Update..post op day 1!!! cancun, Mexico

Hey Ladies..So almost a year ago i got my tummy...

hey Ladies..So almost a year ago i got my tummy tuck done in cancun and it went great..I love my body now but I've always felt like my butt didnt match my shape.I've always be curvy..big boobs small waist and big hips but my butt didnt pop out and have meat on it the way i wanted it too so im going back next month to complete my look..I'm not sure how big to go yet but i'm excited that its getting done soon!!

I've been looking at every ones reviews and i...

I've been looking at every ones reviews and i wanna know how you guys cjhoose how many cc's to get? my doctor is cool and he knows i want a bug ass..but i wanna be informed and know excatly what to ask for and directed him to what im looking for to the T so that i'm super happy with my results..Let me how you picked the right amount for you please?

I Like this butt and my doctor did it.. I told him...

I Like this butt and my doctor did it.. I told him I want it just like this..I think its just right for me.. I'm gonna go a lil bigger because i hear you lose some..tell me what u think?

I went and got the arnica..complex B..vitamin c...

I went and got the arnica..complex B..vitamin c and this liquid iron (i heard its better then the pill). I also got some kelo-cote for the scaring. now I just have to order the foam and my faja..trying to figure out which one is the best to get. I hated the from my tt so i'm buying a new one..which one did you guys get?

Since I just had a TT almost a year ago I'll be...

Since I just had a TT almost a year ago I'll be doing lipo on my Flanks,, arms and upper back bra area.That's where most of my fat is now. I'm wondering if I should get the garment with sleeves and if i Should buy the epi foam for my arms as well.. Let me know if you"ve had your arms done and what you did to get the best result. Thanks ladies

So I've been ordering all my stuff and getting...

so I've been ordering all my stuff and getting ready for sx.. I have a few weeks but I hate doing stuff at the last min..Plus I work all and always have tons to do..Im currently getting ready for sx and my xmas trip to disney world next week. Anyway I really wanna try the massages this time so I googled it and found EastsideMassages.com They have 30 mins for $70 bucks gonna book one for when i return from cancun.

I've been going back and fourth on if I should...

I've been going back and fourth on if I should diet or not before sx I use to be 238 I'm 190 right now MY goal weight is 170-175 I dnt wanna be skinny I've worked out and gotten down to 160 and hated how I looked..my face ..boobs and hips slim out and i just don't like it at all.. so i prefer to be a little chunkier.. My tummy is flat from my tt so it's really just my upper back and arms that i wanna lipo for my bbl and maybe a little bit of my inner thighs. before really saying i was gonna go back for my butt i was working out and dieting to get to my goal but now i'm confuse because i wanna make sure i have a good amount of fat for my butt..My doctor has lipo up to 6 liters on his patients..so that's why i said maybe i shouldnt diet but i dnt wanna wake up and still have back fat so im gonna push to lose 10 pounds ..I got this liporush and censor fat loss pills at gnc.. i'm gonna try it out and do it and diet from today up untill a week or two before sx so its not in my system..Wish me luck ladies !!!

So I surprise my kids with a trip to disney world...

so I surprise my kids with a trip to disney world for x-mas and we're having a good time but i miss me some real self..lol i'm usually on here everyday..smh i know that bad but thats whats on my brain..anyway just checking in ..cant wait for this trip to be over, then i'll only have two weeks to go..yay!!!!

Just got home this morning..My trip was great and...

Just got home this morning..My trip was great and the kids had a blast...now its count down time!! just order my cover garment and sqeem and also arm compression from makemeheal.com..got my epi foam in the mail today and order my q10 and cellulite cream(for my thunder thighs)..got a heating blanket..gauze and my doctors said to get adult diapers for the leaking( no drains.yay!!) was not about to go to the store and buy them so got that from target.com too.. got my board from lipoexpress.com..now i just have to do a flush cause i ate like crazy on this vaca..I couldnt help my self..but i will focus and eat clean and take mt diet pills and drink water..water..water for the next 15 days.Found a new meassage place in the bronx 10 massages for 450..I'm gonna try it first and see if it's worth it..if not i will follow foundumissnewbooty's method..got my boppy pillow just need to get a chair to cut the bottom..also ready..getting excited!!!! let me know if i'm forgetting anything plz

It's new year eve and all im thinking is yes hurry...

it's new year eve and all im thinking is yes hurry up and be a new year ALREADY!!!..lol Ready to go back to work and get the rest of my money up to go. I'm staying home and relaxing tonight..I never liked big crowds and partying outside on new years anyway but now i'm like the less new people that see me before my new ass..the better!..lol I know its silly but i'm laying low until after surgery..then i'll bust out when i'm all healed up and got that look back at it ass!!! it's part of my give a reason to hate me even more plan..i'm going hard this year new ass..new whip..this year is my year baby!!

