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TriPollar Hollowed out my Cheek Bones, Wish I Never Tried It - Canada

I'm a beauty editor who has tried a range of...

I'm a beauty editor who has tried a range of anti-aging treatments over the past several years including Thermage, Fraxel, IPL, and more recently this year, Tripollar Skin Tightening. Of anything I've ever tried, I *deeply* regret Tripollar Skin Tightening for my face.

I was told by my doctor that it wouldn't hurt. It hurt. I was assured that the treatment wouldn't cause fat depletion from my face. It did. Within a week, my cheeks began to hollow out and I lost my healthy, subcutaneous fat. This, despite the technician avoiding my cheek bones. The lower half of my face has lost all of its volume. Now, four months later, it is still upsetting for me to look in the mirror. My goal was to look younger and instead I look older from the hollowed out appearance of my face. I looked much better before the treatment. If I'd had any idea this would happen to me, I never would have tried it. It was only one treatment! My face now looks angular and depleted of all youthful volume. Before and after photos made this crystal clear.

I am very small-boned with a small face to begin with. I would *not* recommend this treatment for people who want to retain the healthy, subcutaneous fat in their face. This has been a complete nightmare for me, a very upsetting experience. My face has changed dramatically and I hate the way I look now. I am shocked that one treatment could produce such a dramatic and negative result. I found out too late that independent studies show that the treatment can destroy fat cells and in some cases, the results are permanent. Buyer beware.

I have written the company a while back to question the depth of penetration. I read where to STOP goes to 1 megahertz and that IS deep enough to go to the fat cell layer. I do not understand how they can advertise skin tightening only when it goes deeper. My understanding is that it is the depth more than the heat as to whether fat is effected. The company would not respond directly to my concern. Sorry this happened but hopefully it will restore as this heat level should only have reduced the size temporarily. Good luck.
It has been l6 months since I damaged my face through the use of this device. The fullness has not returned to my checks and they are now sunken inward. It is more than facial fat loss I have been informed. I doubt very seriously if the fullness will return to my face at this late date. I have to live with it and will not under any circumstances try any other procedure.
I am so sorry to hear hat you went through. Pls keep us posted. I have read where you need to keep up maintenance treatments every few month to keep results up so I still have fingers crossed for you...let us know in a couple of months if there is any difference. Hang in there.
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Zero - this treatment has ruined the appearance of my face.

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