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Hi everyone,i am 35 years old(well 36 in a couple...

hi everyone,i am 35 years old(well 36 in a couple of weeks!),mother of 3 wonderfull children,ages 16,11,and soon to be 2.i had c.cections with all 3.all big babys ..9/12...11/14 and my last was 9/1 first pregnancy i gained a total of 70 pounds(ya i no,i was sence i had my first my body was never the same, and when i had the next it got worse,and my last one really did me in! but they are worth every bit of needles to say i have wanted this for 16 years now.I never thought it would happen,but due to a new relationship with a wonderfull man who supports my decision..(and not to mention whos paying for half of it..) I finally have a app.for may 25 excited and nervous all the same sure this is normal..this is a pre wedding gift from my hubby to be..(aug 11 2012)..anyway i found this site and seen how supportive everybody is,and thought hay i think this site will help the process..i have read alot of storys people have posted and it eases the mind a little,so congrats to all that have had there surgery, and to all that are waiting to have there surgery...we deserve it for all that we do!!!

thanks ladyMacbeth,im starting to realize from everyones storys,that it a long recovery.Im thinking about canceling my app. Im afraid im going to be swelled up like a ballon for my wedding and won"t beable to fit into my dress.I wanted to have it done for my wedding so i could really feel sexy and beautiful on my special day! But im really thinkin Im pushing it!any thoughts on the matter??
hey blue---i did it! and guess what---at 3 days the swellling isnt that bad--my hysterectomy was much more swelly. hang in there. I had my 1st showere today and posted the unveiling! i am really happy and feeling pretty good--i know from experience that it will take a while (im bored already) but it is sooooo worth it. the mind games and worry was definately the worst part. i almost made myself sick with worry--now that its done i couldnt be happier. I know there is more to come but for now......WAHOOOOOO
So excited you are hopping on the tummy tuck train! Although I won't kid you, expect to have some recovery time! Everyone said this, but I foolishly thought this whole thing would not phase me. Well, I do think my recovery is going pretty well, but it does knock you on your butt! Stick around here though there is so much support! Can't wait to hear about your journey!

Wow time flys,cant believe only have 5 weeks left...

wow time flys,cant believe only have 5 weeks left to go. I was really thinking of cancelling (due to my wedding date) but i figured out that i will be 11 weeks post op,(for some reason i was thinking 8 weeks.) So i figure i should be on the road to recovery by then.So flatland her i come!

Hay ladys,just wondering when you got your arnica...

Hay ladys,just wondering when you got your arnica montana was it sinecch or a diff brand?
Good luck to u!!!!!! Hope all turns out the way u expect!!! Tough recovery physically & emotionally but the end result will make it all worth it. (I'm
Not quite to THAT point yet tho -6 wks as of Monday)
I know what you mean bigbootyinwi I am also 6 weeks out! Not ready to run a marathon yet!! Still sore and get tired easy, swelling also, tried to find the arnica everyone is talking about but could not find it. Hope you are feeling better.

Well when i first got my call for my app. i was...

well when i first got my call for my app. i was 149 pounds. I am now 142 pounds, my goal weight is 133-135 before i go in, dam its so easy to gain the weight, but you got to work like a **#@#@ to get it off. But i will get there. only thing is that i am trying to quit smoking..(not doing to bad, maybe 2-4 a day, unless im having a drink! thats the hardest for me!) just guess i will have to give that up to..(but i soooo love to have a glass of wine now and then to relax). any ho, im determend to give this up totally by the 27th..(day after my Figured i will wait untell then to say worst thing is, loosing the weight and giving up smoking..I think i have my work cut out for me!! Well wish me luck! And to anyone esle who might be trying to quit, GOOD LUCK to you as well!!
Are you taking any of vitamins other than C? I've started E and zinc too, although I have to double check with PS when I should stop taking the E. I think they don't want me taking it within two weeks of surgery. It's nice that your husband thinks your girsl are fine. I was originally just going to do the tt, but then I started to research, and the more I looked at pics, I realized my girls had severely deflated. Might as well do it all at once, I'm sure I'll be miserable the first few days after surgery though!
yah i no. i dont have to go for preop, the hospital is going to call a couple days before for me to get all my test done,but i dont see my ps until day of surgery..i have to have my payment in full by the 16th.(thats when it will see real to me to i think..) Im trying to get everything i need, but all i seem to do is go around like a chicken with his head cut off,lol..i did start my vitiman c a couple days ago. i cant seem to find the senecch pills anywhere. I wish i was having a breast lift to..but that will have to wait for a bit before that happens! My wonderful husband to be thinks my girls are perfect the way they are!!(but i just think he dosent want to flip the well good luck to you, and keep in touch..
Our surgery is on the same day! I'm having a tt with lipo of flanks, breast lift and aug. I can't believe I've actually got it scheduled. I guess it will start to seem real once I go in for all my preop stuff and pay the PS!

