I'm nervous and excited. This has been long time...

I'm nervous and excited. This has been long time coming but I still have so many questions. I've been lurking on here for a few weeks now and decided it's time I start my own profile.
I'll be 47 in October. I'm hoping to have the surgery done for my birthday. A gift from me to me. It's taken a long time to decide that it's finally time. I'm down to 1 child at home and can finally afford it. I'm just hoping I won't feel too guilty. Doesn't it seem like there's always something demanding your pocketbook? After nursing 4 children I feel like my breast are nothing but mush. Sure I can fake it with a push up bra and cami with a built in bra. Bras work magic. Thing is I'm tired of having to wear padded bras ... it's too dang hot here in Florida! Oh and who has not experienced wearing a padded bikini top and having to discreetly squeeze out the water of the pads or else have a river running down your ribs? I can't wait for day to be able to wear any top I want and actually filling out a baby doll ... without pads!!!

I'm 5'3 and weigh a measly 102 lbs. Yes I've always been skinny. Too skinny. I've finally broke the 100 lb mark! Yay!!! lol. Bra sizes are ridiculous. I can wear anything from a 32B, 34 A or B, and most recently I bought an identical bra from Kohl's and decided since my boobs seem more wide than proud that they actually fit better in a C cup .. although the B cup gives the illusion of more cleavage.
I'm thinking of getting 300 cc's of silicone under. Going under the fold, though I do have a scar on my areola from a biopsy when I was 17 so I'm open to peri areola as well. I'd love to hear from slender women who have saline unders and what their experience has been. Rippling? See/feel the bag? I'm so confused about sizing and mostly about profiles. I understand that concept; but not the results. Some girls (similar body type to mine) seem to have balls on their chest; others look quite natural despite both going under the muscle and getting HP or Mod+. I made rice sizers (300 cc's), I'm not sure if I'm wearing them right and wondering if implants are similar in weight?
Breath! I'm going to be brave and put photos up (very shy) because I do believe it's the only way to get accurate recommendations. Hopefully it'll help someone else with similar body type, age etc. down the road.
I welcome comments and suggestions as that's what I'm hear for. I'll be looking for support and willing to offer the same as we all go through this process. Best wishes to all!!
You have inspired me! I'll ask the hubby to help so not all close up "boob selfies". Looking forward to hearning about your consult. Tomboys no more! Keep posting :)
Aww! How sweet :). I'm nervous and excited for my consultations. I'm hoping to bring along a friend because I'm afraid I'll be so nervous that everything they say will go in one ear and out the other! I have so many questions.
Wow hard to believe u had for kids you look great.

BA without general anesthesia?

I recently read a profile (forget who) where a revision to go larger was done without being put to sleep. How plausible is this? It saves a ton of money so I'd be willing to consider it ... after all i had a C-section with just a local. Anyone had a BA with a local (and maybe a vallium)?
By the way I feel guilty too. It's a momma thing.
I agree. How do we get rid of it? Lol
lol I don't know. I just keep telling myself I deserve it and we are financially responsible. This isn't an impulse decision and I'm fixing something that is depressing and draining on my heart. I know I'll be a happier person afterwards. We gotta take care of ourselves lol

Rice Sizers

So I made rice sizers ... 300 cc and I'm more confused than ever! Are the sizers supposed to be the width of my breast? I don't think they are. How is it possible that I'm a very petite 5'3/102 lbs, 1/2 asian so I have a very small frame and yet my boobs are wide? Are they? I guess that explains back in the day (a very long time ago) that it seems like I had more side boob than frontal. Is this going to affect my results? How do I know if the width is correct and also to pick between profiles based on these things? Also what I really want to know is from the girls who tried rice sizers and have gotten their BA is ... is the weight comparable of the actual implants? I think I'm going to take them with me to the consultations on Thursday to compare them to the width and profile of various sizers they have.

I showed these pics to my bff and she said that I should go bigger .. mind you she is a D cup (which I don't want to be). What do you ladies think? Too big, too small or just right?

I have serious boob addiction. I'm actually losing sleep staying up into the early morning hours despite being thoroughly exhausted looking at boobs and trying to figure this whole thing out!!! I need to get my BA ASAP so I can stop lurking on websites lol. What are the chances that I would go into a consultation and have the surgery done right then and there Lmao!!! Seriously it's not even a possibility since I'm going on a family cruise on August 9th and I don't want to waste my vacation time holed up in my cabin recuperating. Although I will admit; originally I thought it was a great idea! I'm taking the time off already and I wouldn't have to take additional time in September (when I hope to have the surgery performed). But I'm told that I won't be able to enjoy the cruise, the activities and probably wouldn't want to be sitting on the pool deck or beautiful beach just 2-3 weeks Post Op. Thoughts?
And I meant 5-6 hundred cc's. you probly thought I lost my mind. Hahaha Dawna
Talk to your doc about side boob. I think it has some to do with placement. Tell dude exactly how you want them to look. Did u try 5 and 6 cc ?? I am also small framed. 135 with boobs 5'5 tall and thin up top too. I have Mod smooth saline unders. I think a D cup would look great on you! Try some more rice siZers 5-6cc. Don't be scared. At 400 I think you might have wished u went bigger. A D cup is not that big and totally camouflageable if you ever need to. If I can hide the trip D's, Your natural breasts have a very nice shape and slope. They are very similar to mine PRE op. I think you are going to have very nice results.
I agree 100%. We spend so much of our lives putting the wants and needs of others before ourselves. It's time we realize that we have wants and needs as well and that they are just as important!

1st consult today!

Nervous excitement. Looking forward to getting some questions answered (hopefully I won't draw a blank) and hear what his suggestions are. This PA is rated top on real self but honestly I'm hesitant for a variety of resons. I'll keep those to myself. .. at least for now.
I took a few before pics of what I'm wearing there ....
Would love to hear what you learned at first consult ... And was the tank a good choice?
Ah have fun at the consultation today! Have fun trying on sizers!

After Consult #1

As a disclaimer I will not be giving out names of PS that I visit with for the sole purpose is that I don't want to leave a negative remark on any particular PS just because of my experiences as I am only consulting with PS that are highly rated and wouldn't want to do anything to mar their reputation. Now saying that; if I do come across and have a very negative experience in which I would not want my worst enemy going to then I would indeed warn against going there. If you are in the SWFL area and are consulting with PS and would like more information; then I will happy to ... just not on a public forum. I am merely giving my experiences and I realize that not only should we be picking someone who the certifications and skill; but also someone we connect with on some level as well; that can't happen for everyone.

Okay serious crap over.

I learned a lot from my 1st consult; more than anything I'm confused :( or ignorant lol. So I thought during a consult that they measure you and let you know what size would be an appropriate fit. I also thought that I would be able to try on said size as well. Neither happened. It was more about selling the Dr.; giving me his background and telling me why I should use him. I did my homework; I knew how long he's been around and seen before and afters and he comes highly rated. But I knew all that beforehand. His staff was nice enough; especially the 1st lady that set me up in the room. He was pleasant enough. I liked some of the things he said to reassure me he was going to give me the best results possible.

Here's what I was told between the 3 people I spoke with.: I should go with Silicone. He typically uses smooth medium profile; but will vary to texture if desired. He says I should go ABOVE the muscle. I didn't think I'd hear that!! The one girl explained it a way that made sense to me. She says as we age (sadly our boobies will still drop) that if the implant is under the muscle that the implant will remain in the same spot yet your natural breast tissue will sag and years down the road (yes it's possible that you won't need them exchanged for 10+ years) your breasts will not look natural. I'd love to hear your thoughts. He states (and I've read) that overs do not affect mammograms; that mammograms are only as good as the persons performing the tests and the one reading it (also makes sense). He says that he makes the pocket and tries 3 or 4 different sizes and gives you as big as you can go while still looking natural. Okay so this is where you need to really trust his perception of "natural". What scared me is that she said that 375-425 would look very nice on me!!! hmmm I was thinking 300-325 cc. I'm not looking to be a D cup! or am I? lmao. They do not provide a sports bra (I forgot to ask about a band if any), they put an antibiotic in the IV after the surgery so you don't have to start taking them before or during recovery. I like this part as the less pills I have to take the better! No anti nausea meds, and provide pain killers for afterwards (I believe 5 days worth?). The only meds I'll be given will be pain killers. I've read woman having to get a whole slew of meds prior to surgery. I don't know if this is a good thing or not? Comments? Surgery on Friday, come back Monday and can shower ... Yay! (my plan is to have surgery on a Friday for work purposes ... I'll have 10 days at minimum to recover before going back to my labor intensive job and then slowly work my way into being at full capacity.

All in all I think it went okay. I got some of the information that I was needing but I'm not gonna lie ... I was disappointed that I wasn't measured in some fashion or got to try on any sizers. Is this typical? I felt like a total idiot for bringing tops to try on! One of my appointments for tomorrow told me to bring a variety of tops. He did feel my upper breast and said that I have plenty of room and that I was a perfect candidate. They all said that ... is that normal or are the "selling"? The going 375-425 cc's threw me for a loop! I had gone to a very respected PS in another town 21 years ago and was told I didn't have enough skin to even go to a C cup. I was pissed as hell since when nursing I was spilling out of a C.

I have 2 more consults tomorrow. One is with a female Dr. I like her before and afters and was told she's really nice. The other PS one of my clients went to. Honestly I don't know if she's thrilled with her results since I stopped working with her shortly after. I do know she was very happy right after. I hope tomorrow brings a better day. I'm hoping not to have to start looking at PS in Naples but I'm just guessing since it's a very rich town that the prices will go up dramatically.
I am from cape coral 45 female had 400cc under with local dr. I had the best experience and have had 4 of my friends have surgery with him. Highly recommend. The girl who had surgery w/o anesthesia had saline above. If you have any questions. I am a nurse
Hi fluffylynn! Thank you so much for your response :) If you would like to share who your PS was I'd love to know. Unfortunately most of the women I know who've had BA didn't get them locally. My bff did; She got saline, under (I thought for sure they were overs). You must really like your PS since you referred 4 of your friends! Do you mind sharing you stats? height/weight? 400 cc sounds like a lot to me; but hey I'm new to the whole sizing aspect and I know it really depends on your proportions, goals etc. I'm 5'3 and have finally reached 100 lbs (I'm 1/2 asain) If you would prefer to private message me that would be awesome as well. Again thank you!
I just posted about my consult. I chose the blue tank top because I read that black makes you look smaller, and white makes you look bigger. Silly I know! I also chose it because I thought I'd be trying on sizers and it was cut low enough that I thought I'd be able to see cleavage. lol what to wear tomorrow?

"adjustable" implants????

So my first consult tomorrow is with a PS that offers adjustable implants. I've heard about these 19 years ago from a friend of mine that was an OR nurse in Orlando. I really like the idea of being able to go up or down cc for 3-6 months before finally deciding on cc's. After all isn't cc's the toughest question to answer? I feel like we are at the mercy of the PS to make that choice for us. We look at hundreds of pictures of different women trying to find those with similar stats to us ... blah blah blah. I've seen pics of befores of "A" cup sizes who look more like B to me. How am I supposed to judge what I'll look like when the afters pics with 300 cc look completely different when each girl was say A cup; 5'3 and 105lbs? Some look like B's; some C's and even a few looked like they were D's!!!! Is adjustable implants the solution? I've only been able to find 1 review so far. I would love to hear from some other women who have experience with them.
I had 225 overs and it moved me to a D cup, so be careful if you do choose overs. If you went with 425 overs you'd be an E or F with your small frame. My first doc claimed I had enough tissue to cover but on one side it was thin, so I had rippling from the beginning. More importantly, I developed capsular contracture from my overs, so I no longer advocate for them. I do not believe what that office said about overs to you -- your risk with overs for super sagging as is extremely high and you must support them constantly with a push-up bra so that the tissue does not hang off of the implant. I have 350s under now with Strattice to prevent rippling and cap con and I am happy with the results. Just had to tell you -- from my experience, silicone unders are the way to go. Even 350 didn't move me up much as far as size because they are unders. Overs have different sizing.
Thank you for your response Mamamel1974. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and knowledge. There is no way in hell am I going with 425. Today I tried 350 and that is the absolute max I would go. I share what the 1st PS said about the sagging part; and the 2nd and 3rd PS told that that I basically have no chance of sagging. If I haven't started now after having 4 kids I'm not going to sag in the future and I really have nothing to sag! I've always thought I'd go under; mainly because of CC and I feel that I would get a much more natural appearance going under. I believe it's worth the extra pain and recovery time. The PS that used to do adjustable implants no longer does them ... that was no only reason I would really consider Saline. At 350 cc what cuz size are you? I was told that it would be putting me in a D cup at VS since they run small. More on next update tonight.
The sizers are bigger than your implants will be under the muscle. I was a 30D officially measured at Nordstrom with my 225 overs. Now with 350s, my 30Ds are snug, so I guess 30DD. But VS doesn't make 30s, so I fit into 32D before my revision (those were also padded push-up bras and they do not fit me at all now.) It's not so much bra size -- because a 30D is tiny compared to a 36D boob, right? That's why picking CC's is so hard!!!

2nd and 3rd Consults

2nd consult was with female PS ... not that it matters; but I do think it's cool that there was a female doctor. I really liked her and the office staff. It was a great experience and the office is absolutely beautiful and Pristine Clean. The first PS office was clean ... just not the way it should be. (I own a cleaning business so I'm very keen to these things). The chairs in the exam rooms had tons of dust along the edges. Not that I'm not going to suckered into choosing a PS based on theirfancy décor; but it does make an impression. I think the most important part of my visit is that in no way shape or form did I feel rushed ... like I was being churned out like cattle then on to the next. I was given a few forms to sign, then an album that had tons of thank you letters and pictures from a variety of procedures. After a bit I was escorted into a room where I watched a Mentor video. I was asked if I had any questions; then taken into another (very spacious) lovely room where I actually got to try on sizers!!! She gave me a sports bra and showed my how to properly place the sizers. The Mentor sizers are not what I expected ... they were tear drop shaped so I was taken aback thinking that's what this PS used??? I was told that it's what Mentor supplies to give an accurate depiction of what the implants would look like once placed. After a bit she came back and gave me her opinion how the different sizes looked with different tops. I tried 300 (too small), 325 pretty good; then 350cc. So the 350 looked pretty big in just a sports bra; but perfect with any top. My only concern is how am I going to look in a bikini? too big? It's not like you can really hide the boobies in a bikini! Oh man I wish I would have taken pictures ... I was having so much fun! I wanted to take the sizers home .. they were sooo comfy!!!! At this point and time I think I'm leaning towards 350, unders with incisions under the breast. If I lose 25cc due to going under I will still be very happy. The PS came in and we went over my medical history; she told me that I would need to stop smoking 2 weeks prior and 1 month after (that should be fun), she also told me due to my work I would need to take a whole month off!!! What???? I was thinking 10 solid days; then at least be able to be on site and do light cleaning up until 6 weeks. She told me that I was purchasing an investment and that I should treat it with care and explained the medical risks involved with pushing myself too far too fast (how does she know me so well?). She explained everything in detail and answered my questions with confidence in her knowledge. It really seems like she stays up to date with the newest developments and studies. She would prescribe anti nausea meds, pain meds, antibiotic in IV along with a 10 day supply. I'll need blood work and a mammogram (although I can sign a waiver). No band, and they would send me home in a compression bra. I wouldn't need to return for a week to have bandages removed; I could shower after 24 hours and suggested I use these strips to help the scar heal for 30 days (reuseable $26). Then she measured me. She's the only one who actually took the time to measure me! lol I don't remember all the numbers 14/14, 7.5/8 (due to asymmetry) I was just thrilled that she was actually taking the time to measure me. She asked me how big I'd like to go .. this time I told her I think a full C. She showed me 2 pictures in her book (1 that was natural looking yet you could make out where the implant was, and 1 extremely natural looking; but NO upper pole). I told her my dream would be a combo of both; but if I had to pick it would be pic #1. Then she opened a sizer catalog from Mentor (I feel like I'm pitching Mentor) and said the size that I was hoping for was very doable. It was right in the middle of the sizes I could choose. We talked a bit more, told me to be sure to ask the girls about where I could get a mammogram without a Primary Care Physician referral, etc. Afterwards her staff member came back in and asked me what I thought and handed me some paperwork to take home. I asked her to write down what days they had available for surgery between mid August to mid September and she took the time to write them all down. All in all I was very impressed and thought she would be tough to beat.

