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60th Birthday Gift Amazing Facelift - Cancun, Mexico

I said if at age 60 I had jowels, saggy neck and...

I said if at age 60 I had jowels, saggy neck and mudflaps for eyelids I would get work done. Guess what. On March 14,2012 1 month before my 60th I had a facelift done. In Canada the cost would have been $25,00.00. I did research in depth and found an international clinic in Cancun Mexico that is highly recommended. I talked with ladies who had my procedure done and had high recommendations. So in 1 week I flew to cancun. My Doctor did a lot more. A brow lift, muscle released between the brows so the crease is not visible, upper lower eyelids, fat grafting under the eyes and in the nasal folds, lower face and neck lift. I am only 2.5 weeks and the results are amazing. In 6 months it will be better.

Now it is 7 weeks after surgery. Each day the...

Now it is 7 weeks after surgery. Each day the swelling gets less and all the incisions are healed. There is no scarring visible around my ears so I can wear my hair up no problem. Still numbness in head and parts of the cheeks and neck but no pain and no real tightness. Its quite amazing going back 15years

9 weeks update Wonderful results. No...

9 weeks update

Wonderful results. No complications at all. My greatest advice for anyone is be patient. The first few weeks can be very scary depending on bruising and healing. We all heal different. But some of the things I did and used greatly helped. If anyone wants more in depth discussion please Private Message me. I love to talk about it.

This has changed my life from looking in the mirror and thinking what happened it all fell down. Now I am young outside as on my very passionate inside young self. It is so worth it and so safe. Going to Cancun was a wonderful sunny warm vacation in a exceptional private hospital with all English speaking staff and Doctor. I did a lot of research before going and the price was beyond what I could afford in Canada and that is why I chose this. All around it was a fantastic journey and more to come as I heal more in the next 3-12 months.

Almost 4 month update. Things are progressing...

Almost 4 month update. Things are progressing wonderful. I had lipo under my chin and it looked like I still had a bit of a turkey chin. But to my surprise now the swelling is down and so is the turkey chin. It just shows healing takes time. Still have numbness on the sides of my face but lots of tingling so its coming back. My scalp has numb spots where the staples incisions were. No soreness or tenderness just numb. I was told it can take many months for the sensations to come back.
Am I happy? Yes yes yes. Would I do it again . Yes yes yes
International Patient Facilitators are going to add more suites on the beach for recovery soon. Perhaps August . Sheri Burke CEO did an excellent job and everything went smoothly with no surprises. Highly recommended by many patients.

4 months update Things have really settled quite...

4 months update
Things have really settled quite nicely. I still have a bit of numbness on the sides of my cheeks and in the right side of my scalp where the incision was. With the lipo under my chin I had some swelling which is gone and the skin has tightened up. My turkey neck is gone and eyelids are tight. I look in the mirror and am so happy. I would do this again in a heart beat.

Fat grafting or not ! From my experience now I...

Fat grafting or not !
From my experience now I see one of the main things in an ageing face is loss of volume. If I just had the deep plane lift, yes all the muscle would be lifted, but I would still have the deep lines beside my mouth and my cheek bones would be more hollow. With the complete picture you need volume added. Now my nasal labial folds are gone and my cheeks are lifted and higher. Now over 4months everything is where it should be. No lumps or bumps . My face is smooth. I think a lot of this is due to the experienced surgeon. Dr Velasco does continuing research into his procedures and believe me I was nervous about having it done. But I did my research and it proved successful. I read a lot about fat transfers gone wrong.

6 month Update This has changed my life. Turning...

6 month Update
This has changed my life. Turning 60 is a milestone. Many friends have passed and good health is my prime goal. Feeling good about ourselves is now or never. There is no tomorrow. As Eckhart Tolle says live in the moment. I now feel like the young inner self that I have. More refreshed, turkey neck gone and cheeks uplifted. The outcome has been total success.
My only word of advice is please wait for healing. All the lumps and bumps and swelling takes time to go down. Now 6 months later
I have some numbness on my face closer to my ears and the incision line in my head on the right side. But gradually week by week it comes back slowly. Like tingles and icheyness. The swelling under my chin took about 4 months to release.
It has been so worth it.

Dr Velasco Marin

My rating is 5 stars as all care was excellent, My facilitator Sheri Burke provided a professional service from beginning to end. From arriving at the condo, to surgery, to all doctor appointments, everything went so smoothly. I had a direct line to Sheri with any concerns during recovery.Dr Velasco speaks fluent English and now you have your own private English speaking nurse.The cost included 12 days in a condo with all medications, compression garment , doctor appointments and all transfers. Dr Velasco has methods that are very advanced. He did fat transfers from my eyelids to under the orbital face bone and my nasal folds. Amazing natural results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Since this is 60's personal story, I'm closing the thread to any new comments. If you'd like to continue conversations, you can start a forum post or start your own story here. 60, so happy you are pleased with your results and thanks again for sharing your story.

