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I'm 5'7 220 pounds. I'm working with a personal...

I'm 5'7 220 pounds. I'm working with a personal trainer 3x a week so I'm getting a lot of muscle. I dead lift 175 and do squats with 130. I feel like my belly over flow gets in my way of doing all of my work outs and I seem to be at a stand still. I'm so scared of doing this MM in 3days! I just want to feel like a woman again! I do want to post pictures but I'm going to wait until I have after pictures. I need to work up the nerve to do so. I love this site you all are truly amazing woman and very strong from what I have read. I'm hoping this will make me feel better!

I'm not sure if this is big enough ( just sizers)

Omg only one more day!
I don't know what to write!
Good luck and fast healing...
Thank you :)

We'll be thinking of you this week! Here's a great post by Blonde in Bluffton about her first three days post op. She made it through and you can, too! Please keep us updated.


Tomorrow is my big day!

Tomorrow is my big day! I just want to be on the flat side! My kids and husband have been so good ! I feel really lucky
I'm curious how your surgery went. I'm have a consult with Dr. Seth Jones this week.
I'm curious how your surgery went with Dr. Jones. Im going for a consult this week with him for a mommy makeover.
It'll be great and SO WORTH IT! I had my surgery yesterday 12/9 and feel way better than I had anticipated! Sending prayers and good vibes your way! :)
Dr jones

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