6 Months Rest Period Between Session, at £250 a Time I Need the Rest!! - Canterbury, GB

I suppose we don’t have dissimilar reasons for...

I suppose we don’t have dissimilar reasons for removing our tattoo’s. But one thing we can all share is our unique experiences or our techniques, if you like, of dealing with the laser process.

My first choice was to choose a Dr to remove my tattoos. This is a Dr who is specialised in dermatology and was renowned for laser treatment in my area. I am not in the wage bracket to go to a clinic like that, however, I wanted to be safe and go with someone who has experience.

What I want to make clear is that no matter how professional this establishment is, or the Dr who does the procedure, I still suffer from the anxiety of ‘are they doing it right?’ ‘is it too expensive’ and mostly, one you can all probably share ‘is it going to work?’ I believe this to be a normal thought process of dealing with the unknown. I have no doubt that my Dr is doing it right, I hope, also have no doubt that it's too expensive! However I do doubt if it's going to fully work, only time will tell. I'm paying £250 each session. My sessions last no longer than 20 minutes. I sometimes feel rushed, but I think that is due to the amount I am paying, I want a foot rub and Botox at the same time.

The first session I had, which was a week after my consultation, was so painful. I had been advised to use EMLA cream but I was so busy with work that putting on half an hour before going didn't seem to work. I think most of it soaked into my clothes. I got through the first session, as you can see by the photographs really not much happened, just a little bit red felt like sunburn.

Even though my Dr said it was good to wait six months, he did offered and booked me in within two months. I had time to think and research and I learned that the skin would continue to process - filter the ink away for months after. Plus forced to be patient it gave me chance to budget accordingly. So I cancelled and rebooked for six months time. Hopefully by waiting I may be saving on a session nearer the end. The writing tattoo on my chest had broken up instantly. The more solid tribal tattoos have slightly faded and I believe the majority of the fading happen after 3 or 4 months.

I have just had my second treatment and learning from the first I used EMLA cream one hour before and wrapped the areas in cling film. This was brilliant. Yes it still hurt but so much less, the Dr said it was a combination of the cream and also the fading, as you are all aware the laser is only attracted to dark pigments. The Dr advised me that he had ‘notched it up’ and by the feeling of it afterwards he might well have done. A lot redder and a lot more bruised.

So, I will continue to post every six months and in the mean time I’m open to anybody's advice or experience.

A.J Seaward
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Would be cool to see some pics with the skin healed. did you notice it continuing to fade for the 6 months? cant answer if hes doing it right, since I dont know. but the doc def knows what hes talking about if hes telling you no sooner than 2 months and up to 6 months between treatments. also are you going for complete removal or a coverup? the guy who zapped me said he completely removed a professional tattoo in 4 sessions, 1 a year for 4 years.
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I will be sure to post images of the tattoo after it has healed. I am aiming for a complete removal. I notice after about 3 or 4 months it faded more. However, this was after the summer so may have had a little change in the skin anyway. Should be a fairer test over the winter. I have to say you have some blisters with yours, wow that looks painful! Was the machine on full or gone over a couple of times?
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it was gone over only once, and the session before that blister picture was taken the machine wasn't up that high. Id blister after most treatments, only in areas with a dense concentration of black. wasn't too painful after treatments, but I had to be careful with my arm.
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It's cool that you wait many months b/w sessions..I do too and have seen great results b/c of it. Do you know what laser yr doctor is using?
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I wanted to give the skin the best chance to do its work. I believe it is a Q switch.
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Cool, so do you know what model Q-switched?
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