Permanent Limbal Ring Implant

I wanted to let everyone know that I went through...

I wanted to let everyone know that I went through with the OPHTHOGLOW procedure that implants a thicker limbal ring to my eyes. It was very easy and painless and makes my eyes look amazing. Studies show that people with thicker limbal rings appear younger and more attractive, and my green eyes needed them.

I highly recommend it.

I don't mean to be rude, but this update was not very helpful. If you could provide more details -- perhaps the name of the doctor who performed this procedure, the total cost and recovery time, discomfort, etc -- it would be much appreciated. I'm having a hard time finding a surgeon who has even HEARD of a limbal ring implant. So if there is a properly trained doctor out there, I'm sure the realself community would love to know more about him/her. Thanks.
Does this procedure completely safe ?

Thanks so much for offering your opinion on this treatment.

With more detail about your experience - such as tips for getting good results, pros/cons, before & after photos - our team can add your story to the community.

As the community manager, I'm asked all the time to keep encouraging people to share more details, which is so helpful for others considering procedures. So please accept this as a well-intentioned request from thousands.

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