Hello everyone I'm 34 yrs old I have a daughter...

hello everyone I'm 34 yrs old I have a daughter that is 14, I have decided to get a mommy makeover, I'm getting a breast redcution and a tummy tuck done at the same time, if I'm going under must do it all at once. I have never been under the knife before so I don't know how that is going to go,I'm soooo nervice I almost talked myself out of it and then realized what the hell was I thinking lol, I want this fat, and extra skin gone. Right now for my breast reduction I'm almost a DD and I want to go down to a C my doctor said that would be fine for my weight and for how tall I am of only 5'3 and 170 pounds yuk I have never told people that just out of the blue before, but I just think of the end results.

Ok have to say I am not looking forward to the pain I'm going to tell my doctor for the best drugs possible, I have talked to some ladies and they say to get better drugs then T3's, as I am going in this thursday Oct 28 2010 for my pre appointment then he will get my list of worries, then I will find out when my surgery date is, oh god it's just around the corner. well I will update as soon as I can. And by the way this web site rocks


If you're interested in recording a little video diary for us, you can find details here. A box of goodies are in it for you! :)

I'm so glad you're able to do this for yourself. Please keep us updated on your journey to a new body.

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I haven't talked to anyone that regrets having a TT. I know I am excited and nervous all at the same time. All I think about is my upcoming surgery it is in a little over 6 weeks not sure if my patience will hold out but I don't have a choice.
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well I'm excited and nervous,scared about the tummy tuck other then then breast reduction and can't wait to get it over with and be a hot momma.I have read all the ladies comments on what to do before and after and I'm going to keep all this in mind. I go to the doctors this thursday and I should know when the date is, they think I would be in at the end of nov or 1st week of dec nice if they are right. We will see in a few days.

Before tummy tuck and breast reduction Updated...

before tummy tuck and breast reduction

Updated on Oct 28, 2010:
I went to my doctors today to see when my surgery date is and they said 4 weeks, I will know the date tomorrow when they call me. I had pictures taken, talked about how long the surgery will be he said 4 hours not to bad for what I am getting done. As for drugs he said percocets, vicodin and anti inflammitory so I'm happy my mind is at rest for now. I got asked if I wanted to stay the night in the hospital, so I'm thinking maybe but not sure if anyone has a done this before let me know. I will keep updating till my big day.


I can agree with the boobs hurting like hell, with us they moved and cut all the shit off very sensitive too.
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Trena, I feel better with it on too! When I take it off I feel like I can't breathe very well.. it"s really strange. I love taking it off while lying down but I really have a hard time standing and walking with it off. I keep telling myself it is because I am still only 10 days post-op. When is all the numbness supposed to go away? My boobs have been killing me today because all the nerves are regenerating. WOWZA, its painful!! Probably the most pain I have had all week.
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You get used to not having it on but it does feel really weird at first. My breasts will still experience sharp pains, especially around the nipples, as the nerves regenerate. I have all feeling back in my right nipple but not much in the left but I knew there was a possibility of this when I decided to go under the knife.

Hey everyone I'm 18 days post op now and doing...

hey everyone I'm 18 days post op now and doing awesome the pain that I had was only for the first week and it was very mild. I was on oxyc for 3 days then I went to tylenol 3 for a few days and just advil for a few days and now nothing can't believe how great I feel in 18 days. I'm still wearing my binder I feel so much better with it on.

My doctor said I can start massaging my scar next week at my 3 week mark, I'm on the fence with that one cause lots of ladies have told me that their doctors say to wait a month or 6 weeks so I don't know what to do, my scar doesn't hurt at all it's raised a little bit but no much, I'm still numb from the belly button to my scar line and that is normal, my girlfriend had her tt done 9 months ago and she still a little numb so I guess we all heal differently.

My boobs are awesome they are so perky I love them so does my husbsnd lol he touched them for the first time and he said they are still big I love him he is so cute lol. anyways I'm not sure what size bra I am yet, still a little swollen but my doctor said a nice C cup so I'm good with that. I bought 2 sports bras the other day for the first time ever and they fit sooo nice, so I'm just wearing them till my swelling goes down then I will order online at Victoria Secret can't wait. I'm going to Cuba in 40 days so I need to buy all new cloths and a new swim suit but have to wait till my swelling goes down I want to shop now. And also say goodbye to the fat roll this year baby it's gone.


Ya I can tell just blowing on my girls hurts like hell so no touching for a while.
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well I did it and it was fine. Doggie for me works good then my husband has no weight on me. yahoo
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The whole sex thing is much more careful than before and I am almost 6 weeks out now. I can't handle any weight on the girls yet. It is amazing how much you use your core muscles for everything so it is a challenge but if you want it badly enough you figure it out.

4 weeks post op

4 weeks post op


Has anyone had any issue with their belly button starting to close? Mine is getting smaller and smaller. I go back to the doc in two weeks and suppose to get a shot to stop it, but I think I would need to get it redone, as it looks too tiny. Im 9 months post op
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So how did everything go? Your pics look great!! Are you satisfied?
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amazing results. you look great!
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