Hey im getting my last little stuff together and i...

hey im getting my last little stuff together and i was wondering what i was gonna wear after sx because all i wear are jeans..so i went on vs to get some sweat suits and was wondering if it's worth it to buy good stuff if my size is gonna change? and i have no comfy stuff so i need a idea of how much to get..let me know girls and tel me what you wore until you could wear jeans again

Ive been going back and fourth about how to sleep...

ive been going back and fourth about how to sleep on my tummy after sx ..I was gonna order the message table if i had too but was like what the hell am i gonna do with it afterwards...then i saw the foam mattress and was considering that too..so when i went on amazon to add it to my list i found this pillow that helps u lay on your tummy with your face out and its only 25 bucks,,think this might be perfect.



Got a few delivery's today.. my garment came and...

Got a few delivery's today.. my garment came and it looks like it'll fit good..I'm gonna use the one and the one from my tt until i size down..I started to order more now because i'm a plan a head freak!!! but then i realized i have alot of garments from my tt last year that i can use until i really need a new size..so i got a size small sqeem base on my waist size already and baaaby! that thing is SMALL...LOL i was gonna just order another one and then it fit me like its suppost to be tight so try it and get that thing on! so i pullled and pulled and got it to the first hooks!!! so i'm almost all set..my pj's came and my diapers too..lol was gonna order some comfy stuff because everything i own is tight as hell..the way i like it! but i change my mind i'm gonna take some old leggings out and some tunics and rock that while i'm healing.i'm gonna be home for awhile anyway and i love online shopping so now i'll spend money on new i gotta booty outfits while im recovering...other then that everything is going smooth..bag almost packed..gonna order the last of my list tomorrow..14 days to go!!!!

So far i have two xl size garments and my sqeem....

so far i have two xl size garments and my sqeem..it seems like most of you ladies drop down to the next size a few weeks after your sx and im thinking now that i should of gotten a large since i was wearing the xl for my tt last year and it was a little to big then.Should i order a large now versing waiting? what did you guys do???

So the days are flying by and I'm checking.....

so the days are flying by and I'm checking.. rechecking and getting ready to go ..I finally found some massage spots in the bronx so that i wont have to travel far and every time i try to book them for 4 days post op they tell me i have to wait...I'm confused because it seems like so many ladies started them right away but they wont touch me until I'm almost 2 weeks post op ... I don't know why but they wont do it 4 days post op..so i think I'm gonna invest in the ultrasonic massager and have my bf/ nurse to do it for me when i get home..I definitely want professional ones so should i just do the heating blanket and the paint roller or purchase the massager??? Is there a big diffrence???

I'm at work today when i get a email saying that...

I'm at work today when i get a email saying that my doctor is not going to be here for my SX next week!!! WTF i had to read it twice because i couldn't believe it.. but his gone!! He did some work at a hospital (not where I went) down there and never got paid for it and hasn't been paid for two months!! so he got a offer in another clinic for all cash patients and went! SMH while i'm upset i understand not wanting to work for free.. So my Coordinator ask me if i would like to cancel or go to another PS she use to work with before and now works in the top hospital in Cancun..She sent me vlogs and pictures and his work looks good..He charges more but will do mines for the same price...I asked him if he would have a probably giving me 1050 in each cheek and he said he doesn't have a probably with that..I'm confused but dont really wanna change my date..as i have everything set and ready to go. SMH Shit happens and all i can do now is hope that everything will go well...

Hey ladies I got my board from lipoexpress and i...

hey ladies
I got my board from lipoexpress and i added the tea they have as well and call me crazy but i like it!
it doesnt taste to bad.I took it before bed for the last two days and it feels like its working..my tummy is flatter and feels tighter..
it flushes you out with out running to the bathroom..its better good..just wanted to share that with you guys ..im gonna keep taking it and update you...

Soooooo its almost my time...ready and set to go.....

Soooooo its almost my time...ready and set to go...put my hair up in a bun...got my comfy plane ride outfit..now just waiting for next few days to pass by....my laptop went crazy and had me missing rs..I see I missed drama and that's good because I come here for info and support....

All set..about to nap a little then cancan here I...

All set..about to nap a little then cancan here I come....wish me luck

Ok so I'm here at the airport..starving...lol why...

Ok so I'm here at the airport..starving...lol why didn't I eat at 12...smh

I'm ok..out of sx..got 5 liters out and 1 in each...

I'm ok..out of sx..got 5 liters out and 1 in each cheek...going to sleep..will update later

Ok so had surgery yesterday afternoon..I arrived...

