Just Started with Invisalign - Attachments Noticable

I just started with my treatment 1 week ago. I...

I just started with my treatment 1 week ago. I read a lot of reviews before i started and decided that it was time I started the process. I got engaged, and wanted a nice smile on my wedding day. I have wanted to do it for a while but did not what the traditional medal braces, as i do a lot of public speaking/presentations for work.

The clear braces are not so bad, they are not painful at all. The first week my upper gums were a little swollen but that went away on its own now. Taking them on and off to eat is a little annoying - and gets easier with time as you learn the tricks. My dentist actually has invisalign himself so it gives me confidence in his work and review. Only issue I have is that it is a lot more noticeable then I thought it would be.

The bottom trays are not that visible as the attachments are at the back of my teeth. But the Top trays are a lot more visible as the attachments are clearly visible, and since my teeth are on a slight angle going in, the top of the braces in the front doesn't fit as snug as the bottom, so it is very visible.

It seems though my case is going to take a long time 42 trays - so 84 week - I didn't think it would take that long, so my wish of having perfect teeth on my wedding day is likely not going to happen! Regardless, I would recommend this treatment (we will see how the results are) but I have not have major issues with it so far.


I have 36-38 trays I can't remember

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Thank you so much! My dentist has told me that I have bad gums, and that I may need something like this to help me out. Now, even if I do end up needing it, I'll be prepared!
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I went to the dentist last week, and he suggested that I get Invisalign put on my teeth. He said that my teeth aren't in desperate need for treatment, however, I will be glad that I made the investment when I'm older and my teeth have had a significant amount of wear on them. What is the best way to go about researching Invisalign? I would like to know what it is exactly that makes the piece of plastic so strong? Is it really effective? Is it worth the investment to purchase Invisalign?

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