Consult #2. Again beautiful office. But I already knew that since I used to clean a Spa/Salon in the same building. Everyone was really nice. I had to wait about 20 minutes .. but no biggie. I was taken to a room and the PS promptly came in and introduced himself. He told me that he does the consult in 3 stages, we talk, we examine and we talk some more. The exam is not what I would call an exam. They had me put on a cape (cool) he came back in and had me stand up and open the cape; and said I was the perfect candidate (he didn't even touch me; not that I wanted to be felt up or anything) and would have great results. Okay so are PS that good that they call tell just by looking? He did say that I'm a full A to small B. That if I went with 350 cc I'd be pushing a D cup; at least at VS. Do I want to be a D cup? I never really thought I could carry off a D! I mean I was probably a D when I nursed; but it was fine since I also had that extra baby weight. Then again I was super skinny before. (I used to pray to be 95lbs without being 7 months pregnant) Seriously I was typically 82-87 lbs. Now I'm 102 lbs. I don't want to gain anymore weight ... maybe tone what I have ... age does take a toll (flab) despite the fact that my work is very labor intensive. Afterwards his financial cooridinator (Maggie; I love her) took me to her office and we talked price (they're offering $1k off for July) , pre op and gave me a few dates that were available. Then she walked me out.
Wow terrific post! Thanks for all the detail. I'm consulting with 2 female docs and 1 male doc. I'm with you - I kind of want it done by a woman for some reason. Were their prices comparable?

Conclusion after 3 consults

I spent exactly 1 hour (not including the 20 minute wait time at #3; #1 and #2 saw me right away) with each PS and staff.

Consult #1. PS has been around since the 80's so he definitely has experience and a great reputation. Told me 3 weeks down time .. $5650.00 including a $1300 discount) is a No.

Consult #2 Female impressive studies (Mayo Clinic) and awards. Very friendly staff; off site surgical center (closer to home), no pressure, no bragging. Just ... I don't know how to explain it I really liked her. ($5200)

Consult #3 A previous client got her BA there so he's the only one where I knew someone whose work I've seen. He was rather friendly; slightly cocky, staff was great yet I felt a little rushed ( I could actually hear him having a conversation with the patient in the next room while I was changing) but all in all efficient. He did tell me that he would not perform the surgery without a mammogram; and to not be surprised if they called me back wanting to do more films since it is my first time and they have nothing to compare it to. He said not to worry that something is wrong. He said my down time would only be a week. He does a lot hair stylists (arms constantly moving), nurses (moving patients) and bartenders (lots of arm moving). He said obviously no heavy lifting; if I could take 10-14 days even better. It didn't feel very personal the way it did with Consult #2. I feel his 14 years and studies (also Mayo Clinic) he would do a fantastic job. ($5200)

So my two favorites are the exact same price except minor details. #2 I have to pay for labs, compression bra; #3 is all inclusive. And they pretty much have the same experience and credentials. That being said I'm leaning more towards #2 the female PS. with all being equal I just felt more at home with her and was impressed with the time she took to measure me and I was able to try on sizers; also how everything was very professional and very thought out. #1 I honestly didn't even want to go to even though he comes highly rated on realself; but I thought I should go to at least 3 PS. (Should I go to more?) I felt rushed; and almost like I wasn't good enough to be there (hard to explain particularly since his office was not impressive whatsoever; very dated). Looking back knowing I spent an hour with each PS I'm wondering where the whole hour went with #1 and #3 they didn't measure, no trying on sizers and $3 saw me topless for all of 15 seconds. I also felt like I spent A LOT more time with #2 versus with her staff. She also didn't tell me what I wanted to hear regarding the time off that I needed and about the smoking. Neither #1 or #3 told me that I couldn't smoke; it's a horrible habit I know and I'm the last person that wants a lecture but it really showed that she cared.

At this point I'm thinking of going with 350 cc, smooth medium+, under the muscle with incision under the breast fold. I'm waiting to hear back from my bff to see if Sept 4th (and 5th; then the weekend) is a good day for her to take off of work. If so I will more than likely book my surgery date .. unless of course I magically get a referral then I would consider getting more consults.

Oh my biggest concern; how much down time. Well it seems like each PS has given me a different answer :( so apparently I'm going to have to practice some serious self control and REALLY listen to my body. I know me; I can tolerate pain, and will push myself to do whatever it takes to get a job done and done right. Other than the 1st 3 days of recovery this will be my hardest feat to overcome.

Hope this helps anyone is going through their initial consults ... or are about to. Sorry to ramble on and on but I'm trying to give as much details as possible for anyone who may find it useful :)
Great to hear you had some good consultations. I think you're making the right choice by going with your gut and who you will feel safest with. I'm sure trying on the sizers was so fun! I'm looking forward to that lol I have my first consultation on Monday, the second on Wednesday. You're post helped me, thanks!
Thank you! I'm so glad I was able to help. I'm very interested to hear how your consultations go next week. I wonder how many doctors let you try on sizers during the initial consult versus making you wait until your pre-op appointment. I sure hope you get to try them on at least one. Take your time and really pay attention to the different sizes. The only downfall is A) I didn't take pictures and B) they only had 1 sizer in each size ... so I had a 300 combined with a 25 on my left side and a 350 cc on the right. She offered to get the sizers from the other room after that patient was done ... I should have reminded her :( Oh it sounds silly; but I wanted to try on the sizers with a bikini top. The were shaped just like a breast so I do think I'd get a really good idea how they would look. I will definitely do it on my pre-op appointment =)
So glad I could help! I just updated my consults but yes their prices were comparable. $5600, $5200 and $5200. Honestly I wasn't looking for a female doc but am so happy I found one. I mean I'm always for supporting a woman who is holding her own and kicking butt in a predominately male field! I've worked many years surrounded by men and it's amazing how many are still out there who believe us women should be home cleaning house, making dinner and babies ... not earning a paycheck! I've also found that female OB/GYN's are much more compassionate about the whole process; so it would make sense that a woman doctor would understand our desire to feel beautiful for ourselves ... not for men. Ugg I'm rambling again lol!

24 hours since my consults .... second guessing myself.

Why? Why do I do this to myself? Now I'm second guessing if 350 cc is too big. Why didn't I just keep my mouth shut (I told the PS that I didn't want to any higher than 350 and I think therefore she didn't give me the max I could go) Maybe, just maybe if I knew how much bigger I could go I wouldn't be second guessing myself. A part of me thinks I look just fine when I wear a push up padded bra and a cami (anyone else notice that the bra/cami combo does wonders?) and that maybe I should just stick to that and maybe slightly larger? The other side of me just doesn't want to regret no going bigger. Has anyone else out there gone bigger and then wished they hadn't? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!!!!

Nice touch

I went to my first consult with PS #1 on Wednesday and I know I didn't have too many nice things to say so I thought I would. One thing I did notice is when I emailed the PS requesting a consult that the PS himself emailed me back; not someone from the office (although I thought maybe they did, like a PS has the time to write back). I did thank him for getting back to me right away. In his message he thanked me for my interest and let me know someone from his office would be calling soon to set an appointment. Today I received a card in the mail thanking me for the opportunity to be of service and it was hand signed by the PS. Even if it was signed by someone other than him ... it was a nice touch. It lets me know that they are there if I have in questions and in a small way it makes me feel special.
The above is a part of me that is trying to focus on positive things in my life. Sometimes life has so many negative aspects to it, from people to just about anything .. the news you get it. Sometimes it can get so overwhelming to be bombarded with such negativity that it makes me become negative too. Life is so stressful as it is and so I've committed to focusing on the little things in life that are positive and good and try to relish in these things ... especially when I'm down. We are all here trying to do something for ourselves to make us feel better .. every sexier and if we constantly focus on what we don't like; we don't see the good things that surround us.
To happy thoughts!
Hey lady! Congratulations on your consults. I wasn't sure when you would schedule those. So a couple of things. First, you have more breast tissue now than I did before surgery, probably a full cup size more looking at your pics. So if my 425 gave me a small C, then 350 would probably put you in the full C, small D range. Second, I completely disagree with taking a month off. You should always follow your PS instructions, but this is one time I just don't agree. You and I have talked about this. A whole month?! I went back to cleaning at 2 weeks. I also went back to my full time job at 10 days. So by 2 weeks, I was back to 70 hours a week. Just remember what I said about which cleaning tasks you could and could not do. I'm not saying you could in full blast, but just do like we talked about, more supervisory than actual cleaning. It's doable. But the first time out, I over did it and suffered for several days. No damage done, just a lot of pain. Third, the over/under is a matter of choice. I have been seeing my PS for many, MANY years and he never once said anything about the future sagging and the implant remaining high and trust me, he would have told me this was a possibility. For our line of work, in my opinion, under is the way to go. I have Mentor Memory Gel silicone, high profile, under, 425's and I love them. I am 10 weeks and they are as soft as normal breast tissue now. They look natural and the only time I feel them is if I lay flat on one of them. I think that would be the case with whatever you go with. Fourth, honey we all second guess ourselves, we all question should I do this? is this the right size? right PS? right time? It's part of the process. You are doing this the right way. You are taking the time to research and get several consults before deciding, that's smart thinking. Keep talking to us, asking questions, sharing concerns, we'll hold your hand through it all.
Redglory .. I can't tell you how happy I am that I found you! You have been so amazing offering such great advice and just being ... there. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and many others. The fact that we are both in the same line of work and similar age; you know what I'll be up against. I'm looking to be just a plain C; not small (well maybe), not full. Just a C; so I should go with 325 cc. PS #3 said 350 cc would make me a full C/small D. You nailed it!!! The D scares me lol. I'm way to short and thin to pull off a D! The PS I'm probably going with also does the Mentors. So I'm probably going with under, 325cc smooth silicone, under the crease. Right now I'm leaning more towards Mod+; but will ask her about HP. Whichever will hopefully put the boobs a little closer together and fill my measurements without too much side boob AND look as natural as possible. She's the one who says 1 month of absolutely no work. I agree with you that I don't need a full month. I think if I stay away from Deep Cleans and windows I'll be okay at 2 weeks. PS #3 said 1 week ... obviously he doesn't know how physically demanding our work is! He gave examples of hair dressers and bartenders going back to work after a week; of course the bartenders weren't allowed to refill ice or kegs. I got a list of dates that she has open; no Fridays so I'm going with a Thursday; it'll be 7 work days ( I rarely work weekends) 11 total days off pretty much staying at home. If I'm up to afterwards I'll go supervise and do what I can without pushing myself. I'm afraid if I go after a week I'll jump right in because I hate standing around doing nothing. My helpers don't need much supervising; the main thing for me is that I go behind them and make sure they are doing it exactly how it's supposed to be. How long do you think before I can vacuum? I'm hoping 3 weeks. I remember you saying dusting really hurt; I'm assuming 3 weeks before I'll be able to dust high and low. I guess my biggest concern (not including the 1st 3 days) is pushing myself too hard too fast. I don't want to ruin my investment; nor cause harm to myself.. They really scare you talking about not smoking for 2 weeks before and a month after; nothing physical that would cause your blood pressure to rise because it can cause this and that to happen which in turns causes Cap Con to happen! OMG if I even think about it too long it really makes me second guess myself. Thank you and everyone else who have responded with words of encouragement; advice and just love. I have never experienced such genuine kindness from so many women than I've found here on RealSelf. No cattiness, no bitchiness, no jealousy. Just women looking to share their experiences, offer their advice and warm wishes.
Remember the wax on, was off from The Karate Kid? That's what you want to stay away from. No back and forth or up and down. The dusting, cleaning glass/mirrors and sweeping/mopping, those are the movements that will cause the pain if you attempt them too soon. I would say a full month on those task. No pulling on fitted sheets but you should be able to make a bed. I didn't push a vacuum for a month but I don't usually do the vacuuming anyway. Cleaning bathrooms is the easiest unless the tub is really bad. Then you need to be very aware of leaning on your boobs to lean in and clean. Also, as you know, scrubbing a dirty tub is a lot of the same back and forth you want to stay away from. If you can take 11 days off then ease back in, I think you'll be fine. Your body will tell you when you have over done it. Listen. I didn't and that's when I had the most pain. No deep cleans. You're right about this site. I have been here for awhile now. The support we all have for each other is unlike anything I have ever experienced. This many women with such vast experiences before and after, yet we hold each other up through it all. I would go with the 350. 25 cc's is not very much and I think you would then get what you want.

bras after BA

I've seen so many women saying that bras don't fit augmented breasts the same way. How so? And why? From what I can tell from pictures it seems as though the bottom of boobs aren't at the bottom of the bra; but I just can't figure out why that is. Anyone?
I think this is more so a problem in the beginning when they haven't dropped yet. Everything I tried on in the first few weeks looked ridiculous! Some women unfortunately may always have this problem if they have very little volume in their lower pole, or if they have a very short nipple to crease distance. Judging by your pre op photo's, my guess would be that you won't have this issue once your implants settle :)
Ahhh that makes sense. I'll take a look at yet some more boobies .. in bras that are at least 6 month post op. So now that you mention the boobies haven't settled yet; it brings another question. Why are some so square initially? I think I'd freak out! Is that normal? I've been following 2 girls who just had their BA and holy smokes ... they look amazing right from the get go!!! I have no problem and am totally expecting them to be high and tight for a pretty good while. But square??? Is that because they are too high and pressing up on the color bone? Ouch! that seems painful. I really appreciate you answer. I'm not sure how I managed to salvage some lower pole but lost all the upper; but it's something to be thankful for ;) Omg .. more questions. I typically wear yoga tops to work; you know the ones with the built in bras? I've never wore a sports bra until I started trying on sizers so I'm not even sure the difference between all the sports bras; the question is would the yoga top be the same as wearing a sports bra?
I know what you mean about the square boobs.. I had a little laugh the first time I saw them referred to as "spongebob squareboobs" lol. Mine actually were a little square in the beginning. I think it's mostly to do with the muscle? I'm just thinking.. a lot of men who work out have squarish pec muscles.. so maybe because the muscle is lifted (in most cases) and something has been inserted underneath, it gives it the square look? Just a guess! About the yoga top.. I would assume they are equivalent to a minimum support sports bra, and depending on what your PS says, that may be fine for the first while so that they can drop normally. There is generally 3 categories for sports bras.. minimum, medium, and maximum support. I know VS classifies theirs that way and the Nike and Under Armor ones I've bought do too. So hopefully a little advice from your PS will make it an easy choice :)

Pre-Op and Surgery Scheduled!!!

Filled with nervous excitement!!! Pre-op is on August 19th @ 8:15 a.m.. Surgery is on Sept. 4th at noon!

Now that the decision is made I wlll finally share which PS I decided to go with ... I chose Dr. Audrey Farahmand of Ft. Myers (#2 for those who have been following). Denisse my patient care coordinator has been following up with me since the consultation and has been a doll answering all of my questions; very promptly. Today she confirmed the dates and times available and sent a whole slew of information as to what to expect during the Pre-op and what I needed to do. With the information she's given me I will be able to start calling places to have my CBC (blood work) and Mammogram in attempts to schedule them after my appointment. Wish me luck as I really don't want to have to take more days off that absolutely necessary. She sent documents for me to sign and email by to speed up the process and make the most of my appointment. No smoking 2 months prior???? um surgery is scheduled in just over a month. How to quit ... like now!!!
I'm waiting to find out if I'm able to try on sizers with the PS so she can help me finalize the size 325cc or 350cc. I will also ask her opinion if Mod+ or HP would suit me best. At this point I'm just going to have to trust her judgment .. which I do!
I'd love to hear your account of what occurred during your Pre-op appointments and if you have any tips or questions I should be asking. I feel like I'm bombarding my PC rep .. so sad she'll be going back to Medical School and won't be there anymore :(
I hope each of you are doing well in your journey for those who are just beginning to those you are recovering!
My pre-op was all about instructions, signing paperwork and then choosing size. I met 3 of the OR nurses I had not met previously. They gave me my prescriptions. My EKG was over a year old, so she gave me orders to go have one done. We-daughter was with me-ask all of the questions, talked about all of our concerns. Then the fun part. We played with the implants.
Hmm. No word about an EKG? What is that for?
I'm not sure how many PS want one or why. I think mine was probably my age and because I had just quit smoking a few months before.

