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Facelift Abroad - Cancun, Mexico

I will start this review by saying I do not want...

I will start this review by saying I do not want people to read this a think that surgery abroad is a bad idea, I had a prior surgery in Mexico and had a wonderful experience. What I want people to know is there is a chance issues or problems that may arise and you need to be prepared for that. chances are you'll be fine but just in case get your ducks in a row. I took 10 days off work because I was told to just buy some Dermablend to cover what ever bruising I may have left and I would be able to return to work but for me that was not the case, I had severe bruising as you will see in the photos and developed a Hematoma a couple hours after surgery that my Doctor quickly drained (it is my personal opinion that that soon after surgery I should have been taken back to the OR the bleeding stopped and the area cleaned out and my recovery time would be a lot less) long story short I had to stay in Cancun longer then intended, so please if you go out of the country for surgery please make sure you have a little wiggle room in your schedule because chances are you'll be fine but sometimes things happen.

I was kept in the Clinic an extra night so the could keep an eye on me and Sherri sent Flora a English speaking nurse to stay with me both of those nights ( I really like Flora and I felt a lot better with her there) which will bring me to my next peice of advice. Take someone with you if for nothing but piece of mind, Trust me it will help you to stay calm and get through. Going alone was one of my mistakes.Now I always give credit where credit is due so I want to mention that Sherri's Husband Eric was great, He was there with anything I needed and the poor thing caught my wrath more then once as I can have a pretty bad temper at times. But he took it and still handled things for me to the best of his ability. I ended up having 2 hematomas and both were drained, I have terrible lumps from them on my face that I'm told will go down in about 6 months and I must say it disturbs me to have to go in public looking crazy (refer to photos) and doing it for 6 months bothers me even more. (so much for the little vacation facelift on the down low) The two things that are bothering me the most right now are my right eye is so droopy it looks like I have a basset hound eye, drives me crazy. And as of last night I realized I have a stitch sticking out of my head, not a suture used for closer but a white one softer to the touch and appears to be sticking out of my head. I am waiting for Sherri and Dr. Velasco to get back to me about it but I;m really worried about it because I'm afraid it might be a suspension stitch that has worked it's way out. We'll just have to see. I will add more later but I have to get to work for now.

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Just wanted to do a quick update and say Dr....

Just wanted to do a quick update and say Dr. Velasco said it is not a suspension stitch and I can take it out with no problem which makes me feel a little better, well a lot better. The last picture I am posting I took today when I got out of the shower. Looks like my face is melting. I can't stand this droopy eye. Sure hope that goes away


Kim, I forgot to ask if you know what your blood pressure readings were after surgery. Were you kept in the clinic for an additional night because your blood pressure was spiking, or where they monitoring the first hematoma (or both)?

Did you go through any periods of pain afterwards? If you did, what kind of pain meds did you receive?

I hope I'm not bombarding you with too many questions. Thanks for your help.
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Thank you so much for sharing your story, I truly appreciate it! Can you please tell us how old you are and what procedures you had done during your facelift? Your forehead looks awesome and doesn't look like it was touched at all (nor did it need to be). As for your eyes, did you have a transconjunctival bleph on both an upper and lower? Did you receive any fat grafts? Or anything else?

I have to wonder how much the drooping on the right side is connected to the hematoma? I've read that additional trauma to the blood vessels from a hematoma takes much longer to heal from in the area that it develops. On average, I think you can expect to have 4-8 weeks of dark bruising & lumps if a hematoma was only drained and not evacuated in the OR. They really sound horrible and troublesome if they are not resolved in a specific way after surgery.

Do you use tape on your eyes/lids at night to hold the skin in its proper place? People rarely discuss what kind of aftercare protocols they are told to follow once they get home.

Kim, even though you are healing from multiple issues at the moment and it is difficult to see your results, I do see some positive changes in your jawline and neck. Your face has more of a sweetheart shape now, which is very pretty!!
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Sorry, I meant to say "heart" shape, lol!

Needed to add that I am 48 years old, I looked a...

Needed to add that I am 48 years old, I looked a lot older due to a mix of age and a 100 plus weightloss. I had a mid, lower and neck lift (Deep plane) upper and lower eyes (sure regret those lowers) and a littler fat transfer to the nasal folds and between the eyes


Dear Ms. Greenblackpurple,

If I was misunderstood, please take my apology toward you.

I believe all the comments in this blog has been contributing to our efforts to make it better. We are not perfect, I am not an exception:

Misunderstanding sometimes.
Encouraging other times
Being angry with bickering still some other times,

The moments of feeling-funny, serious, angry, sorrowful, happy, all mixture of human-feelings to make us real human beings...

