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I'm in early sixties and wanted to deal with...

I'm in early sixties and wanted to deal with lines and blotchiness.

Cheek area looks great now and it did smooth lines at top of upper lip. But not happy with chin area which was my main concern. It didn't really get rid of lines there and actually they look a bit worse plus now I have bumpiness and millia and it is 8 months later. The chin area seems very dry and the skin looks a bit thinner.

Also the eye area can be a concern. I think it can make lines under the eyes which are delicate more pronounced However in my case this was very slight and I'm the only one who notices that.

If you dont look too closely as we tend to do it is still a not bad result but now Im told I should do maintenance treatments that are not cheap. Seeing I spend aboout 3000 cdn I was hoping for a bit longer lasting result without adding on an extra expense of 1200 a year for 4 treatments of genesis. (recommended).

Pain was severe in places but they gave a topical prior plus an ativan.

I dont have before photos unfortunately.

Hi Whimsie,

Isn't it always we tend to see our flaws way more than others. Oh the things we go through for beauty ;) Are you going back then? Thanks for joining the community and please keep me updated.


thanks for you comment. Well, we are a bit more critical of ourselves and aftr all must try to grow old gracefully lol.
After I said all I that I did here the clinic asked permission and went and put up my picture as their poster girl (old girl) yesterday because they are very pleased with results. I think I was expecting maybe a bit more than I should have been so maybe I will say that the results were good after all.
I will go back and discuss with them and decide if it is worth to go ahead and do some maintaining and what to reasonably expect.
I will try to post the picture they took but dont think I have a before.
excuse typos please I need to proofread more.

After some time I do think my skin texture and...

After some time I do think my skin texture and colour were improved by the fractional. Other people noticed it more than I did. The downside is that it is recommended that you do maintenance laser genesis treatments. I found that the combination of the fractional with some filler in the chin area made a difference.

I am not dissatisfied with the overall result. The key here is reasonable expectation. It does not do everything that it claims to do and I'm sure age is a factor also.

I unfortunately don't have a good before photo but I think you can see that the skin is relatively smooth and unblotchy.

Hi all, sorry I have not been attentive to comments due to being away.
I had it done at Derma Spa in Victoria, bc. They are very professional and knowledgeable there. The spa is run by the very personable Dr. Hollis, plastic surgeon, who is semi retired.
The first two weeks were scary looking lol.
The redness did last a few weeks at which point I was pink for another month or so but not glaringly so.
It does smooth and even the skin tones but depending on your age I think depends on what you can reasonably expect. You do have to do maintenance afterward to keep it up though which is a bit costly.
I was pleased with it but also did some derma filler around the cheek area and nose. Subtle but effective.

Hope that helps answer some of your questions.
Whimsie, where in Canada did you get this procedure done? A doctor I saw last week tried to sell me on the Pearl laser, $2500 for the face & $1000 for the neck. Claims it will take 10 years off my face. I want to research it before I decide.

HI Itprincess,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for researching before your procedure. The community can not state enough how important that is. :) 


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There are some pluses but just be aware of the negatives as well. Cost is a big one for the average working person.

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