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Getting Rid of my Lion Wrinkle - Canada

(First of all, my first language is french please...

(First of all, my first language is french please forgive my mistakes)
I saw a Groupon promotion for a clinic next to where I work.
20 units of botox for 99$, very cheap.
I am only 28 years old but I want to prevent my wrinkles from appearing. I always do strange faces because I am very emotional and I know those lion wrinkles are coming slowly.
So I bought the deal and went to that place.
The doctor told me I needed 30 units for this and charged me an other $40 + taxes.
The injections took about 60 secondes, and the pain was nothing compared to typical fluid injections.
Came back home without any bruises and had a very small headhache.
There was no result at this time.
However, it is now been 6 days and I'm very satisfied ! It still look natural, but when i frown, it is less extreme even if I try to.
I thought I would post some pictures because I did search for more reviews of this type before I chose to do it.

A little update : It's been 2 months now and I...

A little update :
It's been 2 months now and I can see the botox fading a little. I am an active person which could be the reason.
My face looks like the picture I took 3 days after the shots. It is still better than my original forehead.
I will wait until the effects are completly gone before considering getting more shots and keep my post updated.

I had new shots by a different doctor on December...

I had new shots by a different doctor on December 28th. (At Canadian Institute for Laser Sugery)
There's quite a difference.
He used less botox ( 20 units only) and the result is a lot stronger. My lion wrinkles completely dissapeared.
I'm even more satisfied now.

This time, I did not have a headache.
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The 2 shots by a different Dr. were they expensive? Where I have my hair done she wanted $300.00 for each eye, she isn't even a Dr.??????????????? Is that possible that she can do Botox???
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botox usually treat headaches.. I only have headache the night of injection...
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I had a headache also for 2 days, after my botox..
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Is your "little secret" out yet?
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I want to do this too on my forehead but thee only reason so far that I havent is because people say it is a really weird feeling not being able to feel your forehead and some even had some panic attacks and yet others say their forehead feels very HEAVY. Have you had any of that? I did do some in my elevens between my eyebrows and so far I really like it. I am going to post pics before and after as soon as I figure out how to.
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Botox should last any where from 4- 6 months, depending on your metabolism and how your body breaks down the Botulinium Toxin A. It is extremely effective when injected into the procerus muscle, which is a thin, narrow brow depressor muscle. Over time it draws the medial aspect of the eyebrows down, producing transverse wrinkles over the nasal bridge. Insertion is into the glabellar or mid forehead dermis.
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HUH? I didnt understand a word you wrote, lol
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How great to hear that your most recent treatment turned out better, and that you didn't get a headache!! It sounds like you might have found a good injector to stick with. :)

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I will probably need new shots in 4 months, i'll update my post when I see the effects fade.
Botox only stops the muscles moves so I will come back exactly like before if I stop the treatment. If you are much older, the wrinkles might still be visibles even if the muscles don't move. If so, I recommend you Juvederm to fill the wrinkles after if they are still visibles.
If you decide to do it, have the botox injections then wait 7 days (The time it needs to work) before deciding if you need Juvederm or not. It depends of your skin and what you are looking for.
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Hi Maggiem thought i could help with your questions. Once your personalized dosage is figured out (its different for everyone) treatment in the area your interested in should last approximately 3 months. After that the muscle activity will return to normal , it will not be worse. In fact if some of the dynamic lines are due to habitual movements, and you stop those movements for 3 months, you may find you have also stopped certain habitual facial movements. Some patients tell us they felt their botox lasted longer than 3 months and this would be the most likely explanation. But for most muscle movement will return.
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Hi Tina,
I'm much older than you, but have the same problem area. Been thinking of botox for a while, but I'm wondering how often do you need to repeat the treatment/how long do the results last? Did they tell you if it would go back to the same issue if you don't keep up on treatments, or be worse than before the initial treatment? Hope you're still very happy with your results.
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The headhache is really the only thing that I noticed. It maybe stayed for 2 days but that's about it. I was scared that my skin would hurts or feels strange because my muscles would stop moving but I really didn't notice any change.
Now, let's see how much time it will stay. :)
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Yeah, I'll be interested to hear that. It seems for most people it lasts 3-4 months, but mine seems to run through my system in about 2 months, eek, expensive!

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Hi Megan, may i ask. are you very active? There are some reports within the community that very active people can have muscle function return to normal faster. Also, how many times have you been treated and have you had the unit dosage moved up at all to try and get the result to last the 3 months?
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Hey, it's been 2 months and you are right. The effects of botox are 50% less visible now... But It is still better than nothing. ;)
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That is very interesting to hear, as I have definitely wondered about it. Yes, I am pretty active and workout regularly. Maybe this is the excuse I've been looking for so I can slack off at the gym and say I'm being frugal. ;)

At this point I've been treated three times for crows feet, twice for forehead and between my brows. We've played with the dosage a bit, and I think we almost have it dialed in. I'll probably go for my 4th treatment in the next few weeks, so we'll see if it starts to lasts longer.

I'll be very interested to hear continuing thoughts on this, so if you hear anything or see papers published please keep us posted!

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megan has your treatment time gotten longer in between your treatments? I'm confused on how some say it gets less and less between injections and others say it dont and how some say it last longer and some say it dont. I guess it is just a matter of individuals.
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Yep, it seems everyone reacts a little differently to it. It doesn't really seem like its lasting much longer for me between treatments, but I'm still holding out hope that it will!!

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Thank you for posting pictures! Isn't it fun to watch the change?! It is definitely a noticeable change, but looks like you still have expression which is great.

You mentioned a slight headache on the day you got your injections, have you noticed any other side effects at all?

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