Vaser Inner/Outer Thighs Lower Abs & Lower Back - Cancun, Mexico

Hello all, Im Vany 28 years old had vaserlipo 2...

Hello all, Im Vany 28 years old had vaserlipo 2 days ago in Cancun Mexico with Dr. Burgos. I was 64 kgs for 167cm which is not much, I am very athletic love to run and exercise in the gym, but couldnt get rid of the fat arounf legs (seemed always too big for me and so did my butt) and the bum area, lower abs u know under belly button.

I wanted "perfection" an athletic looking body where I could see muscle definition. So I went for vaser. Operation lasted 4 hours, I have to admit I was very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain feeling drowsy and all. 1 night in hospital, then in the morning nurses came to make me stand up for 1st time and take a shower and I felt like i was fainting they needed to hold me and took the shower witht their help while sitting down... overall not a pleasant experience, BUT when I saw myself without the bandages for the first time I already saw my flat belly I was extremely happy!

My thies look a bit thinner too but of course now 2nd day post op. my whole body is swollen, I have a bit less pain, but still feel like a grandmother walking slowly sitting down and lying down takes a lot of effort.... having to check liquid drain etc.. And also the trouble to have to take all the medications some every 4 hrs some every 8 and some every 12hours.. its a full day job haha!

But althought it is so much trouble, I am happy, really happy, I cant wait for the swelling to go away day by day and reveal my new body! From now on I started to watch my diet as well, there is no point doig vaser if it is to pig out every day. No from now on no more bread and sweets for me. Fruits, veggies, meat, fish, brown rice... :) I will try to post pictures later on. I would love to have feedback from pple that went through similar process as mine.. take care !! Kisses!

Day 3 at home: Feel very swollen, I am too I...

Day 3 at home:
Feel very swollen, I am too I feel as I am going to explode inside this garment feel a lot of pressure on my stomack, due to this.Another worrying aspet is that I havent been to the toilet for poopoo since my surgery and I feel like I have to go but cant, thats constipation doc said it was normal and suggested some pills (mooore? :()
Pain is tolerable, it exactly like very very sore bearable... also the antibiotics I believe make me feel very tired so I have small naps during the day. But my psychology is super positive !!
The pictures I post are from today, day 3.

Day 5 at home: Feel quite swollen still, pain is...

Day 5 at home:
Feel quite swollen still, pain is less and tolerable. So I took my garment off for the 1st time after my surgery to wash it (be4 you ask YES I did wash myself the days be4 I just didnt take the garment off..) I was so scared it would be painful, but all went well: I saw my body which was full of bruises but a little less swollen than 1st day at home. Putting on the other garment was easier than I thought....

1 week Post-op. Hello everyone, today I feel less...

1 week Post-op.
Hello everyone, today I feel less sore, but still very swollen. Yesterday made the mistake to go to a friends house and before that go to the super market with a friend to buy stuff, but when I arrived at the friends house my feet and ankles were so swollen they hurt and looked they were going to explode :( I had to lie down with feet up which relieved me from pain, but my feet are still quite swollen also today .... Apart from that I hav had stomch issue with pain probably due to the antibiotics & painkillers. As per my doctor I bought Nexium with helped a bit, although my stomach still feels funny today, but less painful.
Tomorrow no more antibiotics (yayy!) and only 1 painkiller (paracetamol 750mg) to take every 8 hours. Dr also recommended Arnica Montana, for a month, but I dont feel any les pain or so when taking it... What about you ? how do u deal with post- op.??
Will keeo you posted, Wednesday wil see my Dr who will remove the drains... (now thats also a pain in the ^%$!!)
Although my body is swollen and I look worse than before surgery, I still keep positive that when swelling will go away I will see some result!!

1week 2 days post op: Went to see my doctor today...

1week 2 days post op:
Went to see my doctor today. He said everything is going fine, but I must keep the drains a bit longer (maybe a week) because i still have some fluid coming out. He lowered the dose of antibiotics though, and the frequency of the painkiller (paracetamol 750mg every 8 hrs).
He removed the stitches at least, prescribed me a cream to apply 2wice a day on scars.
He prescribed also lasix diuretic, 20 mg (1ce a day), as I have water retention (plus my period grr)and I hope will help me be a bit less swollen...
I feel quite sore muscularly, but can move a bit more "fast" and easily... but I get tired very easily: its incredible that just the fact of climbing 15 stairs makes me out of breath, when before surgery was able to run non stop for more than an hour!...
Anyway.. patience is a key, isn't it? :P
Dr. Victor Burgos

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You look great!
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Hi, I had a question. I noticed in your side picture with your tattoo showing labeled (day 4) that in the middle of your back right where your waist comes in, that there is kinda a bump. Is this merely because it was swollen? I had vaser done with some fat graghting to the butt on Feb 6...but right where my waist comes in in the middle of my back there is a large bump and I think it's just very swollen. Could you please tell me if your reduced significantly or not to make an awesome s curve or could you post recent pics? Thanks!
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Hi Vany,

You will probably start feeling a little better once you can stop taking the medication (antibiotics/pain killers) and once you get your drains out. Remember to take things slow, you're still healing so don't push yourself too much.

Please keep us updated on your progress!


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The anesthesia thats in your system makes u tired for a few days plus it makes you constipated. Try drinking as much water as you can and take a stool softener or suppository.
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Thx but today I noticed my constipation is gone, what a relief! Everything seems to be "normal" /....only day 4 and cant wait for so swelling to become less !!! Grrr
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For prevention of constipation; eat prunes (4 or so)daily the week b4 the surgery and 2 wks after. Worked for me
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Thanks for the update and pics. I've heard a lot of people mention constipation after surgery, hopefully that will resolve itself soon.

I also like your way of passing the time... "operation" is a timeless game! :)

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Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your story with us. I'm glad your surgery went well, I'm sure you're looking forward to the results now!

Please keep us updated with your progress.


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