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Full face ultherapy done 3 days ago. My lower lip...

Full face ultherapy done 3 days ago. My lower lip on one side is partially paralyzed. Fortunately, it is minor but still an annoying asymmetry. I was not told about this complication. I am hoping it is transient.

My face is also still numb ( I was told about this ). The procedure was painful despite topical and local anesthetic and Tylenol #3.

I cannot comment on results for another 2-3 months, however, any contemplating this procedure should carefully weight the risk of nerve damage.

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I had ultherapy over 3 weeks ago and still suffering partial paralysis on the right side of my mouth. It has improved slightly but still noticeable when I talk, drink or eat. The office initially gave me antibiotics to reduce the serious swelling and after seeing my speech was greatly impaired. I was told it would subside over the next week after the proceedure but still waiting for things to return to normal. In addition I have a very odd verticle 'bump' on my face. They said it was cause the nerves still need to return to normal... Hardest part is I told the office that I would be on camera as a spokesperson for a major company in the music industry in less than a week after the procedure. Nothing was said, signed or shared about the possibility of paralysis of the face. Really upset about this.
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This happened to me, too. Did it resolve itself?
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Ultherapynerve, Did your numbness and paralysis ever get better?
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Hi ultherapynerve,

That doesn't sound fun, but I'm sure it will turn out great. You should check out the answers to Is Numbness a Side Effect of Ultherapy, in our doctor Q&A the answers might help. Can't wait to hear how your healing goes and about your results in a few months. Enjoy the rest of your week!



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