One more week to my new tummy! :)

Hi I'm new to this site and I have been reading a...

Hi I'm new to this site and I have been reading a lot of all your stories which are so amazing and interesting!! I feel that this is the place that I can express and share my journey as well and not feel alone..... I am 36 yrs old with 6 children ages 3,5,12,14,16 and my 4th child was a baby boy who passed away July 17,2004 he was 2 yrs old! My world felt like it had ended..... To loose your child.... Words can't express the pain I was in and still am but everyday is one day forward!

My weight when I had my first baby was 118 after having her 10 lbs!!!! Ouch I gained 50 then I lost about 25 and 3 yrs later another girl 7 ponds gained about 30 pounds gained lost about 15 and 2 yrs later a son 9 lbs! Gained about 45 on top of the other weight I had trouble loosing as I have a thyroid condition.... My 4th baby my guardian angel!!!! He was 9lbs 3 onz I gained the most for him went up to 200! Yikes but I worked very hard to loose all the baby weight throughout the yrs. my son Joshua we having sleeping issues we had found out when he was 8 months he had sleep apnea..... Then enlarged tonsils and adnoids!!! It was so upsetting for us and my poor little man was sick all the time ear infections, pneumonia, sleep apnea, and in may 2004 he was kept in over night to test his sleep apnea ( we needed them to help him so we brough him in to ER) test were done and confirmed he had it bad! But what comes along with being in hospital.... Yes he developed a stomach infection from patient in his rm which this child we found out later highly contagious! So we had to rush our baby back in to ER... He was admitted for 4 days. So all seems well he is thriving and I'm a very happy mommy! No week later he developed little red dots.... Oh yes chicken pox! Omg! Wt... How much can he handle... He was such a happy baby always smiles and so loving.

Time goes by his 2 bday may 31! He is better and happy 2 yr old!!! Doctor calls and says his surgery is July 15,2004... He has the surgery I go into recovery ... Felt very rush! He was brought up to room to be monitored for I don't know maybe hour! Which was to be 3! Nurses told us not to get to comfortable we will be gone soon.... She wasn't lying out the door within the hour my baby was still sleeping he didn't drink like they say you should and his vitals were not checked at all in recovery! I was very upset because the was my world my baby! That night he's seems to be good and the night went well the next day which is friday July 16.... He's ok watching tv and drinking bits at a time later that night he ate some baby food dessert!! Which he ate so fast we were thinking wow this is great he getting better..... I kept checking on him all night he slept with me of course.

The next morning ... July 17,2004! My world came down on me my baby boy was not breathing! You can not even remotely prepare yourself ever for this horrible tragedy that had just occurred! And I'm sorry for going into full detail of my life and this tragedy of mine but I will explain... I had my tubes tied when he was 4 months old! Are family was complete.... But after yrs of depression and medication and feeling alone and no one wants to hear you talk about the baby you lost... They seem not to realize he is my son and it don't matter how many yrs pass to me it's like yesturday! My fiancé and I finally got married 2005 kept the date we had planned for yrs after that I wanted another child... Please understand it was in no way to replace my little angel! As mothers we know each child is unique and special you just can't replace! So I'm sorry again I'm rambling... I had a reversal feb 2006... My special gift from our little angel blessed us with a little boy! And that wasn't enough blessed again with a baby girl 2008! Ok All done no more babies tubes tied again forever! But my weight went from 116 after losing my son to 2004. To 165 2008! And it was off and on loosing 5 gaining 7 so finally I've decided to research tummy tucks and found you lovely ladies!!! I'm so happy I can talk to someone and learn so much from each of you! So ok as of feb 2012 I joined wait watchers ya no not for me but it helped with eating right my weight was 156.7.... March 3 I started a workout INSANITY!!! Yup hard crazy! But ladies I did that religiously for 60 days... My weight today 116!!!!! But imagine 6 kids 9- 10 pounds each! Yikes ! Their is no hidding this tummy! Can't wait Til pre op oct 18!!!! Hope this gets posted! Lol first Time chatting. So maybe I said to much!!! Ttyl ladies!!!

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Hi again ladies!!!!i just wanted to post before...

Hi again ladies!!!!i just wanted to post before pics! Now remember what your going to see is the lasting results of 6 kids! All of which 9 lbs !!!!!! So I can't believe I'm actually posting these, but that's. Why we are all here to share our journeys... 3 more days to pre-op!! Bye for now!!

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After posting these pics i cant wait to be on the...

after posting these pics i cant wait to be on the flatter side, i have waited 15yrs to get this tt even if its expensive! we ladies are worth every penny and more....later :)


Mommy of 6 I am sorry for the lost of your son. My parents lost two children and my mother never stopped loving heart breaks for you but your strength and courage are inspiring. But overall to have had 6 big babies you are actually pretty hot! :) Your results are going to be stunning and I can't wait to follow your journey!
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Thank you so much! And you look amazing!!! I loved reading your stories and following your journey! You are so inspiring to all of us!!

Welcome to RealSelf.

You have been through a tough time and now it's time for you to take care of yourself!    I am so happy you joined us and that you are sharing your journey with us.  I know all of the ladies will show you the love!  

Keep the posted and updates coming.  

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Two more days Til pre opp... After that I know...

