My Invisalign Journey, Wales UK - Cardiff, Wales, UK

This is just the start of my journey, have found...

This is just the start of my journey, have found other people's reviews helpful in making the decision whether to proceed with treatment so thought I'd add my own in the hope I can do the same! I am in Cardiff, UK - not see any other reviews for here.

Consultation: contacted locally Invisilign specialist, smooth easy task and appointment made for a weeks time... I struggled to find any reviews for any dentist so had to go with which website I liked the look of (not ideal!!).

Appointment: So the appointment was good, told the prices and how it all works. I had pretty much already decided I was committing at this point so during this appointment I also had impressions taken which will be sent to LA, meanwhile I await (2 weeks I'm told) their return so I can see (3D computerised images) what they will look like at the end and how many trays I will need for my new smile.... Cost for impressions is £200 which will be deducted from the quoted amount (£2500) if I decide to go ahead.

Appointment 2: 2 weeks later and I am in looking at the images. All looks good, I am told I need a total of 30 trays, 10 days per tray. So approx 10 months in total. Not bad I suppose! Have to wait a week and the trays will be ready to start making my teeth beautiful (I hope).

Okay... 4 bloody weeks later and the trays still haven't arrived. I am frustrated and I try calling Invisilign who are most unhelpful and refused to speak to me as the dentist is their client not me...

5 weeks later and they are finally here! They have someone else's name on them (this is the reason for the delay I'm told, a handwriting/typo mix up) so I'm a little anxious about putting my teeth in the hands of someone who can make this mistake... Still, dentist is apologetic and assures me all is down with the trays. I had to have 2 teeth filed 1/4mm which didn't hurt at all but there is a visible gap on one tooth. And the trays are in. Ouch. And I have a slight lisp. By the end of the night I have been to buy a nail file to file the base down as my lower lip is cut to shreds and it effing kills.

Day 2 isn't too bad, very slight change to my speech but no one really notices. I am asked if I a in pain as I don't have my usual smile, but no notice of the braces which really are amazingly clear and not noticeable.

I have to go back to my dentist in 2 weeks, will update and add photos :)
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Hi, and welcome to our Invisalign community!  I do think you're the first from Cardiff!!!!  We're slowly getting more from the UK but not so many from Wales specifically. :)  So exciting!

Are you working on crowding or gaps or what?  Crowding seems most likely, if you're getting IPR this early.  When you post pictures I can try to point you toward others with similar issues.  But do feel free to meet others on your own.  Everyone is very friendly :D.

I look forward to following your progress :).
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Hi, thank you for the welcome! Yes, one of my front teeth are beginning to overlap the other and I have overbite so my front teeth are very visa lie. What is IPR? Natalie
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Visible not visa lie!
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IPR is short for Interproximal Reduction, and refers to the filing that you mentioned.  

Without a picture, I don't know the severity of what you're working with, so I'll just give you names of a bunch of our community members who have moderate-to-severe crowding.

HenryZ (had to have a tooth pulled, he's nearly done)
Mil ou's crowding is mainly on the bottom and it's pretty moderate, but there is an overlap tooth.
humbleoracle has pretty severe overcrowding in the bottom jaw
knitsew also has an overlapped tooth in her bottom jaw
JLD_Sail also pretty moderate
kellynyc16 is mostly on the bottom
Dante555 has severe overcrowding on the bottom but nearly none on the top
Sunluvva's crowding is pretty severe
and finally, both AreYouKiddingMe and Cazzieboo have very severe overcrowding.
mlb502, one of our RealFriends, started with pretty crowded teeth as well, but she's nearly done after a long time.
jbranchfield and Yangche are our newest community members before you, I think, with significant crowding.
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