Where did all the exictment go????

I booked my pre-op (Aug 19th) and surgery (Sept 4th) and since then I just seem blah! I know I'm a very goal oriented person; but this is ridiculous! It seems as though I feel like I accomplished my goal (though I haven't even had surgery) and it's like everything else ... on to tackle the next .. only there is no next! Don't get me wrong; this is something I've wanted for nearly 30 years (soon to be 47 yrs. old) and I haven't changed my mind. I find it weird that I look down and say "they don't seem so small" (when I'm wearing clothes, or even a sports bra); but then I'll catch myself in the mirror naked and say "wth were you thinking??? they are non-existent"! I think choosing a size is really stressing me out as well.
My nipples are very sensitive. I'm freaking out thinking what if they get even more sensitive? I've never been one to get turned on my nipple stimulation (sorry for the tmi), I'm single and not dating right now; but I don't want them to become a turn off!!! Do you think it's because I've been wearing rice sizers and somehow they are irritating me? I only wear them for a few hours and mainly while I'm in bed doing paperwork .. lol or online with RS. Has anyone else had this problem.
I'm also concerned about my plans to stay with my bff. She has 4 kids who are loud and fight quite a bit; and now she has 2 adults and two more kids staying there! I'm thinking this is not the best environment to be recovering; I don't want to be in pain, feeling sick and constipated with all these people and noise. I'm the type that would rather suffer alone and maybe have someone check in on me. Ugg I iwsh I knew how my post op was going to be. Honestly I think my son could help push me off the couch or bed if needed. He's a great cook, and I'd really rather not leave him alone for 2-3 days either. I was determined to get the surgery done Sept. 4th and for a short time my bff wasn't positive she could get her vacation time switched so I asked my dad if he could take me. Of course he said yes and offered his spare bedroom for me as well. Awkward??? I hate to be a burden on anyone too. I have dogs that need taken out too. How far fetched would it be for me to recover at home with my 12 year old son? I think I will be most comfortable in my own home, my dogs and I know my son is more than capable of making sure we both eat. I do plan on making a few dishes that can just be warmed up and a nice bowl of salad that should keep for a day or 2.

***Disclaimer: If you're having any negative thoughts right now you may want to skip this paragraph!!!

It's not helping that I found all this information about flash recovery and so wish it was available here. It just seems so great ... back to normal activities in a day! And it makes so much sense, control bleeding, no blunt dissection, being very gentle. Have you ever watched a video of BA and thought it looked pretty brutal. No wonder our recovery is so long and so much pain. I watched videos where 2 different PS performed the BA and all 3 girls were up going shopping, to dinner etc just 4 hours. No straps, no drains, no narcotics (just Tylenol) and their boobs weren't swollen or riding high. They all looked very natural (went under the muscle) and you'd never guessed they had surgery that morning. Really no down time; in fact they are encouraged to go about their normal routine (assuming their jobs weren't labor intensive). It really makes me wish that there was some miracle that my PS could learn these techniques overnight!!!! Oh and the founder of this technique also has a very concise technique for choosing size. There's basically no wiggle room. Basically you'd get the size that you were at 9 months pregnant (or what you will be if you hadn't had children). He explained the importance of not going too big OR too small and why. All this information on the surgery and measuring system is well published in medical journals so I will definitely be asking my PS about it. Mind you I'm not switching my PS as I know it can take 20 years for doctors to accept new technology as they are like many and are stuck in their ways and what they are comfortable with.

Okay sorry if all that put anyone off. Was not my intention; just wanted to share my findings and feelings. I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same way; but I know if I don't get it out of me I'll drive myself crazy. I've been told that I'm very analytical, and sometimes it gets in the way; but I really like to have all the facts, think things through and make the best decision possible.

I've been trying to stay busy with work and getting ready for my cruise; but for some reason I'm having a hard time even getting excited about that and it's my first cruise. LOL maybe I'm having the "boob blues" ahead of schedule and my recovery will be smooth sailing! Ha get it? I'm going on a cruise .. smooth sailing!

Okay now that you all think I've totally lost my mind; I should go clean my house start packing, oh I need to make an appointment to get my mammogram done (not looking forward to that), the list goes on.

Good luck to those having surgery today and I wish you all a very speedy recover =)
And I agree with everyone else. It sounds like recovery at home is best! Enjoy your cruise!
Thank you!. I'm trying to get everything in order before i go. Red suggested i do a deep clean on my house. Lol i do it for everyone else but have a hard time doing it for myself ... especially when i know I'll begdoing it again in just a few weeks! Holy crap! My sugary will be just two weeks after I get back!
Hey lady :). I completely agree with Red.. recover at home! Honestly I could have easily done it by myself if I didn't have a toddler. I'm sure your son will be amazing and will probably exceed your expectations with being helpful. I didn't have the flash recovery and I never had any pain, nausea, or the need for pain meds, so you could very well be the same way!

Frustrated ... Excuses on why I shouldn't have a BA

So my oldest daughter (the one I knew I would get the least support from) was texting me today about bringing cocktail dress for the cruise, blah blah blah. I decided it was a good time to let her know my decision to recover home alone instead of my BFF (my daughter does not like her, but who does she like?) and asked her if she had school on Thursdays. She said no so I asked her if she could please bring dinner over the night of the surgery for me and her brother. She asked me if I had seen a regular doctor and ob-gyn. She knows I don't have insurance and yes though one should probably have regular check ups; knows I don't go unless I have to; which I haven't had to since my 12 yr old son was born. She told me that she couldn't get behind me on this unless I did; (which includes "driving out of my way to bring you dinner". I explained to her that I was getting a mammogram even though my PS would allow me to sign a waiver should I not get one; and that I would not be allowed to have surgery unless I passed the blood test. She said that was not good enough because they are not checking for all "aliments". A part of me feels like she cares; but mostly I feel like she's trying to manipulate me into doing something I don't deem necessary. If I have cancer or some other long term illness; honestly I don't want to know! I know it may sound stupid to most of you. But I don't have insurance and what am I supposed to do about it if I'm diagnosed with some horrible "ailment". She thinks I should take the money I have available (carecredit) to take care of myself. Um If I have cancer or whatever; I hardly think my available balance is going to cover a whole heck of a lot! Yes I smoke (less than a pack a day). I don't drink ... ever. My job is very physically demanding with often times 15+ hours a day; I constantly outlast my helpers half my age. I think I am in great health!
This may sound nuts; but if for some unknown reason my time on this earth is limited; then I'm going to enjoy having a nice rack up until that time! I love my daughter dearly; but I am not going to let her manipulate me for whatever her reason to keep me from getting a BA. Nor do I want to be told that I'm too old and why do I care about having tits? Seriously??? I have plenty of insecurities; but I think I look damn good for being almost 47 and having 4 kids. I worked my ass off to raise 4 kids alone and I'm entitled to do something for myself now that I'm finally financially able to. My oldest daughter is like my mother; it doesn't matter what I do, how successful I am, how many struggles I've overcome .. it's never enough and I'm never going to be whatever it is they want me to be.
I appreciate your support, you're welcome to comment; but PLEASE .. I don't want a lecture about getting routine exams. I guess this is more for me to vent (thank you for listening); and also for other women who may have family members who are not so supportive to know they are not alone. It kind of sucks sharing such personal information; but it's nice to get it out too. Geez I need a life! lol
SWFL Mom, if we lived in the same town, I'd definitely help take care of you! :-) I had my BA almost 8 weeks ago. I also have a 12 yr old son. I think BethH suggestion is excellent. I was fortunate to have other people at home take care of me, but my 12 yr old was amazingly sweet and very attentive of me post-op. I did not want to tell him exactly what I am having done, unfortunately, I left the computer on where I googled "how to tell your kids about BA". He was amused when he found out, and I just explained that although I love myself, I just want to get this done so my dress fits better. ;-) He understood with no questions. So anyway, after the surgery, even though other people were there that can take care of me, he was the one warming up soup, fluffing pillows, even begged for me to sleep to on his bed at night so he can take care of me then too. What I'm saying is: yes, I think 12 year olds are more capable than you think. Just make sure you have back ups who can come right away, in case you need more help than he can handle. I'm looking forward to your updates. Best of luck!
Ahh how sweet! Florida is a nice place to visit =) My son doesn't seem too interested in the whole BA thing. He could care less one way or the other. That's so cute that he wanted you to sleep with him. My son has been camping out on the sofa all summer; I think he's not going to be happy that I'm going to be taking it over! lol He can sleep on the loveseat next to me! lol I think he'll be more upset that he won't be able to play xbox when I'm home! He's kinda spoiled that way. I'm content to hang out in my room and leave him the big TV to play his games and watch TV. I know he's more than capable of fending for himself. I work long hours and he's often having to fix himself something for dinner .. one of these days I'll have him trained to have dinner ready when I get home! But seriously he's a great kid and I couldn't ask for a better 12 year old . My dad lives 3.5 miles away. My biggest concern is the 1st 2 days; he'll be at school most of the day so I hope I'm able to get off the couch on my own!
I just love your review. So real, so honest! Have you decided where you'll recover? Maybe all the people that have offered their place to you could all take shifts checking on you? Ideally you would have your dad spend one night at your house and then your bff the next night. Just in case of anything too urgent your son couldn't take care of on his own. By day 3, you could swing it on your own. Just a thought. Keep us posted!

Bloodwork DONE!!!

Crossing my fingers everything comes out okay. I have a history of being anemic and had to postpone my biopsy for a lump in my breast when I was 17 so I'm a bit nervous. My children used to fail the hemoglobin tests until I learned to give them spinach the night before they were to have any tests done. I would think that with the cruise and eating at least 3 times a day that I would be fine, but I made some broccoli with dinner last night and took a vitamin this morning .. wish me luck!

Pre-op done and surgery paid for. HOLY SH##!!!!!

Pre-op, check. Surgery paid in full, check. Size selected not checked. So I went in thinking 325 or 350cc. I tried on shirts with 325cc and said no. The PS sizing system was such you coil really view a set so i asked the PCC to grab more sizes from another room so i could actually see both breasts in the same size. I was done playing with the combos i could make with what i had and was bored so for giggles i popped in a 450. Then the confusion began ... they actually looked pretty darn good ... until i tried on a bikini top. So then i looked at the sizing chart for my BWD and for standard profile and being a 14/14 it said 385cc would give me the best results. Based on the look I'm going for I need Moderate+; according to the chart the best size is 475cc. Are they out of their friggin minds??? No way am I going with 475cc! So the PS suggested I try 400cc. Based on my wish pics she had said that I was leaning towards the bigger size and every pic I showed her was Mod+. I tried 400cc and they both agreed it suited me very well. Everyone I told I was getting 400cc looked at me like I was crazy! The number is scaring the cap outta me!
Below I'm going to attach pics of both sizes ... please help me decide


Pics with 400cc sizers

400cc .. the number I should freaking me out!

I'm thinking the number is HUGE. I want a natural look but at the same time want that upper fullness that I'm seriously lacking. After showing wish pics of similar height and weight the PS suggested that 400cc would get me where I wanted to be. Now I'm second guessing myself. She did remaster me and said that my ribs are actually 14/15 but my natural breaststroke actually protrude further ... more like a 16/17. Said I was quite petite but 400cc looked proportionate to my size. She even had me stand facing her and from both sides. In writing this I sound like I'm trying to talk myself into this and maybe not let people who say 400cc for my frame influence me. Should i trust her judgement or my friends. When i show them the pics they say i don't look much larger than with my padded bra and yoga top; but the numbers freak them out too. If the other PS said 350cc would put me at a full C/small D. Would 400 put me at a DD? or god forbid bigger? I think cup size D is freaking me out to. So I'm sitting here remembering that I'm not supposed to decide by cc or cup size ... but i CAN'T!
This is a huge decision ... one that i don't want to regret. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
BTW the sizers are supposed to account for going under the muscle but i find that hard to believe ... not everyone goes under.
Looks good! I really do not see a noticeable difference. You should go for the 400. It looks like your frame can take it well.
Thank you! I don't either; but the numbers ....

16 days and counting!!!! Typos ....

How embarrassing ... I just read my new posts (created on phone) and saw all the typos! lol I'm going to figure all of you are very intelligent women and can figure out what I was really trying to say. Boy do I feel stupid lol ;)
As a side note I forgot to mention that the PS will have both a 400cc and a 375cc on hand in the OR. It's just case for any reason the 400cc makes closing the incision difficult she can insert the 375cc instead. This makes me feel a whole lot better as I can still tell her to just go with the 375's on the day of surgery. 16 more days!!!!
One more thought: since you lose 10% volume by going under muscle, if you like the look of 375, then you should go 400. We are literally talking about 3 tbsp here. :-)
Actually I never tried on 375cc . Just 300 (too small), 350 (just about right), 450 (hell no!) and 400cc. I was certain I'd decide on 350, but got bored waiting and tried on 450 (next molded size without having to add a smaller sizer). Then read the chart suggesting 475cc. and since I already knew that was too big the PS suggested 400 cc. She stated that the Mentor sizers already account for going under the muscle. Still confused :(
You are going to look wonderful, either way. So excited for you!

Prescriptions filled. 400cc Rice sizers. 2 weejs from today.

I had some time to kill in between jobs so I figured I would drop off my prescriptions and pick them up on the way home. It cost more than I had thought ($94.37; was told $80.00), but they were ready in 15 minutes. I received pain meds, antibiotics, anti anxiety and anti nausea meds. If you want specific types and dosage; let me know. I was actually kind of hoping for a muscle relaxer as well. Mind you I HATE taking medicine of any sort ... especially swallowing pills! Now I'm just waiting to get my mammogram done .. hopefully on the 2nd; but by then I think it'll be too late since the surgery is on the 4th and not enough time in between to get the results. Please ... let it be normal!!! I had my blood work done on Monday; I was told results would be in 3 days. I haven't heard from my PS; but I'm still nervous that I may show being anemic ... crossing fingers. If there's any chance of needing to reschedule; I'm screwed! I need to have this done ASAP so I'll be completely healed for our busy season.

So I've been stressed out over many things (new helper ready to work on her own, she's still slow and not thorough enough), lab work results, recovering pretty much alone. The one thing I thought for sure I'd have settled is the size. I've really been thinking that 400 cc is too much for my petite frame. It's been bothering me a lot. I absolutely don't want to be any bigger than a small baby D and I think 400cc will be pushing me to a DD land. I don't know if I'm right or not. Problem is my PS said she would "order" 400cc and have 375cc just in case. I'm not sure if I should tell her to bring along a 350cc too! Can it hurt? I mean do they stock them and just bring them to the surgical center or do they really order them??? I really don't want to "settle" on a size. I want to know without a doubt. I think the sizes of wish pictures got misconstrued as what size I wanted to be versus the shape. Uggg I'm stressed!!!

I made 400cc rice sizers. In my opinion what I made at home is NOTHING like what I tried on in the office. When I put these in I was immediately like NO NO NO!!!. Makes me even more confused. Frustrated more like it! Cup sizes, over, under, arm pit, areola, crease, shaped or round, smooth or texture, measurements, charts .. the list goes on and on and on. For all you ladies you made their decisions and are thrilled with their results .. PLEASE TELL ME YOUR SECRET! I know I'm not the only one who feels like this. Yes I'm analytical; but this is just ridiculous! lol Those anti anxiety pills are really starting to look good right now! Can I take them 2 weeks early???? lmbo! JK!!!
I think I'm going to be exactly like you when my time comes! I here myself in your words lol,
That's too funny! I wish I could just shut my brain off; fly by the seat of my pants and just hope for the best :) Those Zanax are sounding better and better :)
How did the rice sizers compare? I'm curious. Why NO, NO, NO?

stumbling blocks along the way :(

Some of you may know that I own a cleaning business and I was told that due to the nature of my job I need to take a month off and how much that was stressing me out ... oh and I was suppose to quit smoking last Thursday!!!!

