Facelift in Cancun May 2012 - Cancun, Mexico, also had breast lift and augmentatn

As promised I am going to give you a day by day. I...

As promised I am going to give you a day by day. I arrived on Tuesday at 12:30p.m., flights were on time, I had no problem finding my way around ( i have never been to cancun) Sheri had sent me a voucher for transport to the condo, walked outside and there was the van, 15 min ride to condo, I met Sheri and didn't even go to the condo , hopped in her van and went to the clinic. Sheri had called me several days before and told me that the doctor had an opening the day I arrive , so I changed my operation date which was originally for Wednesday morning.

Got to the clinic, brought to a room and changed into a gown, at this point it ally hit me that I was really doing this. Blood was drawn , Short while later Dr. Vallco ( I may have spelt that wrong) came in and we talked , I also had my breasts reduced and old implants removed. Before I knew it I walked into another room said hallo.climbed up on the bed and.......lights out, woke up back in my room, head bandaged . There was NO pain, I took a breath and relaxed and fell back to sleep, I remember very soft hands checking my blood pressure and a shot, I believe one of the nurses slept on the sofa because twice I sat up to cough, she was right there. They were so gentle. Next morning Eric , Sheri,s husband came, I couldn't see him very well as my eyes were swollen shut, the left one was not too bad. The nurses showered me , rebandaged me and put me back to bed. They have a awesome restaurant next door , all natural , not added sugar any way I ordered an yogurt , fruit , it was great, all the food you get you order from there. Slept most of the day.

Today, same as yesterday , nurses showered me, fed from restaurant. The nurses took out my I.V. Around 2:30 DR. Came I. To remove drains, I'll be honest not the nicest experience, it hurt a little at times, but the sounds crew Ed me out more than anything else. Now my head had a tight bandage around it that I can't touch for 5 days, a little comfortable, my right eye is still swollen, basically I look like I got run over with a bus! Oh the price of beauty!! Eric deposited me a the apartment, Sheri had already gone shopping for groceries for me as of right now I'm here watching t.v. With my one eye, but feeling fine. I would have done this on the morning after surgery but there is no wifi there. I will keep you posted , tonight I'm going to make a sandwich and relax in bed! Talk to you all later

Feeling great today, my left eye is opening...

Feeling great today, my left eye is opening slowlyyyyyyy, a little stir crazy because I feel great, no pain and it looks beautiful outside and the pool looks so inviting but not for me, at least not yet. Helen didn't come to the apartment because she got extra swollen and the Dr is keeping her in for another day, but hired an english speaking nurse to stay in the room with her, looking forward to meeting her tomorrow.
Hi Marie
It is so cool you are in the same condo I was 8 weeks ago. I was really bored too the first week. I wanted to stay cool and rest in the lazyboy. There really is little pain with a face lift. Only irritations from stitches healing and staples. Once those are gone you feel so good and as Dr Velasco says swelling is part of healing. He told me no ice and dont touch the face.
Its nice you have company even to know there is someone else there to talk to. Of course Sheri and Erik are there with a phone call. Minutes away and so well taken care of. In 12 days you will feel so different and things really heal fast. You can cover bruises with makeup. So happy for you and can hardly wait to see before and after photos
Sounds wonderful, but weren't you scared? You would have no recourse if something got messed up
Yes I was a little scared, however I'd be a little scared if I was doing it back home, I had to trust in the research I had done. Today is day 6 , still very swollen, bruises very prominent on face, breasts ......feels great, I keep forgetting I did them too, as I have absolutely no pain it that area. Worst thing about all this as of today is being stuck inside, t.v. In Mexico really sucks! Same t.v. Shows everyday, but it's a small price to pay. I met my apartment mate today, she finally got released form the clinic, she's pretty swollen but not much worse than me, she also did her arms, I guess it was a last minute add on. I gotta say, so far so good, feel great, wish I could go play outside!!!

I wrote an update , if you go down the page you'll...

