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Excited/Nervous! What Size Cc Because I Am Already a Nice Size, Just Needing That Upper Pole Firmness with my Lift - Canton, MI

Well, like most of you that have gone or are...

Well, like most of you that have gone or are already going through this I am feeling a little nervous about picking out the size of implants. I am 5'5" and about 145.. average built. I already have 34 DDD breast and am going in for the lift, however I know I will not be happy in the long run because with weighted breasts I know that they will eventually fall and be saggy mammy jammies again! lol I tried on some sizers at my consult and think that 200 was nice however talking with his assistant she recommended 250. Because he goes behind the muscle she thinks I would be happier with the 250. I am afraid that this will be too big like Really Big!! I'm aiming to keep the size but really want the upper pole fullness. But then will the 200 not give me the fullness?? AAHHHH! I have yet to pick a date out yet although I know it will be in the next few weeks. Then the next dilemma is silicone or saline. I have a few friends with both and they are all happy with what they chose, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!! Would really love a tummy tuck too but being a single mother I guess one thing at a time.. Thank You all!!

Set the date!!

So I set the date!! July 31... I am experiencing the nervousness and anxiety that I'm sure most of you have too. I think my biggest fear is that my nipples will be lop sided lol. or one will end up being bigger to the point you can tell.. I plan on posting some more before pics in some of the clothes I have that I have not been able to wear because my boobs will not let me. lol I am hoping that my pics will help those of you who are larger breasted and would like to keep your size but get a lift and or lift with implants. I have had such a hard time finding pics of women with larger breasts that are getting this procedure. Anyway, the countdown has begun, and if any of you who have already been through this has any advice on things I may need beforehand I would greatly appreciate any advice... Thanks!!

One more week!

Getting the weekly jitters! So my PS and I talked about 250cc.. looking at some pics of others and I'm wondering if it's not going to give me enough upper pole! AAAAAhhhhhh! I hate second guessing myself. However he thinks 200 will do the job. I have faith in him but I think he, as weird as this may sound because I want semi-natural looking boobs lol, he wasn't too make me more natural than what I want. I gave him pictures of what I want to look like, I guess because I can't find pics of women with as big breast as mine it's hard to determine what I feel I'll need. But... I guess I'll pray that this will be enough. And like all of you, be happy that they are up there instead of resting on by stomach! lol

A couple more before photos

I would like to be close to looking like this. ..

Still debating. ...

Ok so I'm less than a week away and still unsure of cc's... I know what I want to look like, I also know that everyone is unique and what looks like one thing on one person can look totally different on another. Sometimes I feel 250 will be great and I shouldn't be greedy lol than I feel like eh Just do 300 better bigger than smaller. .. I'm so unsure and hope that I make the right decision. It's not really that much of a difference lol 50cc's. Lol. Hmmmm

One more day!

Super nervous. .. anxious. .. trying to get and keep everything in order. I've cleaned and cleaned lol. .. In class today having some tests so I'll keep busy till I get home. .then I'm sure I'll find something else to clean lol

On my way. ...

On way to the hospital... Not sure how I feel. Kind of like a dream..

All is well..

As some of you know. .. OUCH! Surgery went well. I went with the 300 and even though I can't see them... they look amazing. I can tell the right is more swollen looks a little bigger than the left and hurts more. Haven't been able to keep anything down but the Dr told my daughter not to worry because I had about of iv fluid so I'm good lol. I'll post pics soon! Thank you all for Your support and suggestions. You made it easier to get through this.!!!

New boobies!!!

So here is the first pic. .. I'm so happy I went with the 300! Thank you henny & juju! You helped me pick my cc's with confidence. I love them already. . I never thought I would be able to do this. Afford it that is. And to have this site and all you wonnderful woman to talk to. Thank you so much!

post op. less than 24 hours

2 days post

Very pleased with my results. My right side is more swollen and more sore. But here's some more photos. ..

My shirt! love it!

Minus my sleep shorts lol. I'm so happy! I can feel my nerve ending coming alive! Lol I'm starting to feel everything, Not bad, but I only took half a pain pill this morning and nothing since. Think I'll take another half. Feeling some pain but not bad. I so wish I would have been able to afford this sooner! I love my boobs! I never thought I would be able to say that. I'm so happy!

Almost 2 weeks post op

Just wanted to update. Its almost 2 weeks post and I have to say I miss sleeping on my side lol. My back is killing me more than my boobs.. I am concerned about the left one. It seems there is a part on the bottom where I feel more skin should have been taken off. Just concerned that once they settle that it will sag more, thinking he may have to fix it and I dread that. Then I'm having some swelling on the sides where the side boob is lol not sure how to explain it other than that. It's hard where the incision is. Worried that it is scar tissue forming already and I haven't gotten the ok to massage them yet! Guess I'll have to call him tomorrow and see what he says. Here's an updated pic though.