Well my birthday was yesterday,(which was...

Well my birthday was yesterday,(which was awesome!! Thanks to my wonderful hubby to be!!) But now is Quitin time!! I so hope i can do this without gaining a ton of weight! Wish me Luck!!!

Wow cant believe its may month already..was...

Wow cant believe its may month already..was planning on getting some things done, but instead i have had two days of hell!! My two year old came down with the stomic flu.(spent the night on the floor next to her.Every 10 min she was getting sick) Then the next day she got the shits and a fever...( Oh dear jesus what else could happen)..should have never said that.!!( bad choice of words.) Then my 11 year old son was having steak for supper and started to choke,So had to do the hemlock on him.Got it out! (Or so we thought) . Nope, he kkept having pain and couldnt swallow any thing,just kept urging and spitting up mucus. So off to the hospital we go.( at one in the morning..after no sleep the night before, God help me.So he got hooked up on iv and grvol to help him sleep.(wish i could have had some how were there for the night. ( sitting in a hard plastic chair. needless to say another sleepless night. but atleast he wasent in pain.) So next morning surgent comes in to tell me that he is going to sadate him and do a scope..poor little thing..and on top of that i wasent aloud to stay with him..(i was not happy).long story short he had another piece of meat stuck in his throat,so they pushed it down with the scope..( thank god that was over) home to get some i thought..( wrong again) baby girl started throwing up again,and now wont drink anything..Thinkin its going to be another trip to the hospital. ( and my man is on night shift, so he no help!!) so in 48 hours and counting i have had 2 hours of sleep! ( im never going to make it) ill im thinking is thank god it is now and not at the end of the month!! is this a sign that i shouldnt have this done..( what happens if somthing like this does happen at the end of the month, and i wont beable to tend to my kids when they need.) sorry for babling on ladies, but i needed to get that out, im having second thoughts once again, is this normal to go back and forth wondering should i, or shouldnt i...well gotta go clean up some lovely vomit again... hope everyone is healing great, And good luck to the early may tummy tuckers..

Well i ordered my arinca today,just hope it gets...

well i ordered my arinca today,just hope it gets here in time. called about renting a hospital bed, cost 140 a month. Just wondering if you guiys think its worth the money. I did read on here somwhere that it is a good idea, but maybe a recliner is enough??? 3 days smoke free today,not sure how i done that with everything going on last couple of days!!But im happy with it, only thing is i want to eat Hope everyone is healing well!! Have a super day..
hey blue are you holding up? It is almost our time and i am starting to get the blues already..worrying about the pain,and all sorts of things. My ps actually gave me arnica ( u should check and see if your ps have some) bed i read on here was helpful but if you have a recliner that should work just as well...Here we come May's the smoking going? IT has been so hard for me to stop..WHeww!!! Taking it one day at a time...
That was the same one i was looking at.(just above the knee)im thinking a medium will do me,but i will check on that size chart. I have to do a draft check and bring it in because thats the only form of payment they take..thanks for the info dear..
Hi Blue, I got both sizes 2" and 1" as I am having my boobs reduced in August (32FF). My payment is due on Tuesday 8th but thank God I don't need to drive 2.5hrs away I am doing a ccard transaction. For the compression garment check the size chart on the website (click products and then choose sizing charts). I bought a small since my current waist is 27 and my hips 36. I got the 340 Above-Knee Body Girdle which I intend to wear afterwards. Mission:complete my shopping by end of next week. double up meals and freeze. Clean house and ensure there's enough grocery in the house.

To Ruby, I am getting the Raiser from Walmart. I don't think I'll need it for more than a week so one that is at least 4" high and cheap!