I wrote an update , if you go down the page you'll see it , written on may 18 th,
I wish I would have saw this a month ago. I am from Orland Park, IL (about 15 min. from Frankfort). I was going to go out of the country to have work done, but had trouble finding testimonials so chickened out. Just had surgery here in Chicago 4 days ago. Paid 17,000.00 for procedure and another couple of thousand for pre-op tests. Had lower eye bleph. and mid facelift. Marie I am waiting to here how your final results are. I saw the photos from 60 and loving it and she looks absolutely amazing.
You are so funny! But so lucky to have a partner in crime. It was my dear hubby who got all the abuse about how bad I looked,. Are you taking your arnica tablets 3-4x a day? That helps a lot. I never had the chemical peel? Will that help with those fine lines around the mouth? Sounds like you have had the full deal. Good for you.
The album sounds like a fantastic idea. I tried not to look in the mirror much for the first 2 weeks. Then things start to heal so quickly day by day. Keep us posted
Thanks April, today we went to see dr. He took out the staples and stiches, he then put a chemical peel on the mouth and around eye.......oooooh that burnt , but it was only 10 minutes, Helen he had to put the tube down her neck to extract the blood , it was very thick but it didn't hurt her, tomorrow sego back to do Helen's again. We looked at each other and started laughing , all we needed was a red ball for out noses and we would have been scary clowns, because of the chemical peel we had a white paint like aroung our mouths...lol we had Eric bring us to the pharmacy, you should have seen the girls face behind the counter when we opened the door of the van and stepped out.....poor girl didn't know where to look!! At least we can laugh at ourselves. Helen want dr. To fill her lips a little bit tomorrow as she has no lips....I asked her if she was determined to make sure we look as scary as possible! I'm going to suggest to Sheri that she put a photo book in the apartment a day by day , that way you can see what to expect and not freak out, we were looking at another site, makemeheal and a lady had her facelift done in April, her pictures for day 9 were beautiful, I look in the mirror day 9 and I scared myself...lol, we're hanging in there, thanks for the encouraging words they really do help.

May 21 Well, time to go home, the bruises...

May 21

Well, time to go home, the bruises and swelling are still pretty bad, Helen and myself went to the mall yesterday to try and find makeup to cover the bruises........wow never been stared at so much, quite uncomfortable! One lady stared so much , I went up to her and said BOO.....she jumped lol. For all you ladies getting facial surgery done, please purchase derma blend before your surgery, it is the best makeup to cover bruises, we went to several different stores but the sales staff here in cancun really really suck, forget getting any help, they look at you like your from mars!
I just talked to my husband and kids , I've tried to warn about how bad I look, so hopefully it won't be too much of a shock.if any of you want to see photos , I've taken one everyday send me an email and I'll send then to you. We saw the doctor today, he found a couple of stitches he missed, also behind my right ear it started to bleed and there was some solid blood mass coming out, he said it was o.k. ......we' ll see! Helen had to get her hemotona drained again, I hope she will be o.k., she promised to email me everyday to let me know how she's doing, that crazy lady decided to do her lips today, Dr. Valesco took fat out of her tummy and put into her lips......ouch, it did hurt, but I've got to say they look better, Helen had tiny lips and around her mouth there were a lot of wrinkles making her look old, Dr. Valesco gave both of us a chemical peel around the mouth side of eyes and forehead 3 days ago, poor Helen you should see her lips....they are huge, but by using her own fat they will be soft and natural and last a really long time.....me I chickened out, if figured my family is going to be in enough shock without the added bonus of swollen lips!! Lol anyhow , I've got to pack , flight is early in the morning I promise to continue letting you all know how things are going.
I will send you a private message as you will love your new results

Hi, oooh I wish I had talked to you too , I leave here tomorrow arrive in Chicago 6:30 email me, m****@yahoo.com , I will send you the pics !

Yes the price in Cancun is amazing and the Dr does more and more for the same price. But remember its not the cheapest place you go but the best and I was blessed finding this clinic and after Marie heals more she will be amazed with the results. It just takes time and patience. Believe me I dont have much of either..LOL
I had the full deal too. Upper and lower bleph and mid and lower facelift with fat grafting in the nasal folds and under the orbital eye bones.
Now I see the Dr added chemical peel around the mouth and eyes..wow

Arrived home last night, the family was shocked at...

Arrived home last night, the family was shocked at the bruises and swelling, thankfully today they are used to them.swelling gone down a little, bruising also. I plan on staying in this week, still not ready to go in public, hopefully by next week!
How do I get in contact with this dr to make an appt?
The one in cancun, sounds like he may be the best and cheapest, does the price include the room?
Yes , everything is included, I will send you a private message with my email, I will get you all the information you need.