Looking Fab.. This is really an amazing gift.
One way to stop the drama is to stop responding negatively when others post their experiences or you can simple stop responding. That would be the best way as I do not feel that you have lead people to the decision that is best for them. You have instead lead countless people to go down there and they wind up having bad results. You should not have so much inside information on people as this is not ethical. Let your personal agenda rest, 60 and Loving it.
60 and Loving it, please do not get so emotionally involved. This shoud be a forum about people getting accurate information. If you are so happy then you should be out dancing in the streets and not worrying about it something bad about the doctor that you represent. There are women on her that have suffered a great daal because they followed your lead by going to Can Cun and having surgery with the doctor that you recomend so just allow people to tell the truth. You do not want people to have bad results do you?
I couldn't have said it more perfectly myself!
Actually I have asked Real Self to remove me from the forum and my review. The last week. But they have a policy where it is their stuff. They actually told me my story is a gem and I have helped so many ladies with questions that is so valuable. They said it is a personal story and of course we are emotionally involved. As I said I am being crushed.

I get caught up in the drama. That's all it is. I read a few things then get defensive.
I agree everyone has their own opinion. But I am a true person who stands up for what they believe. So of course I will stand for my rights and my wonderful story. That's life
But I have decided after this crazy ness to just leave. No more comments as things get so twisted. I understand everyone has problems and no doctor is perfect. Sh-- happens and I see it has happened. Hope you all get better. Healing is different for each person
End of my story and glad I have helped others with their questions.
I still know Dr Velasco is an excellent surgeon. He will have continued success.
April. I could probably count on one hand the posts you have that do NOT have you doctor's name mentioned. As I said. Having had a facelift does no make you a medical consultant. You should have refrained from giving medical advice. You do not appear to be a typical patient coming out of Mexico. We have some pretty disgruntled patients here who are not feeling the love that you felt of dr. Sherri and company.

Yes, you have helped me in choosing Sheri and Dr. Velasco with your praising words toward them. Now, I have been enjoying fixing all the damages, affecting my life ins and outs, day and night, what a awesome disaster!!!

Thank you for letting me in your part of story.
Surely, he is:)


PS: the above link shows the result done by your favorite surgeon, Dr. Velasco.

Good night my dear,
60lovingit said: "Mostly the happy ones leave and get on with life."

LOL!!! This is such a contradictory statement. Since you have spent months in this forum telling everyone who will listen that you are one of the "happy ones" why haven't YOU moved on with YOUR life yet?
I have wondered that myself?????????????
I am enjoying the humor here......toronto. That is hilarious.
We are a lively bunch... SUNDAY FUNDAY ON REALSELF!!!!
Huh seems to be some contradiction here.

makeover at 56 6 Aug 2012 wrote

Hematomas don't develop from doctors but from patients. Here is an excerpt from a plastic surgeon's website:

While a surgeon's face plastic surgery experience plays a role, it is not as important risk factor as those outlined above. The best face lift surgeons in the world still get hematomas despite meticulous surgery. Fortunately, most hematomas are easily managed by your facelift surgeon and generally don't develop into long-term problems.

The following may help reduce the chance of developing bruising or a hematoma:

wear your gentle compressive dressing & elastic strap
take arnica montana tablets before and after your procedure
minimize pain & nausea after surgery

avoid smoking before and after surgery

avoid blood thinners, including herbal medications or teas

Since I took arnica for three weeks prior to surgery it could have had an impact on my hematoma.
Careful April. Be careful. This is why you should not be dispensing medical advice. How the Patient is handled after the diagnosis of a hematoma is what we are talking about, not who or whAt caused it. I am healthy, non smoker great doctor blah blah blah. What was the cause? Who know who cares. Just help me heal. That is what I expect from my surgeon.
It can be a Doctors fault, If he misses one or more of the blood vessels you will develop a hematoma, there is more the one cause. I am a smoker but I followed my pre & post-op instructions. I read you yourself were a smoker but stopped before surgery. Don't stick your head over someone else fence and judge their yard unless yours is clean
Alwayskim you are totally confused. I have never smoked.
She is talking to 60... I bet if we all weren't smokers we wouldn't need this...HAHAHAHA That is another conversation it itself.
But none of us are smokers now!!!
I have heard that it has to do with a blood vessel left bleeding that has not been cauterized. If the vessels are not cauterized the blood bleeds and bleeds and then hematoma is developed and you need it drained. But who knows..
Sorry kim. 60 ain't listening anymore. Let's move to Kim's page. Thanks missmic.
-:- Message from RealSelf staff -:-

This comment does not follow our Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Service. We reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.
I can say that I have talked to many who have gone to see Dr Velasco in Can cun and had hematomas and countless other problems.The hematomas where not from smking. I do not know why 60 and Loving it get so offended when people post of their negative experiences. There are countless people who are giving the run around by the medical coordinators, Sheri and Eric. It seems like the truth is being hidden as those who have bad experiences are afraid to post the truth.I would tell any one who is wanting to have surgery to really do your research and do not get your informaition from those who are told what to say by the medical coordinator.
All comments good and bad should be ok. Otherwise what good is this forum. All negative remarks should be just as welcome as good. Otherwise there is something fishy..
You are right about rare. I am a first for my doctor in 14 years. But he sure handled it well. I have shared my pictures privately as well with a few gals and am a little hesitant to go officially public as a lot of my acquaintances do not know what I did and my husband would rather not finding my face and bruises online. So I share privately. We are lucky that others don't mind as it educates All of us.