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I just started my Invisalign journey yesterday and...

I just started my Invisalign journey yesterday and I wanted to share how everything is going so far!

I went in to correct 2 upper teeth but in order to do so I need to have both my upper and lower teeth moved closer to the back of my mouth, some gap issues.
I work full time with a lot of people so for me traditional braces weren't an option.
I'm going to have 20 trays, which is equal to about 40 weeks. Less than a year!

So far these are a few things I've noticed:
- I think they're noticeable but no one else has noticed the plastic on my teeth. I'm really self conscious about it but no one has said anything! Either their being kind or I'm a little too close to the mirror.
- I have a bit of a lisp... This is actually really bugging me but it's only words that end with an S.
- I love being able to take them out whenever I please. I know 22 hours a day is the norm but because they're a little achy sometimes I'll take them out for a 5 minute break
When I take them out to eat it takes a couple minutes for my teeth to adjust and not feel like sensitive pieces of glass biting into rocks! Having to brush my teeth after eating is also kind of a pain when at work or someone else's house but once I get use to it I'm sure it won't be such a pain.
- my bottom tray is cutting the bottom of my tongue. It hurts a lot and I've heard of people using a nail file to bring them down but I'm a little nervous to Over file it!
- it feels really weird to have plastic covers on my teeth! Especially when I go to sleep
- the first couple hours really hurt. The pressure was pretty intense but it's ceased and now I feel fine! There's a bit of pressure when I take them out or put them in but nothing major

I've read other reviews and people mention that their trays start to smell. I've had mine for only 35 hours but so far so good! I'm also trying to drink a lot of water (somewhat of a substitute for snacking and also because my mouth is pretty dry!)

I'm excited to start my journey to a perfect smile and I'm sure I'll get use to having plastic covers on my teeth! :)
Hi and welcome to the club lol. I am on tray 4, so about 7 weeks in. your experience sounds a lot like mine. the pain goes away quite quickly 3-4 days after putting in a new tray. I have been using a denture cleaner to soak my trays in while I shower, but I believe in Northern America and Canada, you can get ' retainer bright' They stay nice and bright and do not get scratched up. If you are struggling with the trays cutting your tongue or inside cheek - remember it's tempting to keep 'feeling' the trays with your tongue, don't do it. I had to file my first tray down, with a nail file, a little at a time. Works a treat. Anyhow good luck with your journey!
Hi, thanks for taking the time to read and comment :) My pain has gone away, it's just a bit of pressure now. I might try retainer bright because currently I'm using mouthwash diluted with water and it's working but I'm nervous by the end of the first week they might be a little dull. My tongue has finally gotten use to not touching the edges! I tried to file the edge of my bottom on (closest to my front teeth) and found it difficult, I also didn't want to take too much off. Luckily I've grown accustom to it! Congratulations on your journey as well. How many trays do you have?

Welcome to the Invisalign community!  It sounds like you're settling in exactly like normal ;).  Your complaints are all expected, (both fortunately and unfortunately).  Sometimes the doctor will file the trays for you, if you try it on in the office and it needs it.  For the things filing doesn't help, try orthodontic wax.  It's a lifesaver!  The smelling thing is really only if there are microfissures and plaque starts getting stuck in the trays and not brushed away (so don't brush with toothpaste!)  You will always notice the trays more than others, but you'll start getting less self-conscious the longer people don't notice them ;).  The lisp never went away for me (I still have it when I wear my retainers,) but it diminished some.  For others it disappears.

I look forward to following your story.  Good luck with dealing with the tray edge.  That can cause sores if you don't file it or make the wax work!


It's been a few days...