My newest helper called off work 3 minutes before her scheduled time (twice in 2 weeks) which left me working until 8:30 p.m. ... thank goodness there weren't any real time restrictions as a tyical job as to be finished within business hours. Needless to say I had to let her go. And now to top it all off ....My team leader who covers the Sarasota/Venice area informs me that this will be his last week. I knew he was having concerns and what makes this harder is that he is my daughter's fiancé. A very long story short; I pissed that he is doing this to me NOW!!! He knows I scheduled my surgery and that it is paid for; knows that I will not be able to work for at least 2 weeks. What am I supposed to do just give up those clients? Unbelievable!!!! I am so screwed!!! I'm left scrambling trying to figure out what to do. I AM NOT going to cancel my surgery!!!! If I don't do this now; I'll have to wait until next May or June!!! It's less than 2 weeks from my surgery date so I'll lost $$ if I cancel... either way I'm going to lose money now :(

I just don't understand most people. I mean most of us here has set a goal to get a BA. We've worked long and hard (It's taken me 30 years) to get within arms reach. What happened to work ethics? Loyalty? Taking pride in ones work? How do people just quit or just don't even bother working when they are scheduled? And when they do work; slack off most of the time and/or do a half ass job? Boy I'm on a rage today!!!! I work hard. I take great pride in the work I do. I'm dependable, honest and gain a sense of satisfaction knowing I'm paying my own way in life helping others. No it's not a glamorous job; but I try to look on the positive side. I really don't think what I do is anything special. I don't even think it's how I was raised. I just believe in treating people how I'd like to be treated. When I clean a house; I do it how I'd expect it to be done if I were paying someone my hard earned money. I don't take my clients (boss) for granted because I know I'm the first one to get let go if finances become an issue. I appreciate everything I have; but most importantly I'm proud of what I've been able to accomplish in a short period of time. Now I have so many people who claim they need to work, have bills to pay, children to feed and clothe yet ... this is what I get in return???

Haha it's not like the decison of 350, 375 or 400cc, recovery etc. doesn't have me stressed out enough?

I'm bound and determined to figure this out ... just had to get this out of me so maybe I can focus. Again this is a rare time that I wish I didn't own a business. That I had a job with benefits and vacation time and didn't have to worry about how business was going to fare when I'm recovering. Prayers, thoughts, and overall good mojo my way would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks for listening!
Good luck to those about to have the BA and happy healing to those in recovery!
I'm sorry to hear you are having to deal with all this :(. Your team leader that quit.. is he the fiancé of the not so supportive daughter? I would hate to think it was intentional.. Do you think? Both my parents own their own companies so I see the kind of stress and responsibility that comes with it, its horrible that you have to have these added worries right before a surgery! Make sure you do everything you possibly can to get enough rest and keep your immune system strong. I think your determined attitude is wonderful.. why the heck should you give up or postpone something so important to you that you have worked hard to achieve? And you are so right about how most people's work ethic has deteriorated.. I notice it all the time, almost everywhere I go. It seems like many people just have a sense of entitlement and don't feel that they should have to work hard to get paid. Or feel that its ok to not show up because they are hungover or think its ok to steal things that they think no one will miss... craziness!! Well good luck with getting everything in order, I'm sending some positive energy your way asap!!

Surgery in 1 week and 3 hours away!!!!!

Nervous excitement!!!

I have to say that my PS surgeon's staff is absolutely amazing! I emailed my PS several times expressing my concerns with choosing a size; particularly going too large with 400cc. My head is all mixed up with going by the charts wanting to make sure I fill the BWD but looking very natural as well. I don't want to be busty. She's been such a doll. I had asked if the PS could bring sizers on the day of surgery so I can try them on one more time and to bring 350cc so I at least have the option since from I was told she was only bringing in 375 and 400cc Mod+. She's been very reassuring that the choice is completely up to me. I was bummed that I didn't have time to go in again to try on sizers.

Last night I put the 400cc rice sizers in again. I honestly do not think they are comparable to the Mentor (tear drop shaped) sizers; they appear MUCH bigger. The good news is that all my tops but 1 Hollister button down shirt fit. The Hollister shirt was a bit snug (it shrunk; mostly in the length) beforehand but I could still get it buttoned without the fabric pulling. I cannot tell you how relieved that made me!!! I've said several times that I didn't want to have to buy all new tops; I love the ones I have =) I had asked which sizer was more realistic since rice ones were round and theirs were shaped. She told me I should go by the Mentor sizers and not be concerned about the chart since it's really for the PS to use to obtain the look we are hoping to achieve.

Great news!!!! I emailed my PCC late last night letting them know I had a cancelation today and asked if there was any way possible for me to come in today to try on sizers .. She said YES!!!! I really hope this helps me decide on a size .. if not I'm going to have to trust my PS to choose for me.

So stressed out about business; it's making it VERY difficult to quit smoking. Some things are falling into place; but still have a ways to go. Honestly I'm just an over thinker and even if everything lined up perfectly; I'd still stress out! Gotta learn to just BREATH!!!! Remember not to stress over things that I have no control of (tell that to a control freak!). I have a best case scenario and worst case: tell my clients in Sarasota/Venice that Micheal is quitting; I'm having surgery and I need to put them on hold for 3-4 weeks. I have wonderful clients and I think most if not all will be understanding. My biggest thing is not inconveniencing them and appearing unreliable since it's a major problem down here. I just gotta keep telling myself that I've proven that my services are superior to those they've had in the past and if they have to wait ... I'm worth it. Anyways for the most part I've cut down on smoking for the most part. The high stress days ... not so much. My surgery is at noon on Sept. 4th; I've got to be strong and say NO MORE after noon today! My PS wanted me to quit a week ago ... that didn't happen so I've got to do it now! Wish me luck ..
Oh my goodness, you have so much going on! Stop worrying about the size. Your PS will take care of that. I thought the 300 rice sizers looked way too big on me and my 325 implants look awesome so far. Trust in your PS. I hope everything falls into place with your business. Sending well wishes!
Thanks a bunch. I will have to agree that the rice sizes appear much bigger. I think it's because it doesn't account for going under. I just made 350cc sizers since I have it fresh in my mind what to Mentors looked like. You are so right. I'm going to print a collage of pics and give them to my PS the day of surgery and leave it up to her. And you really do look awesome! Thanks for the well wishes!
hi there! our surgery dates are a day apart from each other. i'm so nervous!! what size are you confirm on having? under the muscles and what type of incisions?

New boobies just two days away!

Still need to pick up some rubbing alcohol to make ice packs. And jello for easy snacks in case I'm naseaus.
Still debating on 350cc or 375cc. So close I'm not even going to stress about it. I'll leave it up to my PS.

Quitting smoking has been brutal. Haven't completely quit but only had 2 yesterday so we'll see how today and tomorrow goes. My PS gave me anti anxiety meds. I should look into those and see if they'll help me quit. I think she said they make you tired though :( I know she said not to take it the day of. Hopefully she won't cancel surgery.

Surgery time moved up one hour. Happy about that; one less hour to stress. Lol. I still don't have it set in stone who is taking me!

This is where my over analyzing pays off. I stressed and worried and stressed and worried. Always thinking of what's the worst thing that could happen? Plan for it and have at least 2 back up plans. Some people think it's a very negative way of thinking but i disagree. I know whatever I do it's been researched and we'll thought out. I've done my best and worrying and stressing aren't going to make anything better so just enjoy.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Thursday is surgery day. Clean a bit and make sure my assistant knows what she's doing Thursday and Friday and has what she needs.

good luck to those having surgery today and happy healing to those recovering!
Good luck tomorrow!!!
Thank you!
My c-section was WAY worse of a recovery! I thought you would want to know that. I had my oldest who is 5 and it was a very drama-free birth so I really wanted to deliver my twins the same way. Isabelle had another idea. Olivia was born naturally and an hour and a half later Isabelle was born via C-section. I was comparing THIS recovery to my twin birth recovery and it wasn't even in the same ball park! I know my c-section was extreme but I really think you'll have an easier time with this recovery. If you have to be alone during the first 48 hours, leave plenty of bottles of water right where you can get them with the tops twisted off. You won't be able to open them. Put your pills in something you can open...like zip-lock bags labeled with permanent marker so you know what they are and how often you should take them. Put something on your bed in case you get sick, like a bucket. This all sounds extreme but it's so short! My surgery was on Wed. and by Friday morning I gave up on the pain pills and have been shocked with how good I feel. You're going to do great! Don't worry about the month long restrictions...take it one chunk at a time. My first goal was to get to my first pre-op, which was today. My Dr. clarified my restrictions until I see him again...three weeks from today. Just one step at a time. I was really discouraged because he told me today I can't work out at all for at least 2 more weeks and then low impact, light exercise. I'm bummed, but it's only a few weeks of my life and I have been wanting this for so long so I'm not going to mess it up now! I hope that helps...you're going to do great!

Today is the day I get new boobies

Surgery should start in 70 minutes; wish me luck!
Best of luck!! Post updates when you are able :)
Good luck lady, I'm sure you'll do great :). Keep us posted!


Yep that's right. Dr. Farahmand canceled my sugery because i had not completely stopped smoking. So for those of you whose PS says to quit either quit or look for someone else. I had the IV in and everything. Needless to say I'm pissed beyond words. So much work and effort put in for nothing.
I immediately called PS #2 and she said there was no problem with smoking with a simple BA. She confirmed it with the PS and now I'm scheduled for Tuesday. Hopefully my refund of $5200 will reflect on my account by then. I know how they like to be paid in full 2 weeks in advance. I have a pre-op today at 2:00 so hopefully we can work something out.
Holy crap! Talk about not communicating with your patient!? Hope you get it all worked out with PS #2 AND can keep your blood pressure down through it all!! What a bummer...
I'm livid to say the least. I have a surgery date with PS#2 for Tuesday; but I need this one to refund my CareCredit card today. She told me that if I found another PS who would perform the BA while I was still smoking that she would refund ALL my money. I called 3 times and I have not heard back .. can you say PISSED OFF????
Wow. They cancelled surgery?!! My jaw just dropped. Must have been so upsetting!!! After everything you have to go through to get this scheduled. So sorry to hear that.... So I'm curious - will those Nicotine patches work? Or would that have same effect? How about taking Wellbutrin? It's a medicine that helps people who wants to quit smoking.

2nd Surgery schedule ... a day from hell!

My surgery for today was canceled because I didn't fully quit smoking. I called PS #27 and they scheduled me for surgery on Sept 9th. I've spoken with Dr. F's office 3 times today regarding crediting my account so that I can pay another surgeon who is actually going to peform the surgery. I was told by CareCredit that it could take 7-10 business days. I stated that my next surgery is scheduled in only 5 days and I needed it done now. She told me that if they would refund the money today then they will do their best to expedite reflecting my available balance within 24-48 hours.
I'm surprised that PS#2 actually went ahead and booked my date knowing I have this obstacle to overcome. She was actually looking for a time slot for today or tomorrow but didn't have an anesthesiologist available until Tuesday so I got the 1st appointment time. She asked me to come in for a pre op today. In a way I'm glad I already did all the leg work with the other PS since this one doesn't even do the whole sizers thing. You just show him wish boobs and he gives you what you want. I told him I was undecided between 350cc-375cc and he said it was very doable. He puts sizers in during surgery; sits you up and compares your wish pics and decides which one will give the best results. I'm not too sure if I would have gone with him had I not already gone through trying on sizers. He is a top rated Board Certified Surgeon who also studied at the Mayo Clinic so I'm confident he will do a great job.
It's now after 5:00 and I still haven't heard back from my PCC at Dr. F office. Dr. F said she would give me all my money back and the PCC just didn't to confirm it but said Dr. F was in surgery so she'd call me back when she was able to speak with her. Imagine how pissed I was knowing that my PS was happily working on someone else not even 15 minutes after she canceled me. Guess they gotta keep that $$$ rolling in! That was 6 hours ago and yet I haven't heard back from them or have they sent my blood work results to PS#2. I'll be even more pissed if the charge me for hooking me up to an IV or for the pregnancy test. I told them I didn't need a pregnancy test. I'm 47 yrs old, on my period now ... not to mention I haven't had sex in well ... a VERY LONG TIME!

Looks like I'll be on pins and needles until I know that money has been refunded so that my surgery on Tuesday can go on as scheduled. I don't even want to think about how upset I'll be if that one gets canceled too!
Just a little fyi for ya...Before my surgery I talked to two of my friends who also had theirs done...the verdict: Go big or go home. If your gonna be a bear, be a grizzly. lol I went with 510cc and I must say I am glad I did. My nurse was very helpful in advising me that if you want boobies, it's better to go a bit bigger and not have 'boob greed' afterwards. She herself had them done and was speaking from experience. Almost everyone I talked to (including nurses, dental hygienist, hairdressers, nail tech's, strippers..) said if they could do it over again, they would upsize after the swelling came down and they finally 'settled in'. I don't want to confuse you but if you want more volume, don't be afraid to ask. In the long run YOU are the one who will be strutting those ta ta's around. I'm not saying' go porn star or anything (lol) but consider that if you are paying for the procedure it's good to get your $$ worth. ;)
Thank you Rosalind! When I started this journey I was thinking 300cc. Now I'm down to 350cc-375cc. At this point I will let my PS decide based on wish pics. Either way I'm sure I'll be happy :)
What a mess!! I really hope it works out for Tuesday. Good luck!


If you've been following my journey you know my PS canceled my surgery for not quitting smoking. Of course I was livid .. still upset but I'm moving forward. As soon as I got in the car I called PS#2 Dr. Ritrosky and asked if he had a problem if I smoked and was told so long as it was a BA and not a lift, tummy tuck or lipo they didn't have a problem. I researched this a lot and although there are a few PS that will not perform a BA surgery on smokers most will due to the small incisions and short period of anesthesia. Obviously I'm not advocating smoking; it's a horrible disgusting habit and yes I rationalize that my habit keeps me out of jail.
I had my pre-op with Dr. R and staff yesterday. I was so happy they were able to get me in the same day and schedule my surgery for Tuesday. Dr. F. office finally called me this morning to let me know that they refunded 100% of the money I paid and my new PCC was able to get my blood work results from LabCorp faxed over. All I need now is for CareCredit to reflect the $5200 credit so Dr. R's office can be paid. Everything is looking really good so far and I'm actually starting to get excited ... something I wasn't until today. Strange huh?
I'm completely amazed at how quickly Dr. F's office is taking care of everything. I can't even count the number of phone calls that went back forth today. My PCC (Maggie) is superwoman! I liked her from the very beginning from my very 1st meeting with her. So sweet. I can't believe she actually called LabCorp waited on hold forever only to be told that they couldn't find me in their system! Turns out there was a typo; they entered my birthdate as 01/01 instead of 10/01!!!!. Thank goodness I had time to stop by the lab to find out what was going on! So glad they were able to get my results faxed over. It saved me a trip from having to drive all the way back to Fort Myers just to sign a medical release form in order to get a copy from Dr. F. My surgery nurse also called me today to go over my pre-op and what to expect prior to, during and after surgery. It's amazing how each office is so different.
Although I'm upset that Dr. F would not perform the surgery; I do respect her decision. It's her business and I understand that she didn't want to risk complications on her record and she has every right to protect her reputation any way she sees fit. I commend her staff as I still think the PCC's there are amazing women. Kimberly was very polite (despite my ranting), wished me well and did everything I asked in order to get my refund made ASAP. I would still recommend Dr. Farahmand as I think she would have done amazing work; just if you smoke; you either need to quit or choose another PS.
Although Dr. R will do the surgery despite the fact that I smoke; I am still trying to cut back. I went from a pack a day to 2 a day for the days prior to my original scheduled surgery date. Obviously yesterday was a very high stress day and I probably smoked 3/4 a pack; I'm now back to trying to stay between 6-10 a day (Dr. R's suggestion). I know smoking is bad. We all know it. Not looking to give anyone a lecture; nor am I looking for one. We all do things we know we shouldn't. I don't drink, eat as healthy as possible and lead a very active lifestyle that keeps me fit. One day I will quit. Just from cutting back I noticed a difference in how I feel; quitting will be even better.

Differences between PS #3 and PS #2

I think I'm in a very unique situation where I've gone through consultations and pre-op with 2 different surgeons and thought you might be interested in the differences.

