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Greenblackpurple, 61 Years Old & Loving my Tummy Tuck - Cancun, Mexico

My Surgeries came in a package deal of $10,500 due...

My Surgeries came in a package deal of $10,500 due to me having a number of procedures. The Tummy Tuck was just one of them.

I am 61 years old & I hadbeen tiny almost all my life, 106 to 110lbs. I wore that bikini until I was almost 50 years old. I had always had a nice body until I was injured and put on steroids (prednisone). My body & face were so swollen up like a Balloon / Marshmellow and I gained a ton of weight because of the prednisone. Then I just seemed to give up & not care anymore, gained more weight & went up to 213 lbs. I got tired of the way I was looking, started to exercise, & diet. I firmed up my core(abs), and lost 77lbs over 1 year & 3 months, scheduled my 5 surgeries & just went for it.

I had my surgeries April 17,2012, 8 weeks ago. Now because of the weight lose I now need my Inner Thighs, Arms, & Breast Lifted. Remember, You've come this far, Never let yourself go from this point on, because your worth it (that is if your done having babies).
You should see my facelift pictures, they'd blow your mind. They're posted under: "greenblackpurple(the color I was) 61 years old & I would do it again"

Take Care & Heal Well

greenblackpurple18 Jun 2012

I guess I don't mind saying the word Grandma anymore either since I'm back to looking normal again.

I'm feeling great. I went back to work 5 weeks after having:

1. Face lift with fat grafting
2. Neck lift
3. Rhinoplasty
4. Blephaplasty (eyes upper & lower)
5. Tummy Tuck with liposuction
Only because I felt great and I took it very slow but sure & then had a week off before I worked again.

Probably a little to early since I clean houses. The vacuuming just about killed me, pushing & pulling. No wonder my Core (Abs) are hard, tight, & belong to a 20 year old now.I swear to all of you if you want to get those abs in shape, vacuum a 3000 sq ft home.

I still tape my incision & wear my 2ND stage body suit. It's time to start massaging my Tummy Tuck scar. I am in desperate need of that breast, arm, & inner thigh lift due to the weight loss.

I think for 2 months out, my tummy is looking pretty darn good for a 61 year old & I'm actually LOVING IT. It's to bad I'm not in my 30's again, I would be going out to the beach this summer in my bikini. The bikini top I have on is the last one I ever wore, DAMN IT. atleast I kept it. After the weight gain, I just never got back out there, maybe someday (with more surgeries) but by then I'll be looking for a 90 year old man.

Well, better late than never. I had to tell my daughter not to worry, I won't be going out anywhere in my yoga out fit or in that bikini top. It's just that I got tired of holding those 2 big droopy tubers up, I call boobs, while taking pictures of my Tummy Tuck to post.

Again, Take care & heal well

Let me know if you want to know where specifically...

Let me know if you want to know where specifically I had this done & who to contact for information on this wonderful Surgeon & Patient Facilitaor in Mexico.
I have already written a pamphlet on the do's & don'ts, what to take & buy while out of the country having Plastic Surgery.
What an experience, you just never know until you go through it.
Take Care & Heal Well
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Hi greenblackpurple.Its Dr Rafael Velasco,I saw your pictures. If you want I will be able to make a revision of your abdominal scar in order to lower it and make it even.no charge al all,mean while have a nice weekend
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hi greenblackpurple, it's eilee737, again(i just posted)..read your synaposis again... you give me an instant "LIFT" :) very inspiring.. I can hardly wait to hear the geographical, surgery info, etc.. details from you...thank you much, Eileen
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I can hardly wait for your tt too. Oct. 1 will be here before you know it. Remember to take your pictures, BEFORE & AFTER. I need to hear from you as soon as you feel able, after your tt, to get back to me and let me know how your doing. Good Luck.
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o my thats sad how people are wish they got him i be gettin me a camra we have had people steal metal out of our yard i am doin good , so far waitin on oct 1 to hurry for my tt i just it will hurry up want to get it over
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I have been doing fine. Very busy with a lot of things. How are you healing? Whats going on with you? I should have had my daughter take some pictures of me when she was here. She lives on the other side of the state from me, on the other side of the mountains. I had to call 911 the other night, I heard someone in my house. When the police showed up to check the house they saw my son-in-laws picture on the wall in his dressed blues, he's a state trooper. His first tour of duty was to guard the States Governors resident. They always make fun of law inforcement officers that are not from their own departments. They said they wouldn't hold it against him. Anyway they couldn't find anything but the last time someone tried to break in was the day after Christmas. I didn't answer the door when he was pounding on it, he left his chin & nose print on the glass & I watched him walk around to my back yard. I went to get my hunting rifle, I used to shoot competitively for my high school with the boys & the University of Montana, I know what I'm doing. I heard him trying to kick my basement window out so i ran to my window & screamed at him. He ran off but had hit my neighbors house before mine & cleaned them out of all their Christmas electronic & jewlery. It just doesn't matter where you live. I live in a beautiful home I designed & had built in 2005. So, enough of whats been going on with me. Let me know how you've been doing.
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u still lokkin good how u be doin
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Absolutely incredible, so glad to see how you are doing, and thank you for posting your pictures! I am feeling a little guilty spending money on this but I feel like I have taken care of others forever and just want to do something for myself! Nervous but so glad I am doing it
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Hey there, you look awesome! I agree with Sharon that I wouldn't be brave enough to have all of that done at once, but you've definitely made it work! I can't believe you were back at work after only 5 weeks!

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Looking good! The scar is just perfectly hidden.

I can't believe how much you had done at once. You're tougher than I would be. :)

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You look fabulous and I have to say that 61 is just a number!  Your pics are amazing and I am so happy for you!

Please keep us up to date on how you are doing.  


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