Two more days Til pre opp... After that I know it's happening!! Getting more nervous, and excited at the same time, my hubby says he supports me In my decision to have this TT but I feel he is not happy with it maybe because of the price or fear of the worse or even both! Thats all for now I guess I will post more after pre opp appt! Hope all of you beautiful ladies are having a good recovery!!!!


I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful little angel. Wishing you an easy and quick recovery.
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Thank you! Good luck to you in your recovery!! We both are nov TT but you are first!!! I can follow and learn.... :)!!!
Good luck to u!
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Ok so this is it tomorrow is pre-opp and than its...

Ok so this is it tomorrow is pre-opp and than its on forsure with no backing out! Have to pay for procedure in full! Ugh!! But all good no more having to keep saving for this! Hope all you girls are recovering well. Bye for now :)


blessings to you heal well and oh so sorry for your loss...
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Thank you! Hope your recovery is getting better with each day.... You look awesome!! (hope not to much pain)
Tomorrow I have my pre op for Nov 7th tt. You deserve to have your procedure so good luck. I will watch for your updates.
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Just went to my pre- op appt and I'm not sure but...

Just went to my pre- op appt and I'm not sure but it seemed like weird all that my ps did was go over medical questions, told me about the procedure, and informed me of some issues with the tummy may not get the full sensation as before. Then that was it he left and the secretary gave me my blood work sheet and told me my time of surgery and that the nurse will call a week before to go over everything.... So is that all they do? Just worried I'm missing something!


Omg! I'm in tears for the lost of your baby boy! As I was reading I couldn't stop crying! I'm just sooo happy that with the lost came more blessings! Big X's to you (big hugs). You so deserve this tummy tuck its time to regain you body! Good luck to you!
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Thank you very much! He is my little angel forever! We keep our memories of him, by talking everyday about him... You can never get over this pain but you find a way to except and live your life to the best that you can.... And im guessing this is normal to think sometimes it's selfish to have this TT done, but this goes beyond just trying to look like Barbie! It's our bodies! We deserve to feel pretty and have our bodies back either from weightloss or having kids! :)!!!
My pre-op is 2 weeks before surgery, I wonder why yours is so much earlier? I'm not sure of the norm, but like Jgirl said - to them it's just another surgery. I'm sure they will answer any questions you may have if you call. My surgery is the day before yours, so if I don't "talk" to you before then - good luck!!
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Hello ladies.... Hope your all healing and having...

Hello ladies.... Hope your all healing and having some what of a comfortable recovery. So the count down is on and it's so overwhelming can't believe it's happening!:). I'm sooooooo nervous not for the pain that's to come but just what you feel when your in recovery and wake from surgery! What is that going to feel like??? Nite ladies good luck to the ladies that are having surgery tomorrow!!!!

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Hello ladies just wanted to say hi!!! Hope all you...

Hello ladies just wanted to say hi!!! Hope all you girls are doing great.. And recovery well! So I can't believe this is actually going to happen!!!:) I've been cleaning and cleaning oh and ya more cleaning!!! Having 3,4 yr olds I thought was hard to keep up with.... Nope it's my 3 teenagers! Wow they can be very LAZY!!! Lol got to love them. So I'm hoping my kids help! My husband works in Alberta... So I will be without that help, not sure if it would be a loss or a gain! Cause men seem to not really keep things running as we do! Hahaha! So I have rented a hospital bed, and a walker, not sure if I need walker but I can try it for maybe the first 3 days. Time is going by so fast, I have my youngest child's bday on the 9 of this month! She is turning 4!!! No more babies:( . I have a question to any ladies who maybe able to answer this.... How is coming out from surgery the first time waking up? Is it very painful or do they have you on some good pain meds before waking you? That is the only thing that terrifies me!! I have had tubal ligation and reversal and tubal ligation again and I did have very bad pain which was ok because I was Hooked up to the instant morphine pump!!! All you had to do was hit that magical button and wow pain gone! Well take care all you beautiful ladies! Good luck to all if you


OMG teenagers can be totally lazy!!!   Back in the day I called mine a little slob..LOL

When I woke up in recovery I remember being cold and I felt tight but the pain level was under control.  They keep you medicated very, very well.  If you are in pain just tell the nurse and they will push more meds.  And ask for warm blankets because they feel like heaven.

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Yes they are work! Lol thanks for answering feel better knowing that!!!!warm blankets! More meds!!!!!'
Hi I'm new here just read your post sorry for your lost. What day is your surgery
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Wow it's been a few weeks since I updated! Not...

Wow it's been a few weeks since I updated! Not much happening just preparing house and setting schedules for my older kids to help with the little ones! I can't believe this is now only one week away! Finally counting in the single digets! So I just want to say hi to all you ladies hope your recoveries are going well.... Can't wait to be on the flat side and start my recovery! I have waited for this day for yrs! But finally book my TT in march of this yr. well ladies I guess I will post more pre op pics soon!!! Good luck to all of you girls!


Hey! How did everything go?
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Thinking about you today:)

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After 6 kids you look better than me after 3! Haha, good luck with the tummy tuck! So exciting! I am so sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing. I have a 2 year old son right now and it brought tears to my eyes. You are such a strong and amazing person and keeping your son's memory alive. Thanks!
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