50 Years Old! Getting a Full Mommy Make Over!!! Am I Nuts? - NO I was NOT NUTS!! SO SO HAPPY!

I am 50 years old. Well actually when I get the...

I am 50 years old. Well actually when I get the surgery I will have just turned 51 by three days. I decided to wait until after my Bday. I am so scared but excited at the same time. I go from high to low. This will be the 1st time in my life that I will have had a flat belly. I have always been over weight and had a stomach. I lost a lot of weight and now weigh 145 lbs. I am 5' 2". If I have the guts I will upload some photos. I hope I do not chicken out. Any suggestions will be gladly appreciated. : )
Scared but trying to keep my eye on the prize : )

6.5.12.....being on this site has helped.... I...

6.5.12.....being on this site has helped.... I just can not understand going through such a big surgery you can go home just an hour after you wake up! My pre op is the 14th of June.. I am having my husband and cousin come so they can Hear what I miss. Doing this on a Friday my husband will not have to miss but 1 day of work.. I also have my 21year old daughter who is on break from college to help me. Just hope I can overcome my guilt and fears... So far I still get happy then feel like backing out....arghhhhhh
6.5.12.....being on this site has helped.... I just can not understand going through such a big surgery you can go home just an hour after you wake up! My pre op is the 14th of June.. I am having my husband and cousin come so they can Hear what I miss. Doing this on a Friday my husband will not have to miss but 1 day of work.. I also have my 21year old daughter who is on break from college to help me. Just hope I can overcome my guilt and fears... So far I still get happy then feel like backing out....arghhhhhh

It is getting closer by the minute.... Thursday...

it is getting closer by the minute.... Thursday the 14th will be my post op. I have cleaned my house ( well my cleaning lady) She is also scheduled to come 2 days before my surgery. My closet is all cleaned along with all of my post op clothing I will wear. Mostly pajamas. I don't really know what to get except for a few things that I have seen the ladies in here get. I will have to go shopping after my pre op appointment. Why is this all I think about day and night...It is like total obsession....

I CHANGED MY DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!! I had a little bit...

I CHANGED MY DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!! I had a little bit of a struggle with the Dr. I first went with. I went today and knew the minute I saw this Dr. that he was the one for me.. I am still nervous but when I left there I am finally excited. I am getting my breast lift/aug the 27th of July and going back the next day to do the tummy tuck. He is doing it Twilight IV sedation. I feel good about this and they say go with your gut!. This Dr. went through everything with me and took a lot of time with me. His staff is the same way. All around I felt very good. This is a good thing foe me because now it feels right! Still scared but excited to get my new look!
I figure since I was too busy working & raising kids to have a proper midlife crisis, it's long overdue ... hey, we're gonna live to be a hundred looking as good as we do (will)! LoL I wanted to get my BL/BA at Christmastime & the rest this summer, but it just didn't work out. So have you neen cleaning & planning & stocking up? I'm trying to
get stuff together & do the things I can't do afterwards. I'm getting frustrated with delays since the deadline is approaching ... Keep me posted on how you're doing & how it goes with your pre op!
ShowMe Shelly ** We can be surgery Buddies!! I am still in the mist of getting some of my supplies but One thing I can say for sure is that my house is cleaned out... I went through my whole house and just threw away stuff that we did not use in the last 6 months... My garbage guys had a field day!
** I bought my spanx already... Tank tops ( like camies ) I also got a few of the * old lady* (lol) house dresses from Walmart that snap closed. I figured this will be the easiest way to get to the drains and my belly with out having to take pants of etc....
* I got my Milk Of Mag. ready to go and stool softer..
* I also got a big bag of what looks and smells like baby wipes but they are large ones*
this will be for cleaning myself and body sine my Dr. says NO showers until the drains come out. So this will be a challenge for me..I hate going w/o showering.. and esp my hair!!!
* I am also keeping a big bottle of hand sterilizer for anyone who comes near me esp if they are helping me with my drains. (big box of plastic gloves too)
What are we going to feel like all nasty from surgery then to top it off no shower.... : /

I guess I will finish my list when I go to my pre op. I have plenty of pillows and an extra mattress cover just in case along with chucks....

