Day 5 of revision and lowers

I have been researching upper eyelid surgery for...

I have been researching upper eyelid surgery for over a year now and am very excited that I am only a week away from having the procedure.

I am a 45 yr old single mother of three, work full time, gym it about 3 to 5 times a week in an attempt to get into shape. I am a social drinker non smoker healthy eating type of girl but I constantly get told how tired I look and it is really frustrating me! I have hooded eyelids for a long time but they have seemed to have gotten a lot worse this last year. If surgery goes well will have my lower lids done when I have saved up for them
Feeling a little nervous but I can't wait.

I will be driving myself up to Canberra and will stay over night in the hospital next door to the Drs day surgery.

I am sharing my story as I couldn't find much about this Dr online.

All the best. You will be great.
Thanks 7, your story and pics really inspired me x
Well good luck on your upcoming surgery, I had rhinoplasty and my upper and lower eyes done on March 7. I also had so many people tell me how tired I looked. My surgery went well, still a little swelling under my eyes and nose area. Finally can see my eyelids. I haven't worn eye make-up in years because of the hooding. Be patience, every week my eyes and nose look better. I just wish I would have had this done years ago. Keep us posted on your results.

In my dealings with Dr Tonks to date has been a...

In my dealings with Dr Tonks to date has been a good experience for me. I have found him to be extremely professional, friendly and address questions and concerns in a matter of fact manner (which i love).
I was a little nervous the night before my procedure, but that was nothing to the feeling I had walking up the stairs and into the Drs surgery. Reception staff did a great job they were very friendly and efficient. The procedure itself was quite quick and painless. Went back to the hotel, with a headache which I think was caused from being tense during surgery. I have iced and iced and iced some more. Tried to sleep elevated, but didn't wake up that way.
I got a really nagging headache during the surgery and the Dr gave me an injection at the end- it did the trick. It is probably due to all the nerves being cut- yuk!
Yeah I agree, how long did your procedure take Fun??

Day 3, eyes feeling a little tight from the...

Day 3, eyes feeling a little tight from the swelling, but no pain apart from that. I notice that my eyelashes are sticking straight out and don't curl up? I am guessing its because of the swelling and will fix its self soon??!? Taking arnica, silica, and something that sounds like bromelian and behaving like a sloth! Itching to go to the gym and to clean my house! Omg what is happening to me??
you have hardly any bruising so I am very jealous!!! Mine was bad and the last of it is just about to go day 13 post op. I do bruise easily though.
Yes you are right, not much bruising, my Dr used a diathermy scalpel I think, it sealed the vessels so to minimise bruising, I do have lots of swelling, still lurking around the house in my sunnies.
Your pics look so good! Congratulations!

Day 6, stitches out today! What a relief. One...

Day 6, stitches out today! What a relief. One eye is very red and has a very small lump near the inner corner of the eye, slightly painful to touch and it hurt to have the stitch pulled out, ouchie! Nurse said it should heal up and gave me an antibiotic eye ointment to use if not better by Friday. I was expecting to see Dr Tonks but he wasn't there. I drove over 5 hours today so that I could see him and be assured that everything is ok.
Whenever I make an appointment, I make sure to tell them that I want to see the doctor. It also happened to me once and decided never again. Every appointment since has been with the doctor. He did the surgery and I'm sure you paid quite a bit of money for it.
Good advice Shar, I am luck that my procedure is problem free and I am happy with it. X
Boo on your PS for not being there. Day 6 my one eye still had a bleed. Just wait and see a HUge difference in one week! :D

Very very happy with results so far, most of the...

Very very happy with results so far, most of the swelling has gone, still a little under my eyes, scars are barely noticeable for me. Life is back to normal less than 10 days from surgery.
Your eyes look beautiful..i just had mine done (uppers) and they feel eyes are very sore and dry .I am on day 5..Were yours dry and sore for the first few days? Thanks, and best wishes (( ))
Excellent results, you look great.
Thanks mark, planning on having my lowers done later in the year

Now for my lower lids

Going back on 19th September o have my lower eyelids done, can't wait!

Thinking about you- hope your lower surgery goes well this week!  Hydrate hydrate hydrate!  :)

Thanks Jill, having a water right now

Congrats on being out of surgery and onto recovery.  Looking forward to hearing how your lower and revision healing goes.


Lowers now done

Went back to my surgeon to have my lower eyelids done. I was experiencing a heaviness with my left upper eyelid. My Dr assessed my eye and graciously offered to do a revision to my left upper while I was there for my lowers. Surgery was quick and painless, 16 hours later, no pain still.
I want to see how your lowers are healing. I had upper and lowers done last year and I am very happy with the uppers but my lower eyes are worse. I have skin folding now. If you tighten too much, you can make the lower lids go down and see the white of your eye. My doc offered to redo - but I am not going back to him. This operation did not hurt, no pain afterwards as a breast augmentation was, but I had bruising for two weeks that was terrible! I am currently in the porcess of interview doctors for a face lift and something else to be done to the eyes. I am 54 and my face is falling. I do not smoke, have abo0ut 15 pounds to lose (but still look good as I am tall but the stomach has got to go! DIET and exercise, no surgery for that area for me). My advice is to interview at least 5 doctors. Look at the office pictures. If you get a "bad" feeling from any of the staff, DO NOT GO THERE FOR SURGERY!!! I had a terrible job last year, had an EEOC case (I won!) and made an emotional decision for this doctor. I wanted to hurry-up and get it done. WRONG!!!! While several of my medical doctors said, yes, do your eyes, you will look refreshed and not tired looking, I went into the surgery without really checking out the doctor. He was more of a boob guy. Please post your after pictures when you feel good.
Hi ave, lowers are healing exceptionally well. Will go out today with just make up on. Very please. My Dr place me under a light for 15 mins and it seemed to make a huge difference. I will post pics soon xxx
You look great! I am currently in the research phase - who knows if I will ever be brave enough??? Glad to see your recover time is so speedy

Day 3 absolutely stoked with my results!

Hardly any pain or swelling. Dr place me under a light after my procedure for 15 min. It is suppose to assist the healing process. I think it has definitely made a difference. It's a new machine they are trialling.

Day 4 - stitches out back at work

I took my own stitches out this morning, saved me a 6 hour round trip to Canberra. Back at work and feeling great, slight black eye on right eye only

Love it!

Day 5, feel great, back to work yesterday and only a few. Comments about my bruise in which I was very creative with the answers. Lol
1) What excuse did you give about your black and blue areas? And have you used any make up that actually worked?.....While undergoing implant removal with fat transfer yesterday, I had my doctor inject fat on my cheaks and on each side of my nose tip. I'm now purple. I thought of saying I fainted and fell on my face. I dunno if that sounds fishy, though. 2) Did anyone not recognize you after you first surgery? Your preliminary pictures look SO different. Your eyes looked like those of my brother's ex Polish girlfriend. 3) you look great and must be so happy with, and proud of your results. 4) I'm typing this the as I lay here, one day post op. Isn't this great to have people to talk to, about our surgeries--who will understand what we are going through?
Thank you very much freenfab, yes I am very happy with my eyes, it has made such a big difference and I feel so more confident now. Well I was lucky, I lived on my own with my teenage son and just stayed in my sunglasses morning and night, he didn't even notice, but that is teenage boys for you! I had a week off work and nobody noticed any different when I went back. I am going to have fat transferred into my cheeks when my Dr does my breasts, not sure how that will look. How is your face looking? Are you going to post a pic?
Maybe I'll pm you one. My face looks horrible!
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