3 weeks post TT - back pain? walking?

I am a slim athletic mom to a preschooler and...

I am a slim athletic mom to a preschooler and elementary age child. I had a tummy tuck on March 7, 2012 to repair my diastasis rectii and umbilical hernia. Physical activity is a part of my daily life and I couldn't stand the belly bulge and protruding navel on my otherwise fit frame. Also didn't like how my core and strength activities were limited. Looking at these Day 12 post photos, I feel like the work looks messy and I think I will lose my mind with no running for 6-12 weeks.

thanks thats give me a ideal i have three c seaction i heard tt pain is worst iam doin what did u use on scar bio oil or cream i see they have sheeting
Hi, I could shower after a week? But no baths till 8 weeks or swimming. I have to say i've had 2 c sections and this is a worse op, not for that faint hearted! But once your past a week things start to improve and by two weeks you'll feel pretty good. I was in hospital 3 nights and had morphine pump for first 24 hours, then oral meds, I just took whatever was offered and after a week I didn't need any more pain relief?. I was super careful with not lifting and had round the clock help with the kids, (3 1/2 yrs and 6 mths) thanks to my mother in law. It is definately worth doing, though the recovery is long and slow. :)
how long did u have to wait before u can shiower after your tt ,iam goin 4/2/12 little nervison and scared every one
telling me the pain is realy bad

Looking for others approaching the 3 week post...

Looking for others approaching the 3 week post surgery mark.
After full tummy tuck and extensive muscle repair I am still not moving much.
How about others?
I still cannot stand up straight and because of the back pain and tummy muscle pain, I cant get out walking.
I usually go for a run/cycle each day. Really thought I would be walking by now to get some fresh air and exercise.
Tummy skin still hurts to the touch too, like a burn.
What are others at 3 weeks feeling and about those who are well past the 3 week mark?
I am exactly 3 weeks po tt, mr, lipo and ba. Today I have been able to stand up completely straight, but still find myself starting to slouch back down (out of habit or fear?) I don't know, but I am still having to remind myself to stand straight...looking forward to when I am back to normal. I run as well, but the last week, I have increased my walking speed from 45 min of 1.5 to 30 at 2.5 today. Felt really good, but swollen by the time I made it home. Good luck!
well my doc call me today say my hemoglobin low they need more labs today so not sure now on my date iam calling them back tommoro
Hi st joseph, I am using bio oil, and micropore tape along my scar. My tummy changes daily! Initially my tum was very tight and swollen. It's now settling and the swelling is reducing which has shown up some stretch marks, surgeon said I'd have some as originally had them above belly button but I thought I'd got away with it! Bit gutted there still there :(
And 7 weeks of no exercise is taking it's toll!, no weight gain but feel like everything is expanding, roll on 12 weeks and I can hit the pavement again! :)
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