Can anyone tell me how to upload pictures from my...

Can anyone tell me how to upload pictures from my iPad to this forum, I know you want to see them but I'm computer retarded!
Marie. Would live to see pics also.
Send me your email, I'll send them to you, I've got to tell you. I still look pretty bad, still swollen and black and blue!

Hi everyone, today I'm not real happy, my bruising...

Hi everyone, today I'm not real happy, my bruising is still very prominent , also my neck/ears are also still very swollen, it is day 17 , what bothers me the most is when I look in the mirror I don't see any improvement in my face at all, nothing! I look exactly as I did before the operation. So anyone wanting to go please wait until I'm done healing as I would hate to recommend this place without being 100 percent happy with it.


When I go on the website to get a quote, I don't know what I want done is called.... I want the lines around my upper lip done, lip filler and my eyebrows lifted, so what do I check on?
Hi I emailed you Sheri email address. Just write her and she will tell you how much etc for this. Thats the easiest way.

May 29th I've hit the three week mark, not very...

May 29th I've hit the three week mark, not very impressed so far, I took pictures and put them next to my before pictures there was really no difference, I don't think he did a neck lift as it is identical to the before pictures......I sure hope I didn't go through all this for nothing!
Hi, Im in the same position as Marie,I would also like to see photos but the site wont let me send you my email? How did you rate the care you received by the doctor & the staff?
Was Sheri as accommodating as promised?
Thank you for your help
Hi Marie Chicago, I am contemplating surgery with the same doctor in August and would like to see your before and after photos, if possible. I hope that you are happier with the results by now, it should look better. Thank you for being honest about your surgery, we need to know what we are getting ourselves into. Could you contact me privately to e-mail phots, if possible? Thank you so much.
Marie, how are you doing? How does your face look now?

Hi everyone, Sorry I haven't been here, I...

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't been here, I got REALLY sick on Tuesday! High temp, had to go to the hospital, but I'm o.k., I got salmonella poisoning nothing to do with surgery, but I had my blood checked everything checked out fine.....boy that's a nasty thing to get.......I'm supposed to be recuperating not landing back in the hospital ! Let's see..... I'm 4 weeks out , still bruised under and over eyes, on side of face and neck, swollen on right side, still haven't gone back to work, I think I'm wearing my "please cover my shift" out big time....so girls be aware yeah...forget the two weeks not gonna happen, still don't see any visible improvements, family agrees looks the same with the added bonus of swelling and bruising! But I will give it time, I was hoping to see some great results by now, it's disheartening to see pictures on the Internet of ladies after two weeks and they look 10-20 Years younger, o.k. I wasn't looking for 20 years, but 10 would have made me happy, hell I'd take 5 at this rate. Anyway I will say the breast augmentation turned out great, but I'm still out on the facelift....sorry I couldn't give you better news but I did promise to be 100 o/o truthful!
I to have a date with Dr. Velasco on Feb 18,2013 for a mommy makeover. Excited!!! Glad I found this website
Thanks Marie. This is so scarry. Doing it alone. Booked my flight and agreed to pay the cash deposit. Just worried about so many internet scams. Hope we can stay in touch in case other issues come up. Guess I will stay at La Quinta as they are recommending that hotel for convenience but the beach is very appealing.
What are you having done and where are you going?

O.k Ladies, I know it's been a while but I wanted...

O.k Ladies, I know it's been a while but I wanted to give it time and see the results then, I have just found the before pictures that Sheri had sent me....I had lost my phone with my pictures on it :(
So here goes.... Final results no too bad actually, Dr. V did a great job on my eyes. The side vi looks so much better, I wish I had gotten a lip lift as my mouth really shows my age, fat transfer and maybe laser to e en out the tone of skin. but overall very happy with everything, if any of you would like pictures send me a message.
Hi! I'm getting implants in 2 weeks (butt) what dr did you go to and when was your sx date?
Dr. Fuentes, you need to ask what you are going to look like the first three weeks cause I can tell you that it's not like the pictures everyone is posting
Omg. Do you regret doing it?
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I will save my recommendations till I'm fully recovered .

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