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Radiese . Terrible experience

I was encouraged by a doctor to do fillers for my...

I was encouraged by a doctor to do fillers for my laugh lines and to use radiesse as the only side effect will be (I can feel some lump) after he injected I had severe pain half my face is red he told me some radiesse went to the blood vessel and that I will be ok :( lost 10 pounds Iam scared I will die :(

My face ruined by Radiesse

I write with hope others can read and never use radiese filler as it can't be dissolved "which I never knew nor was I ever explained" I signed for filler that if I don't like it can be dissolved and then when something terrible happened as it has happened to me u will be called as I have the odd person with unusual reaction and small percentage of people with reaction and considering there are 5 million radiese injection successfully injected per year" one life my life my suffering" means nothing not considering it was improperly injected ,superficially and perhaps carelessly injured and having to deal with permanent pain of a nerve injury. I have pic that u can see product coming out my face It has been 8 months in agony scared terrified as the symptoms only getting worse for me . It's real . Believe please . I have pain exactly where I was injected I have swelling burning heat , eye pain ear pain and ice picks scars and skin texture change . The only thing that flactuates is redness . The rest is constant .The right side of my face and the left cheek burns constantly. I till this day don't know what happen to me . I have only been treated with antibiotics and lyrica for pain . I have used months benadryl for swelling Nothing has helped . I continue to live with this and it seems like no one wants to help or understand . I have asked for help months . I'm drained . When I scream for help they say I'm "angry" when i try not to scream and calmly explain and ask for answers they say "we see nothing wrong" or"will get better" or "we never seen this before" how do I win this ? How do I continue to live like this ? I had seen dr from merz radiese company consult I was told "is all in your head " and I'm "exaggerating " it's so painful and unfair very hurtful as I had hope of help and cure . I have been emotionally traumatized by all this . I was called the odd person I was insulted I was humiliated blamed "I asked for filler" forgetting that I was encouraged by the dr alone and turned away by drs that should've help . I have pictures taken daily I will post them one day. I used to believe I'm unbreakable but I broke . I used to always try but I give up .I used to always smile :( that's how I got those laughing deep lines as my dr said and I could fill them not knowing this will take Away my smile. This has murdered my soul and The girl, lady , women , mother , wife and a friend I used to be .It's real and is very painful .I miss myself so much but god I miss so much being able to enjoy my time with my two beautiful boys I have without pain .

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dishonest . Immoral . I lived through to see doctor Solomon who is entrusted with people's lives on daily bases (lie to me , harm me ) abuse his position and powers as doctor to completely ruin my life . I had faith in him . I wish I had not . While under his care he encouraged me to have filler, never explained nor informed the treatment didn't even explain listed side effects of the filler and I asked him countless times and told me "only some bumps" I believed he will inject (hylauranic acid) unfortunately it was diffrent (radiesse ) never informed me until he Injured me . Further mislead me misinformed me in regards to the product and lied about treatments . Left me believe that it's hyaluronic acid filler . Dr Solomon did not stop there . He further harmed me with my personal medical health records , did not allow me to have access to view or review my file , modified my personal health records to his advantage . Created his own truth rather then speaking the real truth on my personal health records and the injury he caused on my face . He created such a convincing story that it was impossible for others not to believe him. I was shocked and I still struggle to understand what I have witnessed . Very influencing . He influenced me ,to completely believe his lies despite the evidence I had . On daily bases invading my privacy only to have control of my life and to prevent me to further seek help . He played psychological games with me while I was and still am struggling with painful face . He deformed my face . He left me suffer . I spent thousands going on consults and seeking help and I was unable to find help due to his lies and made up stories on my health records such as (in visit swollen red burning face crying from pain Dr Solomon writes "pain subsided" "patient happy " Intimidating me to the point I wanted to harm myself ,misinforming me in regards to the injury again ,"by misdiagnosing me " only so he can make me look crazy or "insane " a term he uses for his patient that are unhappy if you were to go and ask other dr for opinion such as "once called me and told me I read your MRI and it showed inflammation of the blood vessels around the eyes " I was in such a panic going around toronto to have it read again my MRI as did not state on my report asking other Drs . When I confronted him , he told me we checked again it wasn't there . Later on he changed the story and said I never said that to you its all in your head . Luckily I have strong powerful evidence to all of the statements above . I will rather chose to jump of the cliff as dr Solomon suggested I do then recommending another living human to Dr Philip Solomon . I find his personality unfitting and repulsive for someone in his profession. Please if anyone wishes to confirm my above statements in regards to Dr Solomon please feel free to private message me and will show you with prove.

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