Oh my this feels like I am going on a vacation with all of this preparation LOL
Too funny! I am getting my roof replaced & I think there is more of my trash I have been throwing out than there is old roofing matls! I had to stop & make sure I left them room! Must be the "nesting" urges - makes sense tho since we are having "mommy" makeovers ;) Surgery buddies sounds great! Your idea about the gloves & hand sanitizer is a good one - my friend in NC had an infection in her drain wound, and she's diabetic, so has had a rough recovery. But she still says she'd do it all again!

Pre Op Thursday ! WOW.... I am really going to do...

Pre Op Thursday ! WOW.... I am really going to do this : ) Excited and so emotional.... June 27th for my BOOBIES Just 15 days away....... and then the next day is my TT with MR and Lipo...
I scheduled my cleaning lady to come on the 25th and then 14 day later
I also cleaned out my closets...dresser drawers and everything else that moved... I threw out!
Sheets all stacked and ready to go along with my pillows I will be needing. I am trying to make everything as easy for my family to take care of me.
My husband is so supportive Thank God! and I have the best grown kids anyone could ever ask for.

I just ask that I will be happy with my results and have a flat tummy... with nice perky boobs.... ahhhh what a feeling... Something to look forward for when I am in pain..... YIKES!!!!!!!
Hi Shelly - My PS supplies the garments that I will wear home. I am going to ask for an extra Bra and CG so I can have one to wear while I was the other one. I am going to look online (wallmart.com) for the suave dry shampoo/conditioner. 2 weeks will come fast...... I will let you know what my ps says in my pre op..... in the mean time..if you find out anything good keep me in the loop : )
I love your update! Our houses are getting makeovers lol. I told my friend that I'm fixing everything around me & she might not want to get too close... I ordered arnica and pre & post op vitamin supplements today; a little pricey but they sound like they have everything in them except protein & a stool softener ;) A RealSelf friend said there is a Suave dry shampoo & conditioner that works well :) How do you know what size CG to get? Do you just buy your pre-surgery size? Happy Housecleaning haha & I am realllly excited for you! I can't wait to hear all about your pre op :D

Hi, I got most of what I think I need. Today after...

Hi, I got most of what I think I need. Today after pre op I am sure I will have to get more supplies.... So far - I have cleaned every closet (even in the kitchen and bathrooms) completely out what a beautiful feeling. I have had my whole bedroom revamped and cleaned! my dresser drawers are so neat and tidy..with all of the junk I have been collecting over the years... my garbage men must love me. LOL my closet in my bedroom is so organized I feel like I want to live in it LOL,,, But at any rate I even sent my Persian kitty to the hairdressers to get him a lion cut so his hair wont blow all over the place. ( i actually get this done 2 times a year so it was really time)
I went to VS yesterday and stocked up on some sweat pants and zipper jackets - my bras are coming any day ( sport bras ) From Wal mart - they were the cheapest I found and quite nice actually. 14 more days to my surgery OMG I can not believe it!!! scared and excited all rolled into one!! I will need Valium to calm me down so I wont change my mind.....

****I even made a friend on this site we spoke last night and had a very nice conversation** our dates are the same so we can support each other!

Well, I went to my Pre Op yesterday and all went...

Well, I went to my Pre Op yesterday and all went very well. I am all paid for my procedures GULP!!!! And now this is for real no turning back now... My house has never been so clean and organized even the garage LOL. I read and re read my packets and think OMG WOW there's a lot that can go wrong but I guess that is in every surgery. I am keeping my eye on the end results. I have already purchased some things from VS and OH MY is that fun!!!! I am not going to buy a bra from there until after the surgery..I got the PINK sweat pants and jackets to wear after the surgery. My emotions are good but they rise and fall through out the day..is everyone else like that???? 13 more days to the FLAT LANDS!! and hello to my new girls : ) tick tock tick tock tick tock.... here comes June 27th at 6:30 am.... God Speed to all ladies : )

Oh getting my prescriptions filled today and staying heavy on the Vitamin C per my Dr. I have been on a lot of vitamins for over a year now so I hope it all pays off....
You are going to be so happy! I am all binded up, but I know that grossness is finally gone! Praying for you!
My admin is angiemcc
Thanks! 9 days for me... Getting nervous again lol

Well today is my 51st Birthday! and in 8 days I go...

