Beware of Pdl for Venous Lakes on Lip - Canada

Not worth it. Treated for a venous lake on lip....

Not worth it. Treated for a venous lake on lip. The lake is still there, same size after 2 treatments. The worst outcome possible however is lightening of the skin around the spot, making the lip look freakish and unnatural and doesn't blend with the red of the adjacenet areas. In all, a disaster.

I was burned by an RN performing a V-beam laser around my lips. And not only did I have the burn to deal with, but I also ended up with "splash-effect" (term used by a burn specialist I saw) which basically means the laser took off (burned) around my face. Worst experience of my life. Thought I was safe by going to a Kaiser Permanente cosmetics center... NOT. Lasers/IPL aren't safe. If you've experienced problems or are looking for further information, I'm a member of a support group that has really helped.

arbutus laser centre

uninformed, poor skill, doesn't provide all the information you need, not a dermatologist.

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