I met with my PS in June. He said because I'm so...

I met with my PS in June. He said because I'm so small, I need High profile implants and he won't go too much over 325cc's. which dissapointed me cause I wanted to be a d cup. I'm leaning toward silicone. I pay on aug 19 for surgery. Do you think there's a diffrence in recovery time for saline vs silicone?
            the recovery time for me was kinda different saline vs silicone! with saline it took me 1 week in a half to recovery! with i silicone the recovery was def. quicker! i got zingers with only silicone! i also had morning boob with both! i think the incision site makes a difference as well! when i had saline my incision was under the arm! i think thats why the recovery was so much harder and longer! now with silicone i have the crease incision! so much more easier less pain if any! i just felt sore thats all! 

Most doctors will tell you there is not a difference in recovery time with either saline or silicone implants. This link in our Doctor Q&A discusses a similar question. Perhaps you might find the information helpful. Ideally you take your pain meds the first few days and gradually ease off of them. You can then take an over the counter medicine suggested by your PS for the days you go back to work. The prescription pain meds may make it difficult to work, drive or even stay awake. Be sure to consult with your PS on this. Keep us posted by clicking on "Add an Update to the Review" button below your first review entry! 

Thanks ladies. I have so much to ask on the 19th! Like if he thinks my promonent rib cage will effect what sized implant he can fit in? I took 1 week off of work, I'm hoping its enough. I plan on saving some medication to take to work with me, my fear is ill be ok to go back to work and when I get into my routine.... Ill be in pain:(? Ill have to discuss that with him though. I am very excited and nervous!

Prescriptions before surgery??

Hi ladies...
I called the office and asked if I could pay for my surgery before aug 19 (my post op). It's more convent to pay early, this way I don't have to worry about it. 4,615$ is what I had to pay the PS, I don't understand why the hospital won't let me pay early either?? They said they can't run my card till the day before the surgery. Seems odd to me, usually drs and hospitals "jump" if you offer to pay early. Any who, I was wondering if at my pre-op they give me the prescriptions and I bring them to the surgery? Or if I get them after? What do you get, like a Motrin 800, or something like a muscle relaxer and an antibiotic? Just curious... Just as long as I don't have to take Tylenol 3's, cause I'm allergic to codine, it makes me coocoo, lol. Can I refuse to take the pain pills, if they prescribe them?
I'm going partially under the muscle.

Before pic...

This is my before pic... As you can see one boob is completely bigger than the other and is up higher than the other. The PS said he can get them close to perfectly even. This lopsided-ness has gotten worse after every kid I had (only 2) it's just sooo annoying... One tit pops out of the bra and one falls in the cup, and I keep having to pull it up all the time.
Yes, it is encouraging.,, thanks!! I just can't wait till September 3rd!!
I have 325cc hp & I'm measuring a 32DD/34D. Hope that's encouraging? :)
Thanks jessayray, I know your probably right... I just want it to be noticeable for almost $6,000. My fear is I won't notice a diffrence :-/ I know I will, but it's in the back of my mind. Does anyone know the diffrence between general anesthesia and IV sedation?

Pre op

My pre-op is in a few hours... Excited!! I want to ask the PS, if he can do the ultra high profile so I can go bigger than 300cc of just HP. It's my $ and I don't want to go too small. I'm hoping he can do ultra high profile for me.
A 325 could make you a d cup. Every body is different and what makes a d cup is different in anybody. I would tell the PS you want as big as will fit comfortably and not stress over how much cc's.
I did 425 HP unders silicone and am a small D full C depending on brand. Everyone takes the implants different that is what is so hard. I told my PS what look I wanted, I had a few different shirts with me and he knew what projection I was looking for. He did sizers in surgery, and picked what looked best for what I was looking for. I am very happy I left part of this size decision up to him in surgery. I wanted the 450cc going in, and he said after that the 450 looked a little too big on my frame, and the 425 were perfect. I have no regrets! Good Luck, you will stress about size until the day of surgery unfortunately :)

Pre-op office visit.