Well today is my 51st Birthday! and in 8 days I go in for my MM. I received my bra's today. I ordered 2 sport bras from Wal Mart so I will have some extra ones besides the one I will get after surgery. I am so excited but then again here I go with why am I doing this.... after all I am 51 and thinking why I did not do this years ago when I was younger like 30 or even 40. But I still feel so young at heart and I want to look my best. Besides today being my birthday I am feeling so very blue....WHY I do not know. I am emotional because of the surgery I guess and what people are going to think when they find out. I only told a selected few that know. THat is my right to tell who I want to tell and I feel this is my private life! But all in all I know when the time comes I am going to get more nervous then I am right now. Even though 8 days is close it is still 8 days away. How am I going to cope with it being hours away... any pointers out there.......... chomping at the bit!
Jhowell- Happy Birthday. I've enjoyed reading your story & am excited for you. Don't worry about your age. I'm 64 & had an arm lift/breast lift almost a year ago, followed by a tummy tuck 7 months ago. (not to mention a shoulder replacement 6 months ago, lol) Would do it again. In fact, I'm saving up for some thigh work now. You will do great!
You are gonna do great, thank you for your story, I was laughing out loud, great sense of humor! I am 43, scheduled July 9th with ShowMe Shelly. Just doing the TT. I had lipo & BA 12 years ago(I was 30). It's all worth it.
Twilight sleep??? Interesting. My doctor insists on general anesthesia. I had general anesthesia last year for my procedures. No trouble. I also spent one night at his surgery center owned by the medical practice. Will spend the night again for tummy tuck and lipo.

Well 7 more days until my surgery.... I took my...

Well 7 more days until my surgery.... I took my photos off because I do not want to look at them any longer.... I will post the photos of before from the ones that the PS office took and then post my after shots. I am getting mixed emotions of the surgery now. I guess I need to just sit back and relax..... Praying for a safe surgery and recovery.........

Yes two three months before my birthday I had both cosmetic procedures. My family (mom and sisters) were not very supportive. Told me I was too old and crazy to do it. Luckily my husband was very supportive. Took a week off work to care for me. Anyway I'm thinking of not telling my family. They don't live here. Frankly, I don't want to hear it. I'm a nervous wreck but really want to do this. I just have stubborn belly fat and flabby legs and arms. My husband says whatever I want. I'm a size 4 or 6 so am not really large. I just want to look beret and be more confident.
That is so sad to not have your family support you, Your not to old to do somthing that makes you feel better about yourself. If you want to keep it to yourself then do that but who cares what they think this is for you not them!
Hi JHowell, I just wanted you to know I am praying for you. I know you are nervous, so I am praying for peace until your surgery comes, then for you to have two great surgeries and a fast and easy healing process. Rooting for you girl! Can't wait to see your results.

Ok ladies - 6 more days and counting tick tock...

Ok ladies - 6 more days and counting tick tock tick tock.... woke up today feeling well rested and thinking there is nothing else to clean or throw out so wondering how I can keep busy these next 6 days with out focusing on the surgery. I have made some really nice friends on this site and so happy I had several phone conversations. I know we will remain friends and keep in touch and some even close to my home that hopefully we will meet in person with our new sexy bodies!!!
I was speaking with one of my closest friends last night (she had a boob job done years ago) and she said that I should not be nervous just excited to have a flat tummy and new boobies.... we are going to go clothes shopping as soon as I heal! I guess the saying is so true NO PAIN NO GAIN! Well that is it for now we will see what tomorrow brings but for now I am going to go poke around in here and see how everyone has been doing...
I am not sure how long I'll be OUT. Will check. My doctor is a triple board certified cosmetic surgeon. A large practice here in Houston. I got a quote for tummy tuck and lipo of arms, love handles and inner and outer thighs. No date yet. I did research before selecting this doctor. He has both good and bad reviews. I give him and his practice a glowing recommendation. The best. Five stars. My lower face and neck look great. Breasts healing well. Very pleased.
I can't wait to see how you do. I'm thinking of January 2013. A ways off.
I'll be following everyone's progress.
Hello! I am from Collier County and had consults with the same docs you did! same procedures and pending---scheduled on the 27th. hoping my chosen doc is the right one as well. I was impressed with Ritrosky--great bedside manner. Jut wanted to get my work done in one day--respected his views on not doing then at the same time. I am a Nurse Practitioner and appreciated his candor with that---sometime its hard to find. Going with Garramone. My quotes were suprisingly all over the place! At the end I think I chose the most expensive:0--but had to listen to my gut.

