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I used a product called Careprost. Its got the...

I used a product called Careprost. Its got the same active ingredient as Latisse, which is bimatoprost. I used it for about 3 weeks or so. I didnt notice too much redness on the skin around my eyes, I had some itchyness which I can tolerate..but a few days ago I did notice a teeny brown little dot in the iris part of my amazing coloured light green eyes. That was it for me. I stopped using it, immediately. I did notice a small improvement in the length in that short time, and I am sure I would have LOVED the difference after a few months, like they recommend but the iris change was enough for me. Its permanent, and I didnt want to risk more of my iris changing. I recalled only once getting a tiny amount into my eye, from applying too much. That scared me, if it did that from once, imagine if I used it for a long length of time? For myself, having long lush eyelashes is great, but at what cost? My lovely green eyes, which are distinct and nice? To get blotchy green and brown eyes? No, thanks. So, I would say, if you have brown eyes, great.. go for it. If you have hazel, blue or green eyes stay away from it. Dont risk it. Its NOT worth it. Well thats my two cents..lol

I still have that brown dot in my all green iris....

I still have that brown dot in my all green iris. I think about it constantly and wonder if it will go away, sadly I have read it will not.

Well thats the price of vanity. No, its not worth it.

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doctors havent tried it, and if so, Im sure not many.

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Hi, I would like to know wherr I can safely buy careprost in canada.
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By the way, I want to let the original poster know a little trick: Even though I am a happy user of Careprost, the generic Latisse, I am not going to suggest you switch back to either since you did experience a pigmentation in your iris, which is very unfortunate. What I think you might like to know is that CASTOR OIL of all things has been proven to grow lashes, brows, and even hair on the scalp with great success. I have never tried this, but I have been shocked to read dozens and dozens of women in forums all over the net raving about the benefits of Castor Oil! There is a Youtube video showing how to make a non-greasy petroleum based lash serum, and others in forums have described using the CO in 50/50 mixtures with thinner oils, like sweet almond oil (most popular). I read one forum post from a woman who mixes a scalp serum out of Castor Oil & Avocado Oil because, she claims, Avocado Oil is also known to grow hair. Maybe...? I would suggest you try making your own Castor Oil serum for your lashes (and brows, if you want), and apply it with a cotton swab. I hear it will also darken your lashes just like Latisse does, but I have not heard any hints that it can darken the iris like Bimatoprost can. I have NOT tried this home-serum personally, but I do trust the members of the forum I discovered this in. It might be a great alternative way to get the full, long lashes you were hoping to get with Latisse. I know it took the full 4 months before I saw the full difference with Latisse use, and I've been very happy with it (no difference for me with the generic version). Do a little research on Castor Oil for lash growth for more information. Good luck, I hope you can get the happy results you hoped for!
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Ruca, you didn't try castor oil and i did. It is not GROWING eyelashes or eyebrows or hair. it provides necessary nutrients to mosturize and feed damaged or malnurished hair and eyelashes. I read about castor oil in beauty book when I was 15. I had been using it for a year then, my eyelashes were moisturized and looked great. I guess it reached their potential.. I used it again just few years ago. it is sticky and hard to remove in the morning and all it does it moisturizes and feed eyelashes. If you ever tried high quality products like Latisse or Fysiko, you will not even start to comparing it to castor oil. Because these two products GROW eyelashes, make new eyelashes appear where they didn't grow before. Castor oil moisturizes existing eyelashes. there are a bunch of vidies outthere. like the video of this grat indian girl who has great lonh thick shiny hair and huge eyelashes and she says vaseline did it for her... oh yeah, sure, she doesn't have genetics behind her, no matter how much vaseline I will put on my hair or brows, I will not turn into Kim Kardashian
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That's fine for you. I've been using Careprost for over a month now (4 drops a night, lashes and brows), and I have experienced ZERO difference between this and Latisse. The only difference is saving over $100 per bottle per month, and not having to wait over 4 months for a pre-paid bottle to be sent (still waiting, Allergan!! Ordered it in APRIL). The side effects I have experienced from Latisse is an excessive dryness of the eye in the mornings, and an occasional itchy feeling on the skin in the brow area. I get the exact same dryness and itchy sensation from Careprost, no more, no less. My lashes and brows are longer then ever, I look and feel great; the generic is an absolute success for myself and my mom (and over 100 members of Makeupalley.com, which is where I learned of the product).
The ingredients of Latisse:

Active ingredient: bimatoprost
Inactive ingredients: benzalkonium chloride; sodium chloride; sodium phosphate, dibasic; citric acid; and purified water.