I went to my pre-op visit yesterday.... PS Sao he will be able to put a bigger implant in than he thought. He measured my BWD again and said its 11cm not the 10cm he originally noted. So, that's good cause he will be able to put in a bigger implant:-) my surgery is sept 3 @ 10:30 am, I have to be there @ 8am, I'm the 2nd surgery of his. He asked what pain pills I usually took for my past surgeries... I said I believe they were percocets. He said he wanted to try something else. He gave me an rx for norco, I am not framilar with this one. I have take Vicodin in the past and it doesn't web tough the pain. I'm hoping this isn't the case though and it helps. I just don't get why would he ask what I've taken for pain before and not use it? Oh well, we will see. As long as it doesn't hurt as bad as my csections, we will be ok. For those of you ladies that have had csections... Which hurts worse, the BA or the csections? I am also worried, I was not given a muscle relaxer or antibiotics, just the norco. I have muscle relaxers left over from a car accident I can take. I'm excited, it's 2 weeks from today!!!! I'm very happy the PS said he can go bigger though:-) that's what I wanted, and for so much $, why not go bigger?!
What I did was I made my own sizers at home, I went to victorias secret and bought a 32D ( no padding) and put the right amount in the sizers. 325 gave me a D and maybe 350 would give you a full D.. Im NOT a doctor, but i'm just suggestion YOU try in an actual bra. Also your surgeon probably knows best

4 more days!!!!

YAY!!!! 4 more days till my surgery!!!! A few days ago the surgical hospital called to pre-register. They said I was supposed to be there at 6AM!! This left me confused, because my paper said I was supposed to be @ the hospital @ 8am and surgery is at 10:30am. I called the PS and asked, she said the first surgery cancelled so they moved me up to be the first surgery. I just hope my PS isn't hung over from Labor Day..... LOL!! I am so excited & nervous!! I'm going to upload a pew pics before and then after the surgery. I'm glad I found this site, I LOVE looking @ everyone's reviews, it's really helped me on what to expect after. Did anyone use bio-oil? And if so, when did u start using it?

Less than 12 hours...

Sooo... I gotta wake up at 4am and get ready for my sister to take me to the surgery. We are leaving at 5am to be there at 6. Surgery is at 7am. So nervous, will post pics when I'm straight enough to post.

Surgery was today....

Got to the surgical hospital @ 6am. My Plastic surgeon came early, so I got called back to the OR @ 7am. The dr asked me if he gave me my RX for pain pills, I said ya. He said he was going to give me an rx for percocet also. Percocet is what I have had for all my other surgeries cause Vicodin does NOT work for me. He never did give me the rx, he said if I need it he will give me the rx tomorrow at my post op appt. I'm wishing right now he gave me the Percs cause the Norcos he gave me don't even touch my pain! My gyno told me with people either Vicodin or percocets work ... One or the other. Which is right for me and other people I know too. The pain is terrible for me right no I'd say an 8/10. Anywho... I was released from the hospital at 11am. I just want to sleep and wake up tomorrow to go to the post op appt at noon. It's an odd kinda pain. It hurts in my arms and my chest, I cannot really use my arms. Getting dressed is hard, looks like ill be staying @ my sisters longer than I thought with the pain like this. I read other posts and it is either not hurting @ all or in pretty bad pain. Ill post a pic without my surgical bra tonight or tomorrow am.

Post op pics....

Here's some more pics.... Wishing he would have put bigger ones in there. He gave me natrelle style 20 (high profile) 325cc on my left and 300cc on my right. They are silicone. More pics tomorrow when I go for my post op appt.
Thanks ladies.... I was kinda drugged up from the hospital. Ya he gave me the Percs today, which by the way I took just 1 and the pain is a LOT better compared to taking 2 Norcos, they didn't even touch the pain.
Looking good! Great cleavage! (I'm jealous!!) hope you get your Perc's tomorrow. They totally worked for me too,, Vicodin does nothing!! Feel better and enjoy your new additions
Hmmm I think the size is great!!! Did he try fitting at least 350cc?

Post op appt...

The PS said that my muscles were a lot thicker than the thought they would be. He said that is good cause I'm muscular but bad for the surgery cause its more difficult to recover. The ps gave me the Percs for the pain. Took just 1 and it helps so much better for the pain compared to the Norcos. Tonight I will post pics without the bra.
Wow they look huge lol and only 325cc wow!!! I m thinking now I won't be able to get 350 in I m so much smaller than you were:)(
He said the biggest he could fit in was 300& 325. He said ill be a d cup and they will get bigger when they drop.