PS #3 the original surgeon I chose. (To see why you'll have to read from the beginning) Measured me and let me try on sizers during the 1st consultation. PS#2 (and #1) did not and does not have you try on sizers. PS #2 just has you show 2 wish pics. (Honestly I do not like this, so I'm very grateful that I already had this opportunity. I would not feel comfortable going into surgery without a clue as to how many cc's I'd be or had a good idea on how they would look. Maybe PS #2 is just that good and he can give you exactly what you're looking for solely based on pics; I'm by no means no expert).

PS #2 uses general anesthesia; PS #3 uses IV sedation (no intubation requited ... YAY!!!); however PS #3 uses a board certified anesthesiologist and should a need arise they can immediately intubate and use general anesthesia.

Both PS provides a surgical bra afterwards.

PS #3 was adamant about sleeping inclined and never laying flat. PS #2 suggested being inclined as much as possible but not to stress out over it.

PS #2 says 1 month of no working; no if's ands or buts. PS #3 says I can work (taking it easy) after 1 week and to let my body gauge how much I can handle.

Both PS says no strap, no drains YAY AND double YAY!!!!

PS #2 uses stitches that dissolve; while PS #3 will remove stiches in 7-10 days; both say I can shower 24 hours after surgery.

PS #2 said no vitamins or minerals prior to surgery; PS #3 encourages you to take multi-vitamins. (I don't typically take them; but started today)

PS #3 said to limit salt intake for the next few days prior to surgery (makes you retain fluid) and 2 weeks post op. PS #2 said nothing of salt intake.

PS #3 said do not shave underarms day of or before surgery. Kinda strange; but I suppose it makes a little bit of sense.

That's all I can remember off hand. I'm curious as to my massage instructions that I'll be getting. PS #2 wasn't going to let me massage or do any sort of stretching exercises for 3-4 weeks. I wasn't happy to hear that since I've read so many women say how much it helps them feel better.

We've all read how each PS has their own way of doing things. From surgical bras 24/7 for 3 weeks to no bra at all; some make you wear a strap and others don't etc. etc. I'm not saying one is right and the other is wrong. It's just based upon their experiences and what works for them ... very interesting to me.
Sorry I have been MIA, but personal matters...................Honey GO BIG. You have read my profile right?! DO NOT LET NUMBERS SCARE YOU. Forget the number, go for the look. I let the high number scare me and I regret it. I should have gone 500, but thought "500! No way can I go that big!" The number one regret/mistake...........I didn't go big enough. You have the stats to carry them, you won't look like a porn star. I went with 425 and now after all the months have passed, they are settled, have finished the dropping and fluffing, I'm not a full, complete C cup. I wear a C cup, a B is way too small, but I don't completely fill the C either. Go for the nigger size. The first few weeks, you may think they are too big, but honey they change so much in the first few months. But whatever you decide, you will look great. I'm sorry I haven't been here for you through all the drama and I won't say I told you..........nope, won't say it.
I am so sorry for the typo. Of course, my typo would be offensive. :-(
At least you caught your error! lol

Hopefully today is the day !

So excited but will be nervous until I'm actually being wheeled into OR. wish me luck
Hey lady, sorry I didn't get here before you left. I'm thinking of you and can't wait to hear from you.
PS is finally here. Just waiting for anesthesiologist to give me my juice! Here i go! FINALLY!
Good luck!! You deserve this after everything! I'm a smoker also and my PS said to cut down...he would rather me stop. Um...how the hell am I supposed to stop during the most stressful time of my life?? Keep us posted..Wishing you the best surgery and recovery!!

I finally have boobies!!!

Just a brief update. 1st and most importantly I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and tremendous support. It means so very much to me. I'm at my dad's house. My dad ended up taking me and picking me up and thought I should come here since I was so loopy and walking right after was an issue. It's now 8:00 and in feeling pretty good. Very tight and typical pressure; mostly just very tired. I'm due for more pain meds but not really in much pain but will take 1/2 pill just in case.
More later. He ended up putting in 37signals round smooth mod+. Loving them so far. No bandages or drains. Sooo happy about that!
Gosh, I'm so sorry you were all hooked up and ready to go, when they pulled the plug on the original surgery. I hate getting nervous for nothing! Glad everything worked out for you and your hanging out at your dad's house. Praying for 2 a day so you can heal well!!! Keep us posted!
Thank you Beth. Do you know how I can change the PS name since I had to switch doctors?
Hey! Sorry I wasn't around here to support you through that ordeal.. I was out of town and no internet. Sounds like it was an extremely disappointing situation, but I am so happy to hear that everything worked out and you were able to get a new surgery date so soon!! I hope you are doing well, looking forward to seeing pics soon :)

Post-op Day 2

Quick Note. Feeling and looking great. So far I think the 375cc were a great choice. Not much pain at all. Slightly dizzy right after taking the pain medication. Been sleeping on and off the past few days. It's been nice to get some much needed rest. Will do a full update with pics soon!
Hey SWFL, I went ahead and made the doctor change for you. Let me know if it's not correct. Happy healing!

2 days post op

Was sent home with just gauze on incision and bra. What do to think? I sure hope those are bra marks on the side and NOT the implant. Any gueses?
You look wonderful! They aren't even misshaped or very swollen! Isn't it nice to not be all bandaged up? I also just had a little strip of gauze right over the incision, and then a clear plastic patch over so that I could shower. I'm excited to watch your progress I think they are gonna be perfect!
Thank you Anna! Yes I am thrilled not to be all bandaged up! They said I could shower 24 hours after but I've been waiting until I didn't feel woozy since I didn't want my dad or son to have to rescue me in the shower. I'm wondering how I take the strip of gauze off without removing the steri strip. The nurse says not to worry since I have no outside stitches but I'm a bit scared. They LOOK a little small but there's way more than a "handful" now as opposed to the half a hand before. I think they're going to end up a really good size for me. Today when I take a breath it kind of feels like heartburn ... any idea what that's all about?
Good idea on waiting for the shower. I was allowed to shower after 24 hours also, but wasn't really feeling up to trying to wash my hair so I just had a bath. Felt fine in the bath, but I almost fainted when I got out! I slowly laid down on the floor and stayed there for a few minutes and then I was fine lol but not a good feeling. Have you had your first post op apt yet? They took the tape and gauze off for me at my first appointment. As far as the heartburn feeling, I have no idea what that could be. Probably nothing too serious but if it persists I would give them a call!

3 days post op/ incisions

It's now been 3 days. Yesterday was blah. Tummy has been grumbling but no bm yet. Tummy isn't hard but firm (wish it were ab muscle I was feeling). My dad is bringing me some MOM'S today so hopefully I'll "go" before it gets bad. Took off the gauze pads and was very pleased to see there was very little blood and no oozing. Had my 1st shower today. Felt pretty good; although now I'm light headed. Last night i was trying to put a pillow on top of me (I'm used to cuddling with a pillow) and dropped it ... who knew how heavy a pillow could be? My right boob feels like it got punched!
Yesterday I only took my pain medication (1/2 a pill) and was very pleased that the pain was very manageable. I'm wondering if being off them allowed for me to feel my tummy hurting or if it's just a coincidence. I was hoping to switch to Tylenol today but after the pillow beating me up I think I'll continue with 1/2 pill as needed. No appetite. When I do eat I feel very full on a small amount. It kind if felt like I had heat burn on both sides all day. I'm guessing it's signs on constipation?
Without the gauze to cushion the incision my brain is pressing against them and they're a bit more tender. I may have to rig some padding or try a difference bra.
Overall I'm very pleased with my recovery process. My new boonies look a bit strange, are high and tight but by no means hard like some women descibe. I think I'm going to have very nice results.
You look great! ! Hope all is well!! 8mg doing great over here with my new 450cc. I can't wait for them to wiggle their way into place. It's gonna be so nice!!
Looks really good so early! Congratulations!
Thank you so much! I so happy after everything i went through to get here ... those bad days are starting to be a blur.

Ups and downs

The good news is ... I pooped! Not much but yay! I took 2 doses of M.O.M and it seemed to do the job.
Bad news is I'm not off the pain medication like I was hoping. I wonder of I were prescribed a muscle relaxer if it were to have made a difference. Honestly I didn't even try Tylenol; but did ice the morning boob. I'm not even sure how to explain the pain. My right boob feels much tighter. The band has been hurting but mostly it's almost like bad heartburn combined with something that feels like electrical currents ... mainly on the side. The incision aches every now and then. With 1/2 hydrocodone the pain is a 1; 2 when i get up ... without; it's a 5 or 6. No point in feeling any discomfort so i went ahead and took half a pill.
Three cheers for pooping! Lol come on who else but us can praise you for that?!
I'm jealous!!!! I'm dying over here! I look 5 months prego...with prego boobs to match! What was your trick?
I'm not sure if you are asking me but I think the main thing that helped me was I never took any narcotics. I drink water like crazy...it's the only thing I drink basically. That and lots of walking. Good luck!


I just listened to a voice mail from a client who was not happy with my helpers work! This was my BIGGEST fear!I know this lady is psycho but how psycho is she? Now I'm really worried about the move out clean she did for my favorite client! And clients the rest of the week. I'm just beside myself right now! Really thinking i should go back to work tomorrow. Funny how i just said I was not going back for at least a week! FML
Wow! That's the last thing you need right now. Hope everything works out for you. Sending positive thoughts your way.
Thank you happy wife! I really appreciate your support. I'm such a control freak ... not to mention that my business is my sole source of income. I can't afford to lose clients.It just sucks that as far as work goes i can't do much more than lie here or put myself and and twins at risk.
Sorry to hear about work! Maybe you can go back just to supervise. Remember you are still prone to hematoma. It is not worth it!

pics from day 5

Yesterday (day 5) was overall a good day. My daughter and SIL just bought a new house and the whole family went to see it. Spent about 1.5 hours there. I took 1/2 a pill when I woke up. Driving was okay. Pulling into a parking spot not as easy. We all went to lunch and by then my back really started hurting. For some reason my other daughter's truck battery died so I ended up staying to let then use my SUV to jump it which took a while :( During lunch my grand daughter ran up to me to give me a hug and ran into my left boobie. Scared me for a bit but luckily I blocked a lot of the impact with my hands. My youngest daughter kept literally peeking down my shirt ... right in the middle of the parking lot! She wants to go bigger than me ... I'm no! She's barely 5 ft tall and not even 90lbs! My oldest (unsupportive) daughter didn't say a word; which is fine. I'd rather her keep her mouth shut than say anything negative. My son and I went to Publix to get a few grocery items and I couldn't wait to get it done and over with. I couldn't wait to get home! By this time the pain medication had long wore off and I just wanted to lie down. I honestly thought I'd sleep the rest of the day! Buy nope! Typical me for some reason when I'm really tired I just can't sleep. Lol I should have taken a pill but I'm trying to get off them. All in all I felt somewhat human again just getting out of the house and feel like I accomplished something. I need that. It was about 5 hours. Not bad for my 1st day out. It did make me realize that going back to my 10-15 hour work day was out of the question.

Morning of day 6

Last night I managed to rig a feather pillow under my boobs as a means of trying to somewhat sleep on my sides and relieve some pain from my back. It worked pretty well without any discomfort but most of the time I was worried that I might damage them somehow or cause them to move out of the pocket. The PS did say inclined back sleeping was preferred; but to sleep anyway comfortable. It did help my back ... A LOT. I even put a pillow behind me to support my back and help me stay in position. I went to bed around midnight and was up at 5a.m. ... hungry (good sign).
This morning my son missed the bus. Uggg. He was lucky I got up at 9:30. I stayed up until 7:30 and thought I'd sleep well past that. So my morning started with a rush out the door getting him to school half an hour late. I went and filled my gas tank up for my post op appointment on Wednesday. That was a task. If you're famiar with BJ's Wholesale you know you're only allowed to face one direction when you pump gas and if you're stuck on the opposite side of your tank the hoses pull to reach. I'm not sure if it's because I just had surgery or they just replaced all their pumps; but pulling the hose and holding it while pumping 17 gallons was a chore. While driving home I thought I might stop at Kohl's and just walk around the store since I was out and about. While driving I noticed that I felt like my right boob felt like it was pulling down and it felt like it was smack dab of the middle of my sternum. That made me want to go home and check to make sure the girls were okay. My PS did not make marks on me other than under the crease where he would cut. Nothing down the middle; nothing outlining where my existing breast tissue is. Now I'm feeling like my boobs are not centered. Is it because I slept on my right side? Was it always like that and I didn't notice. Man I sound like I'm paranoid! My boobs also seem big ... maybe too big. Something I didn't want. I'm sure it'll be fine in clothes .. it'd better be!!! Funny how we go back and forth .. too small, just right, too big. My daughter also commented on my nipples. The were stretched from nursing 4 kids. When I'm naked they look normal .. maybe even not stretched. In a sports bra now it looks like ... remember when you first got boobs and it was all nipples/areolas at 1st? That's how they look. A bump on top of breasts. Please tell me that goes away!!!! I will never be able to go braless if that's the case. I'm already hyper sensitive about headlights showing; I don't want the areola area sticking out too!.
You are looking fantastic!! Sorry to hear about your work troubles :(. Did your helper offer any explanation about they shitty job she did? Did you hear any feedback from your favorite? I know it must be so hard for you to just sit back and relax while you know things aren't being done properly at work but it is not worth it for you to risk your health in any way! I'm sure the clients will get over it, especially if they are loyal to you, and there's always the option of taking on new clients! I was glad to hear that unsupportive daughter didn't say anything negative to you. Don't worry about them looking to big right now I can pretty much guarantee they wont look that big in a couple weeks, they will probably be the exact size you were hoping for :). As for the nipples, mine looked horrible at first! They were swollen and puffy looking I hated it, I was also worried about whether they would stay that way or not and thankfully they went back to normal! Hope you continue to heal well :)
Thank you Anna! No; she didn't say anything despite the fact that I brought it up in a (I warned her that her 1st client in the morning had no problems complaining and gave her specific of what her expectations are). She totally avoided the topic. I know what you're saying about not wanting to risk my health. I hope to feel better tomorrow after my post op tomorrow. I'm keep telling myself "one more week". Yes I do believe my clients will get over it (except for the 1 who complained; specifically said no one is to come clean unless I'm there as well; thankfully she's once a month so I will be there next time). I'm pretty sure that having someone clean once or twice while I'm gone they'll understand. Problem is I need this girl to clean on her own. I need a total of 12 people by end of year .. at least that's my goal. I'm hoping to get tons of new clients this season! Yes I'm glad my oldest daughter didn't have much to say (other than she'll take my old VS bras). I'm trying not to worry that their too big. The just look bigger as the swelling between my chest goes down. I'm not looking to show them off to the world, but also don't want to have to work at hiding them either! Thank you for letting me know your nips are back to normal .. I needed to hear that! I also appreciate you being here for me =)
Oh in regards to my favorite clients .. they moved to CA so I'm on pins and needles hoping she did a good job. The homeowner should be stopping by any time now if he hasn't already. I'm praying he has nothing bad to say. He was a real jerk to the mom (it was a Mom and daughter who lived there). I'm really sad they moved away. Such nice ladies.

Post op Day 7

I starting writing this update ... had about 4 paragraphs going and then my tablet decided to do an update; despite I told it 3 times NO! Bleh!!!