Few more pics

So excited to try on some old new clothes lol

high profile

So I just wanted to update.. had to go to Dr because of some scar tissue already forming on my left side. It's not bad just annoying. Dr said it should soften some. Also found out he used high profile not moderate. So I thought I would post a side view of both now. Just so everyone can see the difference. Still Very pleased. Oh one more thing, i am numb under my left breast. I asked him and he said he sees it like one every six months. Something to do with a vein he said it would heal itself. It feels like pulling when I raise my arm up. But yet when I touch the spot it's numb lol.. aggravating lol

new photos

I never though in a million years I would be able to go braless.. I couldn't be happier

3 1/2 weeks post op

Three weeks post and today was my first day back to school. Meeting in cosmetology and using my arms about. .. It actually wasnt too bad. My left boob still looks a little boxy compared to what I like to call my "perfect" boob lol. But they still look better than what they did. I have a small open sore under my right boob that I'm keeping my eye on. Other than that, feeling pretty good!


So, as I was pondering some thoughts last night while talking with a friend, I started thinking.... Maybe I should have thought a little more and did a little more research even though my PS said I was the most informed and researched patient he has ever had.. this is why... and oh, I don't regret my decision just thinking maybe I could have made a few changes...
Would it have been benificial for me to have half my tissue removed and had maybe and exra 50cc implant put in.. I am now afraid that my big breast may eventually sag and i will have to get a lift to correct it again.. would I have been better getting some of the tissue removed to where I would not have to worry about dense heavy tissue?? HMMMMMM and the thoughts go on...
As I said I LOVE my results now, but I am predicting the future LOL... I will be one to keep you all updated.

8 Weeks Post

Well I'm at the 8 week mark. I'm still very optimistic but there is things of course that I would like to change. I will post more pics. I know that the "real" results will not be until at least 6 months. Then I guess I can fine tune what I feel the need to or decide what I want to do. I think that we see things and want the exact same outcome but that is nearly impossible. I am still pleased but of course there are concerns I have. As we all do lol

almost 6 months

So I'm almost at my six month Mark and I'm feeling a revision is necessary. More skin needs be taken from the bottom so they will be more lifted. I'm still pleased but they are just not as perfect as i pictured. I will try n post some new pics soon..

New pics

Here's a few new pics, you can see how they need to be lifted more. Still better than they were but not perfect.
Dr. Galloway