New post op pics...


I feel so much better today. I only have taken 1 percocet so far this morning, I probably could have done without it. I think they do look good, I do wish they were bigger though:-( my left side still hurts worse than my right (it was the smaller side). My post op appt is Monday afternoon and I go back to work Tuesday:,-( I LOVE being off work..,, I don't want to go back!!!! LOL!!!! I do have one concern though, I have noticed that when I move my arm a certain way, I hear a weird squishing sound. Anyone have this before?? I got natrelle style 20 silicone (HP) I was 32b (deflated b cup) 93 LBS, 4'11".
Thanks... I do wish my BWD was bigger so he could have gotten a bigger implant in there. He did say that 11 cm was big for my size. All my friends that have seen me after surgery said they look like a good size for me. They thought they would be these big ass boobies, lol, an they aren't. I guess that's why the base of the implant gets bigger the bigger the cc's get. I hope ur surgery goes well, when's ur surgery so I can check up on u? Thanks
Thanks about the squishing.., I was concerned that it was ruptured or something.
Anuta1980- what was your BWD? Mine was 11cm. My PS said my muscle was thick.... That also made it harder to get a bigger implant in there. I never concidered myself muscular, but her said I was muscular, LOL!!!! He also told me if your little (petite) a smaller HP implant will look bigger on us.

Feeling better...

Today is 3 days post op. I feel better and so does the pain. I really feel tightness in my chest. I'm so glad I go this done for MYSELF!! I got a lot of "shit" for wanting to get this done. Everything from selfish to vain. The females that give u trouble for getting this surgery are jealous in some way. It is a big expense, and my kids have everything they need and want, no one is doing without. Make the choice of a BA for YOUrSELF and NO ONE else. My man friend saw them for the first time, he said they are big and he liked them. He looked scared, lol. I did notice that I have very little feeling on my breasts, I guess it could be from cutting through the muscle and nerves?

When will these babies drop?!

So, I'm 1 week post op today. I feel like these things will NEVER drop!! My chest is sooo tight, there are times I wanna take them out and put them back in later:-/. How long until they soften up? I can't start massaging them till next Tuesday. Thanks!!!! Xoxo

Congratulations! You look great! Try to be patient with the dropping and fluffing...easier said than done. Don't worry about the swishing noise you're hearing when you move your arm. It's trapped air from the surgery and it will gradually reabsorb back into the body. Happy healing!

No, my PS Sao I didn't need to get a lift. He said to wait another week cause when I even try to massage it hurts, cause its rock hard and I have so brusing by my incision.
I no, I hope they do soften soon for you. I am 1wk also today and have my post op apt. later this morning. Did you have a breast lift also? I have been massaging since 1day post-op but I know that is not possible if there was a lift included. Massaging has really helped me (I think) why does your PS want you to wait?

2 weeks post op...

Today was my 2 week post op mark. This tape over my incision is bugging the crap outta me!! My dr top me not to take it off, but to wait and let it fall off, no joke this shit is like freakin glued on there :-/ still wishing they were bigger!! No regrets about the surgery itself... I am feeling well. They are still sitting high and hard.
Things look good! Hey, "haters gotta hate" as my DH says. Glad you are happy and don't let anyone take that away.
I agree. The people that give me the most trouble about the boob job are the people that don't have the $ to do it and are jealous that I have the extra $ to do something for myself.
We're one day apart :) Glad you are feeling well - and they'll come down for you in no time I'm sure. I swear they just seem to change over night ... literally!!! :)


Hello ladies...
I took the tape off my incisions today. I have sensitive skin and my skin was starting to itch around the tape, which is bad cause I usually get TERRIBLE tape burns from tape on my skin:-( my right incision looks GREAT! Where as my left isn't as great, it's red and tender. Hopefully it will look as good as the right side, maybe needs some extra time to catch up. My boobs are softening up.... Just a LITTLE softer, not too much softer though. As for pain... mostly some muscle twitches radiating muscular pain.