It's been almost a week and my concerns at the beginning of the week are no longer!
The lisp has disappeared, no more sores on my tongue, I'm pretty sure no one has noticed them, and constant brushing has become a habit.
Thought I'd post a photo so I can watch my progress through photos, also much more interesting than my whiny posts!
Nervous for attachments at the end of this month but excited to put in my second tray!
Just a thought on taking them out because they hurt…if you *can* leave them in they will probably stop hurting sooner because it gives the teeth more of a chance to move into alignment the longer you have them in without a break. On the tray cutting your tongue: can your provider give you some dental wax if you have problems with sharp edges in the future and don't want to file? It's great stuff! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to seeing your updates!
I took them out in small intervals the first day but since then I've only had them out to eat. Lucky I'm use to the pressure now. I do start my second tray next week so I'll definitely try to keep them in and see it the pain ceases faster My tongue was a little sore underneath from the bottom tray the first day or two, since then it's adjusted to how I speak with them in an it's no longer an issue! I know a lot of people file them at home but I just didn't want to go file happy and go too far or make it any worse I did have my orthodontist cut a bit off the back when I first put them in but aside from that I've had no other cutting issues I did think about wax but honestly after the second day my tongue is use to what it shouldn't be touching Thanks for commenting! I start my second tray next week so I'll be updating again shortly

Sounds like you're faring better than I ever did!  Congratulations, and I hope the remainder goes as smoothly :).  On your picture, your teeth look almost perfect already.  It's gonna be hard to see the improvement ;).  


1 week down...

It's really nice to see people offering advice and being so helpful on this website. I really appreciate all the tips and tricks, especially in my first week.
During the weekend I did go out with some friends and was a little concerned with how I was going to drink something other than water with them in.
A couple months ago when I was researching Invisalign I read that if you drink with a straw you could get away with it. Probably not a smart idea but I'd rather have them in and have to brush them extra good (along with my teeth) than have them off for a whole night.
Drinking through a straw worked great, I'd go to the bathroom and rinse them off every hour just to try and keep the sugar from sitting in them. Not sure if that's good logic but I survived.

After a week of having my trays I've stuck to the same cleaning routine. I soak them in a glass of Listerine and some water to dilute it in the mornings while I get ready, and a second time during dinner.
After I take them out of that mixture I take a toothbrush and just scrub them, I'm hesitant to use toothpaste because I've heard it dulls them.
I rinse them in water and pop them back in. Listerine is really strong so even after I scrub and rinse them they're still fresh!

Thanks for reading I'll be sure to update within the next week and add a few photos.

I think you made a good call when you went out.  I would have just stuck to water, but if you can't stick to water, definitely better to use a straw and clean every hour than to leave them out all night.  Even taking them out every time you have a drink is dangerous, since it ups the chance of you losing an aligner.  

I found that using toothpaste made my aligners impossible to clean, paradoxically.  It caused microabrasions in the plastic that filled with plaque and I just could not scrub it all out.  I just use regular, mild liquid soap (Dr. Bronner's) to clean my retainers after they've been soaking in hydrogen peroxide.

I was definitely nervous to stain them or get any liquid stuck in them but the straw prevented both well! I wouldn't do it every day but for special occasions it can work. I haven't tried peroxide yet, that's a good idea! I'll try that tonight, thanks :)

Second trays

I started my second trays last night because it's been two weeks already.
My second trays didn't hurt like my first ones, there was a bit of pressure but nothing in comparison.

I've read about the "Invisalign diet" and how you lose weight because you just don't eat as much due to the annoyance of constantly taking your liners out, brushing, floss etc. I really love food so I'd rather brush my teeth 8 times a day than cut down to 2 meals a day but somehow I've lost between 5-10lbs in two weeks.
Yikes! Hopefully I won't lose anymore, I guess I never noticed the difference those little snacks make.

Question: What's the best way to clean the very bottom of the aligner? I've tried brushing but it really tough to get into those tight spaces.

What I do is leave my trays in a container filled with a solution of diluted listerene whitening mouthwash (half water half mouthwash) while I eat. Then take them out and lightly brush them with a soft bristle toothbrush. It's been working really well for me, my trays have been close to the original color even after my 18 days of wearing them.

Once I stopped using toothpaste, I never had trouble cleaning them, even just with a regular toothbrush.  But I found that using something effervescent like Latentsmile said (I used RetainerBrite and the Invisalign cleaner because I got free samples from my ortho) was also really helpful on those lazy days. :)

I haven't tried toothpaste in fear it will dull them easily! Gonna try denture cleaner soon :)
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