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Almost six weeks, feeling great, stretch mark advice wanted....

3 kids, two ten pounders, reasonably fit but left...

3 kids, two ten pounders, reasonably fit but left with a disfigured belly that I have to tuck in my jeans

Cannot wait, time is going so slowly!!

Cannot wait, time is going so slowly!!
We are scheduled for TT the same day. Good luck and hope you have a wonderful recovery. We will have to keep each other updated on our progress.

Went for all my pre op stuff yesterday and...

Went for all my pre op stuff yesterday and starting to get very nervous but excited. I got all my prescriptions today and was surprised to see the painkiller as tramacet. Anyone else used it? I have never heard of it before.
I did realize I will be on my period at the time of surgery and mentioned it yesterday and they said it was fine and just wear a tampon. I don't know why but I'm preoccupied and worried about the period thing!
Oooo, that's awesome! Are you nervous? I am very excited but every once in a while I get a rush of nerves. I don't know why, I have had a c section before and did totally fine and wasn't scared at all. I guess it's just the fact that this is not "medically necessary" and I'm worried I will put myself in self inflicted pain and regret it after.
Good luck to you!
I was scheduled for 9:30 and it got moved to 7:30 am. So we will both be in surgery at the same time.
Oh, not long for us now!! What time is your surgery? I was scheduled for 12 but it got moved to 8 am, I am really pleased with that, less waiting around

Tomorrow! Wow, I'm nervous and excited, more...

Tomorrow! Wow, I'm nervous and excited, more excited now than anything. I have been cleaning and doing laundry, I think I'm ready.n I have all the scripts, started my antibiotic this afternoon, all my comfy clothes washed and put away, all the kids laundry away and just got back from a big grocery shop with lots of snacks and frozen foods for husband and kids.

I ended up getting my period early so it's already almost gone, one less thing to worry about! I'm thankful!

How exciting :). Good luck tomorrow. Hope everything goes perfectly for you.
Good luck tomorrow!!!! Soooo exciting!! Post some before & after pics :)

Well, I made it. Lol Was not expecting such...

Well, I made it. Lol

Was not expecting such hardcore nausea which was unpleasant but I think it's passed. Pains not too bad. I feel like half of me is gone!!!
Congrats to you! Can't wait to see your progress! Happy healing!

Ok well here's how it went. Showed up for seven...

Ok well here's how it went. Showed up for seven am. Nurse let me in, got undressed and waited for p.s. he came in and drew on my standing and laying and took pictures, waited a few more mins and they took me in. I was so scared. They payed me down and put an I.v in and I was out about two seconds later.

Woke up what felt like five minutes later to loud noises and terrible pain. The nurse quickly managed the pain and I was able to manage after about half and hour. I was very nauseous and the nurse got me dressed slowly and my ride was ready for me. It seemed like it all happened very fast but this was already the afternoon by this point.
I'll continue later, getting sleepy!
I am in Hamilton, yes it was a little frightening, but I was more excited. Lying on the table was the scariest part and it was over quickly
Glad to hear your on the flat side and healing!!!! Where are you in Canada? I'm going to be soooo nervous on day of surgery!!!! I can't imagine all that emotion while your ps is drawing on you and you're minutes away from going under......aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Well here it is, that down feeling everyone talks...

Well here it is, that down feeling everyone talks about. I went to the ps today and got my drains out, but then he mentioned my bruising and said he was worried about lack of circulation. He told me to nix coffee and up my water intake even more if I can, and thought maybe I had been wearing my cg too tight or I had been putting too much pressure on the incision. So he told me to take it easy.

Today my husband went back to work and I got my two big kids ready for school and sent them with no problems, and I was just at home with the little one. I dropped her off at a sitter when I went to my appointment. I was doing pretty good until the drive home. it's really hot out and I'm not sure if that's also making me feel crummy too, but I was exhausted when I got home. I just layed on the couch until it was time to pick up my bigger kids from the bus stop. After they got home, I honestly felt overwhelmed and questioned why the hell I ever did this.