1 month update

So, I think my implants may have dropped. They aren't as high as they were in the beginning, but my right boob is still higher than the left. I thought silicone implants were supposed to be soft like a real breast?! Mine are still hard, not as hard as the first few weeks, but no where close to real breast tissue. When I lye down they are hard as rocks. When I'm standing they are soft, but not real soft. I'll have to as the PS on Friday. I'll post a few pics for your ladies opinions on my progress ????. My incisions are still sore, I can't wait to go buy some regular bras and bombshell bras ??. I'm getting comments from ladies at work saying I look the exact same.... Well I wore bombshell bras before, which gave me the illusion of 2 cup sizes, now I'm wearing bralettes. So, technically I would look the same ( I'm a 32d now in vs bras)
looking good - space in between your breasts is awesome - so very natural. Yes, you do have some asymmetry (me too - I'm working on it!) I massaged my left breast down pretty much squeezing the implant down And, wearing a white strap below my boobs so my right breast heals a bit higher in the crease. It's made a really big difference. Asymmetry almost gone - enough so that I'm happy about it. I think your incisions look great, healing very nice and clean. Looks what I would think 1 month would be!
Thanks... Yours look good too, just want this process to speed up and my incision to fade
I think it was a good 3-4 months before mine were super soft and bouncy. Don't worry they will get there

Wishing I could see a difference....

So, I'm 6 almost 7 weeks post-op. I'm so upset that after paying all that money, I cannot tell much of a difference! Don't get me wrong, I can tell that I fill out a bra better, but not what I wanted. I wanted maybe 400cc high profile. I'm a 32d in some bras and a 32dd in other, but it just doesn't look like I am. I have a little over a handful of boob????. My coworkers and friends all say, "I can't believe you spent all that money on those and can't even tell a difference." My male friend said he can tell when my shirt is off, but maybe he's making me feel better?
A 32D or DD is a great breast size! You did this for yourself - not for anyone else. Don't worry what others say - You have BIG breasts, I don't care what anyone says!!!
I know... And the size sounds big, but I don't know doesn't look big. Maybe I just need to wait till they fluff and see what happens since thy are still hard.
I think too they look big! I think they look great! I went with a smaller size too (325) and wish I would've gone bigger now. I think we look smaller to ourselves...... My friend keeps telling me how big she thinks they look. No stress girl! You look really good!!!


I sot some new nighties ???? I'm 2 months post op. I do feel like they are getting smaller. January I go for my post op after pics @ the ps. I was thinking of getting my man professional pics taken of the boobs and maybe some lingere pics. Not sure if I'll do it, don't know if it's a good gift for him . It would be part of his gift, not the whole thing for Christmas, lol!! But other than that things are good. Just hoping the incision will fade soon, it's too dark still.
I think they look perfect for your size. :-)
nice nighties :) I wouldn't worry about pro-pics, your man will be happy with the real thing!… Did you post your age sweet girl? I think I missed it.
I'm 28... 93lbs 4'11"

Recived a bill!!!

So I recieved a bill from the hospital where I had my surgery for my BA, I paid them the day of the surgery $1,100. I opened a letter from a collection agency saying I owed them $9,937 for the surgery!!! WTF?!?! I paid them obviously it was due the day of the surgery!! How in the hell do I owe them almost 10 grand?!?! I have my reciept and it was paid in full. My new boobs weren't even 10 grand total!! I called the hospital and they said I owe them nothing, it's all so confusing!! Any-who, I rescheduled my before and after pics at the PS to February 7th. Just mad!!????
Kind of crazy about that bill but Wow they are looking really nice!! Are you happy with your size now? Did they get a little bigger or not after dropping and fluffing?
Thanks... I think they were bigger the first month after the surgery... When I tried on my surgical bra it's not as tight on as after my surgery an my pics after surgery look bigger. I have an appt to talk to him about a size exchange. Hopefully this summer.
I think your size looks great on your body frame and they look bigger now...I'm 6 wks post op and mine are smaller hoping mine will look fuller after they fluff

Victoria's Secret sale...

I got 3 plunge bras (my favorite push up bra) @ Victoria's Secret semi annual sale for 15$ a piece orig $60. Should be the sale at every VS store...
Your boobs look great!!definitely not small! I felt the same after my surgery and yet I was told I was a 32DD-E yet look like a C! Argh so annoying!! Anyways I think they look nice! They look like a DD to me!!
I feel the same... Thanks
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