OH MY 5 more days! Starting my count down on a...

OH MY 5 more days! Starting my count down on a single hand LOL.......
Yes, happy healing ladies!
Good luck Jh!!! I can't imagine having to go in the next day for another procedure!! Your a strong woman. I'd probably chicken out from all the pain I was in. You go girl!!! I am with Doylestiwn. My day is tomorrow. So in case I can't come back and check in with ya for a few days, I hope all goes smoothly and happy healing!
No, not really this is the way this Dr. has been doing these for years and the success rate of a faster recovery is great. I am wishing everyone a speedy recovery and PLEASE lets all keep in touch afterwards so we can see how we are all doing and support each other.... LOVE and God Speed to all!

Ok here it is...the day before my surgery....

Ok here it is...the day before my surgery. Tomorrow at this time ( 1PM) I should be home from my B/A B/L... (pray all goes well) Then the next day Thursday I go in for my TT with Lipo to my hips.. The time Flew by.. I have everything I need from meds to pillows. I am wishing all my fellow friends that I have met and ones I have not a safe surgery and a speedy recovery.
I am calm today but know that I will be a nervous wreck tomorrow. The surgery center nurse called me yesterday and calmed me down so I feel good about that. she even said to me that I will be so happy with my results. She also had the procedure done herself a few years back and said everything will be just fine.
I have faith in my Dr. and have a wonderful support team waiting for me upon my return. My husband is a gem of a man he is always the best support system I could ever ask for. I will be running around today just to make sure everything is in order.
I will post updates as soon as I am able to along with before and after photos...

Take care and see you all soon.......
Jhowell, Hope you are continuing to feel better by the day!
Yayyyyy!!!!! SO glad you are happy and on with the healing!!!! Can't wait to see pics :)
I'm so glad I found and read all of your comments! My MM is on the 18th, and I've been tripping out!! Excited and a Wreck.. I'm having my saline implants deflated 2 weeks before surg date, this makes me nervous but it's best to see whats left! Lift with or without implant. We shall see.. probably implant. I'm happy to hear your healing well.

Hi I will show a photo of my new tatas...LOVE THEM...

Hi I will show a photo of my new tatas...LOVE THEM..they are just a little bruised but could not be happier!!!
Hey there my friend. Where have you disappeared to? Can't seem to find you these last two days. Everything okay?
I'm with kapilani, you do not look 50 at all. You're gorgeous. DH better watch out because I am sure you are going to have guys tripping over thehttp://www.drjoannelopes.com/preparing.phpmselves.
Thank you for the kind words.

Well today is PO 11 and I hope to get my drains...

Well today is PO 11 and I hope to get my drains out. I did go last Thursday but he did not take them out : ( Actually i do not think he will take them out today either because I am draining to much. ( i think) but then again I am no Dr. I can not express how easy this whole process was for me. I have had no pain at all. I think it is because I have been taking vitamins for such a long time prior to surgery and Resveratrol for your organs and tissues. Along with B12 Complex - hair skin and nails along with a good multi. Also 1000 MG of C everyday! Along with my amazing PS. I hope that everyone that gets a full MM has an easy recovery. God Speed to all and let's hope I can loose my drains today! Will keep you all posted....
You are looking fabulous!!!
No severe or excruciating pain, susiecat, at least for me.... My incision, although sill covered with tape, appears thin, and goes from hip to hip, but very low.
It sounds like no one has had severe and excruciating pain.
This is what I fear most. Also how long is scar? I am expecting a pretty big one.
My doc sends you home with a pain pump.

PO day 14..doing well and no stitches. I had them...