Well time is getting short .(19 more days)!!! the...

Well time is getting short .(19 more days)!!! the count down is on. lol..i woke this morning in a panic, i have so much left to do, but cant seem to wrap my head around it enough to get it done..( anyone else going threw this or am i the only nut on the block??). Not like i never had surgery before, dear god i have had 3 c cections, gull bladder removed and two hernia you wouldnt think id be so stressed out as what i am..( I really think im going CRAZY. LOL!) For god sakes i cant even concentrate on my wedding..Not GOOD LADYs let me tell yah. Speaking of the wedding, one of my girs got there dress yesterday ( i ordered them off ebay) so i went to see it, and its the wrong freaken color purple to match the mens ties... omg, just great..i dont mind not matching the decorations right to the tee, but for picture sake i really want the men and women to match.( OH well ill figure out somthing).Im more concerned about this dam surgery then i am my wedding!! lol..I no tell me im crazy, but hay im already starten to think i am. Well iv vented, thanks for lisening, i will try not to vent anymore, because from here on in im going to try to have nothing but positive thoughts...I hope everyone is having a good recovery this far, and to the rest of us may TUMMY TUCKERS..WE CAN DO THIS...GOOD LUCK AND HEALTHY HEALING :).

Well i thought i was getting away with having the...

well i thought i was getting away with having the dreaded nightmares everyone talks about....nope, started last night, bearly got a wink of sleep :( I guess because its getting so close..18 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .I hope everyone is healing well. I had sombody all lined up to look after my kids and because of on foreseen complications thats no longer going to happen. On top of that my hubbies shift has gotten changed at work and now he wont have the first 3 days off to be with me. So i guess its back to the drawing board. I told him i was going to postpone, but he insist we will figure out somthing. ( you are to close to your dream to have it slip away on you, were his words.) God i love him,hes my rock...if its ment to be it will happen right??? well tell next time!! happy healing everybody! :)

Well i just posted my before pics..dam that was...

Well i just posted my before pics..dam that was hard..but hopfully it will help someone else in the future..sorry they are blurry, i have a shity camera, and the lighting was bad..I had planned on getting the hubby to take the pics, but i couldnt get up the nerve to pose that ungodly stomic to him..( he might run and never look im just glad its going to be gone in a couple of weeks. quick question, i picked up zinc to day,it has vitamen c and d in it. was wondering if this was the right one??? Oh and as for my smoking, i was doing great, but decided to have a couple of drinks last night and i had a total of 3..(i was so mad with myself this morning)...but im back on track,havent had either one today.!! think im just going to have to stay away from the i hope all this weeks tummy tuckers are doing well . and to the next lot coming up..congrats and stay strong..
I was reading your post above about the garment...

This is the garment I have for Breast lift/tummy tuck/lipo of waist. I tried it on last night and its super soft on the inside, and it has a zipper so I can get out of it easier. The bra straps and crotch part are adjustable also. I paid $80 from my Doc's office (they ordered it). I might order another just so I can have one to wear while the other is being washed.

Hay girls.i hope the girls that have had there...

hay girls.i hope the girls that have had there surgerys are doing well..been thinking of you guys.... well tomorrow is the day it is going to seem so real. Going in to drop of the big lump of cash..( Man i hope this is worth all the money, i could have a new kitchen that iv been wanting for so long!!) but hay dont no tell you try right,and any look is better then flab i got goin on, :) I also think i have begin to go into the nesting stage everyone talks about..i been cleaning all day, got the babys room all ready..( im moving in with her for a couple of weeks) my fiance is on night shifts so he will be sleeping all day, and then getting home early in the morning, so we figured it would be better if i moved in with little mis sure she will love it, and atleast ill be close to her..well ill check back in tomorrow after i see my ps...i have so many questions to ask, she will be glad to see me leave id better to get them out and feel more at ease then still wondering..I love this site, it has helped me out so much..Thank You realself....
Hey blue eyes....good luck to you! Just think how amazing you're gonna look in that wedding dress!!! I have a very similar flappy tummy ugh!!! And I'm in Canada in calgary but having surgery in Winnipeg. Where are you? I think I'll hafta hit eBay and get some surgery is not til July but I know itll be here soon!!!