My poor husband is tired, I am so tired and I feel like my kids are resenting the fact I am not just able to take them to the park or sit or go for walks (they are almost 6, 4, and 2).

When my husband came home he brought pizza, and I ate two pieces and then went to bed at 6 pm!! Which is why I am now wide awake at 3am. Now the silly thing is, I got up to take a antibiotic and took a pain pill by mistake and literally realized as it was going down my throat. I haven't taken any for four days but I guess at least I will be able to fall asleep again soon. I put those pain pills far back in the cupboard so I won't make that mistake again.

All in all, I'm worried about the loss of circulation,and wondering when I wont be so dang exhausted all the time. I feel fed up. It's only been a week, I know I'm impatient but it feels like I take a step forward and two back. it has put a lot of stress on my family.
They are in every other day So I will get a bit of a break until school lets out, the end of next week! Eeeek!
Oh my!! You need some summer volunteers!!
Sorry you are feeling crappy. There are some days that feel like you had a set back. Hell, I still have those days. Just hang in there. Your tummy just went through alot. It's going to take a few more weeks for the healing to really kick in. Just try to take it easy and not over do it when you are having a good day. Healing takes alot of energy. Try to rest but also walk around and change positions often. You don't want to stiffen up. Big ((hug))!!

Feeling even better. I'm just so nervous about...

Feeling even better. I'm just so nervous about what the surgeon said about the lack of circulation around the incision, he really didn't seem too concerned but I started researching it and a lot of what I read mention necrosis, which I don't want to deal with. I have done everything right, don't smoke, eating well, drinking lots and lots, taking all the meds on time. I really hope it's not terrible when he sees me Monday.

I am going to attempt a shower, which is so hard, pain wise I'm doing well but without the binder in the shower my back gets so exhausted.

I also have a strange pull or movement in my upper abs sometimes, is that just skin or muscle adjusting?

I don't know how to feel about this binder. One part of me can't live without it but I can't wait to get rid of it.

Ok so I had a shower and my incision looks horrid....

Ok so I had a shower and my incision looks horrid. So purple and read and raised. I know this is normal but I'm sooo worried ever since I was at the dr earlier in the week. How the heck do I upload pics on here? Can't figure it out for the life of me. Would like some input from anyone as to if I look normal or not.

When I change my bandages there is a very very small amout of yellows stuff on it!,,, Is that normal?
Your ps can't see you today? I would insist that they take a look at it today! Ask if you can send them a pic maybe. Keep us posted.

Well, lesson learned that everything goes through...

Well, lesson learned that everything goes through stages. feeling much better LOOKING much better, down almost FIFTEEN pounds per surgery!!!!

My incision looks much better today. I guess I freaked out a bit. Putting the polysporin on twice a day seems to be making it look a little nicer.

Well, I was worried about nothing, went to see my...

Well, I was worried about nothing, went to see my p.s and he told me it looks like its healing beautifully. He said it looks like I might have very very very minimal necrosis that did not progress to anything that would require any treatment. it really does look a whole lot better the last few days, there's nothing black anymore, just some redness and scabbed spots near the center part of the incision. I ate very clean and drank tons of water this week, he told me that was great and it DOES help the healing process definetley,
I am feeling good, my swelling is going down quite a bit, by nighttime I am just slightly rounded out and feeling tight. However,my jeans or jean shorts are still out of the question, I must be more swollen that I think because all these things are too tight and I am down almost seventeen pounds presurgery.
It's been two weeks today, I have two more weeks off work. I'm freaked out I won't be ready, my job is heavy physically, will I be ready? I feel good, just hired at the end of the day and the MR is still a little sore at points.
Ana313 I only took two weeks off work I went back this Monday I knew I wasn't ready I told them I'll see them next Monday I do desk work but still I wasn't comfortable at all and I'm still walking bind I'm scared to walk straight.
I have a desk job too. I think sitting all day is really hard on your tummy. It took me a few weeks to get straight. Just do your best while you stand and walk. My family was constantly reminding me to straighten up. Annoying but it pushed me. Good luck next week.
Glad to hear you’re doing well. Congrats on the 17lbs that’s awesome! I swear by eating whole foods and drinking tons of water. I think that it’s helped so much and it makes me feel so much better. I’m down 9 lbs since surgery. I don’t want to weigh myself too much because the swelling changes so much from day to day and I don’t want to get discouraged.