Personally, I take all of the comments here as a way of making it better for our own benefit, and eventually and hopefully for the doctor and the coordinator' own benefit if they want to continue to get involved in a medical and business related practice.

Thank you again for your sympathy and encouraging words.

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Hi Crying ~ What a great post...thank your for sharing your thoughts. You have the support of many in this forum and hopefully your experience, along with Kim's and Missmac's and Maire's, will help others and inspire positive changes in the way the business aspect is handled in Cancun.
Hi, Toronto,

Your comments has been inspiring. I am missing you for your insightful thoughts and humane emotions..........................................

Have a restful night and sweet dreams.

Love and Peace...

Today is week 5, I can see the neck lump going...

Today is week 5, I can see the neck lump going down, still have some bruising but make-up covers that. The face lumps are still hanging out and so is the droopy eye. I'm having some wound healing issues that I'm working on. If I walk around smiling really big like I just ate the cat I don;t really look that bad but if you catch me in train of thought it looks terrible. Still hopeful. Fingers and toes crossed


Awww, your so sweet. Thank you so much. I do another update at 8 weeks so I' hope we can really see a difference.
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Hi Kim ~ Thanks for the latest update and pics. You're looking better and better as time is going by. Those nasty hematoma lumps are such a horrible pain and seem to linger f-o-r-e-v-e-r, ugh! I hope they dissipate soon and that your eyes catch up with the rest of your recovery. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way. xo
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Thank you Girly
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I will be 8 weeks out as of tomorrow, I am still...

I will be 8 weeks out as of tomorrow, I am still nursing incision wounds and the 1 that is healing well is going to leave a nasty scar. Found another stitch I have to get the Hubby to get out tonight. The lump on my right side of my face is going down slowly but as long as it's going it makes me feel a little better. I still have googley eyes and sure do regret getting the lowers done. Positive note: I am pleased with the chin and lower face, I still haven't received an surgery report from Dr. Velasco as promised and all these weeks later Sherri from IPF still has not replied to my emails. That's OK it's plain to see once they have your money if you don't have fantastic results they can use to build their business they don't care about you. So for this reason I am changing my review to not worth it. What I want people to understand is that it's not always about the end results but sometimes it's all about the road you took to get there. I feel like I have been left alone to deal with a lot of serous issues and if not for the ladies I've met through this forum that walk me through everything and pick me up on my down days I would have most likely have had a nervous breakdown by now. These patient facilatators need to know we are PEOPLE not just $$, I will post updated pictures when I get off work tonight. I'd like to add that I am not out to bash anyone I am just giving you a true account of my personal experience. and would just hate the thought of someone seeing my before and afters and thinking WOW what a difference where can I sign up. I want them to understand how hard it has been just getting to this point so far and I have such a long way to go. My once low key facelift has become a topic of conversation in my small town. Good thing I have a tough skin.


Kim, You are looking great! I feel so bad about your healing...but it has come a long way. Just enjoy the new you. Soon, it will all be behind you. I think your eyes look good. I still cannot get eyeliner on my top lids they are so stiff. Have a great weekend!
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Thanks Marie, I believe in the long run I will have fantastic results and I would have liked to have given them a great review but the lack of concern once I was gone and getting petty over me telling the truth about my experience is just something I cannot excuse. And that lil snitch may have brought her in a lot of business before but I believe she'll cost them more then she brought in in the long run. People have also called her out on another forum I'm on, and it wasn't me because I've not posted on that one.
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I looked at the before and the newest picture you posted, I've gotta tell you ....you look pretty awesome! The scars on your ears really suck... But what a difference.....wish I had gotten those kinds of results minus the leaky wounds on the temple/ ear area! I'm really disappointed in Sheri, I can't believe that she wouldn't respond to you... Of course there was a little snitch in her ear aaaaheem 60 ........who know what she told Sheri , still disappointed that she has left you hanging , don't worry about all the gossips in your town , their just jealous because you look sooooo good!
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OH the worries never end, I think the sore on the...

OH the worries never end, I think the sore on the right side is turning into a keloid as it heals (Well Crap!!)