Well it done..payment is dropped off, all the...

Well it done..payment is dropped off, all the paper work is done.! Dam its really felling real now....... I thought i was going to have mixed emotions about handing over all that money but i didnt.. i was excited more then anything...So i have decided that from here on in its going to be happy thoughts and good not going to feel quilty over the money that im spending to have this done...( hay i deserve this, we all do..we are hard working women and why shouldnt we treat ourselfs to this life changing experience.) hope everybody is healing well and enjoying there new flat bellys.....

Well today is monday..4 more days, im not sure...

Well today is monday..4 more days, im not sure were the time went because when i first found out my tt date it seemed like for ever away...but let me tell you it creaps up on you really fast. Im not to bad as for nerves (not yet anyway) but i just feel like i dont have enough time to get everything the one who looks after everything and everyone. so i want everything to be in place befor i go in..even tho i no its going to fall apart in a couple of have a house full of boys so that will tell you..god love them they try,but with great difficulty. I no there is atleast for of us ladys goin in on the same date, but dont see them on the to all my tt sisters good luck and keep us posted as much as possible...(were goin to the flat side ladys :) woooo hoooo!!! and also good luck to all the ladys this week, were all going to be fine and love our new bodys im sure.. ill just be glad to loose thid flap, ill deal with the swelling any day compared to this soon going to be free!!!!!!!!!lol.. happy healing to all!
thanks newmesoon..your not to far away either, are you gettin excited?? im trying not to think about it to much..when i do i get such a weird feeling in my the pit of my stomic i feel like throwing not sre if its nerves or excitment..maybe its both..but either way its coming fast and i no i will be happy in the end..good luck to you to, you are goin to look great! :)
you're almost there! good luck!
You're are going to do amazing!

Well im off tomorrow to go to town, i have my...

well im off tomorrow to go to town, i have my preop and then im gone in friday morning...dont no if i will have net service so just wanted to say good luck to all the girls that will be joining me on friday...hope all goes well and welcome to the flat lets do this!!! :)
Only two days to go!!! You will be so happy you did this! Wishing you luck and smooth recovery!

Hi ladys, just wanted to check in and say that all...

hi ladys, just wanted to check in and say that all my test are done,everything is good to go and im in at 6:30 in the am...not sure how im feelng, happy excited worried and nervous all in one..i hope my tummy tuck buddies are doing well, and we will see you on the flat side..wooo hoooo!!!!
Thanks so much. I can't even sleep. And it does seem so unreal!! Iv waited so long to have it done.and now its here, never Thought it would happen!
Whoo Hooo, I remember the night before, it's so'll do great!!

Hay everybody just getten back, im 2 day post op...

hay everybody just getten back, im 2 day post op and feelin pretty dam good..lot better then i was quite the ride let me tell you..but i did get to see my new tummy this morning while nurse changed dressing..and im loving what i see so gonna try to post a pic soon..i also took a couple more before pics as what a diff..i think she did a wonderfull job from what i girls can let me no..(good or bad)..i will post again soon..happy healing everyone!!
hay kristin iv been thinking of you to wondering how you are! I hope everything went well and your feeling good..i must say i have been doing great except few issues with my tubes.But besides that not bad at all, so far i am happy with my results (and thank you by the way)..i hope you are happy with yours as well, hope to here from you soon :)
wow !!! just looked at your picks. You look amazing girl..those girls of yours are big and purky!! you must be soooo excited and happy..wooo hooo we made it to the flat side :)
Blue - I was thinking about you the past few days while stuck in my recliner :) ! I hope you are healing well. Your pictures look great!

Well heres my experince..left and went to the city...