Added some pics finally

Added some pics finally

Anyone who is scared or worried don't be, the pain...

Anyone who is scared or worried don't be, the pain is worth it! I'm so happy! I don't feel selfish anymore. I'm happy, hubby's happy, even my kids are happy, because I am happy!!!!!!!!!
WOW! I saw your pics! I think you look great! congratulations! thank you for all your advices and information, way to go girl!
You look incredible!! So happy to hear from you. I was really worried about you for a little bit there. Your healing nice and doing ok? How are the kiddies?
Thanks, I'm really feeling great now, just still a little swollen and sore in the abdominals. Scar is doing well, only one small scabby part left. kids are busy busy, I have been able to go and do something with them most days. Start back at work Friday.....week! I'm ready though!

Really happy. went to see ps today and he says...

Really happy. went to see ps today and he says everything is great, cleared me to run and swim and stop wearing my binder whenever I want, which is funny cause I have sort of been taking it off the last two days during the day and it feels good to have it off. I seriously didn't take it off for the first five weeks except to shower and then put it right back on. I think I will sleep with it for a while longer as it just feels better and more secure at night.
I'm really happy. I feel great. just comfortable, like I am supposed to feel. I got down for a little bit because I still haven't lost all the weight I wanted and my pant size hasn't changed that much but then I remember why I did this. And here's the reasons and realizations I have had.

I don't have tuck in seven pounds of skin into my pants, I don't have to constantly unroll my underwear after they slip down between my skin flaps. When I just stick on a pair of shorts and tank t it's that easy, and shocking, no adjusting, or looking at myself from every angle and wondering if anyone sees the bulge. I am no longer terrified about my shirt sliding up and revealing the skin. In short there's a huge weight off my mind.
sex is better, life is easier. it didn't change my appearance that much, Esspecially if you do t see me naked, but to me my mind matches my body and it's worth every penny.
Wow!! Looking so good!! What a transformation! Congratulations!!

Went for my first post op run today, did a solid 5...

Went for my first post op run today, did a solid 5 km with no problem. I got the all clear from my dr last week. Feels weird running with no floppy skin in front of me, but so good. ran straight and tall and felt strong.
Went to a theme park yesterday with the kids, even did a roller coaster a couple time sand did a ton of walking. I was pretty swollen at the end of the day but I can deal with that.

The only down side is my deep stretch marks, I'm not too bothered too much by them, and if they don't change any more I'm ok with that, they are a lot less than they were before the surgery because so much was removed but, I'm just curious if anyone else has found anything to help with them?
You look great, what a difference! I am 10 days post op right now and am so jealous of you being able to run!!! I know I will get there soon enough. Congrats!
Looking goooooood!!
Hey girl.....you look amazing!!!!!! Your before and afters are truly inspiring!!!! Your ps did a wonderful job....I'm sooo excited for you!!!

One year later

Its coming up one year later. Everything is good! I feel amazing I have done some hardcore an work and I am so happy with everything. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. I am pleased every day! Will add another pic, where I am today!
Hey, about your stretch mark issue...I had three really wide puffy ones right under my bb after my surgery. I got a tattoo over mine. You can't see them at all! They were bad enough that I would have never worn a bikini but since I've had the tattoo done I've bought 4!! I have also heard there is laser treatments but I'm not sure they work
Hey cool! Ya some stretch marks are quite visible still, I was contemplating a tattoo actually! Do you have pics of yours?
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