Hi Kim! I just read your latest updates and wanted you to know that I see a lot of improvements in your last pic and think you look great! I don't know what else you are using to heal your wound other than manuka honey (that I assume is the organic raw variety). Several years ago I was introduced to Refined Emu Oil (I'll PM you with a link) and Spectrums Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, and love both of these products. My skin is prone to hypertrophic scarring after any kind of cut or injury or incision so I am always on the lookout for anything to speed the healing along and minimize the redness of the scar. I have found that emu oil really does help a lot. If you really think you might be developing a keloid you might want to consider a steroid injection. I have read that steroid injections in the early stages can help to stop it from growing any bigger. I hope you have a doctor take a look at it just to be on the safe side. You`ve been through enough already with your recovery and don`t need anymore surprises. I`m wishing you the best and sending lots of healing thoughts your way. :)
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Thank you so much, I am using mederma on the scars that are closed. And trust me I wish I knew how long LOl
The wound is so much better then it was, I just didn't post pics when it was really bad because I thought it was just to gross. I will try the emu oil and see how that works. And I talked to the dermatologist about the steroid injections and he would like to wait until the wound heals and I also asked him about injecting the lump in my face but he said the injections can sometimes leave a dent and the last thing I want right now is a dent in my face so just hoping my body will absorb it in time. Thanks for the email

Today is my 2 month mark and I still look like I...

Today is my 2 month mark and I still look like I stood to close to a fire and the right side of my face melted. Still have a lump on my right side although it's not as bad as it was and I still have the dreaded droop eye, some bruising and really obvious scaring from the incisions over my ears. Oh well, The wait continues.


Kim I am encouraged with the remnants of my large open wound on my cheek. Keep massaging and stay positive. I am at 4 months today and it fades a little more each week.
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Thank you, will do

These photos were taken Oct. 09 at my 2 month mark...

These photos were taken Oct. 09 at my 2 month mark. Still have lots of healing to go and my eyes are still kinda loopy but it's getting better.


I've got to be honest, when you put the before picture beside the newest picture .......there is a great improvement, you look great!
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Marie, I know it's a great improvement. I always thought it would be just because of the excess skin. I really like the neck and jawline but it's the eye, scars, and lumps I'm upset about. The eye really creeps me out and only looks semi normal when I smile really big, It's difficult for people to take you seriously when your walking around with a big s**t eating grin on your face all the time LOL
It's hard to see a problem with your eyes in the photo, how are the scars doing? I still have a bruise on my neck........5 months pre-op, no significant improvement, I didn't have any excess skin soooooo not much difference in over all appearance ! I am trying the skin culture this week, I'm on day 5 so I'll let you know what I think of the product in a couple of days. Please take care, I know how disappointed you must feel, are you putting any scar cream on? It might help. Take a picture without make up , same expression as the before pic and put them side by side, it might boost you up a little to see the results so far, have your eyes bottom better even a little? You really do look beautiful,hang in there friend.

I'm 3 months out now and still have bruising on my...

I'm 3 months out now and still have bruising on my neck and in front of both ears. right side lump on my cheek is sloooowly getting better. My right eye is still drooping, Here's praying it will still heal. Good heavens, I have no idea where that double chin came from.
I think i'm gonna do what Colleen did for her dent between her eyes and have a little filler put in as I seem to have a deep line between mine now, Oh and a little botox in the crows feet. In general i'm still optimistic.


Thank you for sharing .i too had a face lift 3 months ago in Mexico . My scars on my ears and neck are very red and pain ful at times. I feel as if someone is pulling my ears Do you have any problems with that. My scar by my ears feel very thick. Thank you again for sharing it makes me feel better Ccafe
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I went for my 5 month check up today .. As you know I have been upset becuase as the swelling has went down I have a lump under my chin... I want to cry becuase when my face was swollen it looked awesome.. SO I show the doctor and he said dont worry just start wearing the chin strap at night again for a few weeks He said it will make it stick together , it didnt all stick because of the swelling.. He didnt seem concerned at all.. HELLO... He is any awesome dr and I respect him totally so I will put the strap back on at bedtime for a few weeks.. I go back in two months.. Pray it is all I need, even though I hate wearing the stupid tight thing lol Very little scars almost invisible front of my ears... Still some numbness but not alot...

Thought I would post pictures without me smiling...

Thought I would post pictures without me smiling so you could see the problem with the eye.


