I Feel I Have Lost the "Me" by Having Jaw Surgery and Look Worse - Canada

I had double jaw surgery and genioplasty 4 weeks...

I had double jaw surgery and genioplasty 4 weeks ago. I know i am still swollen, but I feel like I barely recognize myself and I wish I had more control in how things turned out. My chin seems to angle upwards now, my face seems very short and my nose is now more crooked. A few weeks ago I was starting to like the results, but now...I am not so sure. I do not feel pretty anymore. Instead I feel quite unattractive and no one has even commented on my new look - which leads me to believe that I look worse.
I think you look beautiful in both the before and after pictures. I wish you all the best.
Thank you Tara Anne. I am feeling better and better about it everyday :)
you look really pretty in your 4 week photo, What exactly was done? implants reduction?

9 weeks post surgery

Well, it has been 9 weeks and I am feeling SO much better about my face. I know there's still a long recovery ahead, but I truly am feeling much more confident about what was done.
Thank you to everyone for your kind words...it's hard to put yourself out there!

Hope this link to my videos of my recovery works...

A few videos to show the transition
Hello, are you still receiving problems from your jaw, I had same operation in December and Im still on soo much pain, I regret it soo much
You look beautiful on your before and after pictures, anyway. I feel lucky too to be able to have mine done and covered by my insurance here in the US. Since, the doctor said that it is medically necessary surgery, because I will have more problem later on in life if it wasn't corrected early. I have an underbite and crossed bite problem. My surgery went extremely well, but I still feel tightness on my right jaw when I open it wide. How do you feel now? Do you still have any numbness in your jaw? I heard this is common complaints after jaw surgery as my orthodontist told me. I just feel like my right jaw heal longer and I feel like a nerve was hit during the surgery that's why the healing takes longer than my left side jaw, which I have no problem at all right after the wire was removed.

You look soooo gorgeous I love how it makes your cheeks look alot more toned. You look alot better than before dear!!!


3 months later

Hi Everyone,
It has been three months (well, a lil more than that now) and I am truly settling into my face. I still have "off" days of being unsure, but mostly I am happy and I still have a long way to go before things are fully healed and ready to be judged. However, I have been getting a lot of compliments about looking younger and healthier since the surgery - so, hey, that's not so bad to hear :)
Now it is just waiting to get the braces off and working on the deviated septum next year and all will straight and looking awesome! Totally worth it at this point in the recovery :)
I'll add better photos soon! These are all selfies don't count, lol
Hi I am from the states and I had lower and upper jaw surgery to correct my lower bite. It has only been about 2 weeks and my swelling is still going down gradually but I was wondering how long did it take for your swelling to almost go away completely? And how long was it before you were able to chew?
Hi Alexxdriver! I am trying to remember when the swelling went completely...ppl were saying very early on that I looked back to normal, but I knew I wasn't. I went back to work after 2 weeks and ppl just said I seemed a little fuller in the face, BUT now at 5 months or so post op, I can definitely see the difference. My cheeks have hollowed out a lot more. But yes, I was out in public so to speak by week 2. Hope you're feeling ok! Oh! And chewing...I was given the go-ahead at 6 weeks, but I am even now still trying to re-learn how to chew it seems :) But, I am also working with the orthodonist to improve my bite more and more, so that could have something to do with it. Speedy recovery!!!

You're another month into your healing, would love to hear an update on how things are going for you, kathleenbrodie. :)


5 months 19 days post-op

Things are coming along! Some clicking and discomfort on left side jaw joint arrived just today, but wondering if it is connected to some orthodontic work. Follow-up with surgeon on Oct 1st. Hoping everything is ok :) Chewing basically everything - donuts are kind of tricky for some reason, but I am eating salads and other crunchy foods, just nothing too intense :)

5 months

5 months

You look wonderful. I actually feel jealous because I'll never have money to do this surgery. You should be happy girl!!
I like the outcome of your surgery, I am planning on getting a rhinoplasty this summer and decided not to get a chin implant, although I could really use it I don't like the idea of foreign materials in my face. I've been looking into sliding genioplasty, but it sounds like such an intense procedure and many women complain of looking more masculine after it. I am fairly happy with the way my chin looks from the front, but it looks pretty bad from the profile view. Who did your surgery? I also live in Ontario and how did you manage to get it covered by OHIP?
personally i really like what's been done, you might see a bit more definition though with buccal fat removal.

Some 3-5 months post op photos - I'll update with some 1 year ones soon

Just showing that one can have the operation AND get married a few months later. The swelling was still there but definitely not a concern
this might sound bitchy but i mean it in the best way-i think you were pretty before, but you are gorgeous after the surgery! after reading all the horror stories here, i think the surgeon did an amazing job! you look stunning.
Hi! Please tell me a little bit about yourself. It looks I have the same problem you had. Except I physically cannot close my mouth. I have to force it and it looks unnatural when I do? Did you have this problem? And did the surgery fix it? And what is the actual name of the surgery?
hey! i am also from Canada but i was wondering which part in Canada are you from? because i am from Toronto, ON and i have been looking for the right surgeon to work on my underbite and cross bite which has been quite difficult. i am looking for someone who i know has done this kind of work before and has succeeded in doing it. therefore, if you are from Toronto as well it would make my life so much easier by asking you who was the surgeon who worked on you? i love how you look! i think you look just beautiful ! and if you were wondering, i am 16 years old. thank you for sharing your experience ! it was great help :)
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