Yesterday was my first day of no pain med. I didn't try Tylenol either; though if the pain starts again I will. Today I'm feeling very light headed for some reason. I forced myself to eat 1/2 a bagel hoping it would help and so I could take my antibiotics. I think I forgot to take those yesterday since I wasn't taking any pain pills. I hate taking pills so I'm horrible at remembering to take them. All in all it was a pretty good day. I started icing around dinner time because they started to ache. Seems like so many random feelings going on with the boobs. Aches, zingers, morning boob anytime I'm laying around too much. They're still looking big; but I think I see them settling a bit. I'm confused as some women say the boobies get bigger; and others say they get smaller after D&F. I think mine appear bigger since the swelling between my breast have gone down quite a bit. I'm also wondering if the boobies are too close together already? Maybe a sign of them being too big? Eh I'll deal with that when the time comes. Overall I'm very proud of my body. Proud of the fact that I'm almost 47 years old (eekk 2 weeks!), have and nursed 4 kids. For years gaining weight was a problem; once I hit 38 it really wasn't an issue anymore. Once I'm healed I am hoping to start some sort of program just to tighten and tone what I do have. Arm pit boob ... hope to get rid of that!
I've driven twice without too much of a problem. Will probably take my son to Math Night at school tonight (if I'm no longer feeling dizzy) and have my 1 week post op tomorrow at 1:00 p.m..
My biggest complaints I want to address is nipples are hyper sensitive and my bra band is killing me! I know many of you will find it strange that I'm saying this but I could care less if I have any sensation in my nipples. It was never a turn on for me. If they stay sensitive I'm afraid that no one will be allowed to play with them as I'll find it annoying as all hell if not painful. I've tried everything I can think of to ease the pain from my bra band. I have some brusing on my ribs right where the bra hits and it makes the pain pretty intense. I've tried switching to 4 different bras and nothing has helped. The small ones I bought for recovery are overall just too dang tight. The really squish my boobs together; something my PCC said not to do. I have champion zip of sports bra in size medium and large. I wore the large last night to bed. I've resorted to stuffing soft camis under the band from my sides to under my incisions; and it does help but obviously can't go in public looking ridiculous! If any of you know of any sports bras that are super comfy in the band .. PLEASE let me know. I'm hoping to find some that don't come up so high so my bra doesn't show at the top of a V-neck shirt. Am I asking too much lol? I very well may be! Hey but you never know unless you ask!!! Also if you can recommend petals to disguise the headlight and anything I can do to ease the sensitivity in the nipples. I love hearing from other ladies what they've tried and what's worked for them!

Day 7 too soon to clean my own house???

My kitchen is an absolute wreck!!!! Dirty pots and pans, dirty counters. I can't take it anymore!!! I know I'm in no shape to clean other peoples houses; but I've got to do something about my own house. I have 3 dogs; a Siberian Husky, a Pomeranian, and a Pom/Shih tzu mix. There was fur everywhere! My pom is blowing his coat and I'm dying to brush him out. Thankfully my son vacuumed most of the house on Sunday! I wish he did my bedroom too; but he said I was sleeping an didn't want to disturb me ... uh huh; can't blame a kid for trying! I have washed dishes; washing large pots and pans are a bit of a strain. I'm worried about reaching the entire counter tops. I'm told we should keep our elbows to our sides; and cleaning up to the backsplash would be a reach. I doubt I'll do it today since I'm still feeling dizzy. I'm about to attempt to make tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch. Not sure why I'm craving that. I'm not much of a sandwich person lol. Mmmm Vietnamese Pho Soup sounds really yummy right now!!! Always makes me feel better ... dinner maybe??? lol
Glad to see your doing pretty good. I completely understand the work thing. I would have been better off closing the office instead! As far as the nipples, I used lingerie solutions breast petals. They were ok, not completely smooth and gave me little pimples. They did the job though. As for smoking, how are you doing? I am sad to say I'm still sneaking it in post op but scare myself to death every time I do it. I can't seem to totally stop and all I do is think about smoking. To hear from someone who is going through the same thing would probably help my obsessing.
Shutting the business down for 2-3 weeks was not an option. I closed for a week while we went on a family cruise 1 month before. I wish I would have wrote down the company that made good petals. My PCC suggested I think take the padding from my bikini top but I think you'll be able to see those too. Won't know until I try! After my 2nd choice PS said he had no problems with me smoking I kind of gave up trying to quit. It was stupid. I'd get nausea after smoking the 1st few days. Anyways he said try to stay below 10 and that's what I've done. It's really hard when I'm bored I out of my mind! Like you all I can think about is smoking ... especially when sh&* hits the fan with work stuff. Luckily I don't drink too lol. I've been trying to watch my salt intake (swelling) and do everything else I can to be healthy .. like not taking any pain meds. How are you feeling now that you've pooped? Tummy soften up aND get flatter? I felt myself after the 2nd BM the next morning.
Lol! What nerve! Ms. Unsupportive can't give you a compliment or encourage you, but she can ask for your bras?! Did you say yes? I know exactly what you mean about not looking to show off but not wanting to make an effort to hide them, I felt the same way. I actually never show them really.. If I want to wear something a little "revealing", I will usually do something tight rather than something low cut that shows a lot of skin. Just a sexier look in my opinion. I think my mom was scared that getting implants would change me and I would start to dress like a bimbo but I don't dress any differently than I did before. I think part of the reason for this is because I always had naturally larger breasts before I was finished breastfeeding, so having boobs and cleavage isn't like a brand new experience for me. My boobs in the past were never quite as big as they are now, but I was usually between a 34C-D depending on my weight. Probably similar situation for you! Regarding the nipple petals.. I'm not sure if you read my post about my experience with them, but I tried the silicone ones thinking they would be great, and they looked terrible. Puffy and gross. So then I tried the disposable ones, and they didn't lay completely flat but they did look better than the silicone ones. The thing is, the adhesive stuff on them can be quite sticky, and if you were to put them on your nipples at the stage they're at now, it would hurt like a b*tch to take them off!! I waited til my sensitivity was almost gone to try them. What you could do is look for those nursing pads, you can even get nice cotton ones, and just put those in your bra. I actually did that for a couple days when the sensitivity was at it's worst. As for cleaning your house.. just do the minimum and if anything hurts or feels strained, stop!!

8 days post of ... looking forward to my 1 week appointment!

Last night I had to take 2 extra strength Tylenol. Really just because my ribs hurt so much from the band. Stupid bra!!!! I'm about to start getting ready for my appointment even though it's only 10:00 a.m. and my appointment isn't until 1:00 ... who knows how long it'll take me to get read and I REALLY need to shave lol! I have so many questions. I want to know how the surgery went. Did I wake up easily (smoker under iv sedation)? were my muscles tight? was there a problem since my boobs are fiberous? What size(s) did he try with temporary sizers? Did I go too big? What size would he have chosen if I had told him to choose bigger over smaller? I read that going to a D cup is not the greatest since women my size aren't natuarally D cups and now I'm worried that by going bigger than average (350cc is average and I'm smaller than average) that I put myself in a position to have more complications down the road such as thinning skin, breast tissue. That I'll end up needing a lift down the road. I know these aren't meant to last a lifetime; but I'm almost 47 years old so I was hoping to not do this again ... a girl can dream right??? Uggg hate that I over analyze everything!
That made me feel better about the smoking thing. I've done the exact same as you...around 6/day. My stomach is alot more flat. It was a combo of drinking a sh*t ton of waterrorism and prune juice. I feel a ton better also...I almost feel like myself again. Back at work today and it's much easier, the people aren't though. The a holes probably picked the worst day to come in....and there's a lot of them today. That's the only thing I can complain about. Other than that, all good! My 1st post op is Friday.
I'm so glad you're feeling so much better! I'm at my post op now. Sorry about the A holes. One thing i love about my business is i get to pick and choose who i work for. Some people are just that way .. miserable people who seem to want everyone to join them. Just found out I'm not getting my stitches out .. bummed.

Post op Day 9 1st post op appointment

Today I had my 1 week post op appointment. It went by pretty fast. More just to see how I'm doing and making sure the incisions are healing. I was somewhat disappointed that he didn't remove the tape and stitches; I thought that was the purpose of the appointment since it was a week instead of a few days. It doesn't bother me and I figure it's better to keep it on. He said surgery was uneventful. He tried 350cc, 375cc and 400cc. I'm not sure why he tried the 400 since I told him 375cc was my absolute max I wanted to get. He just said to make sure I got what I wanted. He said 400cc looked good and I could pull it off; but figured I'd rather be right in the middle. He was right because there are times I think 375cc is too big. He assured me once they drop and fluff that I'll be really happy. He cleared me to work but told me to take it easy. No windows but said I could vacuum. I'm not too sure about that .. last night I swiffered my batheroom and I could feel and see my muscles and implants moving! It was freaky and kind of gross! He assured me that once they settle that won't be an issue unless I'm really into hitting the gym. Nope .. not this girl! I do plan on toning up my flabby body but that's it. I have very little body fat and tend to get very muscular when I work out. I like toned with some definition; but much beyond that I start to look like a dude! He recommended using nursing pads for my nipple pain so I went to Target afterwards and bought some. I also bought 2 "comfy" bras (1 medium and 1 large). I'm hoping to use them under my yoga tops (still haven't figured out if the built in bra is supportive enough and silly me forget to ask); I also think they'll be good for sleeping in. Man I sure hope they live up to their name "comfy" these bands are still killing me!

I'm bummed that I had to turn down work. I started working for this contractor and he called me today asking me if I could clean on Friday. I was honest with him and told him that I did have help but was recovering from surgery. I know he's as OCD as I am. He just had surgery as well and he thought it would be best if I passed on this job; but assured me that he'd keep me in mind for others and he wouldn't hold this against me. Whew!!!!

Monday I HAVE TO go back to work. There's no wiggle room to move clients to different dates. I have a home watch (easy as pie; no labor whatsoever), 2 small condos (under 1000 sqft) and a 2500 sqft home to clean. 4 jobs in 1 day! And to top it off my son's baseball coach called and said that the first practice for fall ball is @ 5:30 on Monday! I'm going to be on a ridiculously tight schedule. I'm really nervous; this is not how I wanted my first day back to work to be like. Then on top of that a 1 1/2 -2 hour baseball practice. I'm going to be exhausted!!!! Luckily Tuesday next week there's just 1 really easy house to clean; it's probably that I have an appointment to have my stitches removed at 2:30 which makes it impossible for me to book another job. But that's me. I love working; love staying busy, love making money. Okay maybe not so much love working; after all I clean houses for a living! I do get a sense of satisfaction and knowing that I'm helping people. I'm just known to overdue it. When I hire people I warn them that the hours are inconsistent; but if there's a way to work 12-15 hour days I'm booking it. I travel up to 60 miles to clean many houses so it's better to book 2-3 jobs while I'm there instead of wasting gas and having to go back ... it saves me $30.00. I need to come up with a game plan to work as efficiently as possible, not hurt myself and yet get these jobs done on schedule. My helper is probably going to kill me!!! lol whatever I can't do she's going to have to do and do it quicker than she normally does. Eh it'll be good for her .. she's a bit slow and she needs to pick up the pace if she wants to make some serious money on her own this season. What I'm asking for is reasonable and has been done before; just with me at 100%.

8 day post op pics

Quicker to load pics by phone ... not going to bother showing surgical tape. Will post more incision pics once the stitches come out.
Hey, did you get my response from yesterday? I recommended those nursing pads to you too ;). I'm actually surprised he cleared you for work, that's great! But make sure you follow his advice and take it easy!! Your new pics are looking great :)
Yes I got your message! That's why I bought them; both you and my PS recommended them ... and they work great!!!! Thank you so much for the advice!!!! I knew he'd clear me for work; though I don't think he knows how hard house cleaning really is. The other PS said to take a month off. Another RSer (Redglory) works a normal job during the week and does new construction cleaning on the weekends. She said she did this huge house at 3 weeks and she was in more pain the day after than day 1-3. I'm hoping to learn a lesson from her. She does the sweeping; but we never sweep; we only vacuum (love my Shark!) I will try to take it easy; but I HAVE to work on Monday; no choice. I could feasibly take the rest of the week off; but I guess I'll play it by ear and really pay attention to my body. If it hurts I will stop and try to find something else I can clean. If I can dust and clean kitchens I think I'll be useful; if I can vacuum too then it'll be perfect! I am very nervous; 1) it'll be a very long day, 2) I get tired just from leaving the house for a few hours. Thanks! I'm starting to get used to the size; love them in tops! Just need to get used to them naked! lol I always avoided looking at myself in the mirror unless I'm putting on make up; doing my hair and before I walk out the door. I rarely like what I see. Don't get me wrong; I am a confident person; it's more so I wish people would appreciate more of who I am than what I look like. It may be a funny thing for someone who just got a BA done; but the boobies are for me ;)
I did say yes to her on the bra thing since I don't think my youngest daughter could fill out my old bras. Of course my oldest is a princess and only wants VS or one's I bought at Macy's ... heaven forbid she wear a bra from Kohl's. (I love Kohl's I think the prices are awesome and quality is pretty darn good; especially when they send me a 30%off coupon!) I agree that it's sexier not to show off skin. I really don't have anything that shows off skin. My dad did make a point that all my shirts are tight. All my shorts are on the shorter side too. But I'm so skinny that if I were something loose fitting then I look like a hanger wearing clothes. My shorts look best when the hit the fattest part of my theighs. Shirts are fitted because otherwise I'd be flat as a board! Another reason I'm glad have side boobs now! I actually have some curves now!!! Yes before I had 4 kids I was a 30C; people thought they were fake back then! I could still fake it with my full A/small B. Honestly if it weren't for the fact that they just felt like an empty potato sack I would have been happy (except when it came time to wearing dresses that you can't wear a bra). It's crazy but even though my boobs are really tight; I'm loving the fact that they are firm! Especially at the top. Don't get me wrong; I want them to soften up and be squishy .. just not too squishy! I took your advice and bought some nursing pads and they are working GREAT!!!. Thank you!! My nipples thank you!!!!. While I was there I bought some "comfy" bras in hope to ease the rib pains and also bought some disposable petals for down the road. I'm not sure how often I'll be going braless but thought I should have them on hand. I'm wondering if I could just pop them on my nips without using the adhesive (assuming I'm wearing a fitted top like a cami) if they'll stay in place? Kinda like the nursing pads. I decided not to remove the paper for the adhesive (I'm cheap) so I can reuse them over and over. Lol Maybe I'm thinking that way since I don't shower every day now! I'm actually trying to figure a polite way to give some to my helper hehe. She knows I have this thing about not showing my nips; she on the other hand could care less. I think she wears a bra since they don't jiggle but you can always see her nips through her shirts. I've hinted numerous times how tacky I think it is and that I don't think it's appropriate in front of clients. I haven't said anything because most of the times clients aren't around; and when they are she doesn't really interact with them. I have some very "high end" clients that I worry will also think it's trashy looking as well. Any suggestions on how could again broach this subject with her? I already have a rule of no T&A showing. How do I tell her no nips showing? lol

Day 9 Post op

One thing I forgot to mention about my post op appointment is that my PS does not recommend massage or displacement exercises. He says recent studies show that massaging does help with cap con and that's an old way of thinking. Which is why he also doesn't use a band. He says gravity will do it's job and it's better to let nature take it's course than to force them down. I asked him about displacement exercises to keep the pocket open and he says there's nothing to worry about; the pocket isn't going anywhere. When I mentioned that massaging seemed to help some women with pain he agreed but also said for some it increased the pain. He said I could massage if I wanted to; but I didn't have to. Not now and not 3 or 4 weeks from now or ever. The whole purpose for massaging was to prevent cap con; but now it's proven that it doesn't really help. They will drop and fluff naturally and massaging them won't make it happen any sooner. I'm going to trust him since he is a top rated surgeon with many awards; studying at the Mayo clinic and attends seminars several times a year. He also encouraged me to get back to my normal life as soon as possible after surgery. Most his patients are back to work in a few days. He just said because of my work to take it easy and listen to my body.

Other than waking up with a tummy ache (no idea why); today I feel pretty darn good! My ribs were killing me from wearing the surgery bra (more on that) so I'm wearing one of my new comfy bras today. I'm hoping it works; loving the purple color .. purple is my favorite!!! I'll add a pic after I'm done updating (so much easier to add pics from the phone). My left boob has a nursing pad on to cushion my burning nips. I think they work great! I think the pads will also serve as a "petal" as well. It's not completely smooth under the bra which is quite thin, but I think with a shirt on it'll do the trick and way cheaper than petals.
Morning boobs are still an issue as well as the zingers and overall aching; but very doable without Tylenol. At night they seem to hurt the most. I'm not sure why because I'm pretty much laying around all day.

The surgery bra. The band on it is quite wide and firm and was starting to ride up (boobies dropping?!?) and was making my incision site sore as well. I was taking a look at the straps to see if I could lower them but unfortunately they are as long as they get. The interesting thing I discovered was that the surgery bra is actually a nursing bra!!! You know the bras with the clasps to fold down to breastfeed??? I find that very interesting since yesterday while I was out bra shopping at Target I noticed a pretty good selection of nursing bras (some fairly cute). I had thought to myself ... hmmm nursing bras should provide tons of support; I wonder if these would be an option? I just found this to be very interesting that my PS would give me a nursing bra! I mean here I thought I was getting some special "surgical" bra! But it all makes sense! So all you gals who hung onto your nursing bras ... you are set! It's been 12 years since I had my last kid and I tossed mine out long ago; knowing 100% he would be my last.

