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Ruined by Lipo - Canberra, AU

I'm going to break my experience down, complete...

I'm going to break my experience down, complete disaster! I have had 4 revisions with no luck, this includes fat transfers into the holes that were left in me. Not to mention the blood clot I got in my thigh, This required to go back in to the surgeon day and night for a week to have it drained and have antibiotics put straight into my veins! Please do not get lipo done! You can not turn back time, I now have to live with this, from going to being a little embarrassed by my thighs to never wanting anyone to look or touch them again??!!! Just remember when yo go into have a consultation they will never ever shown you the album with the stuff ups they have done. 3 years later and I still go to bed thinking about it and its the first thing I think about when I wake. Doesn't sound like a happy life does it? id have my fat back any day! If this turns even one person off getting it done I will be happy! Think of how much you dislike the fat you see now and times it by a hundred! That's how you will feel after blotched lipo!

I think you should show pictures of what this doctor did to you! Was this doctor board certified? Is there any way you can sue this doctor for what he did to you? Did he pay for the revisions?
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This provider is a well known clinic around Australia!

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