My PS was absolutely amazing. Especially in the hospital. He explains everything and didn't give me a hard time about wanting to up my cc's. Even though he felt they would be to big. His asst. was also such a great woman. He don't work out of his own high tech big hospital so he is able to keep his prices down. Everyone else i spoke with wanted the amount I paid just for the lift and then to come back if I wanted implants.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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JLynn I have a question for you, how did you truly decide on what size to use? I had my consult and I looked at 200CC as well... I am a 34-36 DD. I had my first child very young and then gained a large amount of weight after she was born (I weighed in at 215) , I am now down to 140 lbs and of course weight loss is fantastic, my boobies are not. haha Anyway, I have probably VERY VERY VERY close looking to what you did have, the droopiness (please dont take offense) so I am very concerned about someone doing any surgery on me. I am supposed to go in 4 weeks to get this done so I could use all the advise I can to pick out the right size to get the similar look you went for...
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Tell your PS to remove some of your own tissue and replace it with bigger implants... 200cc at your size is not enough... What does your PS says about it?? Listen to your PS.. He's the one who knows best.. :-)
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Well I have just had a consult, I am scheduled to go back and meet with her again just to talk even more in depth, I put a $500 non refundable deposit down that I am not regretting. I am just nervous she didn't even mention anything to me about any of what I am reading in regards to yours. She is the one who actually had selected the 200CC to have me put into my bra to try out for size.. This entire process just doesn't seem very easy at all.. and makes me completely nervous. Thank you for replying so promptly!!!!
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In the same boat
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Wow I'm going thru the same exact thing...and I'm only two months in..and feeling he did not lift me enough..I feel like I have ski slops...and now down the road I would probly need another lift which i do not want. Reading your review I now feel that yes taking more fat out and bigger implants would have been better to avoid such a sag I'm seeing.
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It's very disappointing Spending so much money and then having to put in more.. If you're like me I am a single mom and money is tight.. so finding the extra funding and time to fix it is like... finding a needle in a haystack.. But I'm still happy that they are fuller on top thats a plus but looking at my pics from the beginning to end Front view doesnt look like a change at all.. the side 45 degree view is what shows the difference.. If I had better insurance I would just go in for a reduction because Ive had years of back problems noted that I don't think It would be an issue but finding a surgeon to deal with insurance is the problem!! Anyhow.. good luck to you as well.. keep your chin up things will be ok!!
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Lookin good girl!!
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Thanks for checking in at 8 weeks. I'm curious as to what you might want fine tuned. I went from a 34G to a C/D cup. I thought your results looked great!
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Lookin good.
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Your boobs look fantastic! I love the pic of you in your favourit top! They look gorgeous!! :)
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Thank you ladies. We shall see what happens in a few months. As for now I'll enjoy them lol before they drop too much
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HI, my PS removed 100 grams of tissue in each breast... I haven't asked for that... He told me after surgery....I don't know if it will make a difference in the long run but I guess a bit... But I have 400cc and 450cc implants...
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I'll have to ask my ps. He never said anything so I'm not sure. The things we think about after lol. .
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you look great!! i bet your're beyond thrilled to be able to wear a tank & go bra-less! i'm still not confident enough to do so, but only because i still think my lift/implants don't look right. they still feel too wide & boxy, and i feel like i still have droopy cleavage. ugh. next post-op appt is next week so we'll see what the doc says! but, anyways, you look absolutely fantastic -and really happy! yay! :)
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You are so right. It is awesome to be able to not have to wear underwire anymore. I bought those Genie bras and they work great. When I wore a tank about a week after my surgery I got the snarls from women. You could totally tell they were fake. I was really embarrassed but it was 95 degrees out. Thanks for the nice words. BTW, I think men like droopy cleavage. Keep doing the massage. It totally helped me. I wore that wrap they gave me for a week longer, too. It seemed to help push them down. Those massages get tiresome on my arms though. BTW, your before boobs were similar to my shape, only bigger. My BF would go nuts over your before boobies. He loves the floppy look. I don't have time to read your story right now but what I saw of it is hilarious. Can't wait to read it when I get back.
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Lol. Yeah I always envied those fake Barbie boobies lol. I guess some men do like the real thing lol.. I don't think you looked bad after your lift when they settled but I understand wanting a little bigger.
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Oh and my ps never said anything about one of those things to help them settle more. Hmmmm
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Thank you snowdrop. I don't think you look boxy, but I see what you mean I'm not getting as "lifted" as you may have wanted. The thing that stinks is no one is made exactly alike. So even though we say "that's what I want to look like" we are not made from cookie cutters. But you still look fantastic! Rock those girls! I'm sure you would look fantastic in a tank! Keep your head up girl!
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You are looking fantastic. I had mine done about 5 days before you so it's fun to watch your progression with mine. I have dominant right girl. She always stays bigger, even though PS went 50ccs more on the left to balance them out. Right still looks bigger to me. Could be because of the way I hold my shoulders though and also that it isn't dropping as fast as Lefty Lucy. It's really bizarre how some people look totally bigger or smaller with the same size ccs that others. There are so many factors that determine that final look. Your PS did a great job. Good luck in your continued recovery. Oh yea. I had massive shooting pain in my left side for almost 3 weeks. I thought I was going to have permanent nerve damage. It stopped.....thank God. Hope your numbness is getting better.
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Hey Thank you. . I think yours look great too. I personally don't think they look too big however pics make them look smaller too. I wish mine would drop a little more. But I still am happy. I think after we all are done we always have something we want to tweak.lol. How is Florida? I'm looking to move sometime in the spring. I can't wait lol. Mich is too cold. . Well dont worry too much. Your still beautiful and more you have just a little extra lol.
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Thanks JL. I am originally from Indiana so I know what you mean about those winters. I live in the Panhandle tho, so this not truly "Florida". We call it LA for lower Alabama. Very small, Bible Belt town. Lots of country folk. I don't really like it here, to be honest. I'm a family girl, and I would move back to Indiana in a heartbeat if all my family were still there. Unfortunately, my brother moved to Colorado and my sister to Cali. My parents are back in IN though, so I try to make my visits in the summertime. It's humid here, just like the midwest though. The only difference is that it doesn't snow. Gets down in the 30s in the winter though. But nothing like MI. You get some frigid winters. EEek. I just noticed a big issue with my surgery. I posted in my profile. I'm sort of freaking out. Hoping to have my nerves calmed soon. Good luck with your continued dropping and fluffing. I hope the ability to feel those implants in my boobs goes away eventually. Kinda creepy feeling. The BF is loving it though. Men! HA
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Yeah I hate that feeling too. I haven't checked up on your profile but I hope everything is ok..
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Hi JL. I'm just checking in to see how you are feeling?
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Hi Newman! I'm doing ok. Not liking the numb pulling feeling under my left breasted, Dr said it could take up to 6 months to heal. I forget what exactly he said it was called. He said he sees it once every 6 months or so. Other than that, everything is healing nicely. So how about you? How are you doing.
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Hahaha it suppose to say newme. Love auto correct.
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