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Careful of Liposuction on Legs

To anyone considering liposuction on your legs,...

To anyone considering liposuction on your legs, please, please be careful. I had lipo on my hips, stomach and thighs a few years ago because I had a slight complex over my pear-shape and my cellulite.

The doctor (came recommneded, over 15 years experience) told me I was a good candidate and that the lipo would smooth out my legs. What happened was that I now hate my legs so much that I will no longer wear shorts, skirts or a swimsuit. My cellulite looks much, much worse,the skin quality is looser and wavy...

I look 20 years older without clothes. My shape under clothes is nice, at least, but I'd give anything to have my old legs back. I tried another lipo to fix them last year and too much was taken out and so now my legs are even worse (which I hadn't thought was possible).

Same thing happened to me. I bought that Bliss Massager and scrubbed my legs every morning with coffee grounds. My cellulite was really bad before the lipo and worse after, it doesn't help when you have all those lumps post lipo along with cellulite. I also had 5 lympathic massages. I purchased a Ultrasonic Massager and have been using that daily for approx. a week now. I am very pleased with how my legs finally look! I am only 9 weeks post op and hopefully by 3 months post op I'll be better! It takes time. I also highly recommend a hand held percussion massager! It hurts but it works to get out the lumps! So all in all, I purchased alot of gadgets to help my cellulite and so far the Bliss Fat Girl Slim Lean Machine Spa Powered Body Contouring System works great! My doctor says keep massaging!!!! I do!
BEFORE and after pictures?
Ive been following everyone's posts and I am thinking that maybe some filler in the depressions in my upper arms might help. Im going to go to Dr Madfes in the Fall. If she ever saw how tan I got she'd kill me. Actually the tan does seem to minimize the bad effects from the lipo. I am convinced that NO doctor can get this lipo right. I think this lipo stinks and makes a bad situation worse. Additionally when fat gets sucked from one area it comes back in another area. Quite honestly Im not too thrilled with anyone's plastic surgery results. Most of the facelifts look so phony. I am considered at 60 a lower face lift and neck area. If I do it I will know at least I won't have that distorted plastic fixed look. Ill never touch my upper face. I had my eyes done yrs ago and I can honestly say this was the one procedure that was easy and a complete success. Sadly it needs to be done again but I have no apprehensions about doing it. The eyes don't seem to show that plastic look either.
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