Ladies I need to clear up a couple of things....Sheri has never call me crazy and I haven't been through hell ! I can't in good conscience let those remarks go. If you read my blog you will see that I did not have a bad experience in Cancun, my apartment was clean and nice, the nurses at the hospital were great, Sheri and Eric were great to me..... There were however some things that needed to be addressed to help others achieve the best results that they could. 1. The pictures I sent should have been looked at by the doctor and he should give his opinion on what would be the best treatment....as I had never done it before I had no idea what was needed, you should have a written agreement on all procedures before committing. 2. Meeting the doctor 10 minutes before the procedure is a no no! both parties need to understand what is going to happen. 3. You should receive a follow up information sheet on what might happen, this would help all who have traveled abroad, also information on what to do to fix the problem. When I wrote my blog I tried to let the ladies who were going cancun know these were issues that they could address before they left. 60 loving I'm glad you had a great experience but you have to realize others did not, I myself had no problems there, I wish I knew some of the information I k ow now, like....I would have had fat transfere to areas on my face, I would have had a lip lift or laser over my mouth....this is what I'm talking about, the Dr. Is the professional and I would like to see him more involved in the discussion of what procedures who give the greatest results. I don't agree with Sheri posting pictures without talking to the client and receiving permission, I am really unhappy that I am on her site...my privacy is extremely important to me. I am really sorry for all that are having problems with their eyes and I hope you are able to fix this.....but on the side of fairness I have to say Sheri was very nice, appartment very clean, and I know the airfare was never part of the price...! I would go back however I now would expect a lot more communication and I would want it in black and white.
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Hello everyone - I too, like so many others, took 60 and loving it for her word and went down to Cancun a month ago. I will post my own blog very soon. Just wanted to confirm a few things from my own experience. First, Sheri has posed on this site and admitted same to me. She told me it was the only way to respond to crazy people - like Marie form Chicago and Kim. Her response to any of us that have legitimate complaints is that we are "crazy" She tells Dr. Velesco we are "crazy" Dr. Velesco admitted this to me, because she called me "crazy" when I took issue with her services - or complete lack thereof. I showed him pictures of the accomodations and he admitted it was unsanitary, filthy, in fact. Nothing crazy about expecting the four star accomodation advertised on her webcite. So Sheri, when you read this, and I know you will, please do not pose as someone you are not; please do not call us "crazy" to your future clients. I look forward to posting my own pictures and experience. People have a right to know what to watch out for, what questions to ask. I hope my blog will clear up some of muddy waters. By the way, she refuses to answer my emails, they are sent back - I have been blocked. I have not recieved any pre or post -operative information or pictures. It looks like I may require further work to correct the droopy right eye. Completely unprofessional.
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For those of you that have asked about my scars...

For those of you that have asked about my scars from the incisions I've posted a couple of new pictures of them. They are much better and the bruising and black eyes are also better. Last picture is this morning before work.


Your Before and after pictures are amazing. You look 20 years younger...wow Good for you.
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Thank you but my complaints are not how much younger I look but more with all I've gone through to get here. You can't see it in the photo but I have LOTS of scars left from this surgery. I am quite pleased with the lower face and the neck, But I sure wish I had not had my eyes done.
Good Heavens! That means i'm the only crazy one, Oh wait I think you said she used the word nut LOL it's OK I've been called worse. All I have to say is the proof is in the pudding. I don't see where I have slung any dirt at IPF or Dr. Velasco I just showed the pictures of my surgery and told about my experience and there's a lot I haven't told. I do think she might have said it because that's the exact same words she used while talking to me about one of the other ladies that wasn't happy. Marie she also told me your expectations were to high and that in your case you would not look any different but wouldn't look older for several years and that each person is different.
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5 months now and most everything is settling in...

5 months now and most everything is settling in still have a droopy right eye and some ugly scars that have to be covered with makeup but other then that it's better This will most likely be the last picture I post, I'm thinking it's pretty much my final result.


Dr. Rand posted this on someone's thread and I thought it deserved a re-post: When a patient places their trust and their face in the hands of a surgeon, it is the responsibility and obligation of the doctor to honor that trust and to be available for postoperative questions and issues.
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Agree. As soon as a patient complain, you will be ignored from the Dr. V and Sheri. You won't be able to hear any from them. You won't be able to get even a penny back. That is the reality I have gone through.
Sorry you are not happy with your results and doctor. Personally I would never go abroad and have surgery, you just never know what you are going to get and I have seen more unhappy customers than happy customers.
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Just added my final photo and I'm pleased with my...

Just added my final photo and I'm pleased with my appearance. I still have the scaring but I just make sure my hair covers it and also a slight droop to my right eye which isn't noticeable when I'm smiling so I just smile a lot. The end result as far as the appearance is amazing to me, I just wish I could have given a better review but even with the results I still say the journey to get here was way worse then it should have been or could have been. To bad the people I was dealing with didn't care a little bit more for the people that are trusting them and are having surgery through them. Some compassion and concern would have went a long way and this review might have ended up a lot better then it did.


You look really beautiful ☺️
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Thank you so much,
The first photoes were really scary. I mustsay that you are healing great andlooking great! Youreally looking beautiful!! so congrats on that but im sorry you had to go trough such horrible xperience....
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Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I cannot find one good reason to give a better review to any Doctor that will not follow up with their patients, and leave them out there to handle all the problems with their surgery on their own.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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