The "comfy" bra is by Hanes. I bought 1 in size medium and 1 in size large. For some reason the large fits the best; despite the size labeling on the back. I find it very strange to be buying anything is a size large .. I'm a size 0 or 1; XS or Small. The straps don't pull and the very wide yet stretchy band sits right below my crease. So far so good.

Hanes comfy bra

I bought a large in purple and meduim in a slate grey. If these work out I'll look for a few in nude too. I paid $6.97 each. They were priced wrong and rung up at $8.97 but I made them honor the tag price. I was going to purchase a wireless bra that was a cross between a sports bra and normal bra for $15.97 but figured I'd get two comfy ones instead.
I'm still on the hunt for a perfect comfortable bras that clasps in front and is convertible. Those I will stock up on ... when and if I find them. I'm only a week post op and don't want to spend a fortune on bras until they settle but need bras now for work. It's still really hot here and I tend to sweat while working so I need at least 5 bras.
Typical man lol, wouldn't have any idea how much work it is to clean a house top to bottom. I have pretty high standards when it comes to cleanliness too so I can imagine your frustrations of your helper's work not being up to par. My husband probably gets annoyed of me telling him not to leave finger prints on the stainless steel... and making him squeegee the glass shower every time he uses it. I can't handle spatters on taps or mirrors, CANNOT stand a dirty sink (especially kitchen sink). There are lots of little things that bug me but I have tried to lighten up a little now that I have a toddler or else I would be making myself mental. I think vacuuming may be possible for you, but I would avoid mopping at all costs! Glad to hear you are getting used to the size :). You will get used to them naked, don't worry! It is a bit of an adjustment especially when there is still some swelling present. I agree with you.. It would be wonderful if people appreciated others more based on the person they are rather than the looks that they have, unfortunately it seems like the opposite is becoming more and more true.
Lol that's what I thought of my PS too. He comes from a long line of doctor's so I doubt he's ever cleaned a house before! There is no way I could have stainless steel in my house! The finger prints, water drip marks that end up rusting in most people's house since they don't dry them right away. I love the look; but too much maintenance! I'm super anal about faucets, mirrors and so glad there is not a man in my life right now. I do not miss poor aim, shaving cream mixed when hairs, and the disgusting toothpaste residue when someone can't take 20 seconds to rinse out the sink. It's a joke; but I often tell clients who have shower glass that they're getting a squeegee for X-mas. The water is really hard here and if you don't squeegee or at least clean your shower every week that those hard water stains will NEVER come out. After a certain period of time they become permanent! I've tried everything from CLR, Lime away, Kaboom, dawn (works amazing on soap scum and tub rings), barkeepers friend etc. I've even tried Muriatic Acid. Funny how CLR and LimeAway worked the worst! I also joke that bar soap is not allowed either! A clean kitchen and clean bathrooms are a must! After raising 4 kids; I've learned to live with a certain amount of clutter ... just not in public spaces. That's what they had bedrooms for! Vacuuming will depend on the house. If the floors are hard (tile/wood/laminate/) I typically will move furniture to vacuum under. My vacuum has an attachment that can reach under beds; but it requires practically lying down so you can see where you've vacuumed and where you haven't. Those houses my helper will have to vacuum. Carpets I shouldn't have a problem with. I only mop if I'm cleaning by myself. I lose it when I'm mopping after someone else has not done an exceptional job vacuuming. Drives me nuts to have to stop what I'm doing and pick up something. Beside; it's hard on my back; I'm no spring chicken anymore! I dusted my whole house today; just to see. I didn't do the ceiling fans since my helper has most of my tools; I'm sure they're a no. I cleaned the TV screen and the glass tables. The tables were kind of tough if I tried to reach too far it (muscles) felt very strange. I managed to do it in a decent amount of time; but I'll admit I was out of breath! I've never gotten out of breath dusting! wth??? I feel lucky to be blessed with a decent amount of looks and intelligence, but I really do not care for superficial people. If the first thing that comes out of a guys mouth is something regarding my appearance .. it doesn't matter if it's lewd or if it's "your gorgous" I sometimes take offense to it. I see it as they just want one thing; and it has nothing to do with getting to know me. Good thing I have no time for dating! One day ... I'll make time. Business first.
Well that was kind of you to give her the bras! Hopefully she appreciates it. I guess those nipple petals would stay in place without the adhesive if your bra or top was tight enough, I never even thought of that. Hahah this made me laugh, about your helpers nips.. If I were you I would lie to her and say that you actually did have a complaint from a client, and just ask her nicely if she would mind being a little more discreet. Then offer her a pair of petals or just tell her where to buy them lol. Either she is completely oblivious or she is doing it intentionally to bug you if even after your comments she continues to do it!

End of Day 9

I dusted my whole house just to see if I could. I also cleaned the living room TV; it was gross and the glass tables. I was able to do it all just fine; but I was out of breath!!!! Wow. That only happens when I'm busting my butt vacuuming a very large house. Makes me nervous for Monday with all my tight time constraints ;( Tomorrow I will tackly the kitchen. It's relatively clean since I had my son wipe down all the counters; but I'm sure he didn't move anything and it could use a good cleaning. This weekend I'll make sure my helper brings my vacuum back so I can see how that goes.
The comfy bra and nursing pads are working out great. Still a little sore at the sides and ribs through the day; but a great improvement. Nips feel waaay better with the pads.
My only real complaint is my boobs get really really tight at night. I iced the tonight and it didn't help at all. I just took 2 Tylenol and waiting for them to kick in. Anyone know why they hurt worse at night than in the morning?
My PS doesn't recommend massaging but I've been light rubbing them with my fingertips when they ache and it seems to help. No displacement excercises recommended but I do try to move them a bit; more so because I'm curious as to if they'll move at all .. and they do! Not much but at least the have SOME movement to them.
I'm still a tad bit worried that they are too big. We'll have to wait and see. Some women shrink and others get a bit bigger when they D&F. As before I had BA and before I had kids the side boobs are there. They're not in the way or anything; but definitely very noticeable.
All in all I think today was my best day. I woke up feeling great! I did have a tummy ache when I first woke up but that went away quickly. I've been horrible about taking my antibiotics; was suppose to be done with them yesterday but I still have 6 more pills left. If I keep going this rate; I'll have enough for 12 days instead of 7. I'm wondering if I should quit taking them since it's been 9 days and they were prescribed as a precaution versus for an actual infection. Maybe one of you nurses on here can offer advice?!
You couldn't be more accurate about the disgusting man habits that you mentioned. I don't know how they can be so slobby and not care, but I suppose its because they generally never have to clean it. You will have to let us know how you feel tomorrow after doing all that dusting! I hope you wake up feeling great. CLR is crap!! One time I got a little rust stain in my sink from a metal can, so I tried using CLR to get rid of it. It was literally useless! So then I tried good ol' Vim and it did the job nicely. I love the look of stainless too but agree with you about the maintenance, its a pain in the ass. I am trying to train my 2 year old not to touch it lol. I am so with you about the superficial people.. not my scene at all.
Your daughter sounds a lot like my sister. Like you said, definitely not a horrible person by any means, but she has this sense of entitlement and is also very career motivated and intelligent. She is almost done school to be an accountant and her grades are phenomenal. She's very outgoing and pretty too so I'm sure that wont hurt career wise! OMG I would have been livid if I saw my kid's friends wearing my clothes!! LOL your nipple/nightclub story is funny.. reminded me of something that happened a long time ago. I had a girlfriend over, she had naturally large boobs and I think she didn't like wearing thick bras because they made her boobs look too big, so her nips were showing pretty frequently. We were hanging out in the living room and my older brother walked in. He looks at her and says, "Amanda.. don't you know its rude to point?!" At first she didn't get it, and once she finally did her face turned pretty darn red..
Lmao! I'm I'm dying here .. too friggin funny! And yep I was livid to see her friends wearing my cute tops .. ones I hadn't even wien yet. Your sister and my oldest daughter sound like twins!

12 days post op

It's been a few days since I've updated; nothing much as changed. The girls are slowing dropping but not really softening much. I feel like I have morning boob but through out the day! It's getting old. I wasn't prescribed a muscle relaxant and now I wish I was. Except for if it makes you feel drowsy then I don't. I don't feel like I have energy .. that really sucks as tomorrow I have a very long work day; not what I was hoping for my 1st day back.
Thursday I cleaned my bathroom except for the soaking tub (hasn't been used) and shower other than spraying scrubbing bubbles. I then dusted the whole house (except for guest room and office which don't get used), cleaned the glass tables. I was slowly testing myself to see how my body would respond. I was exhausted! Felt like such a whimp ;( I take pride that I can run circles around people half my age and have no problems working 12-15 hour days regularly. I was out of breath just from dusting!!! On Friday I tackled the kitchen. It was a hot mess since after cooking dinner I didn't wash the pots and pans from 2 night before (bad girl). My son had wiped down the counters but he doesn't really CLEAN. It took 2 hours but my kitchen was gleaming afterwards. I took a 15 minute break and went through my one counter that collects a lot of junk and got rid of a lot and put everything else in the room they belonged in. In an average size kitchen it takes me 45 minutes to an hour; I don't do dishes. So I'm not too upset that it took me 2 hours to clean my kitchen which included dishes and lots of decluttering. It did make me very tired; I made dinner and that was it .. I was done for the day. It made me concerned how I am to help clean 2 small condos and a 2500 sqft house on Monday; plus rush home and take my son to his 1st baseball practice by 5:30 and stay 2 hours ... we will definitely be fast fooding it Monday night!!!
Wait I lied!!!! After dinner I watched a movie or 2 ... don't remember. Then all of a sudden I felt dirty. I hadn't showered since Wednesday morning and I'm used to showering and washing my hair daily. My scalp gets VERY itchy if I don't wash it. So at 11:30 at night I decided I was going to take a shower. I couldn't very well take a shower then jump into a dirty bed so I then decided to change the sheets and comforter. They hadn't been changed in 10 days and I've been pretty much living on my bed 24/7 so it felt disgusting. There is nothing like getting into a nice clean bed with fresh smelling sheets! I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning! Why do I get these stupid cleaning bug so late? It always happens. I rarely clean my house they way I clean others. Last thing I want to do is clean on my day off. But every now and then I'll start to do a basic counter wipe down then I'll see something on the cabinets ... next thing you know 3 hours have passed.
Saturday (yesterday) I woke up tired since I stayed up too late the night before. My son needed new cleats and baseball pants so around 2:30 we went to Sports Authority, then had lunch, went to Walmart (bought more cozy bras for work), then he wanted to go to Game Stop to spend some of his birthday money. We stopped my my bff house so she could finally see my new additions. She loved them and thought I'd be much bigger since she got 375cc's too. We didn't stay long .. about an hour. By time I was half way through Walmart I was exhausted. We got home around 8:30 p.m.. While out I wore my comfy bra. I think that might have been a mistake. They are extremely comfortable; but I don't think they provide a ton of support. Or maybe my boobs hurt from cleaning house??? I can feel my boobs jiggle a bit when I walk; I'm really surprised about that since it's so soon and they are tight; often times really tight. I did wear the surgical bra to bed the night before ... never again. My ribs hurts so dang bad that bras is sooo friggin tight! It actually makes a bulge of fat peek out at the top of the bra next to my arm pits. Mind you I'm 5'3 and not even 100 lbs right now .. how the heck do I have armpit boob??? I'm done with the surgical bra!
Tomorrow at work I'm planning on either wearing my champion sports bra along with my usual yoga tops with the built in bras. I tried a few of them on yesterday to see how they would look and feel. I think with wearing the cozy bra I should have plenty of support ... at least I hope so. I'm also thinking because it's my first day back and with so many jobs to do with such tight time limits I'm really considering bringing on another helper for tomorrow and Wednesday (deep clean; which I promised myself I would not book until 3 weeks post op). I just don't think I can keep up. I crunched the numbers and it will actually only cost me an additional $25-30 a day because the time at each job would lessen. I've got to call him and see if he's still interested in working and can he start tomorrow. (My bff asked him Friday night). I hope it works out. It'll be best for my recovery and in the long run I'll need more helpers so I'll just get started training him now.
My only main problem/concern now is my boobs feeling super tight all the time. Why? I thought this was only supposed to be a morning thing? Oh I stopped taking my antibiotics 3 days ago and coincidentialy every night I wake up with night sweats. I wake up covered in sweat; then I'm cold since I'm wet. Wonder what that is all about? Any of you have these experiences? That and the lack of energy. When does that return? Normally me being active and out and about I can go all day and night .... not now! After a few hours; I am pooped!

10 day post op pics

These pics were taken 10 days after surgery. I'm get used to the size and feel like the shape and changed quite a bit as and they've dropped more than I'd thought this early.
You look amazing!!! Hope you are loving them! I have my surgery in 11 days and I keep worrying about the profile and size. Like you I do not want to look too big, scary!
Your day 10 pics look awesome! Hope today isn't too hard on you, let us know how it goes.
You look great!!! They do change pretty quick...at leat that's my experience also. Congrats!! I bet you feel amazing!

Back to Work

I've been a very good girl :) I waited a solid 12 days patiently, bored and stressed out of my mind before going back to work. I tested the waters on my own house cleaning the kitchen one day and the bath and a thorough dusting another day. I've just finished my first week (post op days 13-17) back to work and I must say it was NOT easy! My 1st day back we had 3 houses to clean and a home watch (easy) on a tight schedule so I brought in extra help knowing I was not at 100%. We did very well and were done early. Tuesday was an easy day with just one house to do; I felt like I did a good job keeping at our normal pace and was able to vacuum the hard floors. Carpets (especially thick ones) are a major chore. Wednesday was a Deep clean on a fairly decent size house and we never know what we're getting into so I brought in extra help again. The house was in very good condition so I went ahead and convinced them to have their windows done too since I wanted to train the new guy how to clean windows. We were done in 4.5 hours! I was so happy about that. However on Tuesday after work I had my 2 week post op appointment. The nurse took off the steri strips and removed the stitches ... that HURT!!!. When the PS came in the check on me I asked for something to take the edge off the muscle spasms. He offered to prescribe me Valium; but I didn't want something that was going to make me drowsy so he gave me Tramadol. It was my understanding that it was supposed to provide pain relief as well as an anti-inflammatory. The pharmacist says it was not but it was the strongest pain relief that was not a narcotic but it could still make me drowsy. He suggested that I try it before going to work so I took one that night. The directions said to take 1 or 2 every 4-6 hours. I'm not sure if it did too much since I was really tired and fell asleep shortly after I got home. My main pain was coming from overall aching and feeling like I had morning boob all day long. On Wednesday my boobs were really tight and I had a bad headache so I took 1 pill. A few hours later it wasn't doing anything so I took another pill. 30 minutes later I was sick to my stomach!!! How embarrassing. I'm lying in my truck trying to figure out where I was going to puke! I didn't want to puke in the newly cleaned bathroom, had nothing in my stomach so I contemplated the laundry room sink; or just outside near the woods. And the worse part is it didn't it touch my headache. Luckily we were pretty much done with the house except for the floors and only 2 people can do that so I was going to be taking a break anyways. It was just embarrassing; especially when the client came back to settle the bill. It was so bad that I had my helper give him a walk-through to check to make sure he was happy with everything. My helper had to drive home and at first being in a moving car made things worse; I had to keep my eyes closed because watching things go by made me more queasy. So there I am in the front passenger seat reclined to where my head was practically in my male helpers lap. uggg. Luckily he's my bff's brother in law so he was really cool about it. That was my day from hell! Thursday we had 2 standard size homes and had a pretty easy day. OMG so my Thursday client ... the first time I cleaned her house I noticed on her calendar she had a date on the it that said BOOBS. It was on the same day that I had my pre-op appointment. I was thinking to myself "How weird would that be .. to run into a client at the PS office!?! She's normally not home; but wasn't feeling well so she decided to work from home that day. She came out and asked me how the surgery went and how I was feeling. We were talking about how pain meds made you feel ... and then I said "So we both had surgery and I'm wondering if we both had the same thing done?" She said yeah .. your boobs look awesome! We talked a bit more and found out that we both went to the same PS!!! Talk about a small world! We both interviewed several PS and both looked at PS in Naples, Miami and Sarasota but chose the same PS. All in all the week went pretty well. Dusting high is okay for short periods. Vacuuming low pile carpet is tough; I tried moving furniture with my body instead of my arms so I wouldn't use my chest muscle .. I could definitely feel it went I did something I shouldn't have. Cleaning the kitchen is no problem except for reaching into the microwave (I'm short). So long as I'm not having to scrub hard I'm okay. Luckily the deep clean had brand new cabinets so no food or grease .. they were very easy. The fridge was new but they had used it some while renovating so that was very easy to clean as well. I'm pretty proud of myself that I listened to my body and did not push myself too hard; and my helper has been great about making sure I don't carry in the supplies.