The ingredients of Careprost:

Active ingredient bimatoprost 0.03%)
Also contains benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate dibasic, citric acid monohydrate, purified water.

FUNNY, LOOKS THE SAME TO ME! I worked with doctors for 13 years, and I am very used to their BS about how patients must buy their namebrand prescriptions because they might be endangering themselves with "mystery" ingredients. The truth has been, in my experience, that they didn't want to lose the business to an outside pharmacy. I used to have a PCP who would always have drug reps in his waiting room who he'd see before me while I waited for my appointment; the next thing I knew, I was being diagnosed with bronchial disorders and given sample Advair disks, or my migraines would be treated with samples of Imitrex (after I just watched the rep walk out of his office). I do my homework, and I don't believe the hype of the doctors who have too much invested in patients buying drugs they have promised to market.
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Rucca: Could you please tell me where you buy your careprost?

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are your brows just longer or filled in fuller, more hair?
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Ruca: I am not saying generic products will give you darkened iris and not Latisse. However I disagree with "there is no difference" between Latisse and generic products. My pharmacist friend explained to me, even though active ingredients maybe the same, the rest of the solution (99.7%)is likely different. This may affect the effectiveness. She said many branded and generic pills are different because the base they use is different so it may absorb differently. For those that can afford the extra $$, I had just rather use something that has been tested specifically for the purpose I am using it for.
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And FTR, your "pharmacist friend" was making an empty assumption without any research on the product from Sun Pharmaceuticals. I, on the other hand. actually researched what was in the other brand since I have no intentions of risking my ocular health by using a product with potentially dangerous ingredients. I do my homework before buying or making statements--I don't just make assumptions based on marketing and propaganda.
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Why would you want to chance your beautiful eyes to a copycat product. There is no guarantee with the real latisse that your eyes will turn dark but when I researched the internet, apparently there has not been a case reported with latisse. This kind of side effect was only seen in the original eye drops (lumagan?)
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VancouverFace: I spent 10 years working in Optometry offices as an ABO/NCLE certified Contact Lens Tech/Optician, and I can assure you that there is no difference between Latisse & any generic version of 0.03% Bimatropost product, be it X-Lash, Careprost, or even Lumigan. The reason there are more instances of iris color changes in Glaucoma patients is because the drops are applied directly in the eye, covering the cornea, with intentions to regulate the malfunctioning drainage system of aqueous fluid between the anterior and posterior chamber of the eye. Latisse, as well as all other forms of Bimatropost drops are not intended to be applied directly in the eye; they are for external use only. The dark spots occur (very rarely) for those who continually get the drops in the eye during application. This unfortunate side effect has absolutely nothing to do with brand vs. generic, and the relationship between use for Glaucoma vs. eyelash hypotrosis is somewhat obvious.

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Great post. One thing I noticed, tho', is that my lashes seemed to be longer with Latisse than with the generic. A doc posted somewhere on Real Self that there was a different product (might have been Lumigan) that seemed to be slightly better than Latisse. It's subtle-I.m sure only I notice it. Lashes on one eye are longer than the other, hmmm. But both sweep into my glasses so I'm satisfied. I do have eyelid darkening (I have glaucoma) but view that as a plus, no eyeshadow is needed.
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Lumigan and Latisse are the exact same product manufactured by Allergan. They just slapped a different label on it when they lost exclusivity for Lumigan as a Glaucoma treatment. When Lumigan was prescribed solely for Glaucoma, one of the known side effects listed was "growth of eyelashes." Beware of tricky drug marketing--it's big business.
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I use Latisse (currently using Careprost) and have blue eyes. They haven't turned brown. I also have glaucoma and have used Xalatan (same ingredients as Latisse) for several years. My opthamologist told me that not everyone's blue eyes turn brown, that only the blue eyed people who already have specks of brown in the color have the problem. Mine are apparently pure blue. Thank heavens, I wouldn't want them to turn brown. As for the length of eyelashes, this is a great product. For the first time in my life, I have long eyelashes.
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Welcome to the RealSelf Latisse community and thanks for sharing your story. My eyes are brown but I agree, if I had blue or green eyes I probably wouldn't use Latisse because of the risk of changing my eye colour. It would scare me too much.

Out of curiosity, did you notice any change in your lashes during the three weeks you used Latisse?

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