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it does cause chalazions - Canada

I got some amazing eyelashes, but my eyelid margin...

I got some amazing eyelashes, but my eyelid margin is mottled with clogged oil glands. The opthamologist told me it was indeed latisse. i have to get the chalazion cut out of my eyelid. It was NOT worth it.


I am suffering right now with a chalazion cyst at the moment, I have been using latisse for the past four months. Never had eye problems before. Have to go see a plastic surgeon who specializes in just eyes to have this removed. The swelling from my eye spread to my temple area, causing server headaches, and server vomiting, fever,The doctor thought I had meningitis, I was so frightened Ended up n the ER two days ago. I love my long eyelashes, but this in NOT worth it. There may be only a few who get clogged oil glands. I never thought it would be me. I am praying he removes this LARGE lump tomorrow. Its been over two weeks and many prescriptions for pain killers ( For my headaches ) and antibiotics for the chalazions..
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Hi Cary1810,

If you haven't had the chalazion "cut out" yet, I recommend that you go to an Ophthalmologist and ask to have the chalazion injected with cortisol. I had a large chalazion, not due to Latisse, a few years ago and it disappeared after the cortisol injection.
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A cyst in the eyelid caused by blocked oil glands around the lash follicles. Latisse in the long term has ruined my eyelashes.
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please don't use this ladies. It does clog the oil glands in the lids and you will get cysts in your eyelids and then your eyelashes will fall out. I'm warning you people.

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