well heres my experince..left and went to the city thursday morning at 6:30, had to be in there for 9 to have all my test done..(thank god everything went well, i was worried about that) never got out untill 12:30, then went shopping for the wedding pretty much all day, trying to keep things off my mind. So we got back to a room at hospital that i rented for two days due to the fact that my sister inlaw to be was with me.(hubby had to work)..had a shower took some before pics, first time i let her see my belly..(it was sooo hard, but inew it was gone next day so what the heck!) i dont think it was untell then when she really realized why i was doing this..first i think she was thinking why spend all this money, but being polite and not saying anything. So anyway we lid down she went to sleep, but oh no not me! dear god i was to excited (i did drift off once and had a dream that i slept in and missed surgery) so that was the end of 5:30 got a shower got ready and left to walk to day surgery, got there and had to wait about 20 min then got called in those lovley gowns they give you..nurse came in and i was so over tired that all i could do was laugh and make jokes,and then she gave me a relaxer, oh dear god that made me about half hour ps showed up marked my belly and i never seen her after..they came and got me and i walked in sat on the operating table joked around a bit gave me iv put the drugs in and gone!!!( all thestaff was wonderfull, i was laughing so much i never even had a chance to get nervous, which was great!) when i woke up i was in recovery, stayed there for an hour then they wheeled me to my room, were i stayed for the night. found it hard getting up and going to the bathroom ,but besides that just a bit tender in the abs, but the morphine took care of that,. And then it happened ...Dry heaves from not eating and pumping the morphine in me.( oh my dear jesus i thought i was gonna die..) i thought for sure i tore somthing. so after that they gave me gravol in my iv..worked like a chairm. slept pretty good that night work at 2 to pee and agin at 6:30, stayed up after that.doc came in around 8 and said they took big chunk of skin but never weight it.( im thinking it was 3 pounds because when i weighed myself i was 3 pounds also said i couldnt go home until i eat somthing and tryed the meds that they were going to send me home on. i really didnt have an appetite but i forced down a bit because i wanted out..i was feeling good so there was no reason to stay. Got out around 1:30 and went to get my meds and left for the 2 hour drive. and i have to say went really well. and everyday has been getting easier sence.nurse was her today to change my dressings and said everything looked great. and i have an app.with my ps tomorrow so will see about thr drains coming out..but i dought it they ae still draining quite a bit sence i milked them and they finally started to flow again..but i dont mind they arnet bothering me to much..and i rather they stay in as long as needed instead of having fluid build up. So thats about it, im really happy so far and would recommend it to anybody who are not happy with there belly!! happy healing to all!!
;) congrats!!! Glad ur feeling so good!!! There's ups and downs so don't let the downs get u depressed and 2nd guessing ur decision. U look fabulous! I think u will have great results!!!
You can get arnica on Did you buy a garment because your ps said too? All of my garments have come from my doctor, as one got to big, he gave me another one. alcohol pads are another item I used quite a bit, to strip my drains. Your doctor may give you some. Good Luck !!!
Be sure to ask your ps when you can take extra supplements, I know I was told to take NOTHING other than Arnica and Bromilan for 2 weeks after surgery. Yours may have a different view, but it's good to make sure.

Well im glad to here everyone is doing so well!!!...