PO day 14..doing well and no stitches. I had them all removed yesterday. That part not so much fun. My ps said I do not have any fluid build up ( I think I do) So he said he will check me again on Monday. Feeling great with the exception of the burning sensation around my breasts where the stitches were removed. it is not bad just a little burning sensation. I posted a picture of me in a bikini LOL still not bikini material but hey what the heck I am 51 and i think I look nice. Wearing it in public well not so much. I live on a lake and have a pool so we are in the water all the time in Florida so i will wear it in my home :) All in all everything is going back to normal but still taking it easy. it has been only 2 weeks and do not want to take any chances at all. Will update again thanks!
I say wear that bikini! You look good, be proud! Bikini material is all in your head. If I look like you at 51 I will be extremely happy!!! Lookin good lady
threescompany...Thank you thank you!!!!

Hello Ladies--- Today is 3 Weeks PO Actually it is...

Hello Ladies--- Today is 3 Weeks PO Actually it is 3 weeks today since I had my TT done. Wow amazing how time flies!! I went to my PS yesterday and got 35 cc's drained from a seroma... I know it is the pits but actually the draining did not hurt it is just the thought. My ps does not leave the drains in past 10 days. He said the infection is far worse then a seroma. So I have nothing to worry about. I am not draining that much so he does not think it will last long. ( let's hope) it is a bummer to me since I had the most easy time with surgery and the recovery has been easy as well. with the exception of this damn seroma. But he said I am doing great and healing like a champ. I do however go back tomorrow ( Friday) that is a pain too! but I just want this to be over with. I am swollen esp my vajajay.OMG it feels like a water balloon. does anyone else have that problem???????? I am flat and now have this buldge sticking out further then my belly. OMG hate that : ( But all in all I am doing fine. I work at home so that is a blessing I am my own boss so going to these dr apts are not an issue for me. I am happy with my results and love my new tata's makes it all worth it for me. I hope everyone is healing fine with no problems. Will update soon. Happy healing to all the wonderful ladies and now we can all be FLAT and Happy : )
Hi Jhowell, I am so happy for you and how fast you are healing!!!! You look amazing!!!! No way I would ever have imagined you were 51 if I saw you in the street. Keep up the good work!

I am looking into purchasing vitamins. I had never heard of resveratrol. Is this the right thing or should it not have any of these vitamins in it? http://www.familyotc.com/v/vspfiles/photos/facts/CD4260261F.gif
Thanks its4me..... I get all my supplements from Andrew lessmen he in on HSN... His vitamins are the best in the world. Go to www.hsn.com and read all the reviews..if they have a video watch it. Let me know how you make out ....
Oh, I wish I had known earlier. I already purchased all of my vitamins. :(

Thanks anyways for the info.

4 weeks PO!!!!!! Well Ladies today is my 4 week po...

4 weeks PO!!!!!! Well Ladies today is my 4 week po from my breasts and tomorrow will be 4 weeks PO from my full TT and Lipo!
I must say that the time just flew by... I can not believe that it has been 1 month already. I must give all my thanks to my God because he has blessed me with the most amazing recovery ever. I have been doing very well and the only thing that was a little of a bother was that I had a small seroma... I only had to get drained 3 times and that did not even hurt. it was just the thought of it all.
I am still wearing my cg even though my PS said I can wear spanx. I do wear the spanx when I go out But, when I get home I run to put on my CG... it feels so much better with it on. I love my new tummy and Boobies. I wish all the ladies a healthy and peaceful recovery and for those who have yet to get theirs done... I promise you will not ever regret getting this done. this site has not only been a blessing to me but I have made many life long lasting friendships that will continue. If anyone has any questions please just inbox me and I will be glad to help. As time goes by I will post more pictures and the swelling goes down. Take care and God Bless each and every one! God speed : )
Hi JHowell, wondering how you are progressing? Would love an update on how you are doing if you get a chance. Miss hearing from you.
Wozers! 50 is the new 30! You look A-A-mazing!
You look amazing!!!! WOW, I can so relate to that before belly! It is the greatest feeling ever to be rid of that, your boobies are looking super!!! That VJ stays swollen awhile for sure, I still have my darn seroma, almost 6 months, it doesnt want to leave me, LOL You will notice so many more changes you will get even flatter give it time, it is by far the hardest but most worth it surgery I think!!!!
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The best Dr. I have ever been to. Just an amazing Dr. and Staff.

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