Mondors Cord. I have a small one under my right breast. Hate it. I noticed that I felt tugging when doing certain things and when I touched my incision in one spot it hurt. I had assumed it was the skin stretching and it made sense that the incisions would be sore. I was wrong. When I raise my arms above my head you can see it; it is small; but it hurts nonetheless. I guess there's not much I can do about it so there's no point calling the doc (next appointment not until 30 days post op).
Again my PS says no massaging so I don't really do anything. I move them up, down and side to side and lightly rub when they are sore but that's it. I'm not sure how much they are dropping, they don't seem to be softening up too much yet (but it's hard to tell since most of the time they are really tight), but they do move around a lot more. The feeling has started to come back at the lower pole, that's what aches the most. I'm not sure if it's because it was numb from my areolas down to my incision or if it's because the implant is dropping lower. They kind of feel like a bruise even though they're not (at least not on the outside). My left nipple is still very sensitive; but using a nursing pad helps quite a bit. I'm able to find a pretty comfortable position on my sides to sleep better. Are we still supposed to try to sleep inclined? It's almost been 3 weeks. I'm wondering if I can take Advil again? I'm wondering if that will help with the tightness? I'm too afraid to take the Tramadol again ... what a waste of money :(
Well that's pretty much it. I took some pics a few days ago so I'll post those too.
Lol. I'm glad you can relate to our cleaning chat!

15 days post op

I'm a few days behind on posting pics. I took these the day after my 2 week post op appointment so these include my first pics of my incisions. My right incision is not exactly in the crease :( I wish it looked more like my left. I'm worried it'll be visible since my right seems to have dropped or reduced swelling more than my left. Thoughts?
Try not to worry about the Mondor's Cord. Mine only lasted about 2 weeks. I'm thinking wait until you've completely dropped to judge the incision. It might disappear into the fold then.
Thank you. I developed another one on the left side. It's much longer though not as noticeable and is not tender to the touch. I'm not too worried about the right scar since I do believe it will be hidden once it drops. The left one is now perfectly in the crease. I'm a little anxious to see if it continues to lower (the crease) or if just the beast itself lowers to hide the crease. Lol I suppose eventually as I get older and gravity takes its toll it will.
Good for you for taking it easy and bringing in extra help!! Sorry to hear about your yucky experience with the Tramadol :(. That's actually the only thing my PS prescribed me for pain and I didn't end up taking it.. I wonder if it would have made me sick too?! You should definitely be able to take advil now. My PS told me that once I was feeling well enough to stop taking the Tramadol to take advil and Tylenol together. I know all PS' have different rules but I'm sure anyone over 2 weeks post op would be fine. Your boobs look great! Your scars should be a lot more hidden once they drop a little more.

It's my birthday and I'm exactly 3 weeks post op!!!

Just a quick update while I'm taking a break at work. I'm feeling really good lately. Vacuuming still a struggle and reaching far I can feel the implant shift. It's not painful ... just feels really weird. My skin has been flaking but with the vitamin E oil and what feels like baby skin. I wish my whole body felt brand new too!
I'll try to take new pics when I'm getting ready for my birthday dinner with my family.
Hope you had a great birthday! I know what you mean my the implant shifting. It's definitely a weird sensation. I wonder if it will always feel like that. It kinda freaked me out the first time I flexed and felt movement.
Thanks happy wife. I had a great birthday ... always nice to spend time with family. Omg the first time my implant shifted I was about a week post op. My EOS lip balm had fallen off my night stand between my bed. I got down on all 4 supported my boons and started to reach .. I don't even know how to describe the feeling. It totally freaked me out; I thought my impact popped out behind the muscle! That's when I decided I didn't need my balm.
Happy belated birthday!! Looking amazing at 47! So great to hear that you're feeling good too :). Did you manage to get some bday pics?

day 25 post op pics

Excuse the bra marks on the boobies! I wore one of my Walmart front clasp sports bra which are pretty snug. I mainly wear them to bed since they are too bulky to wear under my normal tops. Yesterday the girls were tight all day despite me lounging in bed all day. Maybe because I worked alone for 7 hours the day before. My helper had a flat tire and since I only had 1 vacation home to clean I have her the day off. It was the first time I've cleaned alone since surgery and hadn't vacuumed or even tried mopping yet but thought I'd be okay and would have the weekend to recover. I took my time since the owners live up north and I had the whole place to myself. I did a section of the house at a time so I wouldn't be doing the same motions for an extended period of time which worked out great. I'm not sore, wasn't tired and didn't feel like I pushed myself too much. Luckily the house was in great condition; but it always is. No major scrubbing needed anywhere. The only thing I couldn't do was pull out the fridge. Don't you hate when the fridge is next to a wall so the doors don't fully open so you can simply pull out the bottom drawer to clean under it? Lol. Eh .. it's the owners who will be staying there next time so I'll make sure to pull it out before their winter tenants come down in January.
My boobs are tight pretty often. I wish i knew why. I love them when they're not because they feel so much softer. I can move them up and down, push them together and actually squish them in my hands instead of them being so tight that there's no give to them. I think they've dropped quite nicely and evenly. Miss righty still seems more rounded at the upper pole so she needs to drop a bit more. Overall I'm loving them! I can't tell you how happy i am to wear these sports bras and actually have mounds instead of them being flattened to nothing! Then again i can't wait until i can wear a normal bra since the sports bras dictate what types of tops i can wear.
A cold front came through today and the temperature is wonderful. It's 70 degrees this morning and will only be 81 for the high. It sure withdrawal be nice to go to the beach today but I don't know if I can wear just a bikini top all day. I'm pretty sure I'm cleared to bathe and swim by now ... I should ask my PS. I'd really like to hit the beach with my new boobies and enjoy the weather while it's so nice out. Ocean temp is 86 degrees still ... how nice is that? Lol

Bye bye ugly padded bras!

I finally took my old (not so old) bras to my daughter's house last week. I didn't realize i had so many ... 14! I loved the lacey ones but hardly ever wore then since they show through t's and even sweaters. Most of them were plain bras i wore for work under my yoga tops (mainly to give the illusion of having boobs). Well i won't be needing to do that anymore! I'm not sure when I'll be clear to skip the bra since all the tops have a shelf bra in them. What do you think? Are the built-in bras enough support? I'm 26 days post op or should i wait until 3 months?

not sure why pic won't posy

You're looking great. I'm about to donate my old bras to the local Susan Komen bra drive. I can't wait till I can actually buy some new ones. It'll be a while. Happy healing.
Thanks! What a great idea; i told my daughters whatever they didn't want or couldn't use to donate to a women's shelter or just drop off at goodwill. I can't wait to try on normal bras ... if anything just to see what size i am! I'm loving my cozy bras; but they're hardly sexy. I've been really good at staying away from VS; hoping I'll be a good girl until 90 days ... 60 days to go ... sigh. I hope I don't drop too much more; I'm loving that they seem sit sit a little higher as I kind of felt mine were naturally low. I can't wait to see (feel) what this "fluffing" thing is all about! BTW I love your results so far. It may not be exactly what you wanted; but for what is worth I think you look really amazing :)
Thanks for the compliment. I am actually becoming happier with them. I guess it depends on the day. Lol.

1 month post op with 375cc Mentor Silicone Mod+ under the muscle

It's just over 30 days since my BA. I don't think there is much change from last week, they don't seem to be dropping any more or softening up much (which is a little concerning. I understand that it could take months so I'm not going to worry about it too much; it's just that I read many other girls say theirs are soft and squishy at 30 days and mine feel tight most of the time. I still get achey and shooting pains but that's all to be expected. Since 3 weeks I've been working with no problems whatsoever; not even getting sore the next day so I'm VERY happy about that! Yesterday was my 1st day of washing windows (which I put off for a month post op; though I feel I could have done them a week ago with no problem). The only thing I was concerned about was carrying the large window washing bucket from window to window. So far no pain or soreness so I'm happy!

Last night I tried on some bikini tops (most are too small I think) and my regular tops and dresses that I like to wear. In bikini tops I think they are a bit big, in t's and even camis with built in bras I'm slightly disappointed. It's amazing how much wearing normal clothes take away from size. In case you haven't read my other posts I wear yoga tops to work every day. They have a built in shelf bra and I'm still wearing sports or stretchy bras under them. My boobs look very nice in those, maybe a smidge big. I guess I'm used to seeing the girls in those day in and day out that seeing them in "street" clothes on the weekends is different. Don't get me wrong; I think I have the perfect size. I think going bigger would make me look ridiculous in bikinis and naked and any smaller would make it seem like I didn't get surgery at all when compared to wearing a padded bra. So all in all I'm very happy! I don't think anyone is 100% happy with the way the girls look dressed and undressed. I've met my goal in that I had always said that at the very least I know I can always wear a padded/push up bra if I really want to show them off. But as it is I fill out everything so much better than before BA.

If I had to guess; I'd say that I'm a 34D right now. I tried on my Kohl's bra that I bought a few weeks before surgery that is a 34C; I usually buy a 34B but thought that the underwire was maybe a bit narrow. The 34 C fit perfectly for the width but left a small gap in the cup ... I was hoping it was a possibility that it would fit after BA. It does but it doesn't. The width still fits fine, the cups are completely filled out without no "muffin" boobie, nips are covered but somehow I think it's a little small. LOL I'm hoping it'll be a D and not DD. I have a $10 coupon Kohl's sent me for my birthday so I may just go buy a bra or 2. Is it too soon to wear underwire??? Is the point of not wearing wireless bras so that they will drop or is it to avoid the wires rubbing against the incision? I must admit that after trying on a half dozen bikini tops and another half dozen outfits that my incisions were starting to feel tender which they never have before. Most the wireless bras out there are NOT very pretty and I have plenty for work; now I'd like to get some for the weekends. (I'll wait until I'm 3 months post op to do a shopping spree at VS). I don't think I'm going to drop anymore; maybe you ladies have a better eye than I do .. have they dropped in the last week or two? Does fluffing refer to softening? Does that mean they get bigger or smaller?

I'm very happy with how the incisions are healing. Last week I noticed that the left side was VERY bumpy and this week it's completely smooth! The only reason that I hope to have a little bit of dropping to do is so the incision is more in the crease ... if not I can live with it. At least I'd never have to worry if my bikini top rides up that the scar would be visible.

Well that's about it for today! I'll be posting pics from my phone in a minute!

1 month post op pics!!!

I tried on some bikini tops to see how they fit now. Maybe you ladies can tell me which ones are too scandalous lol. Have i dropped at all in the past 2 weeks? I'm also posting pics of the blue tank top i wore with my normal bra and sizers (350cc and 400cc, I ended up with 375cc) to compare before and after ... is it me or do i look smaller than even the 350cc sizers?

Just a short comment on the bikini tops

From looking at these pics online it seems that the main difference from before BA is that I would make the bottom part smaller to give the illusion of more boobs before as well as the top portion covered A LOT more; now I spread the bottom out as wide as they'll go to cover more; not much I can do about the top. I haven't tried on any new tops in larger sizes so I don't know how much difference it'd make going up a size (or two).
Your looking great. Congrats!
Thanks a bunch! Your day is coming soon; you must be so excited (and nervous). I think you're going to have great results as well :)
Your result look amazing! Love the bikini tops. They fit well and are very flattering. Especially the purple one!

6 weeks post op!

It's been 6 weeks .. sometimes it seems just like yesterday; then other times it seems like time has passed so quickly.

As far as work goes I've been able to do just about everything since 3 weeks. I went back to cleaning at 2 weeks and took it easy making sure not to lift anything over 5lbs, very little overhead work, no deep cleans and no windows. At 4 weeks I was fine to carry all the tools and supplies in and at 5 weeks I even washed windows carrying around the heavy bucket with 5 gallons of water around the house .. twice along with the ladder and other gear. Vacuuming has been no problem at all at 5 weeks (I rarely feel the implants move like I did the first few weeks). Honestly physically I'm back to normal!

I've been sleeping on my side since 3 weeks and now it's pretty much back to normal; I haven't tried sleeping on my stomach yet. My normal sleep position is halfway between side and stomach.

I think the biggest improvement physically has been that the past few days my boobs don't feel achy at the end of the day anymore. Initially they would ache most of the day while working, then it went to at the end of the day, now they rarely ache at all. On Sunday I scrubbed my shower really well and they did ache a bit. Yesterday was my first day helping my son warm up at baseball. I was surprised that it throwing the ball was better than catching (especially over head). We tossed the ball around for about half an hour which at that point I had enough. My son was so sweet. I told him I wasn't allowed to run yet so if he overthrew the ball he was chasing after it; and not to "hum" the ball at me either; also that I wasn't allowed to jump for the ball either. I've missed not being able to warm up with him. It's not very often that I can get him to the field early for us to play together; it's something so small but means so much to both of us.

My left nipple is still sensitive but not hyper sensitive to the point of needing to wear a nursing pad. My shower head is pretty strong so I'm still using my arms to cover them when I'm facing the shower. I think the numb spots underneath are gone now too. I'm still applying vitamin E oil daily after I shower and still massaging the incisions even though they are smooth now. I do wear the nursing pads if my bras (the stretchy kind) doesn't have padding in them; but that's only because I don't like showing "headlights". The other day I wore a black tank top with my black bra that has a decent amount of padding in it. I was rushing to get out the door to get a long list of things to do done so I barely glanced in the mirror before I left. When I got home that night and went to remove my make up the first thing I noticed is my boobs looked HUGE!!!! It was not my intention to show off the girls; in fact I wore black thinking it would down play the girls! hmmm I guess I didn't realize how much padding was in that bra!

I'm so happy with my results so far! I think they're pretty much perfect; not too big that I can't play them down in a simple t-shirt or play them up with a low cut top or tank. I would love to get to the point that I can just wear my yoga top without a bra and rely on the built in bra; but I'm not sure I'll be able to without showing the nips. I find it very strange that they show through despite having 2 layers; I'm little disappointed since that was one of my goals ... maybe that will change in the future? For the past few days I don't feel tight anymore; and not waking up with morning boobs for a while now. They're getting really soft now; at the end of the day Sunday they were super squishy! Like others I've noticed when I lie down or reclining in bed they feel very firm ... does that change?

Bra shopping. I have the day off today so I'm planning on heading to Kohl's (finally) and buy a normal bra. I need something I can wear under my v neck shirts or have seams (gathering in the middle) showing through. I've dropped as much as I want to so I'm thinking that I'm not going to exclude underwire bras at this point (even though my PS said to wait until 12 weeks. I don't plan on wearing it often so I don't think it'll hurt. I'm not going on a spree since I think I still have fluffing to do and most say they get bigger; but I can't wait to know my final size and buy a few sexy lacey bras! I'm still guessing I'm a 34D or DD.

I'm dying to get a massage!!! My job is very stressful an labor intensive and my back almost always hurts. Since I haven't tried sleeping on my stomach or tanning I'm wondering if I can. Has anyone gotten a massage at then end of 6 weeks? I'm planning on going with my BFF this weekend and wondering if there was a way to protect my twins yet still get a good massage.

Since I don't think I'll be changing that much my next post probably won't be until I'm at the 2 month mark; then again at my 3 month post op appointment.

6 weeks post op pics! 375cc silicone Mod+

Loving my results so far!
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