Well im glad to here everyone is doing so well!!! I havent been on here latly due to the fact i was in the hospital for the las t week....yup its been quit the week ladies let me tell all started the day that i got one of my jp out...had a nap about 130 thant day, and woke around 3..when i did i started having pain in my chest and left arm, i figured it was no how you can get that bad gas pined up after i took everything i had here for gas..seemed to ease up for about a half an hour, then it started all over the day progressed it got worse, tryed to lie back in the chair and could not get comphie due to the got up walked around a bit and nope, nothing seemed to help. any the time 8:30 rolled around it started going out to my back on the left i called my hubbie.(he was next door helping my father)..and told him the pain was getting worse and i wasent felling to well could he come when he came over he rubbed my back, then took more eno hoping it would ease up..not a 10 o clock my 11 year old son started saying if shes in that much pain she needs to go to the hospital..(god love him hes not used to seeing me in that much pain) by this time i couldnt move fromthe pain and could hardly get my breath enough to talk or hubbie made me take two aspirn..and then he started in on me about going to the hospital..( im very stubbern when it comes to myself, and thats the last place i wanted to go..i just kept saying its gas it will pass..) anyway by 11 he had my mom called to come look after the kids and he was making me go no if ands or by 11:30 him and my brother were bringing me to the truck..dear jesus that wasent an easy task let me tell you... so long story short, got there they sent me in right away..doc came in and asked were i was having the pain, and before i new it they had people called in and was given a shot of demeral in my butt and sent to get a cct..injected the die in me..and sure enough had a dam blood cloth in my lung..(oh joy) so then i was hooked up to all these machines given another shot in my butt,(bllod thinner) another few pills and then sent to icu were i stayed for 4 nights ..(dear jesus i never experienced so much pain before, and i had three kids.) so then by monday things were settling down enough to put me down on a ward..then spent to days there..and after alot of morphine, gravol, and pills and a holly but..(from all the injections of blood thinners) i was on my way home having to stay on a pill called warferen or somthing like that..for 6 months, and have to have blood work done every 3 days until my blood levels,level yes its been an exciting week..(they tell me im lucky to be here so dont take it for granted and make sure i keep up on my pills and blood work or it will not disolve and will get bigger again.) ladies dont think it could never happen to you and watch for any signs of a blood cloth and dont be stubbern like me and go to the hospital right away.. (they think if i didnt take those to aspirn that it might not have thinned out enough to pass threw my main part of my lung and i would have had a massave heart attack..) so thanks to the hubbie for that..( i new there was a reason i was getting married to healing to all..
Hey blue eyes! Saw your comment to me on another thread and came to check you out! Thanks for the compliment! You are looking great yourself girlie!!! Glad you are recovery well! Aren't you so happy it's all over with and you are on the road to recovery??? The emotional roller coaster is sometimes tough but I'm now 10 weeks post op and it gets so much better! I wouldn't change a thing!!! Every week gets better! I see my doctr again in 2 weeks and can't wait to see what changes occur by my 6 month mark! Good luck to you and I will be sure I keep checking in on you! Take care of yourself and just remember this is a really big surgery and it takes time to recover. Some days are better than others but it does get better!
Thanks calgarymomma, well i sure wish i had of known the symptoms before so much for your feeling much better but still get tired easy,and short of breath,but i guess that has to do with both surgery and the blood going for my second check up tomorrow with my ps,so will see what she has to say. i havent seen her sence this loving my new tummy so far, just hope all is well, i only got my second tube out 3 days so glad to be again girls hope everyone is healing good...
How are you doing???? I'm sooo sorry to hear about your post op battles!!! I can't believe that....I agree with sayingbye...its nice to know the symptoms to look for before goin into surgery!!! And ill be keeping a bottle of asprin close by just in case!!! You have an amazing son & hubby!!!!!!! On the plus side....your tummy looks fabulous! I hope your feeling better!

Well im 5 weeks post op today..nt feeling so great...

Well im 5 weeks post op today..nt feeling so great about my fine when im standing but when leaning over i have loose skin..somtimes worse then others..and even when im sitting i have a small bulge over my insicion.but when im standing im so tight that on times i still cant stand real strait unless i have my binder on me...and thats another storey..i was aloud to remove my binder at 4 weeks but still hurts when i remove it and my belly still feels all num.(does anyone else feel this way??) i think i have more swelling now then babs says the bit of sagy skin will go away when i can exercise again..i hope so but i cant see it..ill just have to keep standing i
Well im only 5 weeks out and starting to see it already.and im same way when standing cant pinch an inch.... Did ur ps say y it was happing???
I was tight as could be up until about 3 months then I started seeing it! I go between walking and jogging for 4 miles every morning! I don't know I just have to keep telling myself that it is way better then before, but your right I would have loved for it to stay like when I had just had surgery! When I'm standing I can't even pinch the skin, but when I sit it hangs over my pants on my sides a little!!
I thought I was the only one going thru that same thing!! When I sit or lean over I'm like wth, where is this skin coming from, then I stand and it is so tight, I will be 4 months next week, and I'm walking and jogging 4 miles every morning, so I hope it changes, he ps says it will take up to 6 months, so we will see!!

Hi..was wondering about the may tummy tuckers of...

hi..was wondering about the may tummy tuckers of 2012....just wondering how you girls are all making out...hope all is going well..
Your stomach looks amazing!! U saidnin your pic u cant wait to get your belly button peirced ... funny I never thought of it but thats a darn good idea now that u mention it! I have never even considered because my belly was so ugly but now im 2 months out. With tummy tuck and it sounds like such a great idea thanku! So dobu know when a person xould do this? Is it like a tattoo where u have to wait a year post op?
i don't think so..about six months..but Im gonna wait closer to a year just to make sure my belly buttun don't reject it..i paid lot of money for this belly button i don't want to ruin on your surgery...hope you are healing well...
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