtip to spread/massage/smooth it. I also had lines in my cheeks (below the hollows) from my bags and she used the residual Belotero to fill those (she "threaded" this area). Normally a thicker filler is used there but we decided to just use the Belotero to save $.

P.S. I also got botox but I've been getting botox for 13+ years so nothing new there. =)
amazing final results! I myself bruise easily and my Juviderm experience was a bumby month long but lasted almost 2 yrs.Well worth it. Today I am gettin Boletero for my eyes and read it can be a better option for some. I am so excited. I don't mined bruising, because I know it will go away, for me it's the End results. lol maybe the longer it takes to heal for me, the longer it lasts. THank you for sharing you results and pics. Love your FInal results and looks well worth it!!
Actually, I definitely see the improvement. Forgot to mention that!
Hi GenJenn! Your bruises look much better than mine! I'm very jealous!! Hard to say on the "one side" question. I have a difference in mine as well but am reserving judgement for a week or so to see how things settle. I'm hoping I turn out even. :) This was my first filler experience so kinda upset by the bruising. Afraid people will think my husband beats me!!!

Pics from Day 3

Bruises getting worse. Lump on the one side seems to be getting larger...very noticeable divot right below it. Hoping it will go down, definitely think I need more filler underneath that eye. Showing a pic in awful lighting that shows how large the lump is. Dr warned me that it was going to look horrible for at least a week so trying to think positive. Lump definitely bothers me more than bruising.
How is your swelling?
Not really any better. I am afraid I have edema. The one side is pretty flat but has the dark red injection mark and the other side still has the large "water bag" looking lump. =( I'm going in to see my Dr. on Tues. How are you doing??? Any new pics?
Just saw your photo from today. Have you tried massaging the bump? I read to put light pressure on any swollen spots and massage gently. I had swelling like that a few hours after the procedure and i applied ice as well as Arnica cream (been using the Arnica pretty constantly, mainly for bruising). In terms of the swelling, by morning, there was improvement. I have also been doing the massage technique, which my doc suggested I try (24 hours after the injection) as I definitely had some small swollen spots.

Day 5

Still major bruising and large lump under my left eye. Starting to worry that it is edema and will not go down. Going in to see my Dr. on Tues.
Glad you're going to see the doc. Hopefully it's just a matter of time and you'll be fine.

One Week Later

I still have a large lump under my left eye. It may be slightly better but not much. And I can feel the pressure on my eye. Bruising is still pretty bad. It is shocking to me that there are people who supposedly don't bruise at all after injections to the tear trough area. This lump really bothers me. Have an appointment with my Dr this evening.
Gen, how are you doing? Do you need to have the boletero dissolved?

Exactly Two Weeks After

Well, it is two weeks later and sadly I am not happy with my results. I am still bruised (which would be fine if that was the only problem). And I still have a lump. The left eye (my right) looks better than before but the right eye (my left) looks much worse. It is lumpy and now I have a large crease under the lump making the shadow/hollow/wrinkles WAY worse than they were before. I am not smiling in these pics to keep them consistent with the previous pics, but when I am smiling it looks even worse. Also, at my one week checkup, I had the Dr. add a few more units of botox because I had more movement on one side than the other. Well, I'm not sure if it is just the botox causing drooping or if it is a combo of the botox and filler being too high on one eye and too low on the other but now it looks as though I have a lazy eye or that one of my eyes is a different size than the other. It is much more obvious when I smile. Either way, I am NOT happy. I've been getting botox for 13+ years and I've never had drooping. So I'm thinking it is the filler for the most part. At my one week checkup the Dr. also used the Genesis laser (at no cost) under my eyes to try to help the bruising but I don't think it did much if anything to help. She also mention that she could add more filler to correct or dissolve if I wasn't happy. But at this point, I am too scared to have her do anything else to my eyes.
I had this procedure and would only do it if he used a cannula. That takes a way a lot of the swelling bad bruising
So sorry to hear that things have not gone as planned/hoped. Where was the botox placed? Curious how that might impact (for better or worse) the look of your eye in conjunction with the Beletero. It it's any consolation, it really doesn't look like you have a lazy eye or anything of that kind from your photos. But I totally understand how it feels to be worried and unhappy. I still have a bit of bruising left and believe the filler has not spread uniformly. I will go back to the doc probably in about a week and a half as I have business travel next week and don't want more bruises! Good luck with your new doc.
How are you doing now....april 9th...i am thinking about doing this, but not sure.

Final Results...

The bruising is finally all healed and these are my final results. I am very pleased with the left eye (my right) but not happy with the right eye (my left). Thank goodness I took before pictures because I never noticed I had a bulge under my left eye and probably would have blamed it completely on this procedure. I definitely think my eyes look better but had I gone to a doctor with more experience, I definitely would have gone back to have my left eye corrected. It still looks as though it has edema and is wrinkly with a much more noticeable crease under the bulge now. At this point I am going to just let it dissolve on it's own and have the procedure done again by a board certified cosmetic dermatologist/plastic surgeon (who only uses a cannula) some time in the future. 3+ weeks of black eyes was brutal. I think it will take me at least 6 months to put myself through it again. Thank goodness I only paid $500 (before discount...actual price was $400). I am also still dealing with one eye looking droopy. I still believe this to be the result of badly placed botox but it may just be that the filler is pushing my lower lid up so making it appear smaller than the other eye. Only time will tell. Moral of the story...make sure you find a doctor who is very experienced with fillers in the tear trough area (I knew better but wanted it done so badly that I just hoped for the best).
I had my troughs done and I truly believe it is in the hand of the ps. I had great outcome with mine and no bruising which for me was weird since I'm on aspirin every day I had upper blepharoplasty last year as well an only had 2 small spots under my eyes that dissapeared in about a week. Be sure to research who is injecting. Maybe baltera is not a good choice for you. See what other options u have. I had used raidesse and love the outcome it's been almost a year and I'm thinking of having it done again. Goo luck to you both!
Tri-City Laser & Aesthetics

I went to see Dr. Sharon Slowick for botox as she came highly recommended by a friend. She is very sweet, very personable and I feel bad even sharing my results because she genuinely seems like a very nice person. I decided at the last minute to try Beletero filler for my tear trough area (even after she truthfully told me I was only the 5th person she had done this for). So 1000% my fault for going through with it. Tri-City Laser and Aesthetic Center is listed as the FIRST and ONLY state-licensed cosmetic center in California affiliated with a Joint Commission accredited hospital so I hoped for the best. Who knows, I may have had the same results with another Dr. but for now I have scheduled an appointment with a board certified dermatologist & cosmetic surgeon to dissolve & hopefully correct what's been done. Which is what I should have done in the first place. Expensive lesson learned.

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