Ok so had surgery yesterday afternoon..I arrived in cancan around 11 and went in about 3:00.. Everybody here is nice and helpful..did my paper work and change into my gown and waited for my doc to come talk to me..his very nice and listened and looked at my wish pics..he loved one of them and was like mucho grande..lol but he said it looked like implants so I explain that I was looking for 1000 cc's in cheek and I wanted good projects..my iron was low (as always) so he said which is more important the lipo or the butt..I say the butt!,,,lol but some how he was able to do both without me needing a blood transfusion...he got five liter off my arms upper back and flanks..I woke up super sore feeling like I couldn't move my arms...they felt so heavy ...I was on my butt after surgery since I couldn't help move myself on my tummy...but once I got to my room I was like girl u better move them arms and get off your new butt. And I did! Lol I'm feeling ok today and just took a slight shower.. It was so hard getting the garment over my butt and hips that I told them to leave it half on..so I took a bird bath..I havent really seen it yet but everybody body says its big!! I'm gonna try to take some pics soon and post it..ttyl

Damn well getting home and post op 2-3 were...

Damn well getting home and post op 2-3 were tuff,,but I'm starting to feel better..been drinking my red Gatorade and wrapping my arms and back with my heating blanket..been sleeping a lot..will try to take pics today
Will add later

I found him threw a tummy tuck forum..after a few ladies gave good reviews I did my research and booked my tummy tuck with him and now i'm returning to do my bbl.

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Hi Can you please tell me who your doc is. Im interested in having surgery in cancun and want some good referrals

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hey checking on you ....haven't heard from you update us please we wanna how the BBL went .... hope all is well ... can't wait to hear from you :-)
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I like your post pictures. Did you have to get a passport to go to cancun and how much was the surgery that you received? How many cc's did you get? Did you have to get a clearance from your primary doctor and did you have any drainage?
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How are you doing back at home? I got back on Sunday and so glad to have a wonderful oatmeal bath...how are you feeling and the results?
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so glad to hear that everything went well!! so scared about lipo of the arms but i need it bad, lol. hope you start feeling better soon and keep on reminding yourself that the pain will go away,.. eventually, lol :p
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Are you at home now??
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Wow . Hope u start feeling better soon.
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I seen your post on MMH (I don't post on there...its too much drama & not enough help from the girls lmao) was wondering how everything worked out. Glad to hear you're doing good!!! Girl get plenty of rest!!
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We did it. I have only been able to post today day 4 as I was too sick and sore to do anything. My meds did not work and so sick. The Dr changed everything so now I ate and went for a short walk tonight. He is a very nice doctor and I go back in a week for stitches out. He did a lot of lipo. 4000 CC . My whole back, whole abs and inner thighs. Sore and swollen. But they give you that nice cotton to go underneath the garment so the hooks don't hurt. We are in Playa for the 3 days then south to Tulum. Love to see your new butt. I am not posting until more bruises go away. It looks bad but my thighs don't touch now..wow and my waist has curves so awesome.
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Yes his very nice..I'm so sore..at my hotel now..the Avalon but I leave tomorrow..don't know how I'm gonna seat on this big booty he gave me lol..well rest up and I hope you heal well :)
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OMG you are so brave to be going on the plane so soon. Did you have a lot of lipo?? That's the swelling and bruising part...excited to see the new you!
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You have curves for days.....can't wait to see the new you with projection. Your body will be off the chain :) It's good now, I had to buy those curves (hips) lol... Happy healing luv!!
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Lol..it's huge now but once the swelling and the fluffy godess comes..I'll be super happy with it..it's looking like Buffy the bodies butt now..lol
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Hey nyredbone: hope your doing great... well by your review it seem as everything went well... question are those wish pics,the one in the grey dress or is that you? who ever that is looks damn good!
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Hi..yes that's me after my tt last year..thank you :)
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What?!!!! You couldn't tell mevthat wasn't a wish pic wow!!!!! Your shape look very nice in that dress...
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Congratz again Hun....I'm sure you're gonna look banging because you already do before. Happy Healing!!! :)
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Congratulations Boo with the new body, I mean booty ;) Hope u have a speedy recovery.
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Thank you
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Wow! How do u feel? I'm very sore and tired. Welcome to the other side!
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Sore!! Hands are super big...happy healing girl..we're in recovery mode now! Summertime fine is around the corner
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Congratz...Happy Healing!!!
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Yay!!! welcome to Bootyville!!!
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Praying for safe travels to and from Cancun. Your transformation will look great! Happy healing and update your experience when